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Found 636 results

  1. I am parting with my superb Krell KSP-7B preamplifier as I am am using a valve pre. It is in excellent condition and has it's seperate power supply. Comes with the owners manual. As you will know it also has a superberb phono stage though not having a turntable I cannot say that I have heard it. the unit is unbelievably heavy so will be double boxed for shipping but pick-up with demo is also welcome. Asking £850 plus shipping.
  2. Hardly used Elite Supercrono Hydramag Turbo Trainer in vitual new condition. Asking £SOLD (not on here) for collection only. Also a Shimano R500 rear wheel and cassette with special turbo trainer tyre plus a new track pump
  3. I don’t suppose this needs much introduction, lots and lots of info on the internet regarding the Garrard staple! I bought this last year and gave it a service with new seals and audio origami oil. I made the layered ply plinth and recessed the arm and deck to give a nice clean and modern look. I had a custom Garrard badge made and bought a custom Garrard record weight from this very parish to give it that finishing touch. The Acos Lustre GST1 tonearm is very much like the standard SME 3009 but has a detachable headshell, it has a higher mass, which allows more options when choosing cartridges and allows on-the-fly VTA adjustment for easy switching. Both the arm and deck are functioning perfectly and the deck keeps good stable speed. I am only selling as I have had to change around my set-up and need to move to a smaller deck that can sit on a wall mounted shelf. Demo welcome, collection only from Oldham, Greater Manchester. I am happy to travel a short distance to meet up, if this is helpful. The wam price is £725 cash, PayPal FF or bank transfer, the cartridge pictured is not included, but may be available if wanted, please pm with any questions. Thanks.
  4. Bought from a fellow wammer a couple of years ago, a very nice rack with 4 shelves and a full size top shelf to accommodate larger turntables, if necessary. Also has a cable management system Overall dimensions are roughly 80 high x 60 wide x 55 deep. £80 cash, BT or PayPal FF, collection from Oldham, Greater Manchester.
  5. QED uPlay APTX Bluetooth Receiver RCA Analogue and Toslink Digital Outputs £15 Free Postage
  6. I am downsizing my hifi kit and have had to think long and hard about selling these wonderful Italian 2A3 SET monoblock amplifiers. They were built for me by a small Italian valve amp manufacturer VTA Audio Equipment. The transformers are wound in-house. Although they are only 2.5 watts/channel they can drive speakers as low as 92dB. they will also run 245 type valves by operating a switch underneath. This will give you 1.5 watts of the sweetest sound. I will supply them with the following valves: 2 x PSVane 2A3; 2 x Guiguang 2A3; 2 x Sovtek 2A3; 2 x RCA 45 2 x RCA 5Z3 rectifiers; 2 x Sylvania 5Z3 rectifiers 2 x RCA 6SL7; 4 x GE 6SL7 There is a few hundred quids worth of valves in that lot. The RCA 45's are close to £100 each All of this is for collection only. I will NOT post them The photos are not good so I'll try and get some better ones and update the listing I was going to ask over £2K but I'll offer them here first at £SOLD
  7. Hi All I purchased this from Fled just a few days ago, as lovely as it is - the sudden need for a massively expensive new boiler means I have to move it on Size 293mm dia 3mm thick. 1.8kg £250 plus postage Cheers Rich
  8. Hi All I recently acquired 2 of these wonderful amps and this is the best example I think I've ever seen (bought from RobsterD) Unfortunately, we had to replace our boiler this week, so I need to part with a few things and re-jig both of my systems. This A60 is a very early 1977 model - the serial number is 0384! I believe this means it has the discrete phono stage and it sounds absolutely brilliant! The previous owner replaced the power supply caps to nichicon gold tune - and the were pots cleaned with contact cleaner. It's in fabulous condition with a beautiful sheen to the casework. I'll supply with some spare fuses and a din to rca cable. I have the original manuals and literature that was sent out, i'm going to keep that, ut will be happy to provide a full set of photocopies if required. Looking for £140.00 plus £15 post or collection from East Sussex (would be happy to meet part way) could also bring up to Kidderminster for collection.
