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Found 169 results

  1. I've got a reasonable qty of MDF of various sizes plus a large shooting board. Collection only from Berkhamsted Herts HP4
  2. This has been sitting in my drawer for 3 years as a "back-up" so time for someone to make use of it. Free to collect from Brighton or £4 posted (Royal Mail 2nd class signed-for) Matt
  3. Surplus to requirements (Nigella ate Delia, then disembowelled Prue and ate three of her feet). Transparent gerbil tank with cage top, suitable for up to three gerbs (don't get three girls). Wheel made such an awful noise I replaced the plastic axle with a 7200RPM fluid dynamic bearing from a Western Digital hard drive. The gerbs would regularly accelerate to insane wall-of-death type speeds before being hurled out and running back to do it all again. Best of all, we were completely oblivious at night. It's in the cellar, so no photos, but free to anyone daft enough to keep the little buggers.
  4. I decided to change my CD player for the first time in 28 years so the Denon is available. The (possibly) bad. The drawer occasionally needs a little help to close. Belts are available online. Occasionally it won't make it to the end of a long CD. Three times last year. This is more than likely a belt. The good One owner. Me. Bought new from Denon. I worked for them on and off between 90-95 It is in mint condition. It comes with the original remote control. It's old but has genuinely seen sparing use. Sometimes I might go a couple of months without turning the HIFI on. Perhaps the equivalent of 10 years worth from someone who listens regularly. Its free! ****************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************** In retrospect I should probably have just changed the belts and bought a DAC but I bought the Marantz and I can hear a small difference/improvement, so I'm vaguely happy... If anyone is interested I am in Camden, North London. It is slightly possible that I can get it to my parents in Beaconsfield but you'll have to be patient and work with me on that. It will be in the box from the Marantz that I have replaced it with. Cheers Steve
  5. I have three Yamaha DSP-E800 in working condition no remotes. Collection only from the Wirral It would be a shame for them to be scrapped.
  6. Anyone fancy trying the Meridian Explorer2 USB DAC? In original box but I can't guarantee I can find the USB cable (think it's micro-usb to USB-A?). Has MQA decoding so works a treat with Tidal for a small office system. Can slap it in an envelope and post for free, PM me.
  7. Surplus to requirements, Lenovo 17" laptop 2015 vintage upgraded to Windows 10 Home Model G70-80, Intel i7 processor, 16 GB RAM, 1TB HDD, CD-ROM drive, 3xUSB, HDMI, VGA Battery good, original UK charger included, Ethernet doesn't work but wi-fi is fine. Can bring to Kegworth. PM me if you want it.
  8. Hi, I am planning to buy my first integrated valve amp preferably with a phono stage. I have a maximum budget of £2k. I am thinking about a Graaf GM50b mark 2 (no phono), a Copland CTA 405-A or an Audio Note Oto SE. I have demoed all 3 over the years and am torn. My speakers are Bosendorfer AC1s - slightly unusual. Sensivity 91db. I would greatly appreciate an thoughts or recommendations. Thanks.
  9. Not really hi-fi, but free... Major revamp of computers here, so these are going to waste. Worth peanuts these days, but it seems a crime to take them to the skip. 2 x DELL 18" monitors. Heavy old things with built-in tilt/swivel stand. Each with a power cable and VGA cable. Way too heavy to post, and it would cost far more than they're worth (and I can't be arsed). Good image quality FWIW. Collection from Kettering or am out and about locally to drop off. 1 x Maxtor 100gb external drive, not exactly mega capacity, but good enough to keep a few chosen bits safe With power supply, mains lead, spare USB cable and nasty little plastic stand. £5 to cover the postage if you want, or again collection from Kettering. Few marks and scuffs on DELLs, Maxtor is pretty minty.
  10. Standard LP12 baseboard. Mid 80's IIRC. No idea I still had this. It's got some damping material stuck to one side. Some idiots on a well-known auction site seem to think they're worth money. Small donation to a charity of your choice and it'll go in a jiffy bag and I'll bung it in the post. If not, it's going in the bin!
  11. Righto I bought an amp in 2012. When everyone in the forum had an obsession with Sony ES amplifiers. Here is my old thread And here is some info Now, I am not sure if this works 100% as in the thread i mentioned the bass control doesn't seem to do much. TBH I replaced it with a brand new Yamaha and have had that ever since. I am happy with my AE floorstanders and this Yamaha. I think it cost around £200 for me to buy 2nd hand but I can't remember. Feel free to check, I tried using google for "twoblacklines" sony amplifer and it just came up with the thread above. On ebay etc I just get scammed so I just want to give it away to someone who will like it more than I do. I am into electronic music with very heavy basslines and this amp doesn't seem to rock my world in that way. It's like Sony invented it for classical music or Soul or whatever. Just my take. The only stipulation is You donate £20 or more to GNHCT Obviously I can't check up on this so the karma is yours, you reap bad karma if you agree and don't. And the other stipulation is you meet me locally or pick up the amp. I live near Chester in the NW. This amp is heavy. It is in my current amps box. I don't even think I have a power lead for it or it might be integrated into it. I do know that it worked last time. Anyway it's up to you. First come first serve. I might be a bit slow I don't really come here anymore. Cheers
  12. I have a pair of JBL Control 1 speakers in silver that I had stored and intended to be used in a system for my Niece in Spain . However when i pulled them out both of the mid / bass drivers have foam rot . I have neither the skill or the inclination to repair these (they do work but will distort if you wind the volume up) so if anyone wants them please get in touch by PM . Sorry collection only and i Liverpool based .
  13. Ron Hilditch

