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  1. It's time to let go. I have, as many here know, a very nice 401 in oak plinth. It spent it's life from new in the ownership of Stewertwen (who just happens to know an awful lot about these tables) until it came to me about 5 years back. Working condition is superb as you'd expect and physically it's also very presentable. With the Garrard comes one of it's best known partners, the Hadcock Unipivot arm. This one has the benefit of having 2 arm tubes, the 212 (cryo treated) and the 242. Effectively 2 arms so you can fiddle to suit your mood. Price for the package is £1000 and that'll be cash on collection. There's no way to safely post it. I will discuss a half way meet as long as it's not the other end of the country.
  2. Unbelievable opportunity here in the UK to own a pair of these legendary loudspeakers. These are normally found in the wealthy homes of North America and the Far East and as the former UK distributor for Von Schweikert loudspeakers I am not aware of many of these existing in the UK at all! Don't be concerned about the exclusivity making these difficult to obtain customer aftercare for, Damon Von Schweikert has already confirmed that they will cater to any needs the customer may have for servicing and upgrades. These speakers were personally imported by me from their owner in Canada and come shipped in the correct original manufacturer shipping crates. These are very heavy and at least a two man lift per crate is required. It is also recommended that two men unpack and setup the speakers too. For a full taste of what these loudspeakers can do please see the review below: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/superioraudio/equipment/0108/von_schweikert_vr_4sr_mk2.htm The finish is an upgrade to what was offered as standard as this is a dark burl wood and looks amazing. There are a couple of fine marks on the sides of the bass cabinets but once in place you will not notice these. Otherwise these are in perfect order. The sense of scale these speakers can produce when matched with the right electronics is astonishing, soundstage is wide and realistic with the timbre of each and every instrument superbly defined. These are truly a speaker for life! You will never require another loudspeaker ever again. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. Reason that I am selling is because we are now emigrating overseas and I cannot take these with me. New here in the UK with this finish you would have been looking at a retail price of around £14,000. £6375 obo (Don't be afraid to make me an offer). Thanks for looking. Shipping: this may be possible but these will probably need to be shipped as a pallet load due to size and weight. Note: Images show unpacked speakers with their original owner in Canada prior to shipment to me. Images with shipping crates were taken when speakers were delivered to me.
  3. Any interest in this lovely dual mono 70x2 design amp? Black and in good condition. I also have a V10 DVD/cd player (I have only ever used it for cds) which is the same design and makes a nice combo.
  4. For sale, a fantastic pair of Helicon 800's in piano cherry. They are in superb condition throughout. Grilles are perfect and the bi-wire links are installed. Rare speakers in even rarer condition. Any demo welcome and I can possibly help with transport if needed (by arrangement) to keep them fresh. No boxes so it's strictly no 3rd party couriers for these. The phone pictures don't do them justice. The cabinet finish is superb. £1700
  5. For Sale - Kensington, London. Collection only. 1. AVO VCM 163. Premium tube tester, top of the range. Meters both need servicing, and it needs recalibrating. So not currently working. Sold as-is with no return. 2. AVO Mk 3 tube tester. Previously owned by Bill Beard. Needs a service, so sold as-is with no return. It was previously working OK except for one or two sticky controls. Looking for £450 each. Email performanceandmedia@gmail.com
  6. Pro-Ject Perspective Turntable in near mint condition. £550? I have owned this since new. Complete with 33 /45 pm motors, heavy / light counterweights and all original accessories (including clamp, assembly tools, gloves, stylus gauge etc). Brand new belt (un-opened). Boxed with original packaging. No cartridge. Loads of pictures here http://s1294.photobucket.com/user/zarackscott/library/?sort=2&page=1 Only the turntable / ancillaries are included in the sale (other hi-fi components in the pictures are not included in the sale). Collection (or local delivery by arrangement) from Aldershot (weekdays) or Retford, Nottinghamshire (weekends) strongly preferred. Postage at £21.85 is an estimate. I will refund the difference if it costs less.
