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  1. Audionote Cobra Review by George Sallit I have never formally reviewed an Audionote product despite 75% of my system being Audionote. I was therefore determined to persuade Audionote to let me loose on one of their products. And my chance came at the Bristol audio show last year. This show is an event for me as I normally meet up with a good audio friend and we go to Bristol and make a weekend of it. So, before the 2020 Bristol Show I thought what product should I ask for? A nice Ongaku, a Gaku-On or a Tomei? During the Saturday evening at the Show we went off for a great evening meal and I got a chance to meet Chris Frankland and we had a great discussion on his conversion from Linn/Naim to Single Ended Triodes. Chris was one of the original Linn/Naim supporters and went as far as getting a top active Linn/Naim system, but now he sings the praises of Audionote products. Not only that but he was singing the praises of their less expensive products. He asked whether I had heard their new Cobra amplifier. I had paid a quick visit to the Audionote room but not a serious listen so I made a bee-line for the Audionote room the next day. And there it was. I needed to persuade Audionote’s leader, the affable Peter Qvortrup, of my wish to review the Cobra. His son Daniel was doing an excellent job of being the MC in the Audionote room and he said his father would be joining the exhibition at lunchtime. So, at lunchtime, we went off to the bar and sure enough there he was in the bar (where else?). And as always with Peter the conversation drifted to many other subjects with only a few passing references to audio. However, I soon raised the subject of the new amplifier, which I said was a surprise product as it was not the usual SET amplifier. Peter smiled in his inimitable way. And yes, it should be possible to get a review product over to me as soon as they had one available. But it may take some time. And then Covid struck. Fast forward to 2021 and after an exchange of e-mails with Peter he said he had a Cobra available for review as the flow of necessary components had been restored. He suggested I should e-mail Micky Seaton who was looking after this part of the business (and 101 other duties). Micky recommended that the Cobra stayed at Audionote for another week so he could burn it in. And 10 days later there it was on its own wooden palette. I remember asking my long-suffering wife to help carry the amplifier on its palette indoors but it was not the expected 50Kg, but a mere 13.6Kg. This was not an amplifier behemoth. I soon had the Cobra out of its protective overcoat and on top of my DBase rack. And I have to admit it looks cute. A sort of mini-Jinro shape with all its valves on display and not hidden away in a black box. And yes, this is a surprise amplifier aimed at a different market to most previous Audionote afficionados. It uses 4xEL34 valves. I mentioned to Peter that I thought Audionote had not used EL34s before but he said that they had used them in Audio Innovations amplifiers. The EL34s are operated in a Class A push-pull configuration. In this configuration, they produce about 28w/channel. Excluding the big 211 amplifiers from Audionote, these amplifiers are one of the most powerful amplifiers Audionote make. Interesting. The ‘front end’ of the circuit consisted of a pair of phase splitters for the push-pull circuit and a pair of drivers for the EL34s (6AU6 and 5670s). All the valves are easy to obtain and do not cost the earth. Apart from replacing the valves they do not require adjustment or fiddling with. More interesting. Now as everyone and their pets know, the sound quality of a valve amplifier is very strongly influenced by the quality of the output transformers. Peter Q mentioned that they tried a large number of bought in transformers as they could not get the sound quality they demanded, so they made their own. It is an advantage of having your own transformer making capability but that would surely mean the price goes up? Especially as the transformers can be one of the most expensive items in an amplifier. Peter agreed but he could not make that sacrifice. But the surprises did not end there. The integrated amplifier had its own DAC board. No stock chip put into a