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Found 26 results

  1. I've been considering an upgrade to my Goldring 1042 recently. In truth, although it's a very good cartridge (albeit a bit of a pig to get the alignment right), I think it's the weak link in my system. The obvious answer I suppose is to go for an MC, something like Hana ML, Benz (bit of a soft spot for those), or similar. The MC stage in my phono is probably capable of doing justice to those without necessarily needing a separate SUT, although no oubt even better performance would ensure going down that route. But I'm also open to the possibility of a top-end MM. My musical tastes are quite wide and varied, but don't extend to the (no offence intended) more usual audiophile staples of jazz, blues and Dire Straits. I value a presentation that's dynamic, open and with excellent imaging - hear-through clarity and focus and precise placement, but without pulling the music apart so much that it loses the performance. Tracking ability is very important, AT levels of ability would be ideal. I read a recent review of the Nagaoka MP-500 which was very complimentary, and I think it would make the shortlist to audition, if that opportunity ever arises again in the current climate. But I've been doing some searching, and have come across Mobile Fidelity cartridges - didn't even know they made them. The MasterTracker comes in around £800-ish which I suppose puts it right up near the top of the MM pile.... but how does it perform? Has anyone any experience of this particular model or the cheaper UltraTracker? I've only found one pretty favourable review online, and some forum stuff that reckons it's probably made by AT. So does that mean it's just an overpriced re-body of another cartridge? Would love to know more. Also to be considered is how it compares against a similarly-priced MC, such as the aforementioned Hana ML.
  2. Some of you may have read on here that our house sale fell through and as we need to get to immigrate to be with elderly parents we will rent out our home instead. Sadly this means that we need to raise funds for the move and some hifi and musical items very reluctantly need to be sold. You may have also read that I love this IO 1 cartridge and it was my destination cartridge. I only bought it secondhand late last year with c100 hours on it but it had a problem with the suspension so I sent it to Audio Note to do a complete refurbishment. But Audio Note said that they only needed to adjust the suspension as the cartridge sounded especially good and had a lot of life left in it. Since the refurbishment the cartridge has only been played for 1 hour as I have a channel balance problem with my arm. (Audio Note also re-fitted the tags on my Audio Note Arm 2/2 but applied too much solder to one cable and so the capacitance is incorrect on one channel and it needs re-doing. Once the tags are re-fitted post August I might be selling the arm as well) Am also selling an Audio Note AN S2 SUT. It's best to use an Audio Note SUT with the IO due to the low output of this cartridge. Please see the photos. I have more and can do more high resolution ones for the cartridge if needed. Both are in great condition. One thing to point out about the SUT is that it was missing one 'foot' when I bought it. Audio Note sent me another one but it was the wrong size. I spoke to Peter Q the other day and he told me that Audio Note are not really open for business until August so you could get another one, if important, when they are open again. I would really like to sell these together or would sell the IO separately once the SUT is sold. Bearing in mind that Audio Note have done the refurb and the condition of these items looking for £1,600. I believe that the cartridge retails for c£3,000 and the SUT c£1,000. We are due to leave the UK on 20th July. After this date postage will be a lot more as it will be sent from Portugal. You could collect from Teddington TW11 or I can post Royal Mail. I have the original box for the SUT and will pack both very well. Am selling other stuff so please look out for other items. Thanks Dom
  3. £320 Fantastic condition cartridge, with a new stylus and complete check over (I have the paperwork, see pic) by expert stylus and cart Co. done couple years ago. Any questions please ask. Please note this requires about 45 - 58db gain phono amp.
