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Found 175 results

  1. Good morning everyone. During sorting stuff for impending move I have come across a lot of concert programmes that myself and my late wife attended from the late 70s to 80s Includes among others Elton John Stones Dire straights Early monsters of rock Mike oldfield Tina Turner Acdc Stax Journey And many more PM if interested Kindest regards
  2. Soundstyle (I think) Hifi rack. free for collection M25 J9. five glass shelves, two legs at front, one at rear. needs to go soon! pm me if interested - thanks
  3. Free mot voucher, expires end October. PM me if you want it. Whats the catch ? Its at Halfrauds. I am in dispute with them over their thoroughly incompetent testing of my car, they missed things that were borderline dangerous and failed things that were ok. I anticipate that this will drag on. So, have it if you dare.
  4. Giving this away free if collected (SE London) or for the cost of P&P Anyone interested please post in this thread
  5. A pair of working tannoy 603 .the hexagonal shaped ones. Usual tweeter dust covers dented by young seem to be attracted to that sort of thing . Work ok tho.. Needs new terminal on one of them Can be biwired.. Kindest regards Julian
  6. i have a broken ortofon rondo red cart, it has no cantilever/stylus. don't think it's worth the fixing cost, so if anybody is looking at buying a new ortofon MC it's apparently worth upto £89 off a new ortofon mc on the exchange scheme
  7. Now TAKEN, thanks Pair of 20" tall Atacama SE20 stands in black. A few light marks but will be very presentable after a clean. No spikes. Near Chester but Im sure we could work something out via a Wam taxi or a bit of patience. PM your email address for a picture.
  8. Having a shed clear out. Found a pair of tannoy 306's with stands. These are the "hexagon " shaped thingy's These were part of a small system I put in my daughter's bedroom many years ago. Although they look a little tatty and the tweeter cones are dented they still sound good. Base drivers are fine. Can be bi wired but come with original jumpers..need 1 new terminal. Would be a shame to throw if someone wants a little pair of speakers for a son/daughter cave. Cost more to post than what they'd fetch on eBay.. Collection only So if your near to junc 29 M1 your welcome to them. Kindest regards Julian
  9. After quite a few years being away from forums and hifi in general, I have decided to sell my Nottingham analogue Dais. The problem is that I have absolutely no idea what it’s worth. The deck is in perfect condition and has an extra base and two arm pods ( NA and Rega ). Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  10. Hi All I have a small Sound Organisation Rack that is free to a good home. This needs to be collected and quickly as it has to out of the house or it goes to the tip which would be a shame . Either respond here or PM if interested.
  11. Pair of black ash cabinets in decent condition. Plus 4x grilles in good condition. Driver mounting screws and grille fittings included. Be quick to say if you want them!
  12. Decent cosmetic condition, given age. Music comes out distorted, though (even if just using as power amp). Free to collect from Dundee (preferred) or can probably post if someone is keen. If posting, recipient can donate to GiveDirectly instead of paying postage costs
  13. I have one of these in silver that sounded great until it developed what I think is either a power supply or protection circuit fault. It switches on but then immediately switches off again. I did have it repaired when I bought it to get one of the HDMI sockets re-soldered to the board. Condition is otherwise pretty good. Free to anyone that wants it for spare or to have a go at repairing it. Complete with remote/power cable and user guide. Collection preferred but I do have a Denon box that should be OK for delivery if you want to arrange and pay for the postage regards Adrian
  14. Due to circumstances I have ended up with three full crossover boards for my KEF 103 speakers . One I will retain in case I ever decide to revert the speakers to passive mode . That means that I have two pair of original crossovers that are surplus to requirements and can be offered to anyone else who might need them for either direct replacement or upgrade of the parts while retaining the original in case you need to swop back . Would prefer collection but will post for payment of the cost. A small donation to the Alzheimers charity would be nice but up to the new owners.
  15. Hi I have two good condition Joggler O2 units which are Linux based touch screen units . These were converted to Squeezeplay units that acted like a Squeezebox Touch connected to any LMS server . They have a single USB out which you can plug into a USB DAC or use a converter to SPDIF/TOSLINK . There is one confirmed working power supply as well . Units are in ptetty good condition but will not power up . I have little skill or knowledge in being able to open these and see if it is a simple fix so they are free to anyone that wants them . Would really prefer collection if possible but will post for cost recovery if needed. Let me know either on this thread or via PM . If you can repair these units her is alink to site that will enable you to flash them to use as players Please note that because these are onld units only older USB drives will work with them so if you have issues I would suggest loading the downloads on an SD card then use one of the little box card readers to connect to the unit and it works every time becuse they have to have built in compatability from USB 1.0
  16. Hello I have a MK1 Michel Argo Line Pre Amp plus a Hera power supply . The Argo has been converted to twin volume pots . This unit does not currently power up and I have no idea what is wrong with it . It has been in storage for over six months and worked when I pu it away . So if someone wants to take this on as a project to get it working and use it then please get in touch . I would prefer collection and would also ask for a £10 donation to the Alzheimers Foundation .
  17. I bought this DVD player to use as a CD transport via digital out. All my listening is now 100% streaming so this has sat unused for 3 years. Finished in champagne gold with original gold remote and power cable. The GOOD - CDs play fine, working display. The BAD - the previous owner managed to dent the right hand side casing (doesn't seem to affect operation) and make a few scratches to the facia - see pics. I don't have any DVDs so cannot comment on its video performance. FREE if you can collect from sunny Brighton. I don't have a suitable box and delivery cost would probably outweigh its value.
  18. I have this on Ebay but its getting no interest so if anyone wants it and can collect (preferred) or wants to arrange and pay for the postage I'll find a suitable box. Condition isn't great there are a few scratched on the top but the front is clean. These were pretty well regarded back in the day regards Adrian
  19. Looking for some advice from those who know on here . Ive been told to thin out my hifi and mainly my Turntables of which I have 7 . First one to go will be my STD305D with SME series 111s black nitride Ca1 wand . No original packing but deck and arm are in superb condition considering there 40 years young . Not sure whether to separate the sme from Deck and sell separately and fit another arm to deck or just sell as one unit . Main reason I ask is that Id think the SME would be of more interest than the underrated STD. Any thoughts?
  20. ian917