vanilla circuit. Audionote uses the TDA1543, R-2-R chip that is strictly 16/44.1 (well 16/48). It can accept resolutions up to 24/96 but will down sample to 16/44.1. An unusual choice in today’s sigma/delta world but not for Audionote. Why? Because Peter said it just sounds better than the more usual delta/sigma chips. The integrated amplifier has 6 inputs A1-A3 and D1-3 for 3 analogue inputs and 3 digital inputs. For the first time (I think) for Audionote amplifiers there is a remote control that changes the inputs as well and it also controls the volume (with a mute), all from the comfort of your armchair. Although a small addition it was yet another surprise. Despite all these surprises it would come to nought if the sound quality was not of Audionote’s high standard. Have the compromises gone too far and seriously affected the sound quality? Nothing for it but to connect it into the two systems I had lined up. My main system would really test its capabilities to the limit and a more balanced system would be typical of the systems people would use the Cobra in. I started off with the Cobra in my second system. This has a CD Zero CD player, a Logitech Touch as a streamer, the Cobra and an old pair of Audionote Es. This is wired with standard mains cables and a standard coax cable with the one luxury, a pair of Audionote copper cables with the snazzy yellow outers. I let this warm up for a few hours and then got down to some serious listening. And here was the final surprise. The sound quality. The overall sound was relaxed and easy to listen into. There was no super-dramatic and ultimately wearing impressive sound here. It was just musical (cliché apology). No, not a soft ill-timed EL34 amplifier from your dad’s era. The mid-range was excellent and very easy to listen to with voices being realistic. This is a known forte of EL34s but they can come with soft bass and rolled off treble. And whilst some audiophiles like that warm, glowing and cuddly sound, I do not. However, the two do not always have to come with EL34s. When I first heard the Unison Research S6 that old image of EL34s was permanently changed. So much so I bought it. The transformers in that amp were large and heavy and controlled the bass better than many valve amplifiers I have listened to. The Cobra matched that bass and with lighter transformers. Why, better design? And the treble? No serious roll off here. Cymbals sounded like metallic instruments, not the sound of escaping steam as some amplifiers are prone to do. But all this taking the sound apart is to miss their great strength, their overall balance. All the instruments have an equal prominence in the music if that is the way they are recorded. There did not appear to be any accentuation of any instrument or frequency. The sound was an integrated whole. It was easy to listen to the musical whole or focus in on individual instruments. You could hear the power of an orchestra in full flow or the different instruments in the string section of an orchestra. What attracts me to this balanced approach to sound is that I can well imagine someone hearing this amplifier and saying that’s it for me, just what I want. Some less expensive systems will play some parts of the audio spectrum really well but fall short in one or two others areas and leave you wanting to upgrade. Great bass but the top end is too forward and bright. Or great mid-range but where is the bass? Some people, including Peter Q, are not fans of streaming music. Well the Logitech Touch is not the best streamer but, in this system, it worked really well. Whilst it was not as good as CD, streamed local music or Qobuz, it is such a small step down it was easy to forget the small differences and just enjoy the music. I enjoyed listening to my test, streamed music and it showed off what the Cobra could do. But anyone wanting a good £5K system could assemble this set-up and just relax and enjoy the music without any of the fuss no matter whether it was CD, local streamed or Qobuz. But what could it do when put in a more ambitious system? Off to the main system. Here I used a CD4T transport, DAC4.1x, Cobra and Audionote E Silver signature speakers with the separate crossovers. The cables were mainly silver or silver ribbon cables. For streaming duty, I used a dCS Bridge. Well