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Found 476 results

  1. Anyone selling HX100 power amp?
  2. I am putting a very small system together for my Niece who lives in Ibiza . Elena is not interersted in equipment at all so has left it to me. I thought I had the system fixed with a Nobosound Amplifier and a pair of JBL Control 1 speakers that i already had stored. However when I get the JBL units out the foam surrounds on woofers has perished and it is not worth spending the money to get them fixed. I am looking for a pair of small bookself speakers and they need to be small as I will taking them out in my case to deliver them later this year. I will also probably take them to Kegworth and show them in the Suitcase system challenge . If anyone has anything and under £100 for sale that would suit let me know .
  3. Long shot but after a used Spectral he OR hs 1203 OR 1204 .
  4. looking to try class D any one got a pair of Hypex NC400 mono blocks for sale?
  5. Long shot this one! Looking for the above which was used in Monitor Audio Studio Series speakers (and others) in the '90's. I'm after two but happy to collect them one by one! Looks like the attached. Let me know if you have anything. Thanks.
  6. As above. Wanted..pair of hd600 cans. Must be immaculate. Boxed. Etc. I am in Liverpool..please reply by p.m. initially, with contact details. Many thanks for looking.
  7. Looking for a pair of KEF 103 reference speakers to start my nexr speaker project . Flushed with the success of the Monitor Audio 11 units and converting them to an active digital crossover model I am now looking to converto one of favourite speakers to see what it improves in them . Drive units all need to be fully working but the cabinets are less important so lang as they are sound scratches and small dents are not a problem . So if any of you has a pair lurking in your stash , or unused at the back of a cupboard please get in touch and we can see if we can agree a price .
  8. I am looking for a cheap power amplifier to complete my Monitor Audio Active project . I need to have two matching power amplifiers for my own peace of mind and to not have to adjust the gain for each amplifier. I already have a Quad 405 and a Trio Basic 1 M power amplifier and I am looking to but either of these which would give me a pair of matched stereo power amplifiers to use . Sadly budget is maximum £150 . You used to be able to get a reasonable working example of a Quod 405 for this but prices seem to be rising . So if anyone takes pitty on me and has a spare of either hanging about let me know .
  9. I fancy trying a Hegel amp. Anyone thinking of selling one? Must be in A1 condition I've checked for any super-deals from the dealer in Derby, but nothing in stock at the moment
  10. Hello honorable wammers, I'm looking for a modest, decent, honest and cheap turntable for listening my music again, with tonearm and cartridge included, in mint condition if possible. I'm not interest in high-end expensive models with expensive cartridges, tonearms and phono stage too. If is belt or direct drive, it doesn't matter, I had in the past a few expensive models. So, I'm looking Rega Panar 2, old version with wood plinth, Ariston, Denon, JVC, or Technics SL110, etc. Suggestions are welcome Cheers Fernando
  11. glennc

    WANTED MM cart

    Hi I am after a MM cart for my sons TT budget is up to £120. Thanks Glenn
  12. After a 1m RCA-RCA length of the above. Must be boxed and in perfect condition. Thanks for looking. Marko
  13. In need of a couple of carbon record brushes, anyone got anything tucked away in a draw to help. Thanks
  14. Anyone got a VTA adjuster for a standard threaded RB250 tonearm they don't require anymore? cheers
  15. Does someone have one of these they are looking to sell ? Cash waiting ! Please pm if you have. Thanks.
  16. A probably misuse (wine and overuse of Vinyl Passion!) has totalled my IQ2 cantilever and am just wondering if anyone has a low mileage Audio Note IQ2 or IQ3 stylus assembly (don't need the cart body) This will be one of the more expensive bottles of wine I have drunk and the lesson is learned Fingers crossed
  17. I'm looking for a set of seismic bars or podiums at the right price. Must be the right size withe the right springs (my speakers are 28.5cm wide, and weigh 33kg each). Also, must be in good, as new, condition. Thanks.
  18. Gents, I have been after a pair of Devores for a long time but can never seem to find them in EU. I have almost bought a couple of times from the states but the shipping costs on top on the import taxes were not appealing, in fact they almost made my eyes bleed! can someone please point me in the right direction for a used, good condition EU pair?? Cheers J
  19. hi - has anyone got a 1m chord signature xlr for sale? The old type is fine (as the new ones are far too expensive!). Thank you
  20. As requested guys, anyone have any spare binding post screws for TDL Studio range, ie 0.5, 1, 1m, 3, 4, Monitor, Reference Monitor. I am in need of two. These are the brass type, not the cheaper plastic as used on the RTL range. Similar era KEF Reference ones look almost identical, but are slightly wider diameter and don't fit. Will try and post a picture later. Thanks!
  21. Hi All I'm looking for a TT for a friend. Budge is around £200 (less would be good) it needs to be simple to set up and maintain. If it came with a decent cart, that would be a bonus. Something like a Rega or similar would be ideal. Thanks Rich
  22. Anybody got one they want to sell?
  23. Chaps, Now that WAF is rather less of an issue for me I'm keen to try some ugly old Heybrooks or similar JPWs. Hopefully with decent cabinets, ideally black. I'm not too bothered about the condition of the drivers as I quite fancy getting the soldering iron out. Anybody got anything to sell? James
  24. Hi, Looking for the above 1m RCA interconnect, proof of purchase or certificate of authenticity obtained from Audioquest required, this is easily obtained by completing the online form on Audioquests website and sending them your interconnects, they will then inspect them destroy any fakes and certify genuine cables. Cheers