  7. I have a pair of Genelec M040's. They are 7 months old, perfect condition with boxes and power cables. £775 for the pair. I'm located in Shrewsbury SY12QU. [ATTACH]14059[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]14060[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]14061[/ATTACH]
  8. Hello everyone Please find for sale my David Berning Pre One preamp and ZH 230 power amp. I have owned both from new. They came to me direct from the David Berning Company Condition is as mint/excellent. The only things you’ll see some marks on the base of the PreOne which is from Stillpoints hence the “excellent”. I have all original packing, manuals etc Lot’s of pictures here from my Flikr site. Below is a small selection. Berning by Paul, on Flickr Berning by Paul, on Flickr Berning by Paul, on Flickr Berning by Paul, on Flickr Plus a video here so you can see them working. Bernings by Paul, on Flickr I’d like to achieve £7250 for both but of course happy to negotiate. I’ll also consider selling them individually at £3900 each. Over the years I’ve had top Naim amps, Jeff Rowland, Vitus, Moon, Mark Levinson and then I discovered David Berning. My first one was the ZH 270. Amazing. Then I got the the PreOne and ZH230 which took me to a new universe. I thought that’s me done with amps because despite trying other amps costing much more, I could not find anything better. These reviews say it better than me…. http://www.soundstageultra.com/index.php/equipment-menu/442 http://davidberning.com/Files/reviews/Berning-ZH230-TAS-76862_eprint.pdf http://www.hifiplus.com/articles/david-berning-zotl-one-preamp-and-zh-230-power-amp-hi-fi-80/ More details... Valves in the PreOne: I have some very special tubes I can include (if you are interested) that have cost me hundreds of pounds. These include Cifte 12AU7 (platinum grade cryro treated) in the Pre-One. I’ve tried lot’s of valve combination including RCA, Mullard, Philips, PSVane and the Ciftie’s are by far the best. Absolutely transforms the Pre One. Valves in the ZH230 Power amp: I have Telefunken ECC801S (yes “S”!) and Mullard Cryo / ECC82/CV4003-CRYO from Watford Valves in the ZH230. This gives me medium to low feedback setting. That combination of valves gives a beautifully engaging, transparent, super agile and musically addictive performance. All valves were bought by me and were balanced and matched. If you know David Berning amps, you know valves last a lifetime in them, so they sound as fresh as new. Why HiFiWigwam? I have sold a few bits here and I know there is a following for David Berning amps. I have considered selling on Audio Market but I would much prefer a UK buyer. Ideally someone that can come over, have a good listen, carry out a detailed inspection and together, we careful pack the amps before parting with your money. It’s a lot of money to spend! By the way, after careful consideration, you’ll also see my amps on another forum with an appreciation for David Berning ( ....Fish). Depending on where you live, we can talk about me delivering it to you. So, finally, why am I selling? There can only be one reason! I’m buying the bigger Berning QZ mono power amps! An unexpected dream that came true :-) I need the money to fund the big brothers. I’d be delighted to answer any question. Please send me a PM and then we can exchange emails and telephone numbers. Thanks for looking. Paul
  9. Brand new in retail boxes; I have two matched pairs remaining. £340 per pair with free UK shipping. Massive bargain over buying anywhere else. Stunning tweeter unit, data sheets available online if you do a quick Google search.
  10. Superb 'Swiss Made' Nagra BPS Mk1 phono stage in flawless condition for sale. Compact size and versatile features. MM stage with internal Nagra-wound SUT for MC. Many loading modules included for tailoring the set up for your cartridge. 9V battery operation ensures silent backgrounds. Comes in carry case with all tools, modules, manuals and test sheets. £900 - NOW £850 - posted inc RMSD:
  11. Not mine but selling on behalf of a mate. One careful owner from new. With remote. Still working on original valves so have allowed for re valving in the low price. Have original packaging and manual so can courier at buyers choice/expense or collect from Warrington Cheshire as it weighs 27Kg. Extract from Review:- The S6 integrated ($2995 USD) uses three Electro Harmonix EL34 power tubes per channel. Operating in class-A, single-ended mode, the output stage produces a robust 35Wpc. Unison engineers have applied 14dB of negative feedback to produce what they feel is optimal sound. The preamplifier stage uses one 12AU7 (Philips JAN 5814As are supplied) per channel. Four single-ended, line-level inputs are available, and a tape loop is accessible via a toggle switch on the front panel. The S6 is plug-and-play easy, with no manual tube biasing necessary. The S6 produced a full-bodied, voluptuous sound in a front-hall perspective that I never felt sounded too forward. It was a midrange champ, rendering the voices of my usual suspects, such as Holly Cole and Diana Krall, with tremendous texture and presence. Review Photo attached. If anyone is interested I will get the amp here and send photos of it by email.
  12. Sadly it’s now time to sell my Puresound A30 integrated valve amplifier as it simply doesn’t get the use it deserves. Purchased late 2014, this particular one was Progressive Audio’s demonstration amplifier and my first foray into valves. It’s been an absolute delight to own, lovely sound and silent in operation. Responds well to tube-rolling too. In great condition (albeit a couple of minor marks) and complete with the original packaging and manual. Quick specs list: Class A operation 3 Line level inputs 30 Watts per channel in Ultralinear mode 18 Watts per channel in Triode mode 4 and 8 ohm output taps Twin valve rectifiers Choke smoothing ALPS potentiometer SCR coupling capacitors Carbon film resistors (for better sound quality) ElectroHarmonix (Russia) 6550 output tubes Very substantial construction including cast metal transformer shrouds During my ownership I’ve added the following: Genuine Puresound A30 valve cage Soundcare® SuperSpike Feet For Electronics (RRP £75) WBT 0703 Cu speaker binding posts (RRP £110) HiFi Tuning Supreme3 400mA x 2 internal fuses (RRP £40 each) HiFi Tuning Supreme 10A fuse (RRP £63) Black control knobs (have the original silver one somewhere in the house) Also included is a boxed pair of matched NOS Svetlana 5C3S rectifiers (1951), and for an additional £50 I’ll add a matched quad of low-hours Tung-Sol 6550 reissues (2005). Looking for £750 ono collected from Chelmsford. Might be able to deliver by hand or meet halfway depending on where you are. Although I have the original packaging, at 25kgs+ I’m very reluctant to send this by courier. Payment options: Cash, faster payment bank transfer, PayPal Family & Friends. Please forgive the terrible photos, I’ll take some better ones at the weekend once I’ve removed it from the rack.
