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  1. Hi Julian, Not at the moment no.
  2. This is great, guys n gals. Thanks. I'll listen to anything really. I'll try and post a digital play list from previous years and see if you've anything from that on vinyl. Stefan
  3. That would be great! The link you sent doesn't work though.
  4. I finally finished building the Orion's last night, wahoo!! I just need toake some grille covers for them, finish a phono stage and do some tweaking. All systems go! Hopefully this darned virus won't stop us playing!
  5. Got an in un-anticipated problem. My show partner Andy 360 is now not coming, his wife advises that the virus risk is to high (she's probably got a point) I'm sure I can get someone to help me this end load my gear, and I'm sure I can get one of you good folk to help the other end. The big problem I am scratching my head about though is the music. He was bringing the records and I was going for an all vinyl setup with my LP-12. I've got some vinyl, but it's not what I generally listen to at home. I keep a deck for nostalgia reasons and a few of my dad's records from the 60s/70s, mainly prog stuff and not really the best condition either. Anyone want to bring thier beloved record collection? Stefan
  6. Hmm, the second Orion is a bit lopsided, my CNC machine has decided the Y axis operation is optional 🤣 To late to fix now, so it'll have to do!
  7. Who knows, mono does have quite a following these days 🤣
  8. I've finalt manage to build one of my Orions after much faulty behaviour from my CNC machine.
  9. I've managed to get a lash up of my phono stage done today. It's very noisy at the moment but I think that is just the lack of arm earth. Tomorrow I'll cut the last panels for the Orions and find some time to box up the phono stage.
  10. A normal mitre is plenty strong enough. The lock mitres are a pain to set up. All of my kits have normal mitres, just glue up using tape on the joints to keep everything aligned and fold it all up.
  11. This was more a thought for next year. I don't suppose it really even needs a room. Just some hallway space I guess.
  12. This please Paul. HATHERN SUITE Orangeart and Makinglight Silent PC with Tidal, Moto 8A DAC, MiniDSP 4x10, raspberry Pi, LP12 with Ittok LVII, Stack audio arm board and sub-chassis, Macassar ebony/maple/ebony plinth, Neil Jadman phono stage, KJF audio MA-01 multi-channel amp feat NCore modules, Linkwitz Orion active speakers.'
  13. Hey Paul, Could you also add please add my DIY phono stage as well? It's a Niel Jadman phono amp Thanks
  14. I don't really think it's a worry to be honest, I usually wash mine at about 40 degrees, you need to get to at least 60 before you can warp even the worst culprits. When I started I cleaned a few old records from the tip shop in boiling water, just to see, a couple of them warped slightly after 20 mins, they were nice and clean though.
  15. I've done Tidal in that hotel, the first year I think it was. Worked fine.