the CD4T really got things going. The hifi aspects of the sound and the music went up a few notches but the system started to sound slightly unbalanced. Add the DAC4.1x and again there were gains all round but that unbalanced feeling remained. Do not get me wrong the sound quality was far, far better but maybe it was just me seeing a system where the interconnects are more expensive than the Cobra and I could not help thinking that it was unbalanced. So, to even it all out I tried using a DAC2.1x instead of the internal Cobra DAC. And what was a surprise was yes, the 2.1x was better but not by an enormous margin. Despite that I would say anyone wanting to upgrade the system should consider using a 2.1X DAC. However, I suspect the DAC1.1X may be an improvement, it would possibly not be enough to justify the extra cost. Despite that I really enjoyed using the Cobra in my system being fed by a CD4T and the dCS. It had more of the hifi aspects sorted with better dynamics and details without impacting the musical enjoyment. In fact, having played my usual test lists and CDs I just wandered around my music collection and really enjoyed what the Cobra was doing. The Cobra really enjoyed playing my higher quality music with the Mike Valentine recordings being very atmospheric and giving great clues to the church hall environments where the music was played and recorded. They were evocative, as I attended two of those recordings. But when I played the US + Them Roger Waters recordings from his live shows it required all 28w/channel in my system to get across the power and drama but not at the expense of hearing the audience appreciation of his music. Hearing a ‘Being There’ sound is a strength of the Cobra. Before concluding I would like to deal with the question of who should buy this amplifier? If you are interested in hearing real music and want a cute valve amplifier without all the fuss and bother of valves then the Cobra is ideal. If you like valve swapping and trying out new cables and fiddling and enjoying the equipment then a less integrated set-up may be more your cup of tea. I can imagine a ‘trendy’ liking vinyl and valves seeing this as ideal. It looks cool, requires just a CD or a turntable with phono and a set of speakers such as AX2s. Job done. It is really well balanced and plays great music without driving you to want to upgrade all the time. With a price of £3,500 it is aggressively priced and embarrasses a lot of other amplifiers. It was better than my Unison Research S6. So, in conclusion this is a well built, rugged, integrated amplifier/DAC which has the audio magic of Audionote and a significant number of modern conveniences and represents a good place to start and then stop your audio journey for most people. Audionote : https://www.audionote.co.uk/ Technical Specifications MAXIMUM OUTPUT 28 Watts per channel VALVE COMPLEMENT 4 x EL34 2 x 6AU6 2 x 5670 DIMENSIONS 340(w) x 199(h) x 451(d) mm incl. valves, knobs and connectors COLOUR Black Only WEIGHT 13.6 Kg
  2. Anthem Amp 2 hybrid stereo power amp (Sonic Frontiers era) - PcX rebuilt/upgraded These ‘Anthem’s’ were designed and built by Sonic Frontiers before the brand buyout and thenSF disappeared (Anthem continued under the new owners). The original owners and founders of Sonic Frontiers, Assemblage and Anthem own and run PartsConnexion in Canada. I bought this amp off them a few months ago. PcX often buy in older SF and Anthem kit, refresh them, offer upgrades, and then resell them on. With this unit for sale I asked PcX to go all out on mods. They claimed this Anthem was a ‘sleeper’ before so it is now truly fully awakened! Selling as I’m moving house, need funds for such, need space and it is going to be some time before I’ll get the HiFi kit out and up and running again. With the true hybrid design (see photos for a proper valve pre/input stage), this unit is smooth with no hard edged nasties at all. Like silk Power supply capacitance is more than doubled - so the fuse had to be up rated to cope with the current rush on switch on. Price I’m looking for takes into account the cost of the upgrades, the many hours to do so, and the shipping of this massive new beast to this side of the Altantic. I am though selling for a lot less than I paid - it is kind of a bespoke build that