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Found 21 results

  1. Hello, i am looking for a warm sounding speaker cable. Which manufacturers are known to make cables that go in the warm direction? Cardas and Fadel Art are well known for their cables going in the warm direction. What can you recommend in the affordable range? Cardas cables are too expensive even used. Best regards
  2. Looking to buy a set of Chord Signature speaker biwire links/jumpers.
  3. I've just sold my Rega CD player so no longer need the interconnects I was using, a pair of Chord Anthem Reference RCA 1m interconnects. They used to retail for £500 and a pair are currently on Ebay for £347 I'm looking for £225 plus postage if required. I'm located in Oadby Leicestershire Sorry about the picture quality I was trying to get under the 2mb limit. Cheers Ady I also have the Chord box and packaging. Hopefully this is a better picture.
  4. Looking to try a Chord DAC (up to £500) in my system. Anyone wanting to sell a Hugo or 2qute/Qutest?
  5. Fellow Listeners, I'm source hunting and had an interesting demo today with the chance to listen to the: 1. new NAD C658 2. Naim ND5 XS2 3. Chord Qutest with Sbooster external power supply (300 euro) and my Bluesound Node 2. Speakers were new model Dynaudio Confidence 20s and amp was a Hegel 190. I probably should have chosen the ATC SCM 40 (Closer in style to my Spendor), but the 20s were already set up and I didn't want to trouble the fellow. As I onlyy use Tidal, that's all we used, though he did use it through Roon. I wonder if that influences sound? Briefly, The NAD is more of the Node2. Similar "house sound" with more of everything. More air, more detail, nice weight. The Naim is crisper, more articulate and offered a slightly brighter profile. On the Naim instruments are easier to pick out, but it lacks the rich tonal quality and weight of the NAD and Node on solo piano, Brad Mehldau's Day is Done, "Martha My Dear." On Steely Dan's Gaucho I preferred the Naim -- everything is organized and the individual instruments are separate and together. It was easy to listen to the "whole" and pick out instruments if you wanted to listen to the nuances. Rapid and light percussion work on a cymbal was also preferable on the Naim, it has nice timing I suppose. The Qutest through the Node2 was almost a pleasant mix of the two. I've demoed it once before at home, but what it brought to the table today was more noticeable. I did not find it analytical, it had the requisite details and weight as well as sonic authenticity. The Qutest was quite fluid. One track we used for all set ups, including the Node2 by itself, was "Kingdom" off of Calle Rasmussen's One. The tune is over nine minutes in length and broken up into three parts. It had everything required for a nice analysis. I'm not sure anyone of them was better than the other, in that it was more about presentation of the music and how one might personally prefer it. What can I say, I error on the side of subjectivism. The new Auralic Altair G1 Streaming DAC had not arrived in the shop yet, but he said it will arrive in September so I'll be back for so more comparison shopping then. I've heard heard the Linn Akurate DSM/3 used only as a source. If I go with a Linn it will be a used one. Budget is about 3k.
  6. Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, bananas, 3.75 m pair One stereo pair of Chord Epic Twin speaker cable, 3.75 m each end to end. Factory terminated with bananas. Excellent condition and a great sounding cable. I tried many types before settling on this, including Van Den Hul, Ecosse, Tellurium Q black. I have ‘gone active’, hence this cable is now surplus to requirements. This is the single wire stuff (two conductors per cable), the biwire cable is the Epic Super Twin IIRC. This will set you back about £450 new (ref FutureShop). Asking £225. Reviews:
  7. Immaculate Chord CPM 2600 integrated amp with electronics serviced and upgraded by Chord to 2650 spec in mid 2017. This is effectively the latest 2650 without the revised face plate and buttons in all silver with the expensive optional Integra legs with an RRP of £5500. I've owned this amp from new and It comes with the machined remote (the latest are plastic), and is supplied in a brand new Chord shipping box with original manual. £1650 plus UK. P&P or pickup from GU20 Please PM me with any questions
  8. I have for sale my Chord 2Qute DAC for sale in Silver. I bought it in May this year 2018 brand new from Peter Tyson. Receipt to be supplied to buyer. It's immaculate, as new. All original packaging, etc. I am including an Audioquest RCA-BNC adaptor - £610 plus £11 postage I am sadly selling since I need cash to get an ADC/DAC solution for studio recording. My location is 3 mins drive from junction 1 of M3
  9. After years of nagging that we have "no room" for the hifi I've finally conceded and decided to sell the lot and replace with a more sensible set up for our abode. This is the renowned Chord SPM 4000 which I have been using to drive a pair of B&W 802Ds. I purchased the amplifier 5 years ago and has rarely been used since due to having 2 young children (who have been kept well clear of it!). I no longer have the box as it was too big and space is a premium. Due to the weight and value of this item it will unfortunately be collection only from Richmond-upon-Thames in Surrey. • 480 watts RMS into 8 ohms• 750 watts RMS into 4 ohms• 950 watts RMS into 2 ohms• Integra Legs• Dimensions (WxHxD): 420 x 310 x 355mm - 45kg• Output: 8 x gold platted WBT.• Inputs: 2 x XLR balanced inputs & 2 x RCA single ended Price: £6400 ONO.
