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  1. The manual on the 2Qute I had said that you shouldn’t use a linear PSU, but I notice on checking the Qutest manual that it doesn’t mention anything of the kind. I heard someone say it sounded better with a linear PSU (notably Terry of Pursuit Perfect System) but I’m interested if any readers on here have tried and what proportionate percentage benefits if you had to say. If it’s worth it, it’s an inexpensive upgrade.
  2. Hi all, ive just ordered some ATC SCM 40 actives and really need advice. I have asked on the ATC thread but now been politely thrown out for taking the discussion in all directions 😂. I mean that nicely, they have been kind and helpful. I would be grateful for advice on using my new speakers with kit that allows me to stream music, add tv for movie watching and also ps5. im after 1/2 box solution with a warm sound I.e not too treble harsh/forward. I don’t know anything about DACs and preamps except the huge prices one can go to! I did expect to spend around £5k and thought of Ch
  3. Right i have had this DAC for over ten years and it has worked till now without any issues . However it is now giving out distorted sound crackling after it has been switched on for about 2/3 minutes . I have opened up the unit but could not see any obvious issues . I have neither the knowledge or skill to repair this and as the chipset is very old not even sure if you can get another replacement set to complete a repair. When it worked it was a lovely DAC and one of the real musical kind . I am sure there are better ones out now but on its own it just plays music and sound wonderful
  4. Withdrawn, decided it's simply too good to sell B.M.C. UltraDAC, Preamp and Balanced Headphone Amplifier. A complete change of direction means that my superb B.M.C. UltraDAC is up for sale. This DAC/preamp is easily as good as the reviews suggest and the patented volume control circuit means that it sound just as good at low volumes as it does with higher ones. As an added bonus the balanced headphone amp is simply exceptional. https://hifipig.com/b-m-c-audio-ultradac/ https://alpha-audio.net/review/review-b-m-c-audio-ultradac/ Complete with remote, Inst
  5. I am afraid I don't often post but have just had an epiphany whilst equipment wrangling with my lockdown work laptop and Spotify - it keeps me sane or at least mostly sane. I have previously been about single manufacturer Brit-fi (Rega) dating from early Planar3 days. I have dabbled with a nice Chinese all purpose DAC/ HeadAmp Aune X1 gen3 which is becoming inheritance kit to my nephew (to join my Rega3+CyrusTwo) Enough pre-amble here is my International chain from new and dusty parts: USA(ish):(Dutch)Chinese x2: \ German
  6. For sale is my Cambridge Audio Azur DacMagic 100. I bought this 2 years ago from a well known moderator of this parish but have now re-jigged my system so is no longer needed. From memory, I paid £50 for it and would be happy to get my money back for it plus £10 carriage. The wall-mart power adapter has been hard wired in the past but works very well, see last image. Sounds very good indeed, lovely little DAC for very little money.
  7. Matrix Audio X-Sabre High Resolution Audio DAC MQA Full Decoder Matrix Audio, in partnership with MQA Ltd., has created the MQA-supported X-SABRE Pro audio DAC to let you experience the abundant music details in the artists' recording room. X-SABRE Pro is an MQA-enabled DAC which can fully decode the original MQA files without any assistance from third party software (MQA Core Decode). Powerful Hardware Platform X-SABRE PRO (MQA) used the ES9038PRO advanced 8-channel D/A chip, and its inner DSP unit and analog circuit have the high performance and better user experience. Th
  8. For sale: Chord DAC 64 MKII in excellent Original Condition complete with shipping boxes and manual. DAC is fully working and sounds great! any questions feel free to PM me or ask in the thread BACS Preferred but Paypal possible £550 Location Bury, Manchester UK Shipping included (Royal Mail Special delivery) Collection is possible but would have to be a doorstep collection
  9. Have decided to get a DAC for my CDP and to explore streaming a bit more. Am intrigued to try out an R-2R DAC. Anyone interested in selling one? Not looking to spend too much in first instance but I might be tempted : ) Budget ideally below £500 If has preamp/analog in/remote control, all the better. Thanks
  10. Following the purchase of a Lyngdorf TDAI-1120 my Rega DAC is now surplus to requirements. This 5 Star rated DAC was purchased new from PJ HiFi in Guildford it has been used in smoke and pet free home. Excellent condition (save for a small mark on one side) and still has the protective film on the fascia. The unit has had little use over the years until lockdown which increased my music listening. Original box, packaging and instructions. I have this device listed elsewhere. Looking for £250.00. Does not include postage. Collect from Guildford area welcomed.