  4. Phono Stage or Cartridge Upgrade Hello all. I have recently purchased a used Rosksan Radius 5.1 with an Origin Live OL1 tonearm and an A&R C77 Cart. At the moment it's going via tha phono stage on my Yamaha AV Amp RX-A1070. I'm loving getting back into vinyl and now have an itch to see how much better the sound can get within reasonable cost. I have approx £200 to spend. My first thoughts are either to upgrade the cart or get a dedicated phono stage. What do you think would get me the best bang for buck? I was looking at the Yaqin MS23B as I really like the idea of trying out valves in the amplification path. Does anyone have any experience of this particular amp? I know nothing about carts so have been looking at all the names often recommended on various forums. Would £200 on a cart be overkill for my arm and/or turntable? If not what would you recommend? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Tony
  5. selling my Clearaudio Maestro V2, it's only got 15 -20 hour of play on it and has sat in it's box for the last 6 months. asking for £550 inc Delivery (open to sensible offers) currently retailing around £900 so get your self a bargain sell your cart privately and recoup some of the cost. [/url
  6. Hi I'm looking for a temporary solution for my Gyrodec + SME IV combo in the £ 100-200 range. I know what you're thinking but I just bought the tonearm, so can't really afford a decent enough cartridge for the duo. I currently have a Rega Elys 2 that doesn't fit well on the SME, so I'd have to buy the not so cheap £40 SME spacer. I thought I could sell the Elys 2 and buy a stopgap cartridge. If new, I was considering the Denon DL-110 HO version, but I'm happy to hear if you have something I can enjoy my new tonearm with
  7. GP-380 Ceramic cartridge. I purchased this after hearing a ceramic cartridge at Scalford one year and thought that it would be a good idea to try one of those at home. Unfortunatly I bought a version that did not fit my turntable as it will only fit a Philips arm with a "star" connector. Doh! I have tried to show the connector star style in one of the attached photos. Purchased from for 73Euros approx £63. Price: £45 plus postage at cost. Location: Portsmouth. Also will be available at Kegworth for inspection/purchase. New and never used. Package has been opened. Specification: Type: Ceramic / Crystal Fixing: Manufacturer-specific Output voltage: 10mV at 1kHz, 5cm/sec. Amplifier-connection: Line-In Frequency range: 20.20.000Hz Compliance: 12 x 10 6 cm/dyne (100 Hz) (lateral) Material: sapphire, Stylus type: spherical 15 µm Tracking force range: 1,5-3,0g Recommended load resistance: 47 kOhm Weight: 11,0g Dimensions: 12 (H) x 12 (B) x 55 (L) mm
  8. After a change of phono stage, I’ve switched back to MC, so this nearly new Goldring is for sale. Nice MM cartridge, with very low hours. Purchased new in June, it has been on my second system since. Complete with all packaging, tools and bolts etc. Looking for £120, I can post or you can collect from Rugby.
  9. I bought this to try and decided I prefer my Ortofon 2M Black after only a couple of hours. So its almost brand new, I have all original packaging and stylus guard. The Technics 1200 headshell in the photos will not be included. Due to its tiny size and shiny surfaces it wasa real pain to photograph with a mobile phone! These are c £700 new, you can have this one for £500 ono including UK Royal Mail Special Delivery. I'm in Edinburgh if you want to collect.
  10. Dave Brown


    So, bought from my employer about 3 months ago to upgrade my 2-Xperience SB. Played for around 3 hours max. It's just too clinical for me, I listen to a lot of dance / indie / modern rubbish (no - not charty stuff) and find it over analytical - just doesn't suit my ears. Much prefer the warmth of the Bronze matched with my Lehmann Stage - again a very warm tube sounding stage. It's as new as you can imagine, SN41496. Comes with everything in the box it was shipped with. £370 is the price you'll pay for the stylus alone online or from your local hifi emporium. Looking for £250 if collected from OX11. Can post via the Royal Mail posh delivery service, but that will cost an extra £15, will be shipped when funds cleared bank / paypal. Questions - gimme a call/sms on 07767 458151 or email me via admin [ a t ] brownz [ d o t ] org