  9. Great little amplifier putting out a blistering 8 watts but will surprisingly drive lots of speakers. Just recently re-valved. The amp uses ECL82 valves. Because of the small format I guess it would be really suitable for a bedroom system but will perform equally as well in a main rig. Comes with remote control Asking £SOLD plus P&P
  10. ATL DC Blocker. bought this new to cure what I thought was DC on my supply but turned out to be just a noisey toroid £ SOLD
  11. NOW SOLD - No longer available In order to "scratch an electrostatic itch", I am parting company with a couple of pairs of my speakers. In this case my well loved Paradigm Esprit BP/A. These are Paradigm Reference bi polar speakers. These were the special run out version of the Esprit BP speakers, Paradigm added their hybrid silk aluminium PAL tweeter and the drivers from their top end Studio 60 Monitor range for these. These have been used as front pair in a dedicated room with my AV/music setup.I have never been anything but delighted with the results from these speakers. They were used in a system were they were driven by bridged NAD C372 integrated for music and a Denon X4200W for AV purposes. The sound-stage is massive but never sounds anything but locked in and the bass from these meant that there was no need to use my 15-inch servo driver Paradigm sub for music. They measure around -3db at 28hz. These are in great condition, all drivers as they should be, and the grille cloth has a few age related nicks but nothing really visible from anywhere but up close and too personal. These are a big speaker and as such, they do what big speakers do so well at by filling a room effortlessly. Paradigm Esprit BP/a Bipolar bass reflex 2 6.7" woofers 2 Pal Hybrid tweeters per cabinet 23 - 20,000 Hz resp. +/- 2 dB, 90 dB/w/m, 1.5 kHz crossover 45 x 9 x 13 inches 64 lbs These were $2000 speakers new and were reviewed against speakers at 5x the price and held their own. Richer Sounds imported Paradigm back in the day and these were sold there for £1499. Downsides? Yeah they are massive! They ideally need to be 2-3ft away from side walls and 12-18" from the rear wall to truly hear what they are capable of, this allows the sound stage to grow as happens with electrostatics. Which is the reason I am moving them along now. In deference to £3.5K of Martin Logan Electromotion ESL which are winging their way to me as I type.... So, they are up for sale at a silly price for the performance. I am very happy to demo these in my room with a friendly cuppa and chat which is the least I can do for any weary traveller wishing to collect as I have no packaging at all for these. I can drive them around 50 miles radius from PE135NE as part of either delivery to customer, partial WAM taxi or for a road-side swap. Asking £350 for a quick sale, but will listen to offers. Sorry if the pictures look a bit rubbish. I am happy to try harder to send some better ones taken from any angle at the interested parties request.
  12. I am now selling this little integrated amplifier that I recently bought from this thread, which has all the info and pictures you may need. I will add that it's not the current version which costs just under £1100 so doesn't have the Super Capacitor Power Supply, but to give some idea of how good it sounds it replaced my Avondale Zap 250 with Qudos boards. It is located in Cornwall, and has had just over a months fairly light use by me so I'd like to ask £400 delivered. While I am very new to the Wam, I've been on PFM for many years as steveinspain and have 100% positive feedback on ebay over 17 years..
  13. Lack of use and space, as well as an impending DIY speaker project means that I am now resolved to selling these lovely speakers. To a fellow wammer I am asking only £250, with collection from Oldham, Greater Manchester. This price represent a substantial loss to me, given the investment in replacement drivers and crossover parts, as well as my time to bring them back to life. I may also be interested in a swap with a little cash either way for a nice CD / SACD player or phono stage. I bought these last year and fully refurbished them, they look and sound lovely, if I am being very picky the cloth cover has sagged slightly over the drivers, but I’m sure this is an easy fix with a bit of dry heat to shrink the material. If you would like any further details of the refurbishment I carried out, please send me a PM. Thanks.
  14. As I am moving back to a one box digital front end my Cambridge Audio CXC CD Transport is now surplus to requirements. An exemplary disc spinner, well regarded and well reviewed on tinterweb. The units is in excellent working condition with only the slightest mark to the top of the casing. It will come with the remote control and any accompanying documentation that I can turn up. I am asking £160 collected from Oldham, Greater Manchester. I have no original box but am more than happy to search one out and find some suitable packing material if you want it shipping, at your own cost.
  15. After switching to a passive pre I am no longer using my Audiolab 8000A integrated other than for vinyl listening, so its time to move it on. The Audiolab 8000A is offered for sale at £180 collected from Oldham, Greater Manchester. Happy to find a box and some shipping material if shipping is required, at buyers cost. Cheers
  16. Having a real switch around at the minute and looking to reduce my box count, so for sale here is my Audio Note DAC Zero. A lovely DAC with a tube output stage, plenty of info on the interweb. I will also be moving on my Cambridge Audio CXC Transport shortly. I am asking £300 ono to a wammer with demo and collection from Oldham, Greater Manchester. Happy to find a box and some packing material should some one want it shipping at their cost.
  17. Just having a cable clear-out and as I never use these I thought I would offer them for sale. Thanks for looking. *SOLD* Audioquest Carbon 1.5m USB Type A to USB Type B Very good condition No original packaging This was included when I bought my Wadia PowerDAC and I have never used it - I will test prior to sale These usually retail for over £140 new *SOLD* Atlas Questor RCA 1m (2 sets available) Pictures below:
  18. I am selling my Living Voice OBX RW3 Speakers - Santos Rosewood. The speakers are in excellent condition, the external crossovers are black and have a couple of small marks on them, one careful owner from new with original packaging etc. The reviews speak for themselves. RRP £12,000 asking £4,995
  19. I bought this from Westlower on AoS just after he had it re-tipped by the Expert Stylus company. I have since put 100 hours on it. Since fitting an Audio Technica last year this has been sitting in a drawer unused but it seems a waste to let it do that as I have other spare cartridges. I paid Adam £650 for it but happy to accept £400 from a Wammer. I live in the Channel Islands but I am coming to Kegworth and would far sooner bring it with me than risk postage - though all the original packing is available. Payment by cash at Kegworth or bank transfer beforehand. It is a wonderfully dynamic cartridge and I had to spend a lot of money to better it.