not all will agree with or appreciate. This is a rare chance though to buy such a sweet beast of an amp. It is large and heavy but I have suitable packaging to post (as it was shipped from Canada). Price incl U.K. shipping: £1200 Details: Dimensions: 48cm (W) X 13.5cm (h) X 50cm (d) Power rating: 200w into 8 ohm and 300w into 4 ohm (600w into 8 ohm mono) Non-inverting Input impedance 100Kohm Output impedance </= to 80 mOhms Voltage gain 24dB (16x) Input sensitive is 2.5V for the 8 ohm rating 30 second switch-on delay to sort the tubes Weighs about 21kg 1.2kVa transformer is a little mechanically noisy (light buzz) when close to the amp. One casework screw is missing from the top of the cover. I think the thread is worn and won’t hold. All the upgrades: • Tubes: Reflektor 6n23B (ECC88) EV/EB ruggedised types. These are from Pearl Cryo who only make tube coolers now. They had a cryogenic process that after the treatment each tube was burnt in the tested for spec as well as noise - then graded. These are the costly Gold Grade matched pair (super quiet). Back panel: •IEC is now a Furutech gold and the amp sports a Synergistic Research Blue fuse. Speaker binding posts are now the copper variety from KLE - nice! Moving to inside the amp: • Power supply capacitance doubled with Mundorf AG electrolytic caps. • Film caps in the power supply mains feed is now a Jantzen Superior Z and a Milflex copper film type. • Internal power supply cable lines now from Supra and a ptfe wrapped silver plated copper. Input/initial gain stage board: • As seen in the photos, a work of art. All electrolytic capacitors replaced and upgraded. • All film caps now Clarity cap CSA types - huge upgrade. • Signal wiring now pure cast solid core silver, ptfe wrapped and screened. • 3 resistor upgrades to Takman Rey where it mattered Amp boards: • All electrolytic caps refreshed and upgraded to Nichicon and Audio Note types. • All film caps now Clarity Cap CSA. • Board fuses now from Wilbrand - silver wire with ceramic beading for mechanical stability. • Ceramic power resistors replaced with Mills type (24 of them!) • Output speaker wiring now from Kimber - their TCX 15awg A total of 64 upgrades! 8 hours of labour. A very music and easy sounding amplifier
  3. These are high current power monoblocks running A class and although only! 50w will drive any speaker with ease. They don't run as warm as my LUXMAN a class integrated but I never stacked them and gave them a lot of cool scottish air. I bought second hand from Robson after a trade in... Orig RRP £4500. £1250 - now £950 High current power supply so always plenty in reserve. Would be happy to demo but Covid still issue at moment....had sold on ebay but total scammer and amps luckily retrieved. Although there are XLR inputs on back I am not sure if they were setup balanced or pseudo balanced where they are connected to the RCA inputs similar to many amplifiers on the market. I only had them connected RCA from my tron pre amp now sold (into Tannoy) I ran them with MCRU no 91 power leads but have originals to sell with these. I am going from 3 room setup to 1 so boxes have to go. Selling also my Leben cs300xs NOW SOLD
  4. I Tube Fatman valve amplifier and docking station with I pod. All in excellent working order. Cables included. Fully boxed. £ 175.00 ono.
  5. Sugden IA-4 Masterclass integrated amplifier in titanium in excellent condition. This has been lightly used (with Audio Note and then Harbeth speakers), and sounds absolutely sublime. Selling because of major changes to the configuration of my system. Asking £2,850. Check reviews via Google which are all glowing; there's a helpful review in this HiFi magazine on p.77 - https://www.fidelity-magazine.com/media/?fi=5 See https://www.sugdenaudio.com/ia-4-integrated-amplifier for technical details. As many viewers will know, the IA-4 has a superb organic warm and detailed 100% Class A sound, non-fatiguing and wonderful crystal-clear holographic three-dimensional soundstage that I've not heard bettered. UK backed by Sugden's legendary customer service (based in Yorkshire). Also has excellent MM phono stage. Originally supplied by Definitive Audio in Nottingham, approximately three years old. All packaging, remote control, etc. New price is now £5,510. UK insured courier around £60.