  11. Zyx released its new series of “Ultimate” moving coil cartridges in late 2016, including a range of models culminating in the Ultimate Dynamic. The Ultimate series features several changes, particularly a new “C-1000 Carbon Cantilever” engineered from composite carbon fibre, which carries a nude diamond micro-ridge stylus. Zyx cartridges appear to be very popular amongst audiophiles in Japan, with current waiting times of a month or more for the Ultimate series to be “made to order”. A few UK retailers (eg., Reference Fidelity Components, Analogue Seduction) stock the Zyx Ultimate range. There are very few reviews of Zyx cartridges to be found on the web, hence this brief note concerning my initial experience with the Zyx Ultimate 100H model (0.48mV output), in case this is of interest to Wammers. Overall, I’m very impressed with the Ultimate 100H right out of the box – it already sounds distinctly better in several respects than the Zyx Airy SB/X (with plenty of life left) that it replaced, on a Scheu Diamond turntable / 12” PU7 tonearm. The alignment was to Loefgren B using an arc protractor with null points bespoke to the arm. I set the VTF at 1.85 g, below the recommended 2g, and calibrated anti-skate using the HFN test record. The new cartridge has only played a few hours, so I am pretty sure further improvements are to come. I will update if there is any significant change. To me, the Zyx Ultimate 100H delivers incredible detail, with the speed, neutrality and tonal accuracy that I think of as the Zyx “house sound”. Bass goes as deep as my speakers / sub can handle, and is crisp & taut. Treble is sweet and extended. The mid-range is clear, fast and perhaps slightly warm, but not over-blown or lush. Channel separation and imaging are superb. Excellent for my usual listening (jazz, classical, vocals). Does the new carbon-fibre cantilever make any difference? Hard to say, but compared with the boron cantilevered Airy, there is markedly less surface noise, and less sibilance even with closely-miked vocals. The Ultimate 100H also seems just as fast, “punchy” and energetic as the Airy, so I didn’t detect any obvious dampening with the supposedly less resonant carbon-fibre cantilever. Negatives? Nothing serious (but then I’m already a fan of the Zyx “house sound”). The mounting grooves on the Ultimate 100H are unthreaded, and can be fiddly to align. Also, the cartridge is quite light so is easier to counter-weight if you add a mounting plate. Well worth considering IMO if you are after a fast, highly detailed, and tonally accurate MC cartridge. The new Zyx Ultimate 100H totally outperformed my Benz Glider SL – there was just no comparison – and was somewhat better than an older version of the Zyx Airy model that is further up the range. (Zyx claim that their micro-ridge stylus has a life of ~2000 hrs, which could be another advantage, although I do not own any Zyx carts that have come anywhere near that limit.)
  12. maz06

    SALE Denon DL304

    Denon DL304 Cartridge Denon DL304, these are brilliant cartridges. This one I would say requires a re-tip so it is being sold as a non-runner. New old stock versions of these sell for a lot of money. £ - Open to offers. Collection preferred - Greater Manchester, but would post at cost.
  13. We have a very limited number of special edition Goldring Legacy Cartridges available. These are the first ten bodies ever made which were held back for release at a later date. each cartridge comes with a authentication certificate signed by David Giffin, who built all ten of these special editions. There's no extra cost to you either. To buy the cartridge outright is £695.00 or £555.00 on the Goldring exchange scheme. "To ensure a record cartridge reproduces an accurate transcription of the record groove, the cartridge components must be rigidly mounted to the tone arm, whilst simultaneously allowing the tiniest movements of the diamond stylus to be transmitted, via the cantilever, to the sensing coils. The Legacy boasts an ultra low resonance magnesium metal body which is both very light and extremely strong. For convenience and rigidity, it has threaded inserts allowing the cartridge to be easily mounted and accurately aligned into the headshell. The stylus is a very low mass 'Vital' fine line diamond, which is highly polished and gives extremely low distortion. To maintain rigidity, this is attached to a hard alloy cantilever which transfers the maximum level of detail from the diamond to the coils; the latter are hand wound using only the highest purity copper." Frequency Response20Hz-30kHz +/- 3 dB Channel Balancewithin 1 dB @ 1 kHz Channel Separationbetter than 25 dB min. @ 1 kHz Sensitivity0.25 mV +/- 1 dB @ 1 kHz Static Compliance25 mm/N Dynamic Compliance @ 10 Hz 15 mm/N Vertical Tracking Angle24° Stylus RadiusVital Fine Line Stylus TypeNon-Replaceable Load Resistance100 Ω Load Capacitance100 - 1000 pF Internal Inductance3 uH Internal Resistance7 Ω Cartridge Mass8.0 g Cartridge Mass (inc. fixings) 8.9 g Fixing Centre0.5" (12.7 mm) Playing Weight1.5 - 2.0 g (1.7 g nom.)
