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Found 13 results

  1. I'm selling two substantial Gutwire G Clef 1.5m (approx) mains cables. They have high quality plugs and earth clips for the shielding which you can experiment attaching to one another. These cables provided a fantastic improvement in my system and I have used them to connect all my source and amplifier components to the mains. I'm only selling these two because I've managed to reduce my box count (phew!), the rest of my system remains cabled with G Clef and C Clef cables. I'm selling them as a pair for £300 including shipping which makes them something of a bargain as they were £369 each new in this length. At this price they represent a relatively inexpensive way to greatly improve the sound of your system. Review here: Microsoft Word - inner ear review g clef (
  2. Hello all. My 1st post here I am giving serious consideration to purchasing an Audio Origami PU7 tonearm for my Kore chassis Sondek. I have the option of a hard-wired continuous run of phono cable OR a right-angled DIN connector with a separate phono cable. Which option is best for the Sondek? My understanding is that the phono cable (the way it exits the tonearm and connects to the inside of the plinth via the P-Clip) is considered part of the suspension system. I am concerned that if a continuous run of cable is bent to connect to the P-Clip then it will be pulling on the sub-chassis and may make it difficult if not impossible to get the ideal "bounce". On the other hand, the suspension is tune-able via adjustment of springs so perhaps the pulling of the tonearm cable can be compensated for by adjustment and I have nothing to worry about. I would prefer to go with a continuous run of phono cable if possible. One less physical connection. Which way do you think I should go? What have other PU7 users done? Thanks in advance!
  3. 2 x 5M Naim NACA5 Speaker Cables in white for sale. Dealer terminated with QED Airloc bananna plugs on one end and Naim amplifier plugs on the other. Less than 1 year old and in perfect condition. £200 (Retail price is £34 per metre)
  4. 12 days ago, by chance, a 6.36kg iron weight had been placed on one of my speaker cables. I won’t bore you with the details of my system, but suffice it to say it is a very highly resolving one with a ‘new’ value in excess of £50K. The salient point is the speaker cable is a copper cable in a fairly standard ‘shotgun' configuration. I had not noticed the weights presence (due to renovation of Georgian era sash windows) and at the end of a stressful day dealing with craftsmen I sat down to listen to some Pet Shop Boys, who, incidentally, the BBC are screening one of their live shows this coming Sunday. Initially I thought I’d had a recurrence of temporary dulling of my hearing in my left ear (an old problem caused by a trapped nerve following a hunting accident some years ago) as one channel, the left, sounded terrible in comparison to the right. I checked my hearing using an Iphone app and all was apparently ok. Baffled. My Fiancé joined me and also noticed something was amiss. This was too much for me and I decided to take my leave of an early night to read. The following day I rose early and awaited the craftsmen to resume work. Well, I’ll be jiggered, I noticed the weight on the right cable. The weight had actually been positively affecting the sound thus making the left channel sound dull in comparison. Work recommenced on the windows and I casually asked (actually, I begged if the truth be known) if they had two similar weights I could buy off them. Alas this was not possible. I did have chance to measure the force applied to the cable as the weight was not acting fully since the cable was acting as a fulcrum. 4.31kg acting over 8.5cm. This seems to be the magic number. Almost by chance this was placed equidistant along the cable length. With calm restored following the craftsmen’s departure I now realise that having weights on the cables will be impractical and, naturally, a little hideous to see. I have ordered a large number of laboratory clamps and will be experimenting with different applied forces and at differing points along the cable. I’m sure there are more potential ‘sweet spots’ to find. The joy of being a true audiophile, it’s a pass time that never stops rewarding. This may also have inadvertently happened to you in your system, I would be interested to hear. Picture of the clamps I have purchased below. I may experiment with having some copper or silver plated once I fix the clamp points and pressures.
