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Found 476 results

  1. If anyone has one pair of these lying around they wouldn't mind parting with give me a shout thanks.
  2. Forumers, I know there have been a few members over the years who have used these drivers in their own DIY projects. I am going to be commissioning a 4-way active system and are looking for these drivers in mint used condition, or new if you know of some at fair prices. Failing this I will go ahead with JBL 2226/2405. If anyone can assist with a source or has some to sell please get in touch. Cheers mondie
  3. Looking for Herbies Tube Dampeners, the UltraSonic SS-9 or the RX-9 4 pairs needed
  4. Or perhaps similar makes/models.Must be in decent nick (perfection not required) and PWO.And courierable if not within reasonable driving range of Glos. Sensible £ paid.Wood or silver finish, not all black What have you?
  5. As per title, looking for a Minidsp 2x4 HD unit and power supply. Must be the HD version due to it's extra features. Many thanks, Gary.
  6. Looking for one of these to drive a Gradient sub woofer for some Quad 63s. Must be fully functioning and preferably in very good condition with original packaging etc. May consider an Evo4 Gen2 depending on price.
  7. Looking for this centre channel, the active version, hopefully in excellent condition. Any finish OK.
  8. Looking for a 1m pair of TQ Blue RCA interconnects.
  9. Hi Has anyone got a copy of Ryan Adams Live at Carnegie Hall vinyl Boxset they would like to sell? PM please
  10. Hi Guys I've been setting Jack up with his first system. He has some Q Acoustic 1010's and an Arcam Alpha 5 amp and thanks to Maverick will soon be getting a CD player. I've let him use my 401 so he can spin some vinyl, but it could do with a cheap MM cart fitting to suit the system and just in case of an accident. Has anyone got anything in the up to £40 kind of price bracket. thanks
  11. Ideally a P90 but would consider other DIVA or FMJ 2ch in black.
  12. Looking for a decent macro lens for my Nikon D7100. It is for use on a tripod for studio manual focus acceptable.
  13. Hi all as above I would like a cheap cart to go on the end of a rega rb250 arm, nothing special is needed as it's for a turntable I have sold £30 max ? thanks all
  14. Will be getting a DAC soon, my first one. I'll be using it with CD player at first so need a digital coax to connect it. Anyone got one for sale?
  15. As in the title, looking for a pair of Quadraspire QV60 speaker stands. Anyone?
  16. Looking for a pair of totally minty 7.5 or 8 inch bass drivers. Free air resonance below 29 Hz 85dB or higher efficiency 70W or more power handling Flat to 175Hz or so 6 to 8 ohms Rubber surround Intended for sealed enclosure Seas, Scanspeak or Peerless
  17. I am looking for a pair of these speakers to be used as computer speakers. Preferable finish silver but black also acceptable. I will be fixing these to the wall at ear height so as not to take up space on the desk.I am as my name suggests in West Yorkshire and would like to pay between £100 and £130 for the pair.If anyone has a pair to sell please contact myself through the forum.Kind RegardsDave
  18. As per title. Prefer the SFC-1 but would settle on the Int 1. Black is the better option but would take silver/gold if that is all that is avail. Cash waiting 🙂
  19. Sabaidee All, It's been awhile since I have been on the Wam, I hope Scalford went well this year. All is good here in Laos except for my EE Minimax DAC has starting sputtering on all inputs and I fear it is not long for this world and getting it repaired here is well impossible. With that said, I am looking for a DAC that has at least 2 digital inputs, can handle up to 24/192 on coax or USB, and has a volume control preferably as I am running Adam powered monitors. I live in Luang Prabang, Laos so will need the item shipped at my expense of course and will pay for the DAC itself by Bank transfer from my UK account. The shipping is as simple as standard UK next day delivery with the exception of a customs declaration form that takes 5 minutes to fill out. My max budget is £200, what do you have for a poor charity worker?! Yes, I am shameless... Cheers, Steve
  20. I fancy trying an LFD amplifier. Please let me know if you have one you want to sell, or know of one for sale.
  21. NOW FOUND, THANKS Looking for 2x good quality ( ie well made, recognised make) matched interconnects. Either: 2x mono XLR to Naim power amp (specifically the 250) Or: 2x phono to Naim power amp (specifically the 250) Thanks
  22. Hi I am after a vinyl copy of Pink Floyd 'The Dark side of the moon' 30th anniversary pressing. Must be Ex/nMint or sealed. PM please Cheers Paul
  23. Hi Guys After an integrated amp fo my brother, for a maximum of a grand, so don't try and drag the budget out further please as it really is just a grand. It will be to go with his LV Avatar 2 and he doesn't want a Marantz PM-4 or valve amp. He likes bouncy and musical with good body and detail, in fact it can be a little difficult to get things right for him, an Exposure 3010sd2 would be the type of sound and amp he would like, an MC stage would be a bonus also. We have had a good check and look about and can't really find anything that would do him so thought I'd pop up a wanted ad and see what we have overlooked or what u guys may we'll have tucked away not doing much. U can throw normal sensibility out the window when u attempt to match the LV's as everything in the past that should have suited them he personally hasn't liked, this isn't straight forward I know but he wants to keep the speakers so it may just even be better in this instance to consider a solid state integrated amp for its own properties rather than crucially matching with the LV's! All the best, Dan