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Found 186 results

  1. I am keen to measure my room, with and without Audyssey correction (that my AVR does). With and without the sub. Anyone has one laying around and can lend it for a week or so?
  2. All in decent condition, collection only from just outside Oxford, OX3 9TJ
  3. I have a Duet that I am no longer using. I got it free, as the power socket was intermittent, but I tightened it up, and although it might take a little wiggle to settle it. it works continuously if you don't move it. The remote works perfectly without wiggling. However, after a few years of sterling service, it recently stopped communicating with my Netgear ReadyNAS. I have tried what little I know to get it going again, but no joy. I am pretty useless with computers, and a friend had to set it up for me, originally, but I decided to move on to something more modern anyway. The radio section of the Duet works fine, so it is still talking to the internet, just not to the ReadyNAS. So if someone who knows about these things wants to try to sort it out (it may be nothing, just me!), or can use the controller, then you can have it for the cost of postage. Probably about £6.
  4. The item offered free of charge is now in a new home! Please ignore this post.
  5. Stag hifi cabinet in mahogany. Some marks but in good condition. As can be seen in pics, shelves are not correct and could be improved however they have been doing service for several years. It can take 3 standard sized components including a TT on the top shelf. Perfect for disguising a second system from a less than appreciative spouse or partner :-) Pick up from Surrey near junction 7/8 of M25
  6. Hi i have these 2 Burr Brown PCM 63 p dac chips which i no longer need as the job they were going to be used on was never completed , so they are just in a plastic safety strip , in the draw any one interested just pay something to charity if you want to , peter
  7. We have two boxes of text books that are mainly about Geology and Oceanography but with a smattering of Biology thrown in for good measure. They're all in great condition and were part of a collection that were donated to a local resource, but that was unable to be accommodated. Anyway, if you have a an interest in this area or have a child that's studying for A-Level or degree in these or related subjects, these might come in very handy. In return we'd just like to see a donation to charity. They include the following: Skelton: The Cretaceous World Cooke, Warren, Goudie: Desert Geomorphology Wood, Habgood: Why people need plants Vita-Finzi: Monitoring the Earth Lalli & Parsons: Biological Oceanography, an introduction Open University (various): S173 Plants and People, S193 Fossils and the History of Life, S369 The Great Ice Age Open University S339 series (6 books): 1. Earth's Engine, 2. From Rifting to Drifting, 3. Growth and Destruction, 4. Mountain Building, 5. Britain and Global Tectonics 6. (SXR339) Ancient Mountains - Practical Geology in Scotland Open University S260 series (5 books): 1. Maps and Landscape, 2. Earth Materials, 3. Internal Processes, 4. Surface Processes, 5. (SXR260) Geological History of the British Isles Open University S103 series (12 books): 1. Water for Life, 2. A Temperate Earth?, 3. The Earth and its place in the Universe, 4. Unity within diversity, 5. Energy, 6. Our world and its atoms, 7. The quantum world. 8. Building with atoms, 9. Continuity and change, 10. Earth and life through time, 11. Universal processes, 12. (SXR103) Practising Science Study Book *Open University (Marine Science / Oceanography) (5 books): 1. Ocean Circulation, 2. Waves, Tides and Shallow-Water Processes, 3. The Ocean Basins, 4. Seawater, 5. Marine Biochemical Cycles * We have two complete sets of these oceanography books. These can only be collected from just outside Yeovil as they're heavy. They don't all need to go together if you only want some of them, but the sets must stay together and I still don't want to post them either way. If someone can make good use of the lot, so much the better! These are only going to be available to be reserved and collected for a limited period as we need to clear the decks.
  8. A pari of LINN Keilidh black speaker cabinets. they include the internal kustone blocks but no drivers, crossovers, stands nor filling. Fair condition - the rear upright edges on one cab need some attention. Good for a project. Pick up from North Wales or possible meet up, Wam taxi etc.
  9. Free to a needy home - although a donation to the charity of your choice is always good. COLLECTION ONLY - GL17 Lydbrook, Glos -- no, I'm not going to Scalford this year AMC 2445 2 or 4 channel power amp. PWO and very decent condition. Very much like this except mine is the pretty much identical mk1 ....
