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Found 4 results

  1. Linn Majik DSM/2 for sale, 1600 Euros. Mint condition in black, with your choice of UK, Schuko, or North American Linn Power lead, Silver REM 020 remote in original Linn box and packaging. 90 watt integrated amplifier, HDMI 1.4, Exakt links, MM phono stage. A great one box solution, or something to build an Aktiv or Exakt system from. Shipping at cost to buyer (similar devices to Europe/NA have been around $100).
  2. Konfig/cannot load Majik DSM in "Main Room" ... I can see the DSM directly via network address, but KOmfig csnnot 'see it... kazoo will not connect,=> "Waiting for rooms" I submitted the problem to Linn suport over a week ago... they suggested it might be the firewalls on my mac.... tries turning them off temporarily, which worked for an hour.. thn disappeared again- also sdont want to make ny hoeme netorkisecuree... so whatcan I do with settngs on macOS secuirty/privacy... and or with Linn settings? Appreciate any ideas to help me out of this mess.
  3. Very first post for this new kid in class… I am “across the pond” in Seattle but my audio gear is all UK made so I thought this would be a good place to paddle in. I have Linn and Rea gear in two very different listening locations. Our main home in Seattle was built in the 1950s and features an odd boiler based heating system with hot water tubes in the ceiling. The main living room is a “lively” sounding long L shaped space with low ceilings (due to the heating system) with lots of windows at the opposite end. We also have a cabin on Orcas Island (out near Victoria BC Canada) with a much warmer forgiving sounding space with tall wooden ceilings and a thick rug right in front of well placed speakers. Seattle: Linn Majik DMS (digital streaming, DAC and amp) Linn Majik 140 speakers SONOS (Connect Amps, Connect, B/W speakers) for non critical multi-room listening (kitchen, outside deck, etc) Orcas Island: Rega Elex-R amp Rega RS7 floor standing speakers Rega DAC (earlier model, not the DAC-R) SONOS Connect (digital streaming) Rega Planar 6 turntable w/ high end Ania MC coil cartridge and Rega Planar power supply Rega Aria phono stage pre amp The Seattle system sounds great while streaming Tidal via the Linn Majik system (Kazoo app). No complaints. But streaming to multiple rooms involves switching inputs and using the SONOS system which just does not deliver the same sound quality. But for non critical listening it is fine. On Orcas Island the Rega turntable system sounds amazing. Streaming via the SONOS Connect is the main weakness though. I would like to preserve the sound quality I get from the Rega turntable system on Orcas. I plan on using Roon at both locations. The SONOS Connect on Orcas needs to go first. So the question is how best to approach this without creating an exploding budget domino situation? * I could just get a new hi def Roon compatible streamer on Orcas and leave the rest alone? * I could get a new streamer and DAC (one box or two) and keep using the Rega Elex-R? * I could replace the SONOS Connect, Rega DAC and the Elex-R with new components? ** One high end but expensive option is get a new Linn Selekt (with or without Katalyst) plus amp Module for Seattle and move my Linn Majik to Orcas Island? ** Another even more expensive (but intriguing) option is adding a new Linn Akurate System Hub (Exakt DSM) plus a Akurate Exaktbox-I (w/ 8 channels Majik Amps & 8 channels Katalyst DAC) and move my Linn Majik to Orcas Island? *** And then there are a zillion other options? Any thoughts here? Thanks! Max
  4. Hi Guys, I seek your oppinion and advice about be-amping of my all Majik system, consisted of DSM3, 2100, 140. I also use a pair of K-40 and a pair of K-20 cables, both length 2x4m and Viablue jumper bridges. I used for some time MDSM3 as a pre-amp (inner amp disabled) and M2100 as power-amp, bi-wired by a pair of K-40 with Majik 140 speakers and i was truly satisfied. As I have been infected by an upgrade virus, quite recently i have bought a pair of K-20 and decided to try bi-amping. Please let me remind you DSM has a power of 90w whilst Majik 2100 has 100w. So I bridged Tweeters and super tweeters with jumpers and connected them to DSM3 by a K-20. At the same time i used K-40 to connect (bi-wire) M2100 with bass and midrange terminals on the speakres, soft wires to bass, hard ones to midrange. As a result I've got tighter bass (not deeper) with a bigger punch. Hi tones together with mids remained pritty much the same. Your comments and suggestions are more than welcome Should I meke some modifications... or parhaps I made it all totally wrong? Best Regards, NL.
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