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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, ive just ordered some ATC SCM 40 actives and really need advice. I have asked on the ATC thread but now been politely thrown out for taking the discussion in all directions ūüėā. I mean that nicely, they have been kind and helpful. I would be grateful for advice on using my new speakers with kit that allows me to stream music, add tv for movie watching and also ps5. im after 1/2 box solution with a warm sound I.e not too treble harsh/forward. I don‚Äôt know anything about DACs and preamps except the huge prices one can go to! I did expect to spend around ¬£5k and thought of Chord TT2 but is that sound right? I haven‚Äôt entered a hifi store in decades and my last kit was Naim amp into Dynaudio Audience 52s. This was very liked by us but I do feel the ATCs are a good choice. I just need the right path to using for music and movies. We watch movies a lot via streaming if that helps. sorry for the long description. thanks
  2. Hi has anyone have any experience of the ISO Acoustic Pucks, I am thinking of getting a set for my ATC SCM19 speakers. Please feedback your positive and negative views. Many thanks
  3. Due to a home refurb project I am selling my HiFi. The amp is already gone, RME Dac is available (will post a seperate thread but considering keeping for headphone use) and here are my absolutely mint SCM19s in Cherry. All packaging is available but would prefer a pick up if possible. Speakers were purchased new Dec2019, pretty much only just run-in. Demo is an option, but you would need to bring your amp! Looking for £1550 with stands (atacama filled with atacama sound bytes), or £1400 without. Shipping not included, prefer pick up (you can have a socially distanced demo if you bring an amp). Shipping via UPS possible but price TBD (UPS have better insurance for hifi than other cheaper couriers)
  4. As title looking for a change from dali, what have you got?
  5. *Edit - these are sold now*. For sale are my beloved ATC SCM20PSL speakers in Walnut. They are in absolutely mint condition and sound incredible! I am only selling them because I am moving, and now have space for the big boys - SCM50s! These are two years old and come with all packaging / manuals etc. They come with Track Audio 600 stands with inbuilt circular spirit level, and perform miracles isolating them from whatever they are placed on. I do not have the boxes for the stands unfortunately. New, the speakers cost £3,770/pair, for both I am asking £2,750. Please follow this link showing a bit more detail of them in my system. Manufacturers detail is here for the ATCs and here for the stands. I am based in Brighton, and would prefer collection, with payment by bank transfer or cash on collection. If postage was absolutely necessary then buyer would have to arrange and cover the full cost of that. If you are interested, or would like any more details, please let me know. Cheers, Bob
  6. Reluctant sale of my ATC SCM 40 V2 White Satin speaker. I have bought them in August 2017 brand new from Audioemotions. Still more than 4 years of warranty left. There were specially pre-ordered from the manufacturer by the shop so there are very recent build (not ex demo or used!!!) They been very well looked after and they are like in brand new condition, no marks or any signs of use. They been played not that many hours. I have all the boxes and books with warranty etc. These are seriously good speakers. There were a big step up from SCM19 for me. Scale and dynamics are on different level and the famous ATC Soft Dome mid-range driver brought new level of realism and accuracy. Just brilliant! . Overview New ATC designed and built 25mm soft dome HF unit with precision alloy wave guide.. ATC 164mm bass driver. Massive optimised motor assembly. ATC Soft Dome mid-range driver. Flat impedance curve allowing easy load for amplifiers. ‚ÄúGiven a serious source and recording the new ATC SCM40 is superb ‚Äď I know of no price rivals that give this level of accuracy, speed and insight‚Ķit‚Äôs capable of a level of transparency you normally only expect from loudspeakers at three or four times its price.‚ÄĚ Hi-Fi Choice, October 2014 Postage Collection from Oxford would be much appreciated. I can also meet in 40 miles radius or around Coventry. or posted via insured courier on buyer cost Please contact me if you have any questions. Thanks Mirek SOLD Now payment via PayPal please
