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  1. Just wanted to say I am still up for the show when it happens eventually. The larger rooms we sorted out amongst those of us who were doing one was a good plan, hopefully we can just stick to that. Obviously the show has always been a March (ish) show which looks impossible still but if we keep out eye on the 6 month review, maybe we will be able to have it later, hotel availability allowing. Keep hanging in there guys 'n gals Stefan
  2. Those sorts of crossover are good value, but I don't think they really get you anywhere because you can only really set crossover point and level, no EQ. While you might get the benefits intrinsic to having the drivers directly connected to the amps, the passive crossover is more tailored FR wise.
  3. It's worth noting that you might find the DAC has much less influent on the sound once you go active than you might think. The ability to have a DSP controlled XO be as close to perfect transfer functions as possible for your drivers and to be able to set it all up perfectly for your particular room will be the single biggest influence on the reproduction in your whole audio chain. I used to use 2x fully tricked out buffalo DACs in a 2 way active system, going 3 way, I just couldn't afford either time or money to build another Buffalo so I moved to using a much cheaper Mini DSP 4x10 HD. Never missed the DACs. I have built Linkwitz Orion speakers since then and the 4x10 works perfectly.
  4. Ok, had a quick Google around, it seems the tweeters are pretty low sensitivity actually at around 85 dB so you'd actually end up shelving some sensitivity from your woofer. Again pretty easy if you are active, you'd definitely need a new crossover for the new woofer if you went passive though. You'd most likely be able to keep the tweeter filter bit the new woofer would need some in box measurements and a new filter making.
  5. Link fixed. What tweeter does this project use? It would be unusual for the woofers to have more sensitivity than the tweeters. Tweeters are normally well into the 90dB range.
  6. The active plate amp route is certainly the easiest way to go about it, as you say you can play to your heart's content that way. Start with a simple transfer function and then build in complexity as you gain in experience. I do sell the FA122 on my site although maybe you could do with a bit more welly with those woofers. Try the FA252 Stefan
  7. You'd need a new crossover. I'd be tempted to active if you want to play around
  8. orangeart

    DIY case

    Worth looking at these Up2Stream board I sell as well, a bit less DIY but does the job of streaming really well. It can act as a preamp as well and do some multi room tricks to if you wanted that in the future. Of course you've already got the Pi and DAC hat so although they are cheap, not as cheap as that!
  9. orangeart

    DIY case

    Always nice to repurpose old gear. Are you designing the streamer from the ground up or using off the shelf modules? Stefan
  10. Thanks all for the vote of confidence above. @Freddyflybuttons happy to answer any questions, either here, via PM, phone, email, etc. In answer to your original question though. Although I pretty obviously fall into the full range fan camp and would love you as a customer. Tony is very well respected as a designer. I know loads of speaker designers, both professional and amateur, his work is often referred to in those circles. Stefan
  11. I love these little boxes, just plug in a pair of speakers and stream your music to them. If you've got a pair of speakers you no longer use, adding one of these and putting them elsewhere in your house gives you synchronised music to your other Arylic devices with no fuss.
  12. The Arylic S10 is the younger brother of the S50 Pro for those who don't need coax or optical connections, all supported formats and protocols are the same. Use them for the second systems in your house to distribute the audio everywhere.
  13. KJF audio have just become the UK dealer for Arylic's excellent product line up. Arylic make wi-fi and Bluetooth enabled multi-room streamers and amps that offer huge functionality at a very low price point. Most of you know me for providing the Markaudio drivers and some other DIY audio bits and bobs. Arylic have a set of DIY centric wireless audio modules under the Up2Steam brand that I have been playing with for a while, I decided to start importing them and was so impressed with the company I decided to start importing thier turnkey products too.
  14. We now have in stock Arylic's excellent fully featured streamer in stock. Even though it is packed with features it is still a really budget conscious product. I've just taken Arylic's entire product line up on as I cannot believe how much bang for buck they provide, it really does put the big boys to shame. A wireless pre-amplifier, featuring aptX HD 24bit/192kHz, Wi-Fi streaming, Airplay, DLNA and access to all the streaming services like Tidal that you are likely to use. Controlled through the free 4STREAM app, which is available on both apple and Android store. It features the legendary ESS sabre DAC chip, the ES9023 is a 24-bit stereo audio DAC powered by the industry proven Sabre DAC technology, with patented HyperstreamTM architecture and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, the ES9023 delivers jitter-free studio quality audio with 112dB DNR. Analogue audio inputs are taken care of with the AK5720 is a low voltage 24-bit A/D ensuring that your precious digital signals are converted with care.
  15. Final new streaming PCB for the day, the Arylic Up2Stream Pro V3 is a WiFi, Ethernet, USB and Bluetooth 5.0 enabled wireless audio receiver/pre-amp module, that can be used at the heart for your DIY streamer project. Despite only being the size of a credit card, this DIY streaming PCB has a huge array of connectivity and features.