  14. For sale is my musically satisfying Transfiguration Phoenix S MC cartridge. I bought it as a stop-gap while my beloved Jan Allaerts MC1B was back with Jan for a service. That took longer than expected but the Phoenix has been used for no more than 100 hours. Since the break-in period is quoted as 30 hours, I've saved any potential acquirers the hassle of breaking the cartridge in! It comes with the original box and packaging. £1600 ono. Save yourself £500 on the new price and have a lovely cartridge that's ready to go right out of the box. Full details, reviews and specs for the cartridge are here:
  15. Hi all Received a brand new Dynavector 10x5 for my old Rega Planar 3 last night... fitted it in no time this morning before work. I have done this many times over the years, so am pretty confident it was set up correctly. But during only the third side of music there was a loud pop on the right channel and the left channel died. It was similar in character to when you get a bit of gunk on a record, but much louder. I swapped the left/right phono inputs over to check if the phono-amp was at fault and it seems to be fine, so the turntable is only sending sound from the right channel. I haven't had a chance to do a full investigation yet, but the four little wires (red/green/white/blue) all seem to be still attached to the pins.. as I sat there in horror that was my first thought; that one of them had somehow fallen off and touched another. Anyone have similar experiences, and/or advice on what to check next to verify where the fault may lie...? Ta Dynavector 10x5>Rega Planar 3 (1995)>Naim Stageline>Flatcap 2x>Supernait>PMC FB1+
  16. Tim F

    Budget cart

    Hi all, After an MM cart for around £100 for an older Pioneer PL514 deck. What would you recommend? Happy to buy second hand if anyone has something decent on here. I've seen there's a lot of choice so thought I'd ask! Thanks! Tim
  17. Transfiguration Proteus Cartridge - £1995, RRP - £3299 **SOLD** 1 owner from new with 100 hours of use. Only 5 months old. In 'as new' condition. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information.
  18. Excel Sound Corporation prides themselves on their manufacturing quality and quality control processes at every stage, ensuring their handmade cartridges offer consistently perfect results. We couldn't agree more - we are really impressed by what HANA produces, visit us or your nearest dealer for more information.
  19. Ortofon 2M Red MM Moving Magnet Cartridge only a few months careful use before moving up to MC £35 Delivered, Boxed with all fixings etc.. Fantastic cart for very little money
  20. Price drop!! For sale a Zephyr 200 record cartridge from Edwards Audio. This is a MM cartridge, which features an elliptical diamond on an aluminium cantilever. Owned from new and has a maximum of 50 hours record play. I'm looking for £45 for this cartridge, plus posting of £3.50. Please note this item is also being sold elsewhere and may be withdrawn at short notice.Thanks Josh
  21. I've been quiet on the forum for a few months as I am fortunate to have a second setup in a second home which i've been sorting (I hate calling it that: I bought a flat in my home town Kendal when my mum died last year, but it does mean it's 180 miles from where I sit right now so I can't just pop though to the other room and tweak/check X). Here in E Mids I have Rega RP6/Fono II/Dynavector 10x5, at my apartment "up north" I have turntable/arm/cart as per title. The RP6 was set up in store by Analogue Seduction and carefully transplanted, all works nicely. The Michell Gyro SE setup was all me and it is a different beast. I have a sound quality issue I'd appreciate your guidance on. Basically, after initial set-up, across the spectrum the Gyro/Illustrious/Black sounds OK rather than high fidelity, and in particular I have a screechy treble thing going on and probably accompanying lightness in the bass, the treble issue particularly noticeable on say Simply Red trumpet or orchestral violin. CD sounds excellent on same rig so this is not an amp/speaker thing. The first things I checked were fluff on the stylus (it'd that bad) and the tightness of the speaker driver bolts, both fine. Kit summary: New Gyro SE; pre-owned Origin Live Illustrious MkII bought from a nice Italian man this very forum; new Ortofon 2m Black; and Jolida JD9 II phono stage with Modwright tweaks also courtesy of this very forum. Gyro assembly straightforward; OL arm likewise - was dreading this - hand-tight nut but may be missing cork washer; 2M Black install straightforward. Cartridge