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Found 9 results

  1. Reducing count of hifi gear at home. Flagship Border Patrol S10 EXD 300b single ended power amplifier for sale. Has EXD mods: copper chassis, deep cryo output and interstage trasformers, other internal parts upgrades. Two external power supplies with NOS Mullard valves. Optional Dact stepped atenuattor fitted. Can be used as one input integrated, also gain can be adjusted to be used with any preamplifier. 2 brand new Gold Lion 300b fitted. £4500 ovno collected. For more info or pictures please PM. No time wasters please!
  2. Would like to buy a pair of premium matched 300b valves. New or used. Western Electric, KR, EML or similar.
  3. I thought I'd start a thread for sharing information about 300b builds. I'm in the middle of building 5 amplifiers with different OPTS. These are O-Netics Commercial 3.3K (Used in Wright Sound 2a3), O-Netics Level 1 3.5K, NP Acoustics amorphous core 3.5K, Lundahl LL1664/70 3K and Lundahl LL1682 5K into 5R. First job will be to do a shootout of the OPTs with a separate PSU, just the 300b stage and as much as possible the same parts. The O-Netics are probably NLA but the others are current, the NP from Vietnam. So far I'm loving both O-Netics. The LL1682/50 is good as well at a lower current of 50mA. I'm using a 46 driver stage with a large NP Acoustics amorphous plate choke, 180H, 40mA. Love this plate choke, and prefer the 46 to a 10Y stage I also tried. 46 more subtle, 10Y more dynamic. I will be experimenting with several driver stages, including using Ale Moglia's Gyrator. In the past I've also used 4P1L and 2P29L in triode. I want to try EL33 and one or two more indirectly heated tubes with a gain of 20 or over. At present the 46 stage needs more gain into it than the usual 2v, so I'm boosting my DAC with an extra NE5534 stage giving x5.5 gain. I decided against using the usual 2 stage high mu driver stages, having not had great results from the tubes I tried. Also I've ruled out 3 tube stages as unnecessary and adding colourations, e.g. 6SN7 designs. The great drivers like 46, 47 and 10Y are low gain so some added gain is required - my choice is an op-amp stage but Ale Moglia has a design on Bartola Valves with a step-up transformer into a 47 driver stage which should sound wonderful. But 300b builds are common and cover all kinds of design solutions, so please add your thoughts and experiences so we can pool our collective wisdom for present and future 300b amp builders!
  4. Should I be on trend and call this NNS (New New Stock)? Bought from Hotrox UK on 20th May, never used. My MH-300B amp arrived with 4 of these, pretty well-matched but not spot on. In my naive excitement I bought another to see if I could get closer. Snigger now, oh experts. The older ones are running at about half the value written on the boxes because, well, that's what used valves do when they've given a good few hours of sonic pleasure. Measured on Nick's valve tester, never used. I can either sit on this until the incumbents fade away and I buy another 3 matching ones... or I can move it on. Cost £122.00, seeking £80 inc UK shipping. Measurements in title.
  5. Recommendations please for the bottom end of the 300b models - say under $200 for a pair, maybe under $250 if it makes a big difference. Contenders I'm aware of include: Shuguang 300b-98 Shuguang 300BA or 300BC Psvane basic 300b Psvane HiFi 300b JJ 300b EH 300b EH Gold 300b TJ Full Music solid plate TJ Full Music mesh plate (above upper limit, $280) Genalex Gold Lion (also upper limit in price) Any others? Any experiences with the above would be very welcome.
