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  1. (meant to quote Al’s last entry and not make comment on Victor’s helpful response) Typical behaviour. Maximum disruption for minimal effort! Each sale/purchase involves essentially the same steps. Each step, its timing and order of ticking the box is known in advance. So everything should run smoothly Last purchase I was involved in was my niece buying a house in the south of England. The solicitor wanted Probate certificates to show that she was getting some money from my mother’s estate. We have a different system for executors in Scotland and as it doesn’t include the word probate the guy wanted copies of all financial transactions relating to the disbursement of the estate. Some teeth-grinding calls later he seemed to accept the the Scottish system isn’t a money-laundering venture and settled for what i could reasonably provide. Once he had accepted the info I asked if that was definitely all he needed as the deadline for concluding was approaching and I was going on holiday next day. He categorically assured me that he had all he needed from me. Two days later…… What he wanted two days later was proof of my identity. Which clearly was the first time he could possibly have asked for this! Anyway, I hope the firms manage to sort everything out before it gets to a Friday afternoon as they will almost certainly not be available then!
  2. Nothing to be lost by a spot of experimenting. Better than time spent wondering and wondering…..
  3. Tested positive for opiates recently! Thought the missus had been trying to kill me off. Then realised I had been eating poppy bread regularly!
  4. I’ve got one too! Can we all turn up at the Palace and collect it together? At least all of us not on call, drafted into Covid wards, jabbing reluctant 18-30’s, off work with exhaustion, covering colleagues who are off with exhaustion, trying to fit in missed holidays… Good for HM acknowledging us though. And at least in Scotland Nicola has stumped up a reasonable rise for some.
  5. Pre-lockdown the OH and I set out to acquire Scottish gins, thinking there couldn’t be all that many. Now ther seems to be thousands of the bloody things! Anyway, tonight we’re having a wee treat. If you find it, buy it!
  6. Tron Convergence, EE Minimax, Icon Audio PS1.2. All really good and would fit the OP’s requirements admirably. But given the budget range I would go for this http://www.artaudio.co.uk/vinyl-one-phono-stage/. i appreciate that it will be more expensive second hand, even in “basic” configuration but for overall musicality and especially bass extension and definition the Vinyl One is hard to beat! I’ve had all four in my system at one time or another for various lengths of time. Mikhail, do you really need a valve stage though? What about this? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/TRILOGY-907-PHONO-STAGE-EXCELLENT-CONDITION-EX-DISPLAY-AUTHORISED-DEALER-/154519179074?var=0&mkevt=1&mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&campid=5338268676&toolid=10044&customid=EAIaIQobChMIx5CB2ZfU8QIVCLbtCh0VtAgSEAQYAiABEgJPNfD_BwE. Getting expensive new but in your budget second hand and a terrific phono stage.
  7. I’ve noted that”quality” and “popularity” are not necessarily correlated where hifi is concerned!
  8. James, have you had a chance to compare any of the component parts with other units e.g phono stage, DAC, amps? I had the VR on demo before you bought it (I think) and found it to be a really interesting concept. The pre-amp is the real star of the show in my opinion with its 300B valves sounding beautifully natural and you can of course remove the valves if you want a sound with extra "bite". The power amp, phono stage and DAC all had the same sonic characteristics so if you like the VR amp sound you can have a very well integrated, and very beautiful, central powerhouse for your system. TBH I'm not sure there's much to touch it as a fully integrated amp at the price, though of course it isn't cheap. Maybe the Dan D'Agostino Progression integrated but I haven't heard that and don't know of anyone who has one! Once we're all allowed out again I'm sure you would be welcome with open arms James at any bake-off you wanted to take the VR along to, and would have plenty of volunteer guests if you fancied hosting a BO when that is permitted.
  9. I know that Audio Research valve gear is highly valued but I have their alternative in the DS450 power amp. TBH I never thought I'd have the Audio Research brand in the house. I'm not sure that many on here have gone down that line but it is a really impressive piece of kit. I've had it now for six years or so and it has been absolutely faultless in operation, with the advantage of running cool too. I know there are mixed views on Class D but it does have a lot of delicacy as well as plenty of power to drive anything I've tried. To me it is an overlooked model and perhaps it might become valued over time. For me it would take something special to displace it from my system. Any other owners here?
  10. If you want pre-amp which is top quality and hugely versatile then look no further than that Esoteric C-03. Honestly, it might be pushing the boat out, but for 4k you’d have a cracker of a pre-amp
  11. Have to say that even at the original asking price this was a great buy and it just gets better and better. I have a C-03x and it was a complete game changer by stopping me looking for upgrades! Yes I have heard better, but that was a 17k pre! IMO this would suit solid state enthusiasts as its terrifically detailed with terrific imaging and great timing. Valve enthusiasts will be impressed by how it projects the sound and maintains a natural sound of instruments though of course solid state followers will also be equally impressed. This is a hugely impressive piece of kit and no matter what pre-amp,you have at the moment, if you are looking for a long-term change to a top quality item, pull the trigger on this one.
  12. IMHO those on the bay are worth about £99. If they were pristine with new donuts, fresh caps in the crossovers and all ferrofluid renewed then 450 might be worth it. I had 104/2 for 25+ years also and the difference between a pair which have been freshened up and those left without attention - unfortunately like mine before I restored them - is really dramatic.
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