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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there I have this up for sale on PFM and ebay, but thought it worth adding it here, too, as I'd rather it not sell via eBay, if I can help it! With a heavy heart, I'm offering up for sale my beloved Audio Note OTO Phono SE. As the title suggests, this has been upgraded quite significantly: in December of last year I had it sent to Deco Audio to have it fully serviced and upgraded to STND electrolytics, Audio Note tantalum resistors, and Audio Note copper foil capacitors throughout, at a cost of £1300 in just parts. It had two weeks of use, then the bleedin' power transformer bit the bullet, so it went back off to Deco for that to be replaced at a cost of a further £300ish, which took 6 months (yes, really... AN needed to manufacture more, then this bloody virus thing stopped all of that for a long while). The good news is now that pretty much the entire amplifier is brand new, barely even run in, and very VERY close to OTO Signature spec. I'll forward on the invoices for your records. I've also got a few NOS Amperex Bugle Boys in the linestage and pre-psu which I bought 'butt ugly' - have you seen the price for mint ones?! - from Brent at Audio Tubes. And four brand new Tube Audio Doctor EL84-STR valves. They all came in at another couple of hundred quid. Sound quality is as you'd expect from Audio Note gear, which is to say, superb. The phono stage, with the upgrades, sounds wonderful hooked up to my AN TT2 and AN-E speakers! Cosmetically, unfortunately there's a crack on the top right of the fascia, as can be seen on the pictures. That's because it took a tumble on the way to Deco when I sent it off. Rest assured though, that this happened BEFORE the amp was then serviced and upgraded! I've already checked with AN and a new fascia is only £130 if you wanted a new one. As regards the metal outer which has a couple of dents, I'm currently in the process of buying a new one from AN, so that will be immaculate. If by some small miracle this sells before I get the outer shell, I'll forward it on for you for free. Also included is a 1m MCRU shielded mains cable. Here's a few pictures: As this is a 20 kilo amp with big fat transformers in, I'd much rather it be collected from SE London after you give it a good listen-to in my full Audio Note system, but I suppose it can be shipped. Just give me a little while to figure out sufficient packaging materials. Pricing is tricky, but seeing as I've just spent about £1800 quid on parts and upgrades that have barely had 10 hours on them, I think sensible offers around £2200 seems about right. Or if you want to p/x for a cracking phono stage like an Allnic H1201 or Tron Seven or something them lemme know. Any questions let me know. Cheers
  2. Some of you may have read on here that our house sale fell through and as we need to get to immigrate to be with elderly parents we will rent out our home instead. Sadly this means that we need to raise funds for the move and some hifi and musical items very reluctantly need to be sold. You may have also read that I love this IO 1 cartridge and it was my destination cartridge. I only bought it secondhand late last year with c100 hours on it but it had a problem with the suspension so I sent it to Audio Note to do a complete refurbishment. But Audio Note said that they only needed to adjust the suspension as the cartridge sounded especially good and had a lot of life left in it. Since the refurbishment the cartridge has only been played for 1 hour as I have a channel balance problem with my arm. (Audio Note also re-fitted the tags on my Audio Note Arm 2/2 but applied too much solder to one cable and so the capacitance is incorrect on one channel and it needs re-doing. Once the tags are re-fitted post August I might be selling the arm as well) Am also selling an Audio Note AN S2 SUT. It's best to use an Audio Note SUT with the IO due to the low output of this cartridge. Please see the photos. I have more and can do more high resolution ones for the cartridge if needed. Both are in great condition. One thing to point out about the SUT is that it was missing one 'foot' when I bought it. Audio Note sent me another one but it was the wrong size. I spoke to Peter Q the other day and he told me that Audio Note are not really open for business until August so you could get another one, if important, when they are open again. I would really like to sell these together or would sell the IO separately once the SUT is sold. Bearing in mind that Audio Note have done the refurb and the condition of these items looking for £1,600. I believe that the cartridge retails for c£3,000 and the SUT c£1,000. We are due to leave the UK on 20th July. After this date postage will be a lot more as it will be sent from Portugal. You could collect from Teddington TW11 or I can post Royal Mail. I have the original box for the SUT and will pack both very well. Am selling other stuff so please look out for other items. Thanks Dom