  6. For sale (due to silly money 211 amp on the way) - Transcendent Sound The Pinnacle 300B Output Transformer Less 300B monoblocks. Professionally built in December by David Coe, the only parts he thought worth upgrading was the caps, which was done at the time of building. When looking for a good set of 300B monblocks (after auditioning a good few) I found that the limiting factor was the quality of the transformer, which meant I was looking at huge money for something I could live with (£10-£15k per amp). I was told about these and they are SUPERB. If you saw my posts earlier in the year, I had a £40k Kondo for a try and I kept the Pinnacles as they were marginally better. These amps sound absolutely superb, David thought they possibly had the best mid band he'd heard, and that was when they were just built, they opened up massively over the first 50 hours or so after I got them home. The bass is the best you'll ever hear from a 300B too, it has incredible power and tone and texture. They're not the prettiest design in the world with the uncovered chokes and input transformers, but you don't see this on the rack. From the front they're actually really nice with the big 300B's dominating the picture The front cover is a thick plastic and bows out a few mm's, but a bit of glue would sort it, I never got round to it as you only see it if looking from directly above - see pics. Specs and details here: https://www.transcendentsound.com/pinnacle.html The amps use two 802's, one 803 and four 300B's per amp. Included in the sale are (see pics): A full set of the JJ 802's & JJ 803's that I used initially. Less than 50 hours use on these. I then upgraded the 803's to Genalex Golden Lions so there a set of these. Less than 100 hours on these. I then upgraded the 802's to Toshiba NOS's which are mega and by far the best 802's I heard. So I bought 8 to have two sets and do me for years. Less than 100 hours on one set of these, the other set unused. A full set of Electro Harmonix GG's. Less than 100 hours on these. I then upgraded so a full set of Genalex Golden Lions. Less than 100 hours on these. (The 300B's are all in matched quads by the way) That's £2k worth of valves included in the sale. The kits are £1700 inc. tax and shipping, they're a 2 day build per amp so you're looking at a min of £1000-£1500 to get them built. Then you're valves are a min of £1000 on top of that. Realistically to get these built properly you're looking at a minimum of £4k. Reduced to £2350 (inc all the valves) shipped to the U.K via DHL next day courier. You won't find valve monos that list at ten times the price that sound as good as these. Photos:
  7. 300B Trafomatic Experience Mk2 Integrated valve amp Bought this ex-demo. Very good condition but there are some very minor marks. Volume remote control. These now retail over £4K. I have the original box (very very heavy), so collection please in Gloucester. Or we can meet up. Happy to demo at mine. The original sale of these includes EH 300B’s but I’ve replaced them with a set of JJ which I found to sound better. Other tubes are the originals but I have some NOS types which I’ll sell for a good price with the amp if wanted. The crucial coupling capacitors and caps to the 300B’s have been upgraded to excellent affect. Truly a superb sounding 300B amplifier. 8w per channel. Details can be found on Trafomatic’s website. Coupling caps now Milflex copper in oil (in place of the Solen’s) To 300B’s 100uF is now the Mundorf HV MLytic (comes standard with these caps now), and the 1uF Mundorf Extreme (in place of JFX). £1850.00
  8. WAD 300b Custom Clone Power Amp, David Coe built at AD Audio £2,000 NOW £1800 Well this is a very, very reluctant sale indeed. I bought this beautiful amp from the builder, renowned Valve amp engineer, David Coe (Juancho) at AD Audio. He built the 300b for himself as the bench mark for all Valve amps going through his workshop. So this was his personal amplifier. When I purchased it, I intended it to see me to the grave... (I had badgered David for a long time to sell it to me) At the time I had some super lovely KUDOS C2 speakers, and quite frankly it was end game. Truly magical. Alas, I then did a bloody ridiculous thing, like you do when you have the system sounding right!..... Along came the Vintage Tannoy itch!!! The 300b with my Tannoy Monitor Gold speakers has stunningly good Mids and the High frequencies, but sad to say with the Tannoy drivers, the bass was left a tad wanting. So I went out and got myself a Radford. Which, as widely documented, seemingly the perfect partner for the Tannoys, but this 300b actually sounds far far better! So that brings me to this point with the WAD 300b custom clone. This is a unique opportunity to take custody of an Amp Considered by many to be Among the world's best power amps, the WAD 300b has an enviable reputation and has that truly authentic 300b sound along with enough drive for a very wide range of speakers. This particular example was built as one of a very limited run of just four clones in custom made polished stainless steel chassis. All Point to Point Silver wiring through out and Components used are of the highest available, Black Gate capacitors for the main power supply, cathode bypass and decoupling duties along with oil filled ASC capacitors and Mundorf Tube Caps. Resistors are Kiwame and Shinkoh. The amp has been converted to battery auto bias (new self charging batteries just added) and has had the dissipation reduced to run TJ Meshplate valves. It will come with a matched quad of wonderful TJ Meshplate valves, with low hours Compared to the original circuit it also has additional chokes fitted to the input stage for greater dynamics and Image stability. The Sound is utterly exquisite and the amp produces around 25 watts with the TJ Meshplates. The amp uses Zero negative feedback. The amp also has transformer taps for 4,8, 16 ohms. Any 300b tube can be used and the amp can be adjusted to give more output with other 300b valves that require this. The 2 knobs on the top of the amp are Humbuckers and one simply adjusts for zero Hum, once set thats it for a long time. It's Auto Biasing, so no need to get your meter out or anything technical. Simple! The amp is in Tip-Top condition, with only the odd faint swirl of a polish marks on the polished Stainless Steel finish. It has very recently been fully checked over and serviced by David Coe. I have a spare quad set of 300b valves in the cupboard, not checked for a while, and i'll include them with the sale. I can't stress enough how special this Amp is. It was a privilege to own such a thing. It weighs an absolute Tonne and would prefer to sell with a demo. So I'd really say collection from Barnet, but will deliver within reasonable distance or meet up. Price is reduced to £1800 which is a bargain for such an amplifier.
  9. Potentially great news for the company, and for the hobby. The emphasis on sorting out reliability means it may get onto my radar again and influence future amp choices. http://vinylsavor.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/the-future-of-elrog-tubes.html
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