  10. B&W DM series 11 Speakers Excellent working order Condition good Collection only from Petersfield Hampshire
  11. Hi I have a Free Hitachi HT MD46 turntable apparently new as the owner has never used it , it is liner tracking , fully automatic with Cartridge and stylus it will have to be picked up from Buckley North Wales , the dust cover is scratched as it was kept in his loft , I am disabled and cannot post , if off any use please send a message , Cheers Peter
  12. Picked this up for my Dad who stopped using it after a year or 2. The analogue outputs are distorted but we always used the digital output into AV amplifiers. Works fine, two of the feet somehow went missing before I bought it, an improvisation was therefore made. If you can repair it properly, more power to you. I couldn't be arsed. No remote or accessories with it. No use for it myself anymore as I have Chromecasts on every single amplified speaker in the house, so internet radio from LMS more than suffices. Come and get whenever you like - I'm hosting a bakeoff on May 20th - makes sense to me to come along to that for some music and pizza first.
  13. Cyrus 2 Integrated amplifier and PSX. These items have been sitting in a cupboard for a few years. I connected them together and plugged them in and all seems to be working, although I haven't plugged them into speakers. Free to anyone who can pick them up.
  14. Pair of canton ergo 900 floorstanders, one needs a new tweeter but other than that they present well.. They retailed for around £1100 10-15 years ago.. Pop by the house ( Taunton) if you want them..
  15. Got a quad 606 mk 2 it's got a bit of sentimental value so want it to go the the right home, available in about a weeks time collection only. ( needs a fuse holder, still available I believe . God knows what I did with it but used to run it without one ok)
  16. Hi, as per title and free to collector from IP23. Cheers Cosmo
  17. Free to a needy home - although a donation to the charity of your choice is always good. COLLECTION ONLY - GL17 Lydbrook, Glos -- no, I'm not going to Scalford this year PWO except CD input is a bit hit & miss, might just need a clean - and very decent condition. Like this ...
  18. A pair of Target stands for wall mounting your speakers. Come with built in spikes. Pretty good nick. Collection only from Bishops Stortford in Herts
  19. Free to a needy home - although a donation to the charity of your choice is always good. COLLECTION ONLY - GL17 Lydbrook, Glos -- no, I'm not going to Scalford this year This is actually a dual CD & minidisc player, but the CD drawer mech is kaput. But still a fine MD player and (I assume, although I haven't tried it) recorder. Allegedly, these have top Sony minidisc mechs in. And it certainly sounds very nice. No remote handset. Like this ...
  20. I have a 5 shelf Sound factory black metal tripod hifi rack with wooden shelves. Surplus to requirements. Height 82cm width 55cm depth 42cm. usable shelf width 45cm x 36cm depth. 15cm between each shelf. Good overall condition. Collection only from Ipswich Suffolk. Sorry no posting. A small donation to Jandlords cancer research fund please for the collector. Thanks.
  21. I have two pairs of speaker stands looking for a good home or will go down the tip. Pair 1: Target Stands that came with some old Kord speakers, unfilled. - TAKEN Height- 280mm Width- 330mm Depth- 310mm Top Plate - 280mm x 285mm Pair 2: Target (IIRC) stands filled with sand - (Collection Only) Height- 450mm Width- 330mm Depth- 375mm Top Plate- 215mm x 230mm Both come without spikes, I'll see what I can find. Collection from Faringdon, Oxfordshire.
  22. A pair of proac d15's , one of the bass/mid drivers sounds like the coils not quite right but replacements are available still I believe ... Cosmetically good condition, a few marks but the scrub up well.. Retailed for around £1600 10 years ago. swing by the house ( Taunton ) if you fancy them.
  23. Seem to have acquired 2 of these, so 1 is up for grabs. Near as dammit mint condition. If you claim it, it would be nice if you would put something else up on the Spirit. Cheers
  24. Free High Resolution Wallpaper Downloads - Audio-philia Carlo, passionate about photography as well as audio, is pleased to offer you some free, high-resolution wallpaper downloads for Mac or PC. Their stunning resolution is suitable for even the most demanding modern displays (including 5K monitors, 16:10 Ratio). Click on the picture to take you on our website's Media page, where you will be able to download a selection of images in high resolution. We hope you'll like them!
  25. Having reached physical perfection I feel that it is time to pass on my Health Rider.It is in excellent condition and the gizmo that reads exercise time,calories burnt and repetition rate works fine. You will probably need it after the extra Christmas food and you could always listen to your favourite music while getting fit. It is collection only due to size but would fit without trouble into a hatch-back. Plenty of info on the Tube showing people using them. Pete.