  3. Having sold a fair amount of my spare kit in recent months, it is now time to move on some of the cables I have been hoarding "just in case they were needed one day". All were either bought new from mainstream dealers or used from established wammers on here. I am open to sensible offers on any item. 1) 1.2m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects, Switchcraft phono plugs. £750 2) 1.2m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects . Switchcraft phono plugs. These have some minor paint marks on them. £700 3) 1.0m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects. Switchcraft phono plugs, £650 4) 0.75m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects, Switchcraft phono plugs, £550 5) 0.75m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects, re-terminated with Switchcraft gold plated plugs. 6) 1.0m RCA Pair Kondo Audio Note Japan KSL VzII with box and certificate. £750 SOLD 7) 2.0m RCA Pair Audio Note UK ANVx 20 strand with AN-P phono plugs and box. £1,000 8) 1.0m RCA Pair Audio Note UK ANVx 20 strand with AN-P phono plugs. £560 9) 1.0m RCA Pair Audio Note UK ANVx 20 strand with AN-GP phono plugs. £500 10) 8.0m BNC to BNC Pair dartZeel Link cable. £1,500 11) 1.2m RCA to RCA LFD Reference Silver Phono cable, boxed. Note: this phono cable has RCA plugs at both ends. £750 12) 1.0m RCA Pair Nordost Valkyrja. Re-terminated with Neutrik Profi phono plugs as factory. £650 SOLD 13) 1.0m RCA to RCA Chord Signature Digital interconnect, boxed. £250 Reduced to £125 14) ).75m XLR Siltech Signature Golden Ridge Digital interconnect, boxed. £400 SOLD 15) 3.0m XLR Pair Nordost Baldur stereo interconnects, boxed. £400 16) 5.0m 16A Chord Powerchord, boxed. Note: 20A IEC connector, does not fit normal IEC socket. £100 SOLD
  4. My system has some nice (to my ears) pieces of kit in it, including an Audio Note DAC 0.1x, a Croft Micro 25 preamp, a modified Croft Series 7 power amp producing around 90W/channel, and a pair of Russell K Red 150 loudspeakers. In between are a Chord Shawline digital coax cable, some Atlas Navigator interconnects, and some single-wired Atlas Hyper 3.0 speaker cable. At “normal” listening levels, I really enjoy the sound produced – it’s well-timed, neutral, musical, detailed without being too analytical, impactful, full of emotion, rock'n'roll and boogie factor etc. etc. The newly acquired AN DAC has added an extra something and I just sit and listen to the music without pondering whether the source is my Thorens turntable or my Bluesound Vault 2 etc. It’s that good. However, last weekend we had some friends round and I got an opportunity to turn the volume up. What I worked out is that, when playing loud, the sound just isn’t as good. It loses detail and is just a bit less enjoyable. What I’m aware of is that, with an 87db 1 watt 1 Metre sensitivity, my Red 150 speakers aren’t as efficient as some and that, therefore, they might not be the best match for my Croft power amp and vice versa. However, since I spent so much time choosing the Red 150s, and since they sound gorgeous at more relaxed volumes, I’m pondering whether or not the right thing to do would be to change my power amp for something more powerful. The challenges that cross my mind are whether or not the blame does lie with the power amp, and whether or not I’ll be able to find a power amp that’s a good match for my Croft Micro 25. I’m reluctant to consider replacing the Micro 25 because it’s a great sounding pre with a fabulous phono stage and also because it’s been modified to have a mono switch plus a remote control driving a single, motorised volume control. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. For instance, is the Croft Series 7 clipping? Is there anyone who uses a Croft preamp with a non-Croft power amp? Would something like a Chord SPM 1000B 200w power amplifier (there’s one on ebay right now) be a good match? Has anyone gotten a more potent power amp modification from Glenn Croft? Could it be the speakers? Am I expecting too much?