  13. For sale a 4 shelf hifi stand in walnut, with etched glass. A few marks to the wooden blocks, but still a very good, solid hi fi stand. Details of sizing and specification can be found here: https://www.blokdirect.com/products/hifi-stands/four-shelf/walnut/etched-glass/stax-400 This is a quality item and heavy. I don’t have boxes or suitable packaging, so it is collection only from Hertfordshire. £125. Thanks
  14. For sale on behalf of Lucasz, who was a member here, but it returning to Poland, and selling up. Firstly Unison Research Unico CD Player in Black. £300 collected from near Doncaster
  15. Up for sale is my Bel Canto Dac 2.5 brought from Midland Audio Exchange about 18 months ago as ex demo at the time. This is a wonderful Dac and has served me well during the time only to be replaced with a Lampizator Atlantic. In the time that Ive had the Dac its seen off quite a fair amount of competition to say the least. Features of the Dac includes a wonderful preamp, I used to use it quite effectively to drive my AN monoblocks. It has USB, optical, 2x Spdif, AES and analogue inputs. Outputs are RCA and balanced. The preamp can be bypassed which is how I used it in latter days when I brought a passive preamp. A remote control is included. When I get home tonight I will add a few pictures. Im looking for £700, buyer to pay for postage or collect from Dudley in the West Midlands. User manual http://www.belcantodesign.com/pdfs/UG_DAC2_5v1.pdf Online review http://www.positive-feedback.com/Issue66/belcanto2.5.htm Pictures of the actual item for sale Untitled by henleymajor, on Flickr Untitled by henleymajor, on Flickr
  16. Triangle Titus TZX, 90db sensitivity. these are lovely, an affordable entry to high end. £150 Plus postage, these are cheap, so please don't ask for me to send them to you for an extensive home demo. slightly marked see photos. Wysyg, apart from the Massive Attack cd. And the Wiff Waff table.
  17. The very heavy upgraded polymer stands, sometimes referred to as Kustone stands. All spikes, nuts and plastic top caps included. A few marks comensurate with age. £125 P&P at cost.
  18. Selling this beautiful and rare CB6 center speaker. It has the cherry veneer finish. Looking for € 1.250. This is the ideal center speaker for PMC OB1, IB1, EB1 and others. Will be shipped safe and secure, or can be auditioned and picked up in Belgium. Esthetically 95% (4 scratches on top; see final photo), technically 100% mint. Just let me know if you have any more questions.
  19. YL Audio Note midrange drivers. I think these were YL's top midrange drivers for small to medium sized room applications. The G stands for germanium. Frequency range 100 - 7khz 16ohm and 102db sensitivity Consecutive serial numbers. One driver has its original packaging which is quite rare. They were originally purchased as part of a horn project with the D18000G tweeters (for sale) and D35000 upper mids that I own...I am just too busy now to contemplate it. Top drivers. Personally to get better one might have to step up to something like the RCA 1428B or similar.
  20. Great sounding stylish and compact integrated amp which i bought as a back up for my main 845 valve amp. This is a great amplifier with a sweet top end and almost SET like midrange allied with with fast punchy bass. I used this with my Avantgarde Uno Horns to great effect but i have a large collection of amps now Lavardin IT Border Patrol SET Viva 845 and a few others so this will see little use and it would be better served producing beautiful music for someone else. Its in A1 condition in wooden crate with remote control It has i believe 50 watts. Circuit design has input from Dennis Moorecroft of DNM 4 inputs 2 Balanced and two RCA. Speaker posts have positive negative and ground although i never needed to use that facility. Astonishing amp. Will post or will be at Scalford should someone wish to buy it. http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/amplifiers/resolution-audio-cantata-50-amplifier-922789/review These are over £4000 now more like £4500 Asking 1700 posted or delivered to Scalford Hall.
  21. In excellent condition, 1m rca Comes in original box £225 inc post , pics on request
  22. For sale a set of Connex Audio 5N Silver Litz jumper cables RRP £80- £32 plus P&P.
  23. Having a clear out! Item location: Pinner, NW London I have the following for sale: 1 x 4.5m pair of LAT International LAT SS-800 MKII Biwire speaker cables with bananas (2 at amp end to 4 at speaker end) (RRP £305) - £120 including free UK postage Even better than the MK 1 versions these are cryo treated and are an excellent choice for a sub £500 cable. Only 1 pair is pictured but others are in exactly the same condition. Review: https://forum.audiogon.com/discussions/review-lat-international-ss-1000-mk-ii-speaker-cable
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