    FREE 100s of DVDs

    I have a sizeable collection of DVDs (4-500?), mainly SciFi and Action movies which I want to give away. You will have to bring your own boxes to collect them from near Coventry. Sorry but I will not list titles or post.
  21. CME UF6 61 key MIDI controller keyboard in excellent condition with power supply. I have the box somewhere but I remember it being a bit flimsy, so collection only from near Coventry.
  22. Here I am offering another pair of stands,(due to house move). These are 500mm high stands with spikes Collect from London SE13- Lewisham/Blackheath
  23. Fancy a pair of black standmount cabinets? I bought a pair of Pioneer Prologue 30 speakers last year on a whim as I enjoy the Prologue 100 floorstanders which I used in my Kegworth room in 2018. The tweeters are blown (don't worry I got a refund). They're sitting here waiting for a project which isn't going to happen. Pics of actual speakers available ASAP, I need to move something standing in front of them. This website gives the dimensions more accurately than my tape measure as well as pics: 2-way configuration, closed box, paper cone woofer Pioneer 20-780A 200mm, metallic chassis, textile surround, dome tweeter Pioneer DT-029A-2 20mm, plastic chassis, 90W@8Ω, 32-40000Hz -20dB, sens. 87 dB, 258x460x245mm, kg 7,5. Collection nr Melton Mowbray or en route to/from Kendal. Please PM me if interested as I'm not watching this thread.
  24. One speaker needs: A new mid/bass unit .....£230; A new pair of speaker terminals ....£170 for Focal originals. The case has some minor and easily repairable dinks. These are the Champagne finish. For established wammers only and will require collection from Surrey. Please PM me if you are interested. I would HATE to take these to the dump. The beryllium tweaters are worth a few bob on their own.