  7. Folks, a cut and paste from my eBay advert where the price is ¬£2750. Loads of watchers, some tyrekickers, some real interest, but the only actual offer so far is from a low-baller who I know wants to sell on because he's an unofficial eBay dealer. Open to sensible offers even on this lower price; you're a wammer, so I know you won't take the p1$$... ¬£4,000 less than list price ¬£6,750. ATC's flagship pre-amplifier, an ultra low distortion design with very wide bandwidth designed to bring ATC's studio experience into the home. Handbuilt in the UK. Perfect front end to ATC's own active speakers (I have the fantastic SCM40A's) or to any serious power amp. So good it has stayed in the line-up since it was introduced in 1996: how many other hifi items can you name which have been in production for 23 years?! This was one of the first produced. The main electrolytic capacitors were replaced in September so all should be good for another 20 years or more of listening pleasure. Fully working, minor cosmetic marks. Difficult to avoid reflections of tablecloth, velux etc - have taken photos inside and outside. Excellent front and rear panels. Minor marks to side panels. Two scratched areas to top surface, not visible unless installed as the topmost unit in a system. You can tell it was designed for tough studio use. Pre-amplifier only. No remote, no mains lead (though I can provide a lead if required). Will be well packed for free UK shipping. _______________ 2 balanced stereo inputs 1 balanced stereo output 6 phono stereo inputs Input Sensitivity: 235mV Balanced, 115mV Unbalanced Input Impedance: 5k/10k ohms Frequency Response: DC ‚Äď >500KHz THD: >114dB Dimensions (HxWxD): 100x440x360 Weight (HxWxD): 9.5kg / 20.9lbs A key feature of the ATC SCA2 preamplifier is the total elimination of audio integrated circuits in the main signal path which is made possible through the introduction of no fewer than ten high performance discrete circuitry gain blocks. Furthermore, all amplifiers in the monitor chain are of similar type and built from discrete bipolar transistors and FETs. The input stage is a fully complimentary dual long tail pair arrangement which uses low-noise bipolar transistors with constant collector voltages provided by cascoded junction FETs. Output of the current mirrors is buffered by a pair of complimentary Sziklai Darlington transistors. To further minimize signal degradation, input circuitry including all sockets, selection relays and tape buffer is mounted directly onto a single PCB. In essence, the gain block within the ATC SCA2 preamplifier is a high output, low distortion amplifier with a very wide bandwidth which is easy to use in conventional feedback configuration because it has only one stage of gain (in other words, there is only one possible source of roll-off and phase shift at high frequency.) The result is remarkable audiophile product which, in both laboratory and subjective listening tests, clearly redefines the state of the art. Auditioning reveals an open, neutral, transparency the amplifier creating a solid soundstage which is both wide and deep. Voices are reproduced with uncanny realism being portrayed with natural warmth and articulation. Bass takes on a rich, superbly controlled solidity. Strings are reproduced with a fine degree of detail and texture, while brass is conveyed with attack and clarity. Percussion is handled with great speed and definition. As you'd expect from a design as highly specified as the ATC SCA2 preamplifier, dynamic range is outstanding. The SCA2 offers eight audio inputs - all of which are electronically buffered and selected by precision gas-filled gold-plated relays Clean stable power supplies result from local active decoupling of supply rails adjacent to each gain stage The distinctive case of the SCA2 is constructed from aerospace grade peened stainless steel. The 440mm (17%) wide front panel is edged with bead-blasted machined aluminium the fascia being finished in polished acrylic
  8. So I sold my KEF Reference Model 2.2s. I now have to decide what to replace them with and am leaning towards ATC SCM40s. My concern is that they might need a mighty amp to get the best from them. I'd initially have them running passive bi-amped and probably convert it to an active set up using the same hardware, possibly with an extra 2 channel power amp to go three way, possibly not. I have a slightly unusual amp. It's a Primare SPA21 surround amp which has been modified and upgraded by a rather talented tech and I use basically as an analogue four channel power amp. I only have test figures for it with one channel driven but as it has 100,000 uF of power caps and 1600W of toroidals I'm reasonably confident it won't slump too much with four channels driven. Test figures for one channel are: Test: 7 of 10, EIA RS490/ CEA490A Channel: FRONT L Target: 1.0000 %THD+N Actual: 1.0044 %THD+N Input: 2.208 V, 1000 Hz, sine Output: 35.31 V, 1000 Hz Gain: 24.1 dB Load: 8.0 Ohms Power: 156 W Test: 8 of 10, EIA RS490/ CEA490A Channel: FRONT L Target: 1.0000 %THD+N Actual: 0.9951 %THD+N Input: 2.075 V, 1000 Hz, sine Output: 32.91 V, 1000 Hz Gain: 24.0 dB Load: 4.0 Ohms Power: 271 W Do we think it can handle the SCM40s or should I shelve my plans until I can afford a Bryston or something to go with?
