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Found 6 results

  1. Hello everyone I have some ATC SCM11 on home demo and whilst I am listening in my system it would be useful to get opinions from long term users as well especially what combinations of kit work well. My system is very revealing but smooth sounding. As I don’t have internet until next week I am using a MacBook Pro/Audirvana/Benchmark DAC2 playing downloaded and ripped FLAC albums as well as MP3 versions of the ripped albums. Amp are Audio Research SP17 (valve) and D130 (S/S). Speaker cables are Tellurium Black 2, Atlas Hyper 3.5 and Chord Sarsen. For the past four days I have been listening to QAcoustics 3020i and the combination was stunning. More detail, better textures, more smooth sound than I remember having at home in the main system. So far so good. I plugged in the ATCs and was initially underwhelmed. After all of the hype on here about ATC I was expecting a huge jump in quality over the £250 3020is. The ATCs don’t have much more detail and the extra detail isn’t revealing any more musical prowess it’s more about revealing ambient sounds and slightly better instrument detail but nobody seems to be playing better. I was expecting the ‘fast bass’ to make some musically meaningful entrance but not really. The ATCs are much less forgiving that the 3020i. My amp takes at least 2 hours to warm up and is a bit strident until then. No problem on the 3020i but a bit painful to listen on the SCM11. Now that four hours have passed the smoothness of the past few days has returned. But switching from listening to MP3s to FLAC of the same album ripped from the same album on the same ripper a bit of harshness has returned. I will persevere and listen more. Tonight I shall change cables to the Atlas (same as I have at home) and after a 12 hour warm up overnight shall have a listen again tomorrow. The ATCs remind me a little of my Neumanns; just the facts and not really emotive. The SHL5 and P3ESR are probably as detailed but draw me in more. The ATC midrange reminds me of a Yamaha NS10 where you can really hear the snare drum and it’s just what you want for mixing. But this isn’t mixing it listening. The thing is that with the QAcoustic 3020i I was gushing with praise on here about them but with the ATCs I am yet to be impressed by them. They had a tough act to follow. They might be technically better than the 3020i but are they more enjoyable? Not sure. Maybe Harbeth 30.1 is just what I need? To all of the ATC fans what am I missing? How have you optimised your setup?
  2. Hello everyone My retirement hifi plans hadn't worked out as I imaged. Now that we are settled in Portugal the realities are different that the theoretical plans. My second system is surprisingly becoming the first system as I am spending more time listening to music on it and also because I love the sound of the P3ESRs in this room. And for the very first time I am listing to my Benchmark DAC 1 directly to the Quad 909. but I need to plug in my turntable and cassette deck. The DAC 1 does not have analogue inputs. (My impetuous ARC preamp purchase fell through.) So I have some decisions. Set up. Auralic Aries Mini streamer playing Tidal Hifi and ripped CDs on an Altair G1. Benchmark DAC1. Quad 909. Harbeth P3ESR. Michell t/t and a Dynavector P75 phonostage. The streaming sounds really great. Its not perfect but it has drive and great tone and is a joy to listen to. I prefer the Benchmark presentation than the Auralic Aries Mini/909 AND I prefer the Benchmark to the DAC in the Altair G1. Am thinking to keep the 909 and P3ESRs and just introduce a preamp somehow. Option 1. Keep the Benchmark DAC1 and buy a preamp - maybe a Schiit Freya because I can home demo it or find another ARC that I used to own. Option 2. Buy a Benchmark DAC 2 or 3 as they have analogue inputs. Am nervous about other DACs due to no home demo. Budget c €2000 prefer 2nd hand. I know that some people will say that a separate preamp is 'better' and others will say an integral preamp is 'better' but it would be good to hear some views that would put it in a musical context. I literally have a few weeks experience of listening to a DAC into power amps so I have no frame of reference and home demos apart from direct sellers is a no-go. Thanks
  3. I have the chance of a ARC VT60 power amp (50-60 Watts, 6550 Valves) to power only the panels on my ML SL3's (bass is handled separately via SS amp) I currently have a Kora Jupiter Power Amp (40-50W and EL84 tubes) which works pretty well in my small room at moderate volumes on rock/acoustic/indie/blues Any thoughts on the VT60 in general and also in combination with ML SL3 Panel as a combination?
  4. Audio Research Reference 110 Power Amplifier - £2795, RRP - £10000 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. One scratch on the rear panel. Fitted with Tung-Sol KT120 valves. Original box and packing. 12 month warranty provided. Read the sterophile review here See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so buy with confidence. Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  5. I am looking for an Audio Research valve phono stage, typically PH3, PH3SE or PH5 but will consider others but not the solid state ones. I would like it to be in excellent to mint condition to match my other equipment. Fair price offered.
  6. Audio Research REF 210 mono block amps for sale.
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