  5. An immaculate Audio Note OTO SE Line integrated amplifer. Built by Audio Note in 2017. Comes with all the original packaging, power cable, manual etc. Condition is absolutely 'as new'. Very little use, maybe 8 hours a week on AN-E speakers. Also supplied is a brand new set of valves - sourced from Audio Note, which are not needed yet but there for your convenience. Location is near Cheadle (Cheshire) and collection would be ideal, but postage OK. £2000 which I think is more than fair for this beautiful amplifier
  6. Purchased new in November 2016 from an authorised AN dealer, since when it has had very light use. In immaculate condition, no dings, scratches or marks. Original paperwork, instructions and packaging included. Happy to demonstrate as part of an Audio Note Level 1 system I am selling (see other listings). Location: South Coast between Portsmouth and Southampton. Asking £2,600
  7. Purchased new in November 2016 from an authorised AN dealer, this is a 3m bi-wire set of AN-La speaker cables (the next one down from the very much more expensive Lexus cable and, IMHO, just as good at a fraction of the price). Selling as part of an AN Level 1 system (see other listings). Happy to demonstrate with the other AN components I am selling. Location: South Coast between Portsmouth and Southampton. Asking £450 for the set. NOW WITHDRAWN FROM SALE Collection preferred, but can courier or post if required.
  8. Less than six months old, very light use. Selling as part of an Audio Note Level 1 system (see other listings) Purchased new from an authorised AN dealer. Remote control, original packaging and paperwork included. Happy to demonstrate with other AN Level 1 components. Location: South Coast, between Portsmouth and Southampton. Collection only, but will consider delivery to a mutually convenient location on the M27/A3/A27 Asking £2,400 - NOW WITHDRAWN FROM SALE
  9. Selling my 3.5m Audio Note Lexus speaker cables ( 4 X 3.5m lengths approx.) . Purchased many moons ago, from Mario at Audio Note UK. Terminated with banana plugs Purchase price today, would be in excess of £100 per metre run, plus termination £350 ono .... includes insured postage.
  10. Introduction Would love to have opened this up, but I only have a small living room. Visited by Metatron and George47 yesterday, together with George's AudioNote (AN) 2.1, an AN4.1 he is currently sheltering and the Matrix SPDIF 2 that he recently reviewed. I bought a Schiit Eitr and so we had a three way comparison between my current DDC, the SingXer F1, the Matrix and the Eitr. The main aim was to repeat the get together a couple of weeks ago where we compared the AN2.1 and Border Patrol (BP) DACs in Metatron's system, but in mine. My system (briefly): USB Storage/StarTech/Raspberry Pi 3 powered by R-Core Chinese LPSU via LT3045 Sonore ultraRendu powered by R-Core Chinese LPSU via LT3045 DDC DAC EAR868/EAR534 Focal 1008be II One thing I have been wrestling with for months is edge. I think there are a number of reasons for this and present in different, although similar, ways. I have made progress but this was again bothering me, especially as I thought I had more or less put it to bed a few weeks ago - this was a driving force behind trying the different DDCs. They made NO DIFFERENCE on the edge front, but something else did, which I will return to later. We made up a review music list, which was modified over the day: See Appendix A. The DDCs Metatron was delayed so George and I initially compared the DDCs. My view: F1 Detailed. Eitr Detailed. Bit more weight to the intruments. Bass perhaps a touch better defined. Matrix Wow. Detailed. Weighty presentation. Warmer. Excellent sound stage. More below. The DAC comparisons were therefore done with the Matrix. The DACs The DAC comparison was obviously very straightforward: 4.1 > 2.1 > BP. Actually I bought the Border Patrol having done long comparisons with the Bel Canto DAC 3.5vb, Schiit Yggdrasil and the Lampizator L4G5. All are good DACs but their presentations will suit different tastes and systems. For me the BP wasn't as detailed as the Yggy, or as euphonic as the Lampizator, but it communicated music in a joy filled and enthusiastic fashion that I find extends any music listening session. Listening to the AN2.1 at Metatron's was very similar to