  11. I've seen a post or two about reclocking, mainly @TheFlash's experiences with the MUTEC devices. I'm looking at one on Ebay but its a big wad of cash. Does anyone here know how the Wadia 861 DAC is likely to work and if reclocking would have benefits? I know the sound directly off CD is slightly better than via a streamer into the Coax digital input, although its pretty marginal. There are 4 digital inputs (and outputs) on the Wadia: Toslink & Coax (both of which I use, the former from the TV, the latter from the Squeezebox touch), also AES/EBU and glass optical, neither of whic
  12. Owned since August this year, I’m fast turning into an Aqua addict. I like it so much I have decided to upgrade to the next model up! I’m the 2nd owner, the DAC is the current spec and in excellent condition with original box etc. If you’ve heard an Aqua DAC I need say no more, if you haven’t heard one then this is a great opportunity to do so. £1895 ono (plus UK postage) Product page:
 https://www.aquahifi.com/la_voce.html Pics to follow
  13. Topping E30 Dac as new £55 delivered
  14. I will be sad to see this one go. It’s worked like trooper. (USB works fine for latest Sierra Mac) It’s gorgeously designed and has a terrific feel to operate. Fantastic for hifi / headphone /TV / balanced / unbalanced inputs No manual (but all available online) includes brand new remote. One minor blemish hardly noticeable. Years ago It took a tumble with a headphone jack plugged in so the front plate at the jack area is ressed / dented in about 2mm. it has a classy “sliky” sound. £600
  15. Excellent converter. Good condition. Non smoking environment. £550 including shipping Important note below for Mac users (Basically use coax AES/EBU or Optical) FireWire connection in Stereo192-DSD DAC and 8x192 FireWire DIO card does not work with newest Apple computers (from 2018 and higher). Stereo192-DSD DAC v1.8.3 USB2 [v1.35.22] FireWire [v4.3.1.47542] USB2* [v2.8.0] FireWire/Thunderbolt [v4.3.1.47542] English v2.1 Chinese v2.0 8x192ADDA DIO USB
  16. Hi, For sale my AMI Music DS5 desktop DAC/HeadAmp/Preamp + 75Ω digital cable Monster cable 450DCX 1m DS5 is in like new condition. It support DSD, works great with headphones up to 300Ω and has unregulated analogue outputs. Comes with Japan type PSU (100-240V) but works perfect with any 5V/1A. Made in Japan, assembled in Korea. RRP 599 EUR PayPal 3% + shipping (~25EUR within EU using GLS). Shipping from Spain
  17. Hi quick question. I've just ordered a 2012 mac mini for a streamer. I plan to connect to my rega -dac-r using mini toslink to toslink cable. The issue is, both optical inputs on dac are currently used (main computer and tv). I wonder can i use something like this to connect tv to dac: https://www.futureshop.co.uk/cyp-au-d2-digital-audio-coaxial-toslink-converter?gclid=Cj0KCQiAhZT9BRDmARIsAN2E-J3KkOkUk1ElwMhADKaDqTBsYqmzUd5fZsWhMYa0PHdP57E1VMB02FIaAphbEALw_wcB . I know i could use usb to connect dac to main computer, but i have read that the sound isn't as good, plus i want my dac to
  18. Hi This is a follow up to this lengthy thread: I have my pc (main computer) and 2012 mac mini connected to my rega dac r, using optical connection. I am still considering using an A-B usb to connect pc, freeing up optical to tv (this post with include a question on this.) The mac and pc both have this streaming software install: https://audirvana.com/. Setting are the same on the pc and mac, with pc outputting using WAPSI and mac Core Audio. My first question is, why are source and output identical on pc (eg 16/44.1-16/44.1), but on mac it always outputs at maximum bit d
  19. Now Sold. This comes with original box. One small ding to the top of the front which is pictured. This does pretty much everything you would want a DAC to do and packs a headphone amplifier to boot. Specs can be found here: http://audio.teac.com/product/ud-501/specifications/ A fairly techy and comprehensive review here: http://archimago.blogspot.com/2013/05/initial-impressions-teac-ud-501-usb-dac.html Located in Sheffield, demo welcome dependent on covid restrictions. Collection welcome.
  20. Hello I am replacing various components in my system and in particular I am parting with my Soekris DAC1541. This is the original discrete sign-magnitude design by Søren Kristensen that uses two R2R strings in place of one to get positive and negative values and get better linearity. This one is a really fully balanced design, with two R2R strings for the hot and cold wires of each channel, hence eight such strings. The last price was 1150 EUR plus VAT (25%), i.e. 1437.50 EUR. The Soekris DAC2542 in comparison has only a pair of R2R strings per channel, i.e. a total of four. Also, th
  21. T+A 8 DSD Dac for sale £1550 In excellent fully working condition, comes with Remote, Manual, Box and all packing, 2 years old Stereophile Class A Recommended component
  22. Arcam Black Box 50 dac - 100% refurbished and upgraded Every electrolytic cap has been replaced with an upgrade - Nichicon, Elna and Panasonic. Output caps were Rubycon electrolytic bi-polar types but now the dac sports Vishay film capacitors in this crucial position. Main power supply cap also bypassed with a Vishay film cap. Power supply input cable now Neotech. Fuse is an AMR. Lots of chassis dampening. Opamps on the dac board were NE5532 but now universal gold plated dip sockets have been added to allow for opamp rolling. Opamps
  23. Selling my Topping TP32 Class T TA2024B Digital Amplifier with USB-DAC AMP. Not been used that much generally, it is now surplus to requirements. Info: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Topping-TA2024B-Digital-Amplifier-USB-DAC-black/dp/B00898T2BS Not sure if I still have the original box. Will be well packaged anyway. £50 including postage. Offers considered. Collection is ok also. *Please sanitise and wear mask for collection* Payment by cash on collection or Paypal Gift/Bank Transfer. Location NW London
  24. Aqua La Voce S3. I’ve owned a number of dacs over the years (M2Tech, Metrum, Auralic, Lampizator, etc.) and this has been by some way the best overall in terms of musicality, detail, soundstage, and all the rest. The only reason I’m selling is that I liked it so much I was persuaded to ‘upgrade’ to the Aqua La Scala, which is very slightly different to my ears, but I would not say better and I’m wondering if the price differential was really worth it. List for the S3 new is £3,395 which seems a lot, but it betters all dacs I’ve heard in that price bracket and some way above. (No doubt p
  25. The Arcam D33 was $3200/£2200 new, a shocking price for "just a DAC" at the time, though I did not buy mine new. Understated, full width FMJ design. The filters work well and allow tuning to your taste and system. Great connectivity too, including balanced outputs. https://www.arcam.co.uk/product,accessories,accessories,d33.htm. Link from there to the HiFi+ review describing it as "absurdly highly recommended". Front panel on this is excellent (see photos). There are rub marks to the top where it looks like something has been polished out (uniform colour, some patchiness in levels of
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