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  1. Which IO model is this Dom? And could you post pics of the SUT?
  2. Or is this the Audioquest Forest Development Department?
  3. Plants: “Sure beats that bloody Prince Charles talking to us”!
  4. Footie too. And it works!
  5. Right. i’ve got the doll assembled. Now where’s the “on” switch?
  6. Bull: Christ I wish this pair would just f*** off to bed and let me listen to some music!
  7. Nah. No way. It’s just not believable. Im sure the real story is that you spent decades just looking into each other’s eyes while sitting together on the sofa. Then you pressed the On switch. On you hi-fi that is🤓
  8. Thanks for all the comments guys. David, the first thing I did when installing it for my mother was check the spec. There were really only two options available off the shelf at the time. This spec and one with an i7 with 1Tb HDD which would have been overkill for its likely use. There have been no mods apart from the factory reset and Catalina installation. If £200 is low then someone is going to get a bargain! PM on its way to a potential buyer though 🙂
  9. For sale is a 2012 Mac mini which has been loaded with Catalina as the OS This was my late mother's machine and consequently has had a fairly light level of use - primarily films and music. Prior to wiping everything and installing Catalina it worked perfectly. I've not added any settings so it should be straightforward to set up. Spec is in one of the pictures but it's a 2.5GHz Intel i5 processor with 4Gb RAM 500Gb HDD. Included is the Lightning to DTI adaptor and power cord so it is everything that was in the box when purchased. And the box of course! At that spec it should function fine as a music server for Roon etc with a reasonable amount of file storage as well. I really don't know how much these sell for these days and ebay is pretty much useless with a wide variety of pricing among the sold items when I last looked. So I'll start at £200 posted. Happy to receive advice on pricing by PM's from anyone though.
  10. You’d only put it in a drawer like much of your other stuff. Tell you what, send me the £50 and I’ll keep it safe for you. Save you the bother!
  11. Interesting and valuable comments. TBH there’s nothing “wrong” with the Phoenix and it plays records very well indeed! And it may be that if I put in something else then I would change back again. There’s no way the Phoenix is going to stay in a drawer long term though, so it’s either in the system or sold. I haven’t heard any direct comparison with other carts to the same level but often in here there are people who have so I might as well sound out opinion. Initially I had it going into a S&B TX 103 SUT but that had to go as part of my amp upgrade to the Esoteric and the Esoteric phono stage is pretty damn good! It might be worth seeking a good quality SUT right enough as the Esoteric has an MM input too but of course that’s another box.... Same with an IO I suppose, though that is certainly something I’ve mused about in the past. Might need to be more “mainstream” though, at least for the moment.
  12. Obviously a first world problem here but I might well change my Transfiguration Phoenix (not the S version) cart this year though it only has 300-350 hours on it at most. Question is, where would you go from there when looking at replacements?