the BP, but added: a bit more bass weight; detail; and spacial positioning. It repeated this in my system. The AN4.1 is a bigger and MUCH heavier beast. I believe this IS probably the best of the DACs .....but NOT in my system; system synergy. The 4.1 extracted more detail and nuance but just lacked the boogie factor of the 2.1 and BP. Intellectually I believe the order of the DACs in terms of detail and presentation is 4.1 > 2.1 > BP; in the right system. However, in my system the order for me was: 2.1 > (4.1 = BP), where the detail and nuance of the 4.1 was equaled by the BP's boogie. We ended the day playing Streetwalker and Billie Jean via the 2.1, what a blast. Edge While trying the 4.1 we useed the SE inputs, but decided to try the balanced, this failed for some reason (I suspect my cables). I realised that I had plugged the balanced cables into my Oppo 105D a few weeks ago. Removing these cables appeared to reduce the edge we were hearing. I will be testing this again today. Matrix I am very impressed by this small box of tricks. It is not simply that I am hearing added detail from very familier tracks it warmth and instrumental weight makes me listen to whole albums where before I might have been inclined to listen to certain tracks. Conclusion I suspect I will be buying the Matrix. I am very happy with the BP DAC, which I think is an absolute bargain. However, if an AN2.1 comes up at the right price I suspect I will find it very hard to resist. Thanks to George & Metatron. Appendix A - Music Playlist --------------------------------------------- Let Me Touch You Fir a While Alison Krauss & Union Station Live (Qobuz) Track includes some high notes that can be hot on my system Columbus Mary Black Live at Oympia (DVD rip > 16/44) My favourite recorded version of this artist and song. Keith Don't Go Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live Virtuoso Guitar Son of Man Phil Collins Tarzan Soundtrack (CD rip) Can be far too hot on my system Happy Martin Sexton Seeds (CD rip) Sharp Recording Crucify (2015 remaster) Tori Amos Little Earthquakes (Qobuz) Come Together Brian Bromberg Wood (Qobuz) Big fat bass! Unfinished Sympathy (2006 remaster) Massive Attack Collected (Qobuz) Hella Bar Talk / Enterprising Young Man The Music of Star Trek The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (Qobuz) Powerful stuff. Jungle Tash Sultana Notion (Qobuz)
  11. perart1

    Kondo SUT

    I know that here is a wealth of information about Kondo kit amongst WAM member so I was wondering if you could share you experiences of the SUT's that Audio note Japan/Kondo made. In particular, the AN-S7c/AN-S7cz and the AN-S6c/AN-6cz. I assume that the difference between the c and the cz lies purely in the captive cables. and that the obvious differences between the 6 and the 7 is in their functionality. I am interested to know if there were any significant non obvious design differrences (apart from the function requirement) and more imortantly if people have been able to compare them with each other or with the Kondo KSL SUT Regards Peter
  12. I've been quite happy with the performance of my Audio Innovations 300, but an Audio Innovations the First power amp showed up for sale locally and I couldn't resist. This is the 4x ecc88 model, so the gain is unwieldy. I'm temporarily using it with my Chord Mojo, which is able to give a clean signal even at very low volumes. However, I much prefer the glare free treble of my Audio Note Dac 1, or even the Metrum Octave from my headphone rig. The previous owner used a Tisbury preamp for volume control and it seemed like a neat solution. However,AFAIK, the AN DAC likes to see an input impedance of at least 100 kOhm. The Tisbury spec sheet states a 10 kOhm for their preamp. So, my question is this: Is it possible to get, or make, a passive preamp with as much as 100 kOhm input impedance? Or might there be a different solution to this apparent incompatibility of the AN DAC and AI power amp? edit: It appears my DAC has been updated to 1.2 specs, with Cca valves(ecc88/6922) and a resulting reduction in output impedance from 5 kOhm to "just" 1 kOhm. So the Tisbury 10 kOhm input impedance may suffice. However, I suppose 20 kOhm would be preferable. Would anyone know of a passive pre with upwards of 20 kOhm input impedance?