  10. Chord QDB76 DAC (MK1), immaculate condition and rarely used. £2100 ONO. Item can be posted by collection is preferred due to the value of the item.
  11. Chord Company 1m BNC to BNC Signature Digital Tuned ARAY interconnect for sale for £275. Original box etc. Excellent condition. Was £450 new. I used this cable to connect my Naim NDX streamer to my Chord DAVE DAC. Replaced the NDX with a Melco music server so I'm using an USB cable now. I can supply one or two BNC to RCA adapters for free. These are standard quality ones. Audioquest gold plated ones cost around £6 each I believe. My eBay feedback can be found here: Best wishes Raja
  12. Chord Mojo for sale, 11 months old (bought May 2016 from Oxford Audio, have receipt.) Boxed, with Apple lightening to USB adapter for use with iPhone and iPad. Also included is a small Hama camera case that it fits in nicely. As new condition. Bought to accompany me on business trips but not really being used, hence for sale. Price is £320 fixed including shipping.
  13. I'm looking to upgrade my current system and circumstances meant that I was in Yorkshire, so I booked a demo at Fanthorpes for today. I couldn't take my own speakers so asked for PMC Twenty 26's to be used as I'm familiar with their sound. I'm looking for a streaming only solution, so when we arrived (a friend came along for the experience) a Zen was used as the source, through a Hugo TT and then initially into a Bryston 4B3 amp. Surprisingly disappointing with a lack of bass and an uninteresting, slightly splashy treble. My comment when listening to the first song on Bowie's Blackstar was "this isn't grabbing me, I'm not feeling it at all". Maybe their own dac / pre amp would work better together, but this configuration as surprisingly disappointing to my ears. Change to the Chord SPM1050 mk 2 and WOW. Such musicality, swagger, verve and control. My friend and I were generally astonished. I played Bowie, Elbow live, Tom Waits, PJ Harvey and more but the most astonishing for me was probably Sparklehorse' "It's a wonderful life", a song I thought I knew pretty well. Apparently not. I heard things on that song I didn't even suspect were there. We swapped to a Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista (the 600 I think) and tried Stevie Ray Vaughan's."Couldn't stand the weather"(a track I didn't know which was already on the shop's drive). Initially it was very impressive, warm, rounded and musical. If I bought this amp without listening to any others I don't think I'd be disappointed. However when switching to music previously tried through the Chord it was clear that this is not the amp for me, so we switched back to the 1050 for the rest of the available time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I have previously demoed Linn AEDSM / Exaktbox / Twenty 26's and really enjoyed it. I'm sure that more experienced audiophiles them myself would find things they prefer in other systems but for me it's got to be about how it makes me feel when I listen to the music. This grabbed me. Awesome. i have a Naim demo booed tomorrow (272 & 250dr then NDX & SN2). The bar is already set much higher than I had anticipated by today's setup. Thanks are due to Dale at Fanthorpes.
  14. For sale. A Chord 2Qute DAC. Less than a year old. In full working order. Like new condition. Has all original components and box. £800 posted to the UK. PM me if interested. Can also be picked up from Sheffield.
  15. The amazing Chord Mojo has reset the performance standard for a portable DAC and headphone amplifier Now available with free Mojo Case worth £65!!
  16. In mint condition, silver Chord Hugo DAC with matching Chord leather case. This is the current v2 that can take larger rca connectors. Has had very little use. With as new original boxing, manual and accessories. Reduced to £900 and will include watertight hard case for transporting.
  17. Chord CPM 3350 Integrated Amplifier - Silver - Inc Integra Legs - £4950, RRP - £8430 1 Owner from new in "as new" condition. Simply stunning amplifier. Comes with original box and packing. Silver with Integra Legs and remote control. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at for more information.
  18. Chord Signature Digital Coaxial Interconnect Cable RCA-RCA 1m long. In excellent condition Included original packaging and box. £120.00 including postage to mainland UK Payment by bank transfer please.
  19. I have a mint 3m pair of Chord Epic Twin speaker cable. Selling due to low funds and in need of fixing some stuff around my home. I am looking for £200 plus £10 shipping or collection. I will be shipping from Oxford Audio Consultants where I work. If you have any questions please let me know.
  20. Selling an as new Chord Mojo. Purchased from Audio Venue, Ealing 30th June 2016 (receipt supplied) and used mainly at work. Now using an Audioquest Dragonfly Red so no longer require the Mojo. Boxed with cable and in excellent condition £325 including next day delivery.
  21. We have some just discontinued Chord Cables for sale. Chord Chameleon rca 1m - £135 Chord Cobra rca 1m - £86.25 Grab em whilst stocks last!!