  5. I’m having a wooden floor put in the lounge and the cable for one of the speakers will have to somehow go underneath the floor where the room adjoins the conservatory. The K20 is as you will know very chunky indeed and frankly a bit unsightly. Is there a recommended significantly thinner upgrade I could go for? The set up is LP12, Cyrus CDi, Kairn, 2 Aktiv Klouts, Aktiv Keilidhs. Thanks
  6. Hi guys! The Abbey Road cables (1m) are the originals, with Eichmann plugs, very neutral: £125? The Black Cat Veloce is the third iteration of Chris Sommovigo's digital IC. Clearly better than my old HDXV - same speed and mega-detail, better balanced with more bass. Has the original top quality RCA to BNC adapters. Had a very good review on 6 moons. £75?
  7. Ikea now do cable management Idebo , part no 903 364 04 Sorted
  8. Purchased this last year as an extra to the one I already have but have since sold some equipment so no longer need. This is the slim metal 8-way power distribution block with a 2.5 metre length cable, as fitted by Mark. Cost me £211 in July last year. Will accept £120 incl. UK shipping via economy courier.
  9. Back up for sale as i made a mistake about the Din Cardas Golden Cross 1.25M phono cable RCA to Straight 5 pin Din SOLD Excellent Condition Free postage in UK Any questions, just ask
  10. I've upgraded my mains conditioner to one with Schuko sockets so I'm selling my UK mains cables (and old conditioner in a separate post). All cables have been purchased new from Clearer Audio and are fitted with the Furutech FI-UK Mains Plug. The cables are fitted with either 13A or 5A high-quality Bussmann fuses. I can switch the fuse between 5A and 13A if required as I have spares supplied by Clearer Audio. 13A will be fine and provide the best sound quality for equipment with a built-in fuse. Check the manual or have a look near the IEC socket as this is where the built-in fuse normally is. If in doubt use the same fuse rating as the supplied mains cable. I have eight Clearer Audio cables in total for sale. These are: 4 x 1m Silver-line Power Cable with Wattgate 320i IEC termination 13A- £125 each (£215 new each) 1 x 1m Silver-line Power Cable with Furutech FI-11 Cu IEC 13A - £130 (£225 new) 1 x 0.35m Silver-line Optimus Power Cable with Furutech FI-11 Cu IEC 13A- £150 (£554 new but I paid £220 in a clearance sale) If used on a rack above a mains conditioner, the distance between the middle of the UK socket and IEC socket should be 25cm or less vertically. 2 x 1.5m Silver-line Power Cable with Furutech FI-15 Plus Gold IEC 5A - £180 each (£309 new each) All cables are in excellent condition. The cables came in bubble-wrap and without a box / instructions. I think I only have the bubble-wrap bags for the last three cables. I am rajabr on eBay. You can check my feedback here Please PM if you have any questions. Best wishes Raja
  11. .People I have some Audio Note JapanQSSC Speaker Cables (20 strand silver litz) for sale 2 x 115cm pairs and 2 x 120cm pairs which I currently use with my Living Voice OBX RW's for sale. I am looking for £1600 £1400 £1200 £1000 ONO for the 4 stereo pairs. Would be prepared to sell as individual stereo pairs but at a premium to the job lot sale and depending on demand for this.
  12. Vertex aq Illimani hi rez usb cable 1.5m. New price around £620 and asking what I paid for it, which was £250 inc postage (bought from this parish early in 2016). Very good condition (one mark on casework). Selling because I no longer need this length of USB cable. I'll upload a pic asap. Thanks for reading.
  13. Sold. Up for sale is my Roksan HD arm cable, bought from Analogue Seduction in May for £285. I bought this for use with my PT Anni as I figured the thin wires leading to the din plug would work well with the Anni's free floating suspension. I have since wired up the RCA sockets at the back of the deck and now no longer need this. 1m length. A word of caution. This is a revealing cable and when used with a Lyra Delos I found the sound a little bright. Caveats out of the way, I am offering this in perfect condition for £170 delivered, UK only or you can pay cash on collection, item is located in Blackheath, London SE3.