  13. One owner Audio Note Arm One in fantastic condition. This example was sent to me by Audio Note in October 2013. It is in lovely condition with no noticeable marks, since being installed on my 401 it has not been removed. All original packaging is included. Reason for sale is that I am upgrading to Arm Three :-) Price is £525 £500 including RMSD.
  14. The digital board of the older Audio Note (20 bit) Dac 1's feature six Jensen alu foil PIO capacitors with values 1000v, 0.018uf. I've been told that these are generally ripe for replacement as most of them will have developed leaks after two decades. However, I can't seem to find a direct replacement with these specifications. Can anyone confirm that the DAC will typically benefit from replacing these caps, and if so, what would be a suitable replacement? I though Hificollective should know the answer to this, but they didn't reply my email.
  15. Audio Note TT1 in black with clear lid. The box is a Technics SL1200 one but has been lined on the outside with thin MDF so is very strong and safe. Last photo shows what looks like a previous tonearm has rubbed against the inside of the lid. £600 inc postage to UK only (if you want insurance I'll get a quote and you pay the difference) Untitled by The Biglebowski, on Flickr Untitled by The Biglebowski, on Flickr Untitled by The Biglebowski, on Flickr Untitled by The Biglebowski, on Flickr
  16. This is an early OTO and I have owned for a short while, it was refurbished by SJS last year and had a full set of new Tung-Sol valves fitted (ECC82, ECC83 & EL84) Earlier this year (Feb 2016) I had some extra work done by Deco Audio who are Audio Note approved dealers and service center. They replaced the original caps and resistors with all new Audio Note copper foil caps and tantalum resistors for the amp and AN tin foil caps in the phono which are normally found in the much higher or signature models. It also has a Goldmund stepped attenuator fitted instead of the original AN pot at a cost of £150, the balance has been bypassed but is still present and can be reconnected by the new owner. As with the older OTO amps the case is a little dented in places and some of the screws have been rather enthusiastically tightened and no longer grip, the ones on the side are OK and it never bothered me. Here is the detail of the work by Deco Audio, all in this is an amazing amp and I'm only selling as I recently purchased an SJS 300B power amp and pre. On the Power and Pre PCB there are 33, 1/2 Watt Resistors and (to take the extra Current) 4, 1 Watt Resistors to be replaced with Tantalum types.The 4 Audio Coupling Capacitors are to be changed to Audio Note Copper versions and on the Phono PCB the 4 Coupling Caps are to be changed to A/N Tin versions.Whilst open I suggest some of the Electrolytics are replaced on all three PCB’s. The Balance Control is not connected at all and as you mentioned you would not use it I suggest we leave it out of the circuitry.As we discussed, the Large PSU Capacitor I suggest leaving. It has been done quite neatly and just requires a tidy of the Wiring. It’s an ELNA Cerafine so quite a nice Cap.As far as I can tell the ‘standard’ Electrolytic in an Audio Note is a Rubycon (Black Gate if there were some still!). I have chosen Panasonic and Nichicon as these we have found to be very good, reliable and can tolerate the higher Temperatures.The costs for the above are as follows;(33 X) 0.5 Watt Audio Note Tantalum Resistors......................................... .............£117.60(4 X) 1.0 Watt Audio Note Tantalum Resistors......................................... ............£26.40(2X) 0.22uF Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitors........................................ ...........£72.00(2X) 0.47uF Audio Note Copper Foil Capacitors........................................ ...........£95.40(4X) 0.22uF Audio Note Tin Foil Capacitors........................................ .................£65.32(5X) 22uF/450V Panasonic 105 Degrees Electrolytic Capacitors...........................£7.25 (Pre & Pwr PSU Smoothing)(4X) 220uF/100V Panasonic 105 Degrees Electrolytic Capacitors.........................£2.36 (EL84 Cathode Caps)(2X) 47uF/450V Nichicon 105 Degrees Electrolytic Capacitors.............................£5.60 (Phono Stage PSU Smoothing)(4X) 100uF/16V ELNA Cerafine Electrolytic Capacitors.......................................£ 4.24 (Phono Stage Cathode Caps)3 Hours Labour @ £60 per Hour.............................................. ..........................£180.00Total............................................. .................................................. .£576.17(All Prices inc VAT) £1200 cash on collection but I may ship (to the UK only) though. IMG_0542 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0544 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0543 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr
  17. People, People, People I have some Audio Note Japan QSSC Speaker Cables (20 strand silver litz) for sale 2 x 115cm pairs and 2 x 120cm pairs, has anybody any idea of there worth per pair?
