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  1. It is of course the supplier's legal responsibility but both Ali and PayPal just said 'tracking says delivered' and refused to do anything. At least PayPal finally did refund as a guesture of goodwill to a longstanding customer
  2. And here's a review: An ad for Voltex came up on the Atlantic website via the Google ad display network, "Trick To Cut Electricity Bill - Power Companies Hate This 1 Electricity Saving Trick." I clicked on it and got to this website: (since trustpilot does not allow links, you can replace the -com with .com) getvoltex-com/article4?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI5YnMs5PH7wIVBUvVCh1vEwBxEAEYASAAEgKTi_D_BwE Scroll down, and you'll see a comment section that looks very similar to Facebook. You can even add likes to the posts. However, if you try replying or even posting your own comment, then refreshing
  3. Anybody know anything about this? https://getvoltex.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjw7diEBhB-EiwAskVi1zFCMgrHpdHocjVX3m-MG5rP2cLKzc9CAPyyvJgGc10Xwn1VIj8uPBoCyI0QAvD_BwE
  4. My LCR and pseudo LCR (my personal favourite) as stand alone units come in at less than £1500. Exact price depends on physical spec. Eg two box with umbilical cord plain black no graphics on front is cheaper than one box full graphics
  5. Thanks Uzzy, happily resolved now. I'm not sure what the credit co does if you have bought through PayPal? Ali Express is the pits. No appeal mechanism and ignored the tracking data which clearly showed delivery unsuccessful. I won't use them again (unless forced!)
  6. Agree re the Alps tho for folk who want a remote vol control options are limited. There's the TDK with bad low level channel imbalance or the Alps with its sub optimum SQ, or a very expensive motorised attenuator module........ Also agree that a hybrid design can mean you can lower the series resistance to gain good results. there's always a few ways to skin a cat in audio
  7. Tom had a Valab which we compared when developing the LCR unit. It sounded very solid state and mechanical. I compared my previous phono stage to the EAR 912 and thought it was very close: Tom preferred his EAR. The LCR is significantly better and I believe Tom has heard it at Westlower's, who has one and preferred it to the EAR.......
  8. Not sure what you mean by incompatible Jack? My standard design is solid state rectified choke power supplies, but as I do a la carte, clients can have valve rectification if it floats their boat. Again, different budgets get a different standard of coupling and decoupling capacitors. That's the beauty of non production line bespoke manufacture!
  9. 'In analog history, nearly every commercial phono stage has been based on using RC filters to achieve RIAA equalization. An RC filter is one that uses resistors and capacitors to achieve each of the three 6db per octave "shelves" in the frequency response that constitute an RIAA correction. Most such RC-based RIAA networks require the use of a fairly high value resistor in series with the phono signal coming out of the first gain stage. And some require the use of at least one capacitor in series with the signal, as well. The advantage of an LCR network, used to achieve the exact same RIAA cor
  10. I'm afraid I don't buy the arguments about one case. You simply make it bigger, and use Mu Metal screening for the various sections. Many Japanese amps did this in early solid state days. Power supply? This can be exactly the same as for the stand alone unit, or not, depending on budget. As everyone else is singing the praises of their Phono Units I will join the fray. My own AD Audio LCR and pseudo LCR units have been favourably compared to phono stages costing up to £20k. They've mainly been sold as integrated units, with stand alone solid state step up for MC if desired based on those rare
  11. Even seems like I've received two vouchers! Re tracking, final delivery was Royal Mail but without any proof of delivery it's meaningless. We were in all those days, covering other deliveries. Royal Mail even delivered two other packages that day so somewhere along the line something got confused. Just as shame you have to fight for these things, rather than Amazon's much more user friendly experience
  12. I probably should have added the tracking data they have states successful delivery on a day when we were definitely in all day a week after the 'unsuccessful delivery'. The item was 'supposedly delivered' on the day I raised the non delivery dispute......
  13. Thanks for the input. The person on the end of the phone was actually no help. Despite there being no evidence of delivery-signature, photo-they say tracking is proof of delivery. In parallel, I used PayPal's chat system and have been offered a voucher for the purchase amount which I'll happily accept!
  14. Hi, has anyone got any good advice regarding this? I ordered some goods via AliExpress that were never delivered. AliExpress refused a refund or to help and Paypal have now refused a refund too, stating that 'the seller has provided evidence of delivery' This is patent bunkum as the tracking data (attached) says 'delivery unsuccessful' and no card was left and the house attended at all times. I know I can refer the case to the Financial Ombudsman. I'm not sure whether the Credit Card co will help as it's PayPal and only $40. It's the principle of course!
  15. Just a point of fact: this amp is parallel single ended NOT push pull. It will have less bass control / grunt than a push pull so efficient speakers will work best
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