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Found 24 results

  1. Gorgeous Audio Analogue Puccini amp, all metal construction, brushed aluminium fascia and metal control knobs. Handmade in Italy, semi-legendary and built like a tank, all controls free of crackle, it's just been serviced by Alan Firebottle. Original manual and box. Sounds lovely - for sale due to upgrade. Located North West in Cheshire £450 plus p+p
  2. This is a sale for my Icon Audio ST 40i SE amp. Electro Harmonix 12AX7 input valves. Sylvania NOS 12AT7 and Sovtek 6L6wxt output valves giving 30 watts per channel. This amp can use 6550 and KT88 valves for 40 watt output or 6L6gc, EL34 or KT66 for 30 watt output. It has been upgraded and improved with Mundorf high quality power suppy caps, Mills resistors, Mundorf Silver Gold audio caps. Also has a TKD volume pot added to replace the Blue Alps with a massive improvement in detail and sound stage. In fantastic clean and full working condition. The 6l6 and 12
  3. This is a sale for my Icon Audio ST 40i SE amp. Has.... Sylvania NOS 12AT7 and Sovtek 6L6wxt output valves giving 30 watts per channel. This amp can use 6550 and KT88 valves for 40 watt output or 6L6gc, EL34 or KT66 for 30 watt output. It has been upgraded and improved with Mundorf high quality power suppy caps, Mills resistors, Mundorf Siver Gold Oil audio caps. Also has a TDK volume pot added to replace the Blue Alps with a massive improvement in detail and sound stage. In fantanstic clean and full working condition. The 6l6 and 12ax7 valves are new and the
  4. Hi, So a second hand Linn Majik - I, arrived today for my Linn Keilidh / Linn Majik I - / Sony 500 Turntable setup... Test out the speakers, they are 25 years old and turn out to be broken... sound distorted, voices crackling and just blown out. Linn amp curiously at 5/30 volume setting was still pretty loud, 10/30 was very loud and sound deafening in quality, totally horrible. Anyway, my mate and i decide speakers like bust, but right hand speaker seems worse than left, so we try popping only left hand speaker on,... nothing helps. So finally I decide to take a look at
  5. Full set of replacement stand-offs and associated mounting screws for this amplifier. These are new equivalents, not used Linn parts. £9.95 plus postage at cost.
  6. Selling my Topping TP32 Class T TA2024B Digital Amplifier with USB-DAC AMP. Not been used that much generally, it is now surplus to requirements. Info: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Topping-TA2024B-Digital-Amplifier-USB-DAC-black/dp/B00898T2BS Not sure if I still have the original box. Will be well packaged anyway. £50 including postage. Offers considered. Collection is ok also. *Please sanitise and wear mask for collection* Payment by cash on collection or Paypal Gift/Bank Transfer. Location NW London
  7. I have a Denon PMA -850 Amplifier for sale. Please message me for details. I also have, for sale, the Denon TU-850 Tuner to match. I have had both for a couple of years but never used them. Both in good working order. They are in good condition but the tuner has a small scratch and one missing knob. Offers over £500 for both. Thanks for looking Hermione
  8. Hi everyone, I'm generally happy with the sound of my system, the problem came when I walked into a B&O shop and heard the Beolab 50s. The mids and highs were so much clearer and didn't get nearly as "screechy" yet sounded much more crisp at very high volumes. I'm just wondering what I could do to replicate their sound (short of paying £26k). Any thoughts appreciated. Picture of setup (listed below) attached: Speakers: Focal 726V Amp: Nad C370 (cleaned up about 2 years ago) Dac: Irdac 2 Sub: Homebuilt, 2x peerless xls10, 2x 300w rms digital plate amps
  9. Wickerman


    I still can't believe how great this ugly amp is. I've bought many amps over 1k when curious but none have betterd it. Truly a glorious sound.
  10. Hello All, I have bought a set of Sennheiser HD650 for my son for Christmas. At the moment he is living in student residence studying classical guitar at the Royal Academy. He has a Mac Book Pro and a Samsung phone to deliver music. Can anyone advise me on a DAC/AMP combo for up to £200 max. Everything keeps returning to Chord Mojo but its just too much cash. Could be a desk top or portable. So far looked at. Oppo HA-2SE Schiit Fulla 2 And loads of other leads and youtube videos and only one that grabbed me was OPPO HA-2SE. Any advice welcome. Refine sound o
  11. iFi Audio iDSD Micro DSD D-A Convertor. £350 iFi Audio Micro iUSB3.0 Power Supply. £320 iFi Audio Mercury USB Cable IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. £85 iFi Audio Gemini Dual-Headed USB Cable IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. £120 All in excellent condition with box and accessories.
