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Found 12 results

  1. Great vintage preamp. Class A with excellent adjustable phono stage. In great condition. Bought as part of the set but using my home cinema as pre due to room issues and eq. Comes with 110/220V selectable source. Quite old but very good condition. Want £275 + delivery. Post anywhere for cost - guess around £15 uk, £25 EU £40 elsewhere but ask so I can check.
  2. For sale is a Decware Taboo amplifier. It's a bobby dazzler! The Taboo utilises the EL84 family of power valves. It is a single ended pentode design that runs in Class A. It will puff up its chest and give 6 watts at full power into 8 ohms, when driven with 2.3 volts across the input. It is Hazen enabled and so you can use the Russian 6P15P/EV tube to best effect - and it's somewhat less expensive than exotic triodes. And it gets better: the amp is self-biasing. It can be used as a single input integrated amp but it excels when the volume control is bypassed (with the direct input jacks) and when driven by an active pre-amp. It loves my Tron and my Croft. The noise floor is low. (Quoted as less than one millivolt but they don't say under what conditions.) The output transformer is designed for the amp topology and was made in the US. Tube rollers can, er, roll around in joy because it will accept either 12AX7, 12AT7 or 12AU7 as the driver tube. The rectifier valve has a significant effect on the sonics. You can play with 5U4, 5AR4, GZ34 and 274B. I am selling the Decware with a RCA JAN 5U4G, manufactured in the 1950s. Also included is a Psvane 12AX7 and a closely matched pair of New Old Stock Reflektor 6P15P-EV valves, purchased from Steve Deckart. This is the improved version of the second generation of the Taboo with model designation "se84ts+". These were manufactured between 2009 and 2012. The current version is revision four, but that is a dedicated headphone amp. The amplifier that I'm selling will drive loudspeakers. It does not have a headphone facility. All resistors are precision WW/MF by Dale and Vishay. The signal caps are poly film & foil. The filter caps are electrolytic. Dimensions are 7.25 inches wide by 14.75 inches deep, with a height of no more than 8 inches if using the 5U4G rectifier. The top of the transformer is 6.5 inches above the feet. I am the original owner. I purchased the Taboo directly from Decware in 2012, specified for a 240V UK supply. It's in first class, fully working condition. The casing and volume control knob are made from walnut. The chassis is powder coated 2mm T6 aluminium. This is very much a reluctant sale but I've invested in yet another shiny thermionic machine that requires quads of KT120s - and so funds must be raised. This generation of Taboo doesn't come up for sale often and the waiting list for the new $2200 equivalent is six months. Take a peek at this: https://6moons.com/audioreviews/decware/taboo.html I would prefer collection for obvious reasons but given the lockdown rules, I'm willing to ship the amp within the UK. The amp didn't arrive in a bespoke box, and so there's no original packaging as such, but I'll protect it as much as possible from the horrors of the courier. I estimate a cost of £35 for postage. I'll probably ship the valves in a separate box. If you have sensitive speakers that present a benign resistive load, this little 'un will make you smile. * I do have a pretty selection of 1950s Mullard RX1 el84 valves and NOS Reflektor 6P15P. These could be for sale with the amp, which would be neat, but I'll want extra money because I'm feeding a habit. (If you don't have suitable speakers or if your listening preference is for bass heavy material at 110dB, I do have other solid state power amps for sale that may tickle you.) * This is where the amp was hand-made:
  3. For sale is my lovely Audio Innovations S500 MK1 integrated amplifier with the Hinchley Transformers: 4, 8, 16 Ohm taps. Recently serviced and upgraded by AD Audio (David Coe). I'm the second owner. The original owner took it back to AI after six months of ownership and had it upgraded. One of the upgrades included RCA's converted to better (Gold) ones. There are no marks on the chassis; the perspex top is clean has the original pins. As soon as I got it, it went straight to David Coe. Works done include: All electrolytic capacitors were replaced with Kemets, Panasonic, and Elna Cerafine. David Coe external Choke Mod Removal of Balance control + Tape Switch Circuit All contacts and valve sockets serviced Input capacitors removed Input stage mod Total service amount came to £260 + a set of new valves... 4 x New Harma Matched EL34's £100 2 x NOS Tesla E88CC Gold pins + Red nip/Cross swords £110 3 x NOS GE JAN*5751*Cryo (ECC83) £90 £560 spent in total. This S500 initially cost me £600 so sees me in for £1160 The above improvements bring this amplifier to another level! I've been very very happy with it. Why am I selling?* I had the opportunity to buy another S500 and modify it for switchable triode mode and is currently been upgrade by Mr. AI S500 himself, David Coe. So, if you want a completely serviced & upgraded S500, with NOS valves, and want a sublime phono stage, this is the amp for you! You won't be disappointed! Ur welcome to pop down to North London, Hornsey for an audition. The price is £860 firm, no offers . No posting I'm afraid.