alignment: yet to do the protractor thing but have set it up to look absolutely square in the headshell. Tracking weight: Digitally assessed 1.5g as per Ortofon booklet which seems light vs 10x5 or even other Ortofon 2M's but who am I to judge? VTA: visually good, the slightly tapered Illustrious is to be aligned with its midpoint not the top or bottom of the arm. Anti-skate/side bias: really not sure about this at all. The recommended angle, even with the clamping ball close to the yoke/pivot, seems excessive. I've tried it in a range of positions and it doesn't seem to impact the treble issue, but I may not had been entirely scientific here... Where should I start looking first when I have my next chance to dabble? I may be imagining this (have yet to do a clinical assessment) but appears it may be more of an issue on R rather than L channel: does this help or confuse? At risk of dissuading experts from proffering their advice, if I fail to crack this myself then I may have no alternative but to offer to entertain someone in Kendal (day of tweaking, dinner, overnight stay, optional fell walk). The application process will however be rigorous… :-) Many thanks, Nigel
  22. For years I have aligned cartridges on my 9” and 12” PU7 arms (both use Linn-type mounts) using the handy single-point universal cartridge protractor that comes with them. However convenient, universal single-point (or even 2-point) alignment protractors work by simplifying the arm’s actual tracking geometry, and are therefore a bit hit-and-miss. Arc protractors, on the other hand, are in theory more accurate because they specify a made-to-measure arc for any arm with a given pivot-to-spindle distance, with bespoke alignment grids calculated specifically for that arm. I therefore invested some time this BH weekend to find a simple way to create and use arc protractors for cartridge alignment, with simple DIY tools. This post is to share my experience in the hope that others will find it useful. (I haven’t searched the forum – it may be that I’m repeating what’s already covered elsewhere). This note only covers the steps I took for cartridge alignment; it assumes that you already have adjusted azimuth, VTA and VTF correctly. I used the latest version of Conrad Hoffman’s free Arc Protractor template generating programme – link here Choose “Custom arc template generator …..”. I found it extremely easy to use, and very accurate. The download comes with detailed instructions. All I had to do was to measure the pivot-to-spindle distance for each arm accurate to 0.5mm or better, choose the alignment algorithm (the programme calculates Lofgren A (Baerwald) or Lofgren B or Stevenson) and print out the calculated arc protractor on photo paper using my cheap home inkjet. The printout comes with alignment marks at 100 and 200mm – I checked them with a steel ruler to make sure the printout was at exactly the right scale. It was, without any printer adjustment whatsoever. Alignment using the included instructions was equally simple. Interestingly – for both arms and two different cartridges with quite different construction – the arc protractor’s optimal alignment had about 3-5mm difference to the universal protractor I used to use. It took about 20 min to complete. Did it make a difference? Yes – particularly on records with grooves stamped closer to the spindle. There was a clearly audible decrease in end distortion, particularly on the 12” arm, and background noise was lower right through the records. Very well worth trying IMO!
  23. It's a bit of a long shot, but im after a stylus that fits a clearaudio virtuoso cartridge. I currently have an audio technica atn95e stylus fitted as I bent the original cantilever, but today, I bent that one as well. I have seen a few options available as replacements, the shibata would be my first choice, failing that, the atn95vl would be second choice. Id welcome any further info on other potential styli that would fit in the clearaudio body. thanks in advance. Lee.
  24. I have a Rega Apheta MC cartridge on a Rega RP8 turntable. I've had it a couple of years and reckon I've played it for about 500 hours. I've not noticed any sound deteriation but wondered when it would need to be replaced. At nearly £1000 for a new one it's not something which I'm looking forward to doing, but on the other hand don't want to ruin any records! Any suggestions when it should be replaced would be most gratefully received. Thanks in advance.
  25. Guest

    WANTED Denon DL-160 cartridge

    As above chaps. Thrill me, wotcha got ? Cheers Mike