  12. Push pull, triode-strapped EL519s, 32w per channel in Class A with huge current capability. For 32W the output transformers are enormous, making the unit weigh a backbreaking 29kg. Both balanced and single ended inputs, input attenuators for in-room channel balance and preamp matching, it can be strapped for a 64w monoblock. Output taps for 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers for flexibility. Unmarked and working perfectly, I don’t know how old it is, but according to Tom (montesquieu), who I bought it from, it was re-valved in 2013. According to people who have owned many EAR am
  13. For sale on behalf of Lucasz, who was a member here, but it returning to Poland, and selling up Secondly is a MF 500Kw dual mono amp. complete with remote control and manual £1700 collected from Doncaster area
  14. Hello everyone, It's been a while but I hope you are all well. I've always had what I would consider to be a solid/modest mid-fi system. PC/Tidal > Cambridge Audio Dac Magic > Marantz PM8003 > Bowers and Wilkins CM7 with good quality power/speaker cables, interconnects and very conscious speaker placement for listening sessions. Room size 3.5m(D) x 4m(W) x 2.6m(H) Pretty much my dream set-up for a good 6 years and have had some great times with it. I recently heard my bothers new Amphion Two18 studio set-up, I was blown away. At the same time, I borrowed my frien
  15. Hi guys, I've come to the forum for advice after recommendations of being one of the best UK hifi/audio forums around. I'm finally looking to join the vinyl gang, it's been a long time coming. A lot of gear has changed since I first did some research on this so I'm brushing up on what might be some decent entry hardware. My budget is about £500. My mind is in two at the moment, I don't need to fill an auditorium, just an average 5x5 size room but I do want it to be a very unobtrusive, small footprint system. Here's what I've pieced together for best quality with little footprint
  16. Our latest shipment of AudioValve components has arrived, including the sensational Solaris DAC & Headphone Amp. Find out more about some of the German brand's best products below. AudioValve Solaris DAC & Headphone Amp, RRP: £4,827 The AudioValve Solaris- DAC, based on the concept of the LUMINARE, has extended equipment features like balance - control, a remote control with integrated for volume, more inputs and has been adapted for RKV 3. The AudioValve Solaris is a state of the art tube headphone/pre amplifier capable of driving Electrostatic, Planar Magnetic
  17. Audionet AMP monoblock power amplifiers. As New. Audionet AMP monoblock power amplifiers, brushed black fascias with blue displays in as new condition; just opened for a photo shoot and completely immaculate. A tour-de-force that combines power, resolution, finesse and bomb proof build quality all into one package. Our price on request - RRP £11,000.
  18. HiSelling one Wilson Benesch Torus sub & amp, this sub doesn't need explaining. All you need to know is how fast they are, they can keep up with speakers no problem. Only reason I am selling is I have two & my new living isn't big enough to accommodate both. (Grap yourself a bargain these retail for £7000 now for the sub & amp. Selling for £3000 Comes with silver speaker cable costing over £300, also High Level Neutrik cable. Have the original boxes for both sub & amp. Sub & amp in great, like new condition. Happy to demo if interested. I live in Whitby. Could deliver
  19. Audio Research Ref 210 monoblocks for sale - £6,900 Cost when new: $22k USD £20k Very good condition. 1,577 valve hours. Supplied in original cartons with all accessories, remote and manuals. 230V UK/EU versions (not US 120V imports). Manufactured in 2008 (s/n 38003307, 38003308). Also advertised on eBay, where more hi-res pictures can be seen. Sonus Faber Amati Anniversario also for sale (also on eBay). Located SE London. Any questions, please ask.
  20. Anyone know if a HiFi amp is made with a Sub out ? I fancy trying a sub in my system
  21. I'm selling my little APPJ el84 amp - same as Miniwatt N3. In excellent used condition (see pics), comes with complete set of valves and UK power cable. £85 delivered to UK mainland address. Reviews here http://www.digitalaudioreview.net/20...ube-amplifier/ http://www.tonepublications.com/revi...latest-the-n3/ Matt
  22. ATC SIA2-150 Amp with remote. NOW WILLING TO POST. Now reduced to £950 + P&P (should be around £20, but dependent on choice of courier) In good condition, full working order, and I have been using it up until a few weeks ago when I sold my speakers. Do not have the original box, but it will be packaged up well. There's a tiny scratch on the right front, as can be seen in the photos
  23. Audio Research REF 210 mono block amps for sale.
  24. For sale, Silver Rega Mira 3 Amp with solar remote. £220 collected. (or delivered to a bake off, or wam taxi etc...) i'll add pics as soon as I can.
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