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  1. Bought many years ago. In original box. Could be used as a CD transport. Located in BH21
  2. Non working Tape recorder which I am going to take to the tip soon, unless a local Wammer is interested in this item. Can be picked up from Portsmouth PO8 area.
  3. Hardly used. Bought new many years ago. In original box. Located in BH21
  4. Free, AE Speakers AE SPIRT300 - one works one doesn't in some sort of light wood finish. A bit battered, but might be useful to somebody. Collection from Hartford, Cheshire.
  5. Free (except cost of postage which should be under a tenner) to any D33 owners who are missing their original box/remote. I had a D33 in Kendal once...and now do again. When putting the cardboard box in the loft, I came another identical which I should have included when I sold my previous D33. It has the foam inserts and the remote. I'll need to doublecheck here (Kendal) and in Leics for the manual; it's unlikely but if I find it then I'll throw that in too. Shout-out to @bobovox @Jules_S@krellmad , for example, who I think still own their D33's.
  6. Right i have had this DAC for over ten years and it has worked till now without any issues . However it is now giving out distorted sound crackling after it has been switched on for about 2/3 minutes . I have opened up the unit but could not see any obvious issues . I have neither the knowledge or skill to repair this and as the chipset is very old not even sure if you can get another replacement set to complete a repair. When it worked it was a lovely DAC and one of the real musical kind . I am sure there are better ones out now but on its own it just plays music and sound wonderful
  7. Arcam Alpha 3 tuner free. Collection from Torquay. Does not hold presets. Scratches on lid. Good working order. Sorry collection only as I have no packaging.
  8. Due to downsizing and impending house move I offer this Tripod Rack. It comprises of 5 levels and splits into 3 modules together with an additional isolation frame for TT or CDP. This was designed by Sound Advice and the design was subsequently sold to Soundstyle. It is FREE for collection with a donation to Cancer Research [img]https://i.imgur.com/rm6YBQG.jpg[/img] [img]https://i.imgur.com/S71cMVo.jpg[/img] There are only 1 or 2 original shelves left. I made my own using either oak or beech butchers blocks or marine ply which improved the sound and looks I
  9. 13kg so I reckon £30 postage:- The Mission - grains of sand stiff little fingers - see you up there Sid and Nancy - love kills madonna - the immaculate collection the best of heaven 17 duran Duran - Duran duran paul weller - wild wood jim diamond - Jim diamond shane McGowan and the popes - the snake van Morrison - moondance Talking heads - naked john Lydon - psycho’s path ac/dc - who made who madonna - erotica the cult - firewoman/ edie/ sun king hazel o Connor - breaking glass robbie Williams - sing when you’r
  10. I appear to have accumulated a lot of card mailers, anyone want them before I fill the recycling bin? Collection from DE72, post at cost, guessing under 2kg parcels would be economical?
  11. First off CD player has a CD Sledge problem. Wouldn't come out. Took it apart and got sledge running on top of unit. Put it all back and refused to play. So with a bit of fettling may spring back into life. It's accompanying DAC base works fine. Pick up from Bottesford Notts or £30 carriage. No Remote but used to play well CDs and High Res CDs.
  12. Hi all, I'm trying to set up this amp for my Dad and the driver is missing from the page on NAD's website. Has anyone got it on their pc that they could email me?
  13. Hi Bit of a random question but does anybody know the procedure for buying used in the UK and sending to the EU, namely Spain? I think that I understand about the VAT etc but what paperwork that is required from the UK? Sorry if this doesn't belong on this forum
  14. I have a pair of black Atacama stands going spare. If anyone can pick up from London E16 in the next week please feel free to take them. In very good condition. They are filled with Atacama Atabites at the moment - I also have spare bags of Atabites you can take. Moving flat and they have to go! I'll have to dig them out from under the bed, but I think they are these ones: https://www.billyvee.co.uk/speaker-stands-and-accessories/atacama-nexus-speaker-stands-792-274-1112.php Overall Height 600mm (23.6"), Base Depth 300mm (11.8"), Base width 250mm (9.8"). Atacama recommend Atab
  15. Having a spring clear out Pioneer DV-575A with modded bios. Will basically play anything except Blu ray on a disc, Divx, DVD region free. Complete with remote. Either pick up from Bottesford Notts or pay £10 carriage. This unit was popular with modders to extract SACD signal in digital format. Google it for info.
  16. Pair of Linn 016/2 drivers They were in the Tukan as mid-bass drivers and in AV5140 as mid drivers. Just cover the postage.
  17. In actually very good condition and perfectly working. Very good as a CD transport as well Collection only from NW1
  18. Fully working foams starting to deteriorate
  19. I can’t remember if someone asked me about this but I need it out the top floor and it’s a shame to skip it
  20. Needing a favour please from someone in the Liverpool area. I gave away my deck and lps ..all of them, quite some time back. Now need to check over my Phono stage mm with a view to moving it on. Anyone has a cheap deck with mm and one of those black flat things, preferably a larger one. For me to borrow for an hour or overnight, whatever you are happy with. We are in West Derby, near the Jolly miller and three if us are vaccinated and the house has always been and is Covid free. Practice social distancing, mask wearing etc. If able to help, please pm phone number and will come to some arrang
  21. I think this may be 4ohm and probably from a spendor BC 1 should be another one somewhere if I can find it i know I shall never have use for it
  22. Free to anyone who has use for them nice if you have a littlun who wants music in their bedroom Been having a clear out at work and I had these connected to a receiver in the factory for listening to Radio 2 lol 😂 Not in mint by any means and could do with a bit of TLC tweeter caps pushed in by an early child when they were at home and need a couple of terminal lock nuts on the back . I will look to see if I have any spare tweeters to match . jumpers are there and can be bi wired spiked stands But they work and sound good for what they are collection
  23. Remember a time before HDMI handled everything? If you still have older AV kit and are in need of a decent RGB (component) video cable then you are welcome to this one as I have no use for it any more. It's a 1.6m cabe from JVC, I used to use it with my first DVD player. No-contact collection from Southampton or I am happy to post.
  24. I used this for noise monitoring for H&S some wires loose in battery compartment need resoldering .. This make was the best in its day and I sill use a DAWE to this day
  25. No leads or ontrollers
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