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  1. Getgaff

    Roon Nucleus+

    Can’t comment on the user experience, but £2500 for an NUC7i7 in a posh frock?
  2. Job’s a good’un. The Hotel size is what’s critical to achieving a perfect finish.
  3. Prompted by this thread, I finally got around to installing my Cisco 2960CG-8TC-L white body yesterday evening. I bought it off eBay for £65 as NOS a couple of months ago, but was wary of fitting it; don’t know why, it was a doodle. Powered it up and left it to do it’s thing. Then router cable plugged into Port 9, all my network devices into Ports 1-8 and that was it. Everything up and running within minutes.
  4. A bit crass quoting one’s own post, but holy smoke I wasn’t far wrong:
  5. We’ll know for sure in the next day or two, but will this be an ethernet switch or have Innuos produced a Phoenix MK2 USB Reclocker with a built-in Ethernet switch?
  6. Knowing the prices Innuos charge, you’ll need to add a couple of zeros to that £25.
  7. Not longer required One pair of Goldenjacks -10dB RCA attenuators - source version: £23 inc. postage One pair of Goldenjacks -10dB XLR attenuators - source version: £35 inc. postage
  8. Internal picture showing some of the components taken from the Statement
  9. Getgaff

    Willow tree audio

    My Denafrips DDC was purchased direct from Vinshine Audio; it shipped on a Wednesday and was delivered two days later.