  4. Avance Z504 power amp for sale. This is a Luxman amp, built and sold in Europe under the Avance brand. 200 wpc class A/B or 60 wpc class A. Currently configured for class A. This amp runs quite warm and uses a unique heat-pipe cooling system which I’m guessing is liquid filled as it sounds like an oil filled radiator heating up! I’ve fitted an IEC inlet socket as the original captive 2 core flex (double insulated appliance) was quite short. I’ve also connected the earth terminal in the socket to the chassis but I found this gave an earth loop in my system so I’ll supply a 2 core mains lead. I have changed the binding posts to heavy duty Belling ones. Sounds huge and authoritative, was a great match into big Tannoys but I’m guessing this may be perfect into some mini monitors as it gives such a big boned, big scaled sound. I have this already packaged up in a good box ready for posting. Box size is 61 X60 x 24 cm and total weight is 20kg. A lot of class A power for £450. Think it’s best if you organise your own courier, I’ll make sure someone is here for collection. Forgot to add that this can also be used as a very powerful monoblock.
  5. I have a cunning plan; a secret cunning plan; a secret, cunning and probably implausible plan. This plan will only come to fruition if I sell my lovely looking and sounding Sugden IA-4 to a genuine (and patient - see below) buyer. Which is where you, dear discerning wammer, come in. I auditioned the IA-4 against the A21 Sig and ANV-50 and it was my take-home amp. The A21 is gorgeous but a back-to-back audition shows that its strengths come with limitations. The ANV-50 just didn't do it for me; I wanted to love it but couldn't. The IA-4 does everything and does so across a wide range of musical genres. 33w a side of pure Class A loveliness. Compared with the outrageous 200w a side Audia Flight I owned, this does 99% of the musical magic without the electricity bills and the eco-guilt. At £2950, I'm offering a saving of £2295 vs the current retail price of £5,245. In titanium silver, it is absolutely mint and comes with original box, original remote etc. I'm already taking a hit so have little room to manouevre, but recognise the cultural norm is to try a Life of Brian style haggle; I'll humour you if you humour me. There are, er, some "minor practicalities" to consider. Lockdown. The amp is in Kendal and I'm in Leicestershire. Under current restrictions, this makes both shipping and collection (unless you happen to live locally and are jogging by) impossible in the short term. So my IA-4 is for sale and you can buy it but you can't have it yet. What can possibly go wrong? PM me if you are interested.
  6. My Mastersound Reference Evolution 845 integrated amplifier for sale. Parallel single ended triode amplifier using 2 845's per channel. 2x55W. I had it for sale here few months ago for £4500 and then decided to withdraw it from sale, but now due to changes in my system it has to go and I will take £SOLD for it. Optional valve cage is included as well as Remote control. This is absolutely phenomenal amp. Sounds and looks amazing. Plenty of very possitive reviews online. Collection from SE London. Buyers are welcome to arrange their own shipping, but I will not be responsible if anything goes wrong in transit. Please message me with questions. Will try to upload more pictures later. Will consider swap offers. Interested in power amps, pre amps and dacs.