  20. I bought this April 2019 and it's been used in my office ever since. It came with a pre-installed Ortofon 2M Blue cartridge which I never used - I was using a different head shell & Benz cartridge - so the cartridge is pretty much as new. I've got the box and all the original bits & pieces and I'll also supply a Funk Achromat which is a good upgrade from the standard slipmat (also included). UK next day delivery £19.95, EU buyers contact me for shipping options. Looking for £795. NOW SOLD
  21. ** SOLD ** Hi, Putting some potential feelers out there, to fund an upgrade. I do love it, but the itch must be scratched. Bought about 2 years ago. I'm keeping my cartridge - sorry ! Will come with a new 2M Silver. It's complete with an extra material dust cover that covers the whole TT with the lid on. It's only flaw is on the right rear corner, see attached photos (2nd one down on this post). That's how I was able to buy it new with a couple of hundred notes off from work. You can't see this from the front or the sides and it's just the tiniest of marks. I'm looking for £450 notes for this lovely TT. Collected from OX11 - Or don't mind meeting up half way if mileage is reasonable. Add £20 and I can purchase a new set of packaging / original boxes for you to ship if you want to arrange a courier. (That's a fairly big old saving over the £1100 RRP and should undercut all those on eBay etc etc). I'll pop some "actual" photos up tonight. But as you can imagine, it's been cherished like a kitten. Photos here : Ping me an email via if you're interested or have any questions.
  22. SOLD Arte Forma Zaya el34 pp integrated amp , very low hours less then 100 , vgc , 2017 model original double boxed , standard European power cable , brought xdem 4 weeks ago selling as not quite enough power to realize the full potential of my Revolver Cygnis . Output Power : 25w + 25w Class of Operation : Class A/B Frequency Response : 12 – 40k Hz Inputs : 3 x RCA Dimensions (W x D x H) mm : 350 x 300 x 180 Weight : 35 lbs / 17 kg – shipping weight is a bit more… Tube complement: 4 x PSVane EL34 tubes, 2 x JJ 12AX7 and 2 x 12A genuine 230v/240v unit although casework is marked 110v Arte forma audio has won many hi end best in show awards Google the company , they have a uk importer , the zaya is there entry level amp that retailed at 2700euros arte audio are renowned for punching above there price points a beautiful sounding well built hi spec amp I am after sold plus post ,now reduced to sold total bargain , reviewer said this is better then the Art Audio pre / power , meet up for cost , personal delivery if within 100 miles for cost , location is Littlehampton West Sussex ,
  23. sold Thorens TD150, Project arm, Grado cart.. A very nicely refurbed Thorens TD150 with new oak armboard and Project 8.6 arm, grado cartridge with decent Black stylus. Arm rewired with copper Litz. New phono output cables with earth lead. Motor checked, rewired, new screened mains cable. New belt. Bearing cleaned, relubed, VGC. Sprung sub chassis has great bounce, springs are in brilliant condition. Plinth cleaned and tung oiled, no lid. New feet. All in all, this is a splendid TT, with a very small footprint, 39.5 x 32.5 cm. Sounds pretty nice too, demo available. Only after £195 for this one, collect NN3 Northampton. Not keen on shipping but will do at a push, but only with ParcelForce who are the only ones to offer damage/loss compensation specifically on turntables ! Will NOT ship overseas under any circumstances.
  24. Benz micro mc gold cartridge Purchased new only a month ago. Played for 6 hours only. £229 + postage Retails for £325 Based in Swansea Pm's please Thanks Sent from my CLT-L09 using Tapatalk
  25. sold Full Set of Haydn Symphonies, No 1 to 104. Decca Label. Antal Dorati conducting the Philharmonia Hungarica. NINE box sets, plus the rarer Appendices double LP. Box 1 : Sym 1-19, 6 LPs plus booklet Box 2 : Sym 20-35, 6 LPs plus booklet Box 3 : Sym 36-48, 6 LPs plus booklet Box 4 : Sym 49-56, 4 LPs plus booklet Box 5 : Sym 57-64, 4 LPs plus booklet Box 6 : Sym 65-72, 4 LPs plus booklet Box 7 : Sym 73-81, 4 LPs plus booklet Box 8 : Sym 82-92, 6 LPs plus booklet Box 9 : Sym 93-104 6 LPs plus booklet Appendices : 2 LPs in LP gatefold. All boxes are in good with only slight bumping to corners, all booklets in excellent condition. Appendices sleeve in in fair condition, needs seam repair. Total of 48 LPs. I will not split the sets. I have not played them all. Those I have played are in good to excellent condition. Some very minor marks. Surface noise is good. Performance is fabulous! Grading is my own personal feeling, I've not used any Discogs guides etc. More than happy to demo. Looking for £80 or near offer. Includes UK Mainland postage. Located NN3 Northampton.