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Found 186 results

  1. **update to say these are now free - the best upgrade you can ever make to your hifi and you dont even have to pay for it!!! Im moving in 1 week - please dont let these end up in a skip!!!** ** Dimensions are 700w x 1000h x 100d - that is the main panel. The base they sit on adds 400mm of height.** DIY Room Treatment Accoustic Panels - 4 for FREE! These were built by myself and used, very succesfully at Scalford twice and in my living room for the last 7 years. WAF is probably somewhere around the zero mark and they will need new cloth as the existing cloth is a little bit manky but the frames and the rockwool are in good order - the "stands" are easily removed from the main frame for transport/maintenance(ie. replacing the cloth). Cost me over £100 in materials to build these and the difference they make is staggering. Only selling due to moving country. Collection only from Dudley, DY3 Further details here from my previous threads on these panels: Pic from my first Scalford: Pics as they are now:
  2. Any wammers who have heard the difference between HPD 385 Berkeleys and SRM15x ive owned the Berkeley , and thinking of buying a pair of SRM 15x are the latter better, or even better, if anybody in Norfolk owns a pair and happy to offer me a demo i would supply a case of beer for you, to drink at your leisure
  3. Free to a good home (doesn't even have to be a good home). Target turntable shelf that has seen better days - see photos. Perfect for a garden/garage/prison cell system. I'm assuming that no one will want it but I'm listing it here just in case and to try to give some meaning to the fact that I've moved it from house to house with me for the last 20 years! Collection from Thirsk.
  4. I came across this free download offer, in exchange for signing up to their mailing list. An eclectic label with never less than super recording quality. But you probably know that already! No connection, other than a happy customer of several CDs in the past. Not sure if this thread or a Music one is better, but here goes...
  5. Anybody have one of these? I'm looking for a RV23 mk1 all valve preamp to reverse engineer. Also if it not working I'll repair it and return it for free.
  6. Perhaps the following are of interest to someone on the forum. Free collection from just outside Portsmout or cover the postage. Guess it will be around the £3 mark each for these books. Read and understand these books and then you will be able to join in on all the techie conversations about inductors, capacitors, cables, power supplies and much much more. Become the envy of the Wam with your in-depth and awesome knowledge Linear Circuits - Ronald E Scott. A first course in Electrical Engineering. The Theory of Machines - Thomas Bevan. Published 1943 Principles of Electrical Engineering. Published 1947. Basic principles of electrical engineering. Electrical Engineers Reference Book. Published 1951
  7. CD Rack, holds 140 CD’s. Free to anyone that wishes to collect from Oldham, Greater Manchester.
  8. Free for anyone who can pay postage- id guess £2.50. Pics:
  9. Hi all, We're having a bit of a clearout in our warehouse, and came across a couple of Spin Clean record washer basins (not SPINCARE!) There are no supplies like brushes, rollers etc, just the plastic basin. We have 2. Not sure if these are of use to anyone, but if they are, please let know and I will happily send one out to you free of charge! Thanks, Anthony
  10. Wasn't sure whether to post this in Spirit or in Other Items, but as it's free... After a long tussle with Virgin Media over our slowly-failing TiVo box, they eventually agreed to replace it. Trouble was we had the 1Tb box and they sent a 500Gb to replace it with, which was no good for me given the amount of TV I record. They then told me that they did not have any more 1Tb boxes because they were phasing them out in place of their new V6 box, which I couldn't have because I refused to take their awful broadband service. So long story short, I told them to stuff their service and went to Sky. Virgin did not, however, want their new TiVo to be returned but strangely they did want my old box back. Go figure. Anyway, this leaves me with a brand new, never plugged-in TiVo box doing nothing. I don't actually know if this will be of use to anyone as I suspect it will need registering with Virgin before being used, but if it can do someone a good turn, you're absolutely welcome to have it. Might do as a second box in a multi-room setup perhaps? Socially-distanced and responsible collection from Southampton, I can deliver within a roughly 40-mile radius or I can post for further afield destinations, if you don't mind covering the postage. Given the weight I estimate around £10 but I will obviously get a proper quote before sending.
  11. In quite good condition, some relatively minor scratches. It needs a baseboard (hardboard) but comes with original springs & a NOS set of SME2000 springs and adjusters. The top plinth is sitting a bit high in pics as It's still on the squash balls :-) Collection only due to size and to be used rather than sold on by a dealer or profiteer. If you feel so inclined a small donation to a charity of your choosing. Just getting out of my way is enough for me :-) Collection only in a Covid safe format from Surrey/Hampshire border/
  12. FREE or a small donation to either the WAM or the NSPCC. Clear out time. As the local charity shops are not taking any CD'S, I have 2 carry bags of CDs of mixed genre to anyone local (BN23)That's interested in them, I also have a couple of 78s. One is a complete Puccini Madam Butterfly (12 discs), and 2 Oak (Black) stained speaker stands I will give it a week if not then off to the tip. All items will be left in my drive at an agreed date/Time.
