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Found 469 results

  1. Hi Thinking seriously about changing my room around, this would mean a change of speakers from large floor standing Kef 104/2's to probably a bookshelf type speaker on a stand. Must work close up to a wall. Must not be too big, think Rega RS3 kind of size for floor stander or Acoustic Energy AE1 type size for stand mounters. As present I have some Atacama SE24 stands so something that fitted them would be good. Will be firing across my room about 13 foot accross. I have a few things in mind but a limited budget perhaps £300. (could factor in sale of some of my other speakers to help make it a bit more) I like Royd's so if anyone has some of Royd stand mounts that could be good. Audio note AX-2 would also be cool but don't think budget will stretch that far. Amp is a 18w valve integrated so they will need to be relatively sensitive. Let me know if you've got anything.
  2. I have a friend in France who is looking for a Puresound A30 amp. Please message me if you have one for sale used.
  3. So, my CA1000 is the best sounding piece of equipment I own, or have ever owned for that matter. Regardless of how good/bad it is, to my ears it's bloody marvellous and cheers me right up every time I listen to it. Which gets me thinking, I would really like to own the larger CA2010 as its a very similar but more powerful amplifier.. I'd like it to be in very pleasant condition however I'm not shy of a refurb project aslong as the faceplate is in good order. Somebody sell me one please? I'm very impatient. Shakey.
  4. Hi Would like to experiment with my Remton phono stage reducing its output as it has a lot more gain than my Graham Slee. Has anyone got any attenuated RCA adaptors or any idea how to make them, a drop of perhaps 10db would be a good start I reckon. Cheers
  5. Looking for pair of these, preferably with stands (Something Solid preferred). Have mint pair of Harbeth P3 ESR's in Eucalyptus on Something Solid stands which would be prepared to part ex if interested. Update - would also consider Harbeth 30.1 or C7ES-3 - again ideally with stands.
  6. As the title suggests, I am looking for either a Michell Gyrodec or Gyrodec SE without a tonearm. Please pm me if you have one available. Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi I am now widening my search to either a XVII, XIX, XXI or XXIII. Any out there?
  8. Mk1 preferred, fine for Mk2 if the price is good. pm me if available!
  9. A good mate of mine has an AR EB101 with AR arm. The AT-95E he has on it recently suffered a bent cantilever. Budget is only £30, which will buy a new stylus, but I though I'd put feelers out to see if anyone here could offer something just a bit better. I appreciate that the budget is tight. Cheers
  10. Hi I am interested in trying out a Dynavector HX1.2 amplifier if you have one for sale or potentially for sale please send me a PM.
  11. As per title - after 6 of them Something on the lines of: Jensen copper oil Hovland Supercap MusiCap SCR Teflon in oil (Obbligato) Aura T T-Cap (Japanese)
  12. Hi All ive just purchased a nice Denon micro system for my elderly uncle. The only thing missing is an aerial for the am/fm/dab radio. If anyone has a cheap one lying around somewhere, can you please late me know. One of the simple wire ones would do. cheers Rich
  13. I fancy giving these a go - anyone selling a pair? They'd need to be in good condition, from a smoke free home, with stands if poss (not a deal breaker though) and have original boxes/packaging (or you're able to deliver them to me in East Sussex). I've seen the pair on ebay, but the seller hasn't replied to a couple of my messages.
  14. Long shot but if anyone has a pair of Black Gate 4700 35v capacitors that they would consider parting with please PM me Thanks
  15. Hi I am looking out for an Exposure XXI pre amplifier, if you have one for sale (or impending) please send me a pm Cheers Paul
  16. Wanted .. Martin logan ethos electrostatic speakers, will collect and bring private email address is
  17. Asking for a friend, ideally he wants a set of ebony Polk LSi9 stereo speakers, must be in good condition. Thanks.
  18. Mrs Horace is in need of a replacement for her broken Nook Glowlight ereader. It has to be a Nook Glowlight, as she is dyslexic and none of the other brands allow the kind of line spacing she needs (we've tried Kindles and Kobos, but no joy). Does anyone out there have one of these going spare? Cheers
  19. I need a Kef B200 / SP1014 8" Mid/Bass drivers PLEASE Thanks
  20. Not sure where the best place to post this was so I've plumped for Analogue section. Looking for one or two of the rubber rings that go around the platter of a Garrard 401 platter to help damp the ringing. hoping to have my plinth at least functional for Scalford so starting to think about set up and I thought a couple of these to play with might help it sound at it's best. cheers
  21. I'm looking for a decent amp with a phono stage for a friend on a tight budget to match some KEF C10s that I've given him. Budget is less than £50 Please let me know if you have something suitable. I can collect within reasonable distance from Cambs. thanks Adrian
  22. I'm looking for a decent starter TT for a friend - something like a Project Debut but anything better on offer would be great considering his budget is under £100. I can collect within reasonable distance from Cambs. Please let me know if yo have anything suitable. thanks Adrian
  23. horace

    WANTED Hifi Rack

    My 5 shelf Stands Unique is too tall to fit where it needs to go, so I'm looking for a replacement. I still need the equivalent of 5 shelves worth of space (at least), but the new rack needs to be a maximum of around 70cm high (width isn't an issue) Something modular (Atacama Equinox?) might be the answer, or possibly an AV style rack. Edit: it can be pretty much any colour other than black. I can pay cash or do a deal against my current rack if you are interested.
  24. As per the title, looking for an inexpensive female XLR to rca cable, ideally 1m but no more that 2m long. Thanks