  7. Hi all These do not come up for sale very often so don't let this one pass you by, here is the mighty Vitus sia 25 Mk2 integrated amplifier it must be the best amplifier that I have ever had in my journey with hifi, loads of positive reviews on line, and with reason to be, here are the specs below. £9,995.00 Collection only please as its heavy. Technical specifications Inputs: 3 analog XLR, 2 analog RCA Sensitivity: 2/4/8V RMS Impedance: 10KOhm Outputs: 1 analog XLR, 2 speakers at 75mOhm (L- R) Power output at 8Ohm RMS: 2 x 25Watts Class A or 2 x 150Watts Class AB Signal to noise: >100dB THD + noise: >0,01% Volume type: relay controlled fixed resistor network Volume gain: -81dB to + 6dB Power consumption stand by: <1Watt Power consumption Class AB: 90Watts Power consumption Class A: 162Watts Dimensions (H x W x D): 130mm x 435mm x 430mm Weight: 38Kg I bought this a while ago to scratch that itch which has been taken care off, I have decided to downgrade my system. I also have the Vitus scd25 mk2 for sale, I must say that the combo of the pair is amazing and a joy to listen too and never fatiguing. In class A it delivers 25watts of power but I have not come across a set of speakers that the amplifier cannot drive and give amazing results, but you can switch to a/b mode delivering 150watts. The unit does not come with a power cable. Its collection only due to the weight of this amplifier (38kgs) I have the original box plus the metal remote that covers all of the Vitus range and the user manual on USB stick. Also have the scd25 mk2 cd player/Transport with USB function.
  8. For sale, my Xindak PA-m power amp. Please see the advert on Ebay for details.
  9. This really ought to be a keeper, but it's one-in-one-out at the moment, and it seems a shame to hold on to an amp with such a good phono section when I don't use vinyl. This is a Nelson Pass designed Class A preamp with a separate power supply. In good cosmetic condition for its age. Inside it's good as new: caps look strong and it's dead quiet. The MM/MC phono stage is known to be marvellous and is configurable in every which way possible using internal dip switches. I thought the line-stage sounded excellent. Grain-free, open and dynamic with no SS harshness. Asking what I paid, so £275 with UK delivery.
  10. This was originally built by JamieMC of this parish but bought off the ebay about half year ago. Great pre amp if you have sensitive speakers and needs bit of gain - i have tried to run off dac but it just dotn work out for me so I guess it needs matching preamp or more sensitive speakers - mine are 90db roughly. More information in original sale thread here: Asking £200 for it and that is a bargain for what you get. Kit will cost you more than this. Payment by Bt or cash on collection.
  11. Upgrade forces sale of my nearly-new Naim SuperUniti. Purchased new in March 2016, and bears a serial number that corresponds with that date: 4005XX. This comes complete with all original packaging, remote, manuals, etc. It's in pristine condition, and I'll ship it insured FOC. Current price is £3785. Selling price: £3000
  12. For sale is my beautiful and unusual Unison Research Preludio which comes with the rarely seen real mahogany wood trim which looks simply stunning. I've barely used the amplifier so you will see the condition of it reflects this. Like new condition, it came straight from Italy to me. This amplifier also comes with the unison research remote control and I'm also throwing in my pair of Gold Lion tubes to complement the KT88s which come with the amplifier. This amplifier is a sad sale, the music produced by it is absolutely stunning. Pair it with some sensitive speakers for best effect. I have used it with Triangle Comete 30th anniversary stand mount speakers. the 14W of class A demolish my 50w Mcintosh solid state amp. The only thing you may notice is a tiny scuff on the top of the remote control, this in no way affects the operation. I am looking for £1200 for this superb amplifier. PLEASE CONTACT ME if you wish to make an offer and with any questions you might have. I am in the Portsmouth area and also accept collection if preferred. But will accept payment through paypal. Delivery charge will depend on your area.
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