  13. I made this for my Brooklyn Bridge, but I’ve made another in rosewood to match the rack. Made from American walnut with a set of Arcam feet I had lying around. Measures 22cm by 20cm on the top if I remember rightly. Happy to pass it on for the price of postage if anybody can make use of it rather than it going on my firewood pile
  14. Hi all, does someone fancy a project? This amp originated here so I figure it's only right that it should go back here. TLDR, it's bent and manky, but working great. Some Wammer can have it for free, but it'll need collecting from B11 or GL18 I bought this amp a good while back, but hadn't quite realised it was huge and massively heavy even by big valve amp standards, so I resold it back in 2016, but to cut a long story short, the guy I sold it to thought it was faulty and was going through a bit of a crisis, so I just got it re-collected by the courier rather than try and diagnose things remotely. I got it back home, but was in the middle of a massive building project at the time so put it to one side and completely forgot about it. I'm now having a proper clearout 4 years later! so I've finally opened the box to check it out and it's clear that at some point, probably the return courier journey to me, it's been dropped. It was pretty well packaged, but because the case is pretty thin and the transformers are so heavy it's kind of buckled and twisted. So here's how it looks today I've just opened it up, seen an obvious bad solder joint onto the large capacitors inside, which may well have been the cause of the dodgy noises the previous purchase heard, so I've just repaired that and powered it up and it's sat next to me now singing away beautifully. Really it wants to be taken apart, case straightened out or replaced, change some transformer casings and give others a wire brush and maybe coat of paint. Or keep it as-is and marvel at the beautiful sounds coming out of an amp that looks like Sloth from the Goonies? Your shout, but it's up for grabs for free to someone who'll appreciate it. It's a cheap fix for someone with plenty of time, patience and DIY skills. It can be collected from either my house at GL18 or office (but only during office hours) at B11 Here's the original sale thread from 2016 from before it got all bent up and stuck in a box for 4 years: cheers, James
  15. In actually very good condition and perfectly working. Very good as a CD transport as well Collection only from NW1
  16. I’m having a clearout as i’m leaving the country soon Pair of Wooden stands 45x42x36.5 Pair of Metal stands and tops 45x42x40 with M8 thread for spikes The top is very rigid,about 1/2cm thick and about 5kg Collection only from NW1
  17. Hi all. As above, a few little dink’s here and there, but very presentable. Smoked glass shelves, textured Matt finish, three legged, hence Prism, I guess. Collection only from Lewisham, safely
  18. Hi folks, I bought 8x M8 black chunky speaker spikes on Ebay. I googled the size then they arrived and I actually need M6. Not worth the faff on an Ebay return as by time I pay postage then only get couple of quid back anyway. Does anyone want them? Ping me a PM and I'll post them to you. Now just gotta wait for m6 to arrive!!
  19. Decided to put this here rather than in the Classifieds as i am asking for either an extended loan or free . I have a replacement power amplifier by XTZ that i have just bought second hand to work in my main system waiting for when I can collect my Croft OTL . The XTZ has both balanced and unablanced inputs and is currently in place using unbalanced with RCA cables . I have read quite a bit over the years about balanced connections but to date this is the first power amplifier I have ever had that has them . Now I can connect my DAC directly to the XTZ and use the MiniDSP DDRC 22D as the volume control so I would like to hear what this is like . I do not own a pair of XLR cables and while i know they can be very cheap i do not want to buy a pair then add to my growing clutter when they are no longer used. So If any one has any rattling round any quality will do and can either lend me them until the Croft is here or have no use for them and can just gift them to me. I promises that of course once they are not being used they would be returned or if they are gifted then they will be offered again in this thread once I do not need them I promise they will not be added to the mountain of cables I already have as I am trying to thin this out and not add to it . Any help offered is much appreciated.
  20. Hi all, Been advised to put this here, it’s also in DIY. These amps have been modified by the manufacturer for use in our MRI system. I don’t know exactly what that process involves but the front pots are definitely disabled for one thing. This amp has probably been put on the scrap heap because it’s producing unstable images, what that equates to in sonic terms I have no idea. I’ve never tried putting an audio signal through one of these, one day I will, the spec is insane, Google it. I mentioned that we use these to someone on here years ago and he was astounded, whether that’s a justified reaction or not I don’t know. Anyway, it’s yours if you want it, we were paying circa 10k each so I should think there are some nice components in there. Collection only from Guildford, it’s around 40KG. Whoever takes it, please keep me up to date with its’ fate, whatever that may be, I would love to know what’s required to take it back to audio use as we have a lot of these...
  21. Unbranded balanced interconnect, stereo pair, XLR – XLR, OFC low noise microphone cable (suitable for hifi / pro audio). 1.0 m length. Excellent condition. Just pay postage please (probably going to be RM small parcel due to thickness £2.95).
  22. Freebie: unbranded 75 ohm digital audio cable, RCA – RCA, 3.0 m length, excellent condition. Just pay postage please (hopefully RM large letter, £0.88).
  23. Been sorting through some things looking for wires and other items and have come across some things i forgot I had . This is one of those it is a Rega Bias cartridge with the nuts and bolts . This is used but very few hours on it . Do not have a microscope but looks to be in good order . PM me and I will pack and post out . Could I ask that whover takes this gives a donation to a decent charity of your choice .
  24. I’ve had these stored at my parent-in-laws for donkeys years now; a pair of Acoustic Aesprit 309s came in them sometime 2007, so they’re large boxes Based in Preston, they’re free to anyone that wants them and can collect Cheers
  25. Hello All This is an advance notice to give anyone time to think and decide . I am being given a new HiFi Rack which means that the Sound Organisation Z560 rack I have will no longer be needed . Mine is in Black with Glass shelves and is five tiers . This is a very heavy rack and that is one of the reasons i will be replacing it . It is in good overall condition . This is free to anyone that wants it and while keeping to current rules and social distances this can be collected . I will put up pictures once I have taken all the equipment off the unit . It will then be cleaned and disenfected and not touched until it is to be collected. Item will be placed outside the house in the small front garden and left to be picked up . Will wave through the window but to ensure that there is no interaction will stay indoors . Please PM me if interested . This will not be available till Wednesday next week at the earliest . I am based in Liverpool .