  6. Hi all, I am looking for some system advice or perhaps some thoughts on potential changes I can make to my current system. My current system: arcam fmj A38 amp, arcam CDS27 streamer/cd player, Systemdek 11x turntable running through a Graham Slee phono stage into B&W 602s2. Whilst the sound to my ears is very good, vocals and sound stage are great however it seems to lack pace. I had thought speakers, but am now leaning towards the amp. Many moons ago I had a Sugden A28 amp running into Whafedale 505.2s. I am looking for the sort of bass speed that these speakers gave me. Perhaps with a bit more bass as they were a little light on bass even though it was superb. I even bought a set of 505.2s thinking it was the B&Ws but it's not the same. John Lee Hookers Boom Boom album 3rd track is my go to track. Sorry about the long rambling questions . Cheers
  7. Selling my Rega Io. It’s so good I just had to go further and picked up a Brio. Brilliant little amp. In as-new condition with remote and original packaging. Has caused lots of positive waves since release. 30W into 8 ohms. Outstanding phono stage. Will upload photos tomorrow. PM me for further pictures. £280 including insured delivery. £260 collection from Bury St Edmunds.
  8. Moving house next month so time to move on some much loved but no longer used HiFi. First up is my Marantz PM66 SE Ken Ishiwata Signature amplifier. This is in pretty much mint condition with original box, packaging, remote and manual. Tested today. Perfect working order and still sounds great in traditional Marantz style. £200 for the amplifier. Please contact me to discuss postage/couriers so we can sort something out. Local collection or delivery abiding by social distancing also welcome in Bury St Edmunds area. Photos show item exactly as it will be delivered. Also on eBay at a price including fees. I’ll also be listing the accompanying CD63 mk ii K.I. Signature CD player. Thank you.
  9. Hi all, I've now taken the plunge on purchasing a Rega Aethos, so my beloved Rega Elex-R is for sale. Collection from London E16 preferred or we can arrange a courier if interested. It was bought from Billy Vee hifi in November 2017. I have the box, packaging and remote. In addition, I can provide: - secondary Solaris remote - Rega Ear headphone amp - Rega Fono MkII phono amp £750 for the lot, or £650 for the Elex-R on it's own. Any questions, please just ask! Some links below; http://www.rega.co.uk/elex-r.html https://www.whathifi.com/rega/elex-r/review
  10. Tony T

    Quad Vena 2

    Quad Vena 2 in excellent condition. Purchased for a second system that I no longer need so listed for sale. 2 line level Inputs and a decent MM phono stage, ES 9018 DAC W/DSD support. USB, Bluetooth, Optical and Coaxial inputs make this a extremely flexible integrated Amplifier. Purchased ex demo 07/2020. Full details will be supplied with the amplifier to transfer warranty. Complete with remote, instructions and update disc and full packaging. Item will ship from London, CR4. Payment via Paypal F&F or BT £500.
  11. Hi all, I've got a Rega Brio amplifier. Latest model in perfect working order and great condition. Comes with original box, instructions, IEC cable and remote control. It's a brilliant amp with a wonderful sound, but it's too powerful for what I need for this setup (I had replaced a 50WPC T-amp and assumed that this would be similar output, but it's LOADS more powerful) so I've replaced it with its smaller brother, the Rega IO instead. £450 gets it delivered to your door in the UK with DPD. Happy to send it outside mainland UK, just ask me for a quote. cheers, James
  12. Got a black CXA60 to move on. In black, it’s in immaculate condition and comes with all original boxes, packaging, power lead and remote. Brilliant amp. No longer needed after house move. Looking for £300 to include delivery, or collection from Bury St Edmunds area. Will also deliver to local area. Happy to provide more pictures of packaging or a video of it working.
  13. I am considering selling my Audion Black Shadow II monoblocks. Purchased new from Deco Audio about 4years ago, they have been upgraded by Deco Audio with Tantalum resistors throughout and Mungdorf silver in oil caps. They have volume pots and sound fantastic direct from your source, having tried numerous preamps to try to improve the sound, including Audio Note M6, Shindo Monbrisson and a Music First Baby Ref. They would come with full set of nos small valves, a pair of Shuguang 845 b's and a pair of Psvane 845 Acme series. They are in excellent condition with original boxes. Looking for circa £4250 ono.