  18. Audio Note M-One preamp, comes with original box, remote, instructions and spare valve Purchased as a stand in while my preamp was being repaired but it sounds very good. £415 inc postage to the UK only. IMG_0550 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0551 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr IMG_0553 by The Biglebowski, on Flickr
  19. Unfortunately having to sell my system in order to fun an expansion in the business. Another bit of kit that has had a few wam owners, Basic overview : valve rectifed with choke, valve phono stage, valve output. Significantly upgraded for me by graeme at ampregen - he added a remote control volume and mute, AudioNote copper output caps, and did all the improvements that Audio note recommend in the manual. (this and a service cost close to £400!) Sounds fantastic, you'd need to spend serious money to beat this! currently the equivalent of the M2. Double boxed. £550 ONO Dont really want to send as its delicate but can if required. Prefer collection from my house in monmouthshire. Full system avaliable - Modwright Transporter, LV Auditoriums, LV modded Art Audio Concerto Power amp & upgraded Audio Note The Preamp kit. Please see ads in other sections for details! Pics in this folder; Thanks, James.
  20. Cal123

    SPU with RB300?

    I'm currently running an Audio Note TT2 with Arm 3 and Ortofon Rondo Red through a Croft ECC88 based step-up (fitted with Siemens Halske E88cc) and Croft RIAA. The result is both refined and dynamic, but I'd be keen to get a bit more midrange magic and wouldn't mind giving up a bit of the polished presentation in the process. The latter is a typical sound signature of Ortofon, although it's much less prominent in the Rondo than in the MC30 supreme, which I've previously owned. I'm thinking I could either go all in and purchase an Ortofon SPU Royal N, or I could go for a cartridge with just a slightly more organic sound than the Rondo Red and exchange my active Croft step-up with a passive transformer. From what I understand, a SUT, when properly matched with the cartridge, offers better midrange than an active step-up. But getting the right cartridge and the right SUT may be quite an endeavour and I'd be restricted by the SUT, should I feel like trying another cartridge later on. As midrange magic is what I'm after, going directly for the SPU is tempting, and I presume I could think about purchasing a SUT later, if I feel like it. But is the RB300 based Arm 3 suited for the heavy SPU? The theoretical resonance frequency comes out at 11.4 Hz based on the following numbers: RB300 effective mass: 11.5g. SPU Royal N weight 13g. Combined: 24.5g. Cartridge compliance: 8 µm. From what I understand, this is pretty much ideal. But although the RB300 and the SPU are both very popular, I haven't found anyone actually combining the two. Any thoughts?
  21. Looking for an Audio Note IQ3 stylus. If you are willing to post to Finland PM me, Thanks, Juha
  22. Revised listing for a stunning pair of Audio Note Level 3 stand mount speakers. Less than a year old, just run in with very limited use. In mint condition, with Russian birch burl veneer, and original packaging. Price includes AN stands. Cost when new, including stands, was £2,600, now selling for £1,650 ONO. Located on South Coast (Hants). Would prefer collection, but can deliver (within reason) close to the A3/M25(S) and A12/A14 junction in Suffolk. Thanks for looking.