  9. Note: I'm on a steep learning curve here as I'd always thought of a pre- simply as the thing you connect various sources to and control the volume from (like the C-90 in my Pioneer rig). Apparently, selection of the right pre-amp plays an important role in the ultimate SQ coming out of the speakers. I learned that yesterday! I've just bought an absolutely mint pair of ATC SCM40 passives courtesy of Keith @PuritéAudio which sound fantastic. They will be installed in Kendal next week. A39 integrated will drive them initially; it's a good amp but I know a better one would get the most out of the highly regarded SCM40's. But before I dive in, it's worth spending a few minutes pondering the medium-to-long term game here: the active SCM40A's. These are even more highly regarded and at the RRP of £6,750 (vs £3,750 for the passives) represent ridiculous value for money. Having poked around, I realise that if I were to try to get SCM40A sound quality out of the SCM40's then I'd need to spend a lot more on external amplification than the £3,000 difference in RRP between the SCM40 and SCM40A. Hence the SCM40A's quickly becoming my end-game speaker for Kendal. I can't get there yet of course. So what do I do in the meantime? Replace the A39 with a better integrated like the markedly superior A49? Or ATC"s on SIA-150 (I have yet to see a used one for sale so unlikely)? Or do I look to separate out the pre- and power aspects of the amp, with one eye on the pre- which will ultimately feed the SCM40A's? The latter is where my head is right now, so some questions for you black belt wammers: If you own the SCM40A's or are familar with them, what experiences do you have of various pre-amps letting them sing or holding them back? Steping back from specific models, what are the factors you would consider first and foremost in selecting a pre-amp to feed a high quality power amp like those in the SCM40A's? (I understand that peak current may be one consideration and, for example amongst vintage options, one which might make the Rotel RHB-10 a better option than the Pioneer M-90, though both are superficially the same 200W output) Very specifically to ATC, has anyone heard the CDA2 vs the CA2 (the SCA2 is well beyone my reach)? They are the same dimensions and weight but one is a lot more than a pre-amp: has the pre-amp part of the CDA2 been compromised vs the CA2? Thanks for humouring me. Oh, and I have a strong leaning towards solid-state rather than valves: you could try to turn me but it might be more helpful if you could just mutter "Bless!" under your breath and humour me... All the best, Nigel
  10. So I have my new SCM19s and I'm running them from my modified Primare SPA21. It's a lovely amp which puts out 150W into 8ohms and 250 into 4 and manages around 0.014 THD. I'm very happy with the Primare and the sound with the ATCs is sublime. However the ATCs are not very sensitive and can take 300W, as such the Primare does not manage the apocalyptic sound pressure levels to which I have become accustomed. I just tried hooking one ATC up to a bridged NAD C370 (300W) and boy they have a lot more give in terms of output levels. My first thought is Bryston 4B, possibly coupled with a valve based pre to smooth out the lower quality recordings. That's rather a lot of money, even second hand but I'm considering it. Do we think that's a good call or could anyone recommend something cheaper and in the same league? Is it true that some Lexicons are re-badged Brystons? Am I right in assuming that Krell is not worth looking at as they'll be even more expensive for that kind of power? When I'm looking at the second hand market how big a difference am I going to find between the generations of Bryston 4B? Are there any versions which should be avoided or any which are particularly good value? Then there's the pre. I know nothing of this thing called valves. Are there by any chance one or two outstanding models of valve pre which are likely to be available for a good price on the used market? Finally, I have one more option. My Primare has five power amps in it. I could have four of them converted into two bridged which ought to provide the requisite power. Do we think that's a good idea? Would the effective lowering of impedance significantly reduce sound quality? Will I ever run out of questions? Yes.
  11. Looking for this centre channel, the active version, hopefully in excellent condition. Any finish OK.
  12. I am about to replace my SCM40 passive speakers with the active version. My pre amp is a MFA Baby Reference passive. Due to the positioning of the speakers the XLR cables will be 5 metres long. I was just wondering if anyone has any views about the ability of the passive pre to supply sufficient current to the speaker amps over this length of cable. Thanks
  13. The title was bugging me and the topic had changed so I thought new thread. I picked up some new ATC SCM19s, about which I am very happy. Now I need speaker stands. I've always felt like metal stands must cost under a tenner to make and not very much to design so I'm not inclined to pay a lot of money for them. marlew has kindly recommended the Atacama SL500I but they're a bit steep, yet I'm not going to compromise the sound so will cough up if I have to. Assuming nobody has any stands for sale what do we think about solid oak blocks? I can get them cheaper than stands and they'd definitely look better. Will they likely be as good or better than metal stands?
  14. Nice review of ATC's SCM 19a courtesy of the EAR, http://www.the-ear.net/review-hardware/atc-scm19a-floorstanding-active-loudspeaker keith
  15. Our first pair of ATC active 'classic ' 50's arrive tomorrow, genuinely excited to hear them here and compare them to our other active monitors. Keith
  16. Purité Audio are delighted to announce that we will be representing ATC loudspeakers in the central London area, our first pair of SCM50 ASL's ( the classic active 50's) are arriving any day! Keith
  17. ATC SIA2-150 Amp with remote. NOW WILLING TO POST. Now reduced to £950 + P&P (should be around £20, but dependent on choice of courier) In good condition, full working order, and I have been using it up until a few weeks ago when I sold my speakers. Do not have the original box, but it will be packaged up well. There's a tiny scratch on the right front, as can be seen in the photos
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