    FREE Maradona

    A man whose footballing genius is tainted by cheating. Complaining about the refereeing in the England-Columbia game. Yet never a word about the refereeing decision, when he blatantly cheated in a World Cup game. After the entire Argentine Team had intimidated the Ref. throughout the match. A man most toxic. Should now be known as Novichok Maradona!
  14. I have 30+ copies of hi news and a few hifi world from the last four years if anyone wants them. They are in Slough and need to go as a single lot. Can't keep them more than two or three days.
  15. I am giving away a pair of Monitor Audio 11 Monitor speakers in black . These are fully working but they have been my first project in making a Digital Active Speaker . So these have no passive crossover fitted . These could be used an easy first pair of speakers to make Digital or Analogue Active crossovers for and they sound really excellent far better than I ever hoped they would. Alternatively you could design and use your own Passive Crossover if you have the skill . Either way I am sure they will give anyone an exceelenty starter speaker. Sorry but this collection only please either answer on this thread or PM me . If you want to see some pictures then have a look at my DIY thread about these and you will find a few pictures . Driver units are perfect and all fully working in fact I am typing along to them playing right now . I would love someone who has been thinking about going active to get them and have an easy pair of units to start on with all the preperation work already completed.
  16. I have one of those odd things Meridian produced which was CD transport that connected to a Pre via a 25 PIN Computer lead (think it was an RS232 but could be wrong) So you had CD and you could add a couple of extra line sources. This one will power up and did work but I no longer have the CD to Pre Connector . The Pre also needs some replacement phono sockets at the rear . So this is a project for someone with more ability and patience that I have. Sorry but at the moment this would be collect only uness you are fairly local . Anyone interested add here then drop me a PM to complete.
  17. Free to good home, a Linn K5 MM Phono Cartridge. I’ve used it for the last few weeks with a slightly bent cantilever but it still sounds good to me. I know the original stylus’ cannot be bought any longer but there are other Linn stylus available to replace it if you wanted or maybe someone has the know how to fix it. Anyhow, its free to anyone that can use it.
  18. I know that this is normally were you offer spare items and i have done this in the past . However about two years ago I was able to get a number of empty CD Cases which have lasted me till now . The last ones were used last night and I am just putting out a request to see if anyone else has some spare empty cases which they could let me have . Quite happy to pay for any postage and a donation to charity as would much rather do this than just give a shop etc profit . Let me know if you can help .
  19. I have been having a bit of a clean out of the spare bedroom I use the the pc before I get the bed removed and then set it up as a second music room . One of the deals to get my Wife's agreement was to get rid of some at least of the stuff I was storing in the bed divan . So gone through it and some things are just getting taken straight to the tip (nothing hif fi ) . However I did come across something I forgot about a Cambridge Audio ISO DAC and a Cambridge Audio DiscMaster Transport . They are in okay condition but they both have issues . The Transport will suddenly go out of sync and the display flikers on and off but will reset with a bit of jiggling. REally needs to be sorted suspect it may be a socket connection inside the unit . Now the ISO DAC is a little more difficult I lent this to my brother and he brought it back to me about six months later very sheepishly telling me he had broken it . Two issues one the Click switch on the back for the clock function on and off has broken . It was a very simple up and down switch so should be easy to sources and replace . Now the real issue the power supply for the DAC is in an off board plastic box with a cable and mini din (five pin I think ) connector . These can be a little fiddly to get the right way and connect and my brother has used brute force so now various pins are bent and the socket looks fairly mashed too. Having said that if you have the skills the cable is very long and it should be easy yo just cut off the din plug and remove the socket and replace it with sometihng simple . So the two things with can have their clocks linked are up for anyone that feesl they could use them . Would prefer collection but if it has to be post then PM me and we can sort something out. If no one is interested then these have to be disposed of and the Tip is there fate . Lastly I have found a box of a few blank Sony Mini Discs if anyone wants these again PM me and we can arrange something.
  20. Free to a good home , rear boot load mat , front and rear mud flaps, front and rear wind deflectors, front and rear rubber mats , pick up only from buckley , need to be gone by the 1st cheers peter NOW Taken
  21. Up for grabs, is a second-hand Quad treble panel, which has been a spare for my 57's for a few years now. (May also fit 63's) Never used so untested. However, I was assured by the previous owner that it was still ok, as he had replaced all his panels with One Thing Audio panels. Anyway worth a punt at £10 to cover postage.
  22. Hi, In my recent charity shop find (see 2ch debate) I have a pair of Mission Freedom Speakers. The speakers are in black ash veneer and come with Pyramid type stands (grey). Unfortunately one of the Bass/Mid Drivers is not working correctly in one unit. (Distortion and Rubbing Cone) . All other units seem OK. I would give the cabinets 10/10, Grille 8/10 ,stands 10/10. Please reply to this thread if interested and PM me as well. Cannot post, but can be collected from Peterborough, or perhaps meetup in Medway towns on en-route A1/A14/M11 /A2 etc. Regards Alan
  23. Hi, Free to anyone who can collect in Bath. The midrange drivers are in need of replacement. I did start a refoaming attempt at some point but after removing the foam one of the cones developed a crease which would make it challenging to work on for me at least.. The bass and tweeter drivers are in fine cosmetic condition and the cabinets (black ash) are ok but refurbishable I would think. The sponge grilles have long since decomposed into dust. I have owned these from new, so they have some sentimental value and I would love to see them go to a good home as they have been my all time favourites..
  24. Brand new unused crossovers. 2 way. Postage by agreement or collect from OX9.