  14. My top of the range ASR Emitter ii Exclusive Battery amp is for sale due to downsizing. This is 4 box version with 2 separate power supplies and 1 battery power supply. Gold circuit board. Very good used condition with only minor age related marks/scratches. Fully working, had new batteries installed couple months ago. This amp was shipped new from ASR Systems in September 2011. In 2016 it had factory upgrade kit installed by UK importer. Here are the details of configuration and optional extras: Version Blue with black heatsinks Extra long cable from main unit to 2x psu, 1x batt., add.charge WBT Nextgen package: 4 pole plug 705AG and 4 pcs. RCA 210AG for CD 1 and Direct inputs. Fantastic sounding amplifier with lots of very possitive reviews on line and in print. TOTAL BARGAIN AT MY ASKING PRICE! All 4 cases weights 160 kg hence local collection from Woolwich Arsenal only (BT or cash payment). Please note that I only have packaging for the main unit. More pictures can be emailed. Comes with all manuals and remote control. SALE PENDING
  15. Good working order, serviced and capacitors replaced by Naim in Salisbury around ten years ago, little-used since then. Bought new in 1984. Holden & Fisher transformer. Some slight marks to edge of case, and in centre - shown in photos. PM me for more pics. £360
  16. Looking to find an 8000A. Would prefer later black version with 60W but earlier ones considered. Must be in excellent working order: no crackling volume pots or flaky RCA inputs, please. I’m looking for a slot in and play not a project. In as good as condition as possible, preferably with original box etc. Delivery to Suffolk needed or can collect locally. Thanks in advance.
  17. Curious to your initial thoughts on new CSA100 integrated. Some dealers have had it on demo for a couple of months, judging by youtube. https://www.stereonet.co.uk/news/copland-csa100-integrated-amplifier Front facia is simple but classy, main case looks fairly basic for 3.5k. Specs are 100w into 8/180 into 4 ohm, build in dac (sabre?) And what looks like a single triode tube for voltage gain - no influence on tone Anyway, looks like a quality amp. Personally love the Leica like front panel, and shd power low sensitivity speakers. Questions about it 700w max consumption(!) Wd like to know usage for normal listening levels. Is the dac good enough for say, a U1 mini. What volume pot is used? Sound signature, is it neutral or warm side of. Vs Hegel H190 ..
  18. Hi All, Time for a clear out of past gear now I have the time. First up this beautiful leben. Bought here on the wam a fair few years ago and then parked into storage whilst other items were put into play. Same condition as I bought it in. A couple of dings on one side cheek and a small one on the top of the other side cheek. Minimal hum from the valves and I've run some deoxit over them for good measure. I've mainly been running it with the baldwins and the amperex tubes which are also included in the price to get started on a bit of tube rolling. Only lightly used whilst with me as I was away 8 weeks out of every 10 and it only sat in the system for about 2 years. Also doubles as a fantastic headphone amplifier, used with audeze lcd-2s this was really special. Through speakers also stunning. Main thing to note is that this is a 120V version, it comes supplied with a high quality airlink step-up transformer with fancy wiring and iec adapter. I'm unsure on if the packaging is original but fits well. Due to the fragile nature I would prefer collection but can ship if required, valves will be removed for shipping and protected well. I'm located in sheffield S10. Demos welcome, I can run it through Morel 704s (also for sale) or through PMC fact 12s (likely a terrible pairing) or feel free to bring your own, i have a pair of stands that can be used. Asking £XX postage.
