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Found 6 results

  1. As the well-meaning yet inexperienced seller on the 'bay says: "Here we have for sale..." (1) Allo Shanti PSU. Pimped (thanks, NIck) by replacing the skinny captive leads with 2 GX-16-2 sockets allowing your cable of choice to be installed (I used the Neotech jobbies from MCRU which are excellent but at £90 not for everyone). This is an excellent value PSU in stock form but moves up a notch with this tweak. One captive cable converted to GX16 termination is included, as is a stock DC cable from Sean Jacobs. (2) I bought this to compare the stock Node 2i with my pimped one. Case proven to my satisfaction Less than a year old and basically mint. If you want to use these together you'll need to buy an interface card from Pawel of this parish (if he's restarted shipping to UK) or Fidelity Audio. As testified in other threads, this provides a serious improvement in sound quality. I'd prefer not to split at this stage. Original/unpimped Allo Shanti is c. £150. Node 2i RRP £500 and they consistently go for £350 on the 'bay. Seeking £450 for the package, plus £20 towards UK shipping. Free collection from near Melton Mowbray. I'll be at the Audio Show near Daventry on Sat 9th October if you can be patient and want to save yourself £20. PM me.
  2. I posted the below in a thread on "streamer without DAC" where it may have been a little buried. Thought it might deserve a thread of its own, given the level of interest in streamers in general and the happy ownership of Bluesound Nodes by a number of wammers. Shout out to @Kubs as he started the streamer thread. _____________ Last night I installed the pimped Node 2i (Fidelity Audio interface board + Custom HiFi Cables DC2 linear PSU) alongside my existing stock Node 2. Digital cables from both into Arcam D33 DAC were both Mark Grant so nothing fancy. The only other installation difference is that I tried unplugging my CAT 5 LAN cable to run both on wifi source but the new one refused to play and I didn't want to factory reset so the Node 2i had the advantage of a hard connection to the router. For the purposes of listening comparisons, Dac feeds an Arcam A49 amp and speakers were my recently acquired Thiel CS 2 2 which are from the early 90's. Music is lossless CD rips sitting on my NAS also plugged into router and control is via the BluOS app on my iPad (to repeat, the music does not strema from the device like with Airplay, the iPad merely acts as a remote control and is not in the playback chain. I was impressed by the difference. The Thiels have been loosening up after what I guess has been a few years of low or no use and are getting tighter all the time; their strong bass sounds a bit bloated with the stock Node 2. It's fine until you compare it with the pimped Node 2i of course... and then you realise how tight everything can and should be. Not only in the bass, where there is more shape to the notes but also in the mids and highs where it is easier to discern say the brushed strokes of a cymbal. The whole system sounds stronger, tighter and all is good in TheFlash Towers. How much of this is the LAN vs wifi? Your guess is as good as mine. How much is the difference between the stock Node 2 and stock Node 2i? DItto. Would I recommend that someone considering spending up to £1000 on a streamer listened to the pimped version available from Fidelity Audio? Absolutely, and I think you'd be very pleasantly surprised. The Node 2/2i is a great device in its own right but the tweaks take it up a level. I invited Nick @Fourlegs over this morning to tell me whether I was hearing things. I turned his expectation bias up to full of course by telling him which was which and tapping my foot vigorously when the Node 2i was playing. Worked a treat. Nick thought the improvement might in part be down to the reduction in RFI from the, presumably but not evidenced, quieter linear PSU; so we plugged in one of his own brand (and expensive - sorry, Nick!) he-man cables - he'd sneaked it in in his pocket and for a moment I thought he was just excited to see me. There was a noticeable improvement in clarity with the stock Node 2. Nick looked rather triumphant (mind you, he does have a tendency to think RFI is to blame for everything, probably including climate change). I suggested we plug the Wave cable into the pimped Node 2i to prove/disprove the theory, expecting to hear it made no or a modest difference but blow me (that's just an expression, not an invitation) it made the same incremental difference. Now we're cooking! It was exciting and extraordinary. Now some naughty wammer (no names, no pack drill) is going to accuse me of "shilling", of subtly promoting the products of a friend to his commercial advantage; it's a family show so I'll keep it clean: that's utter gatteaux). With respect, no-one is going to spend as much on a cable as on their pimped 2i streamer, wrong market. I'm simply reporting this for completeness of the experiment. I spent a couple of months helping Nick set up Wave and then left him to it; apparently he promised me a cable if I ever wanted one. I hadn't been interested at the time as it was of no use - I only got a separate DAC this year - but Nick dusted off the offer and the one we tried is staying. I'm a happy bunny. Next step has to be to compare my beloved dCS RingDAC-based Arcam CD23T with this tweaked setup. Now that's going to be very interesting indeed. (stock Node 2 now in Classifieds).
  3. It seems that on Tidal some albums are only available on MQA. Whilst these will play the quality seems inferior to other non-MQA albums. (Comparing Tidal albums to same album ripped) (I have no wish to leave Tidal though). I am about to buy a non-MQA DAC and therefore wondering if there is any merit in swapping my Auralic Aries Mini for a Bluesound Node 2i used just as a streamer and do one MQA unfold? I realise that it not a full unfold but maybe it’s worthwhile? Is there a kind Bluesound owner who could give an opinion on this please?
  4. Having moved from a Pre-DAC to a lavardin pre, I am currently streaming/decoding from a Sonos connect(legacy product) analogue output to pre-amp. I mainly stream Flac files from NAS and use Spotify connect, and having moved away from pre-DAC(Cyrus xp+), there has been a significant drop in sound quality. I would prefer a one box solution DAC/streamer with a budget of about £1000. I was looking at the Bluesound Vault 2i, as this would allow me to rip my CDs to the internal 2tb storage. This would decode up to 24/192 kHz, but will that be future proof enough or do I need to consider DSD? The rest of my system consists of Michell Gyro Se, puresound P10, Lavardin C42, pair of Cyrus APA 7.5's and Focal 816v speakers. I would appreciate thoughts on moving forward, many thanks in advance.
  5. Now SOLD I bought this Bluesound Vault 2i new myself, around 4 months ago from an authorised UK dealer. It is in excellent condition and works perfectly. It comes from a smoke and pet free home. It will come in original packaging and box. I have deleted all music on it and logged out of all music services. I was planning on listing on ebay, but I thought I'd just see if anyone here would like it before doing so. My asking price is £495, plus £20 UK carriage. Collection is OK from me in Bexhill, paying cash on collection or bank transfer prior to collection. In all cases I'll ask for a deposit to secure the deal. First to pay secures.
  6. I have a Bluesound NODE 2 in like new condition with all documents (manual & guarantee) and cables, box etc. I've got it in White. It's the best multi-room wireless streaming devices. A notch above Sonos. Bluesound won the 2015 WHAT! HI-FI Product of the Year Award. Under warranty. Price xxx (non-negotiable) + delivery. Collection from PE38 free!
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