  19. For sale is my Teac A-H01 Integrated Amplifier in as new and unused condition. A well reviewed excellent little amp. Comes in original box and with all accessories. £175 + postage and packing (Insured 48hr - approx £16.50) Thanks for looking Manufacturer Specification and stock images: High-performance Stereo Amplifier/DAC Bang & Olufsen ICEpower® amplifier module (ICEpower50ASX2-SE) USB Audio Class2 High-speed Input from PC/Mac (Tenor 8802) 32bit/192kHz D/A Converter (BurrBrown PCM5102) Supports Asynchronous Transfer Mode Motorized Volume Control Detachable AC Socket Aluminium Front Panel Remote Control (also controls DS-H01) RC-1268 Output Power: 60W x 2 (4 ohms, 1kHz, less than 1% THD), 30W x 2 (8 ohms, 1kHz, less than 1% THD)
  20. I recently rediscovered my old A400. Hooked it up and was really impressed by the sound. This lasted for about 4 days before it blew.... I’d like another one as part of a second system. Must be in good working order (don’t mind getting it serviced but not repaired). Must be able to deliver or socially-distanced collection near Bury St Edmunds.. Please do not other alternatives. I’m sure they’re jolly good, if not better, but this is the model I’m after. Thank you.
  21. Hi all, with the advent of the Karousel upgrade to the LP12 I read a lot of good stuff. I collected a few clips kindly shared by a member on the Lejonklou forum, and also my trusted dealer sent me a comparison of Akurate LP12s with Cirkus vs Karousel. Auditioning these files leaves me puzzled, as the difference is much smaller, than I had expected from the chatter in the forums, and my dealers words. But I had a similar effect, when auditioning clips of KRadikal vs ARadikal on my system. The difference appeared more pronounced, when I played the same files on my Pono player into my Beyerdynamic T51p cans. (Can't test this with the bearing clips now, as the Pono and cans are in my 2nd home 420 km away from here.) So I wonder if my amp, or speakers are holding too much back, and if spending into a Radikal to get the Karousel is the best investment for me. My current chain is: LP12 - Cirkus - Lingo2 - Kore - Ekos2 - Krystal - Uphorik - KRDSM - AEXBOX6/K - C6100/D - AV5140/EspekT I'm using SO+ which my trusted dealer and I finetuned applying tunedem. Any experiences / opinions? Cheers, TMC
  22. Selling a Rega Brio. 2017 full version. Immaculate condition. Includes original box, packaging, manual remote and power cable. You all know how good these things are. Selling on behalf of a friend who simply doesn’t listen to it enough. Price includes delivery. This will by ParcelForce 48hr tracked uninsured. Please contact me for other options as these may cost more. I can provide more photos and a video of it working upon request. £490 including delivery. Thank you.
  23. Selling my Marantz PM6006 UKSE. In as-new condition. Complete with all accessories, remote and power cable. £225. Price includes delivery with 48 hr ParcelForce tracked delivery. Please ask for different delivery options. Thanks.
  24. The Accuphase E-270 is in absolutely mint condition, looks perfect, sounds amazing and comes with the original remote in original packaging. I've used it since June 2018 - So it's just over a year old. Original remote included, I have the original box and everything that came with it. Price: £2700 (originally posted for £3100). These retail for about £4500 The board in the extension slot is a DA-20 DAC and it's not part of the sale - let me know if you're interested in it as well. Available to test & collect in Central London. Payment: Cash, Bank transfer. If you're interested and need shipping or any other questions please get in touch. FEATURES: Revolutionary AAVA volume control Output stage with high-power transistors in parallelpush-pull arrangement delivers high quality power: 90 watts x 2 into 8 ohms Power amplifier stage features instrumentation amplifier configuration for balanced signal transmission Logic-control relays for shortest signal paths Strong power supply with massive high-efficiency transformer and large filtering capacitors MAIN IN button allows separate use of preamplifier and power amplifier sections Numeric indication of volume level
  25. Approx 2 years old, very little use, 10s of hours, accessory package (manual, gloves, remote and IEC lead) untouched. Original double box packaging. As good as new. Great energetic sounding amp with 85WPC. 5 line inputs, HT Thru, Tape Loop, Pre-out. Looking for £399 ono. Not incl del. I am in Farnham, Surrey. Happy to discuss delivery options upon enquiry.
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