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Found 120 results

  1. What he said* and at same price too. £550 including UK Mainland postage. RRP is £750 with a substantial waiting list. *”Denafrips Ares II R-2R NOS DAC for sale in excellent condition with original box. Comes with a pair of balanced XLR and a pair of single ended RCA outputs and five digital inputs (2 x RCA SPDIF, 2 x optical SPDIF and 1 x USB. It handles inputs up to DSD1024 and PCM1536. It can operate in NOS and OS modes via the buttons on the front panel. It is extremely well built for the price. Dimension are 215 x 230 x 45 (mm) and weight 3.5 Kg. These DACs have excellent reviews and when you listen to it you will understand why. I bought it to try it out. I like NOS DACs (I have a couple of DDDACs) and hadn't heard an R-2R ladder DAC. There is nothing about it that I don't like - It's the first commercial DAC under £1k that I've actually enjoyed listening to. I find most of them boring; This has a bit of life and rhythm. I don't know how they can offer this level of sound and build quality for such an affordable price. Don't be surprised if I buy a Terminator if one comes up for sale”. As Ian says, the Ares II has life. I'd describe the mids and highs as punchy and the bass as full but not in an artificial or bright way which could quickly get tiring, it just does that old foot-tapping thing. I'm holding out for something else to arise from one of my infamous cunning plans... and it may or may not be from a manufacturer beginning with D. Buy now while stocks last!
  2. Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 cd transport and SFD-1 Mk2 valve dac with colossal upgrades Regarding the Transport: These are superb to start with! It now has an oak fascia surround (looks better to me) but the original larger stainless steel version will be included. So a one off in terms of looks but you can revert back to the original. Design has over-beefy and regulated power supplies with two potted toroidal transformers. Has remote control and box. Upgrades: •Biggest of which is the clock, now a Dexa Technologies D-Clock Neutron Star 2 Reference. These are $425 on their own. •Dampening to chassis, transformers and chassis •Mains IEC filter removed and now a non-filtered gold plated type •Fuse is now a Synergistic Research Black Unbelievably good! World class. Price is £950 incl post Dac is on another level! End game and the only dac one could ever need. In stock form these are epic! They use the UltraAnalogue D20400-A chip, which some is the best made? It also uses the Pacific Microsonics PMD 100 HDCD decoder. Has a matching oak surround to that of the CD-T but I also have the original stainless steel surround if someone prefers that look. Upgrades (50 of them): •Mains IEC filter removed and now a non-filtered gold plated type •Fuse is now a Synergistic Research Black •All film capacitors (bar 2 in the power supply have been upgraded). •Analogue board caps to Mundorf ZN (14 of them), and the output caps (x4) to Clarity Cap CSA types but to the value of 10uF. Original caps were 3.3uF but the ex-owner of Sonic Frontiers and now owner of Parts Connexxion recommended this value as best and lowers the output impedance. These caps are bypassed (part of the original design) with Modwright film/oil types. •All 18 electrolytic caps upgraded so good for a few more decades •Other film caps and bypass caps upgraded to Mundorf and Modwright. •Dampening applied (also on transformers) •Output vacuum tubes now Philips SQ and treated with Audio Magic Black Out Paint as with as sporting some Herbies Tube Dampers. •Output RCA’s now gold over copper types (by DH Labs) •XLR outputs also upgraded •Study the photos to see how much work has been done to this dac! An end game dac with loads of cash spent to take it to the max. Very analogue in presentation. Original box. Collection or meet up very much preferred please. Price: £1050 bargain!
  3. Hi, For sale my AMI Music DS5 desktop DAC/HeadAmp/Preamp + 75Ω digital cable Monster cable 450DCX 1m DS5 is in like new condition. It support DSD, works great with headphones up to 300Ω and has unregulated analogue outputs. Comes with Japan type PSU (100-240V) but works perfect with any 5V/1A. Made in Japan, assembled in Korea. RRP 599 EUR 275EUR + PayPal 3% + shipping (~25EUR within EU using GLS). Shipping from Spain
  4. A Neko Audio D100 24-bit DAC ( see for more information) The D100 stereo digital to analog converter is a fully balanced dual-mono design utilizing a zero-feedback pure passive analog output stage. One of the things that make this different is the Jensen Transformer Analog Output Stage. Has spdif and toslink inputs only ( no USB inputs) and XLR or RCA (through adapters) outputs. In perfect working order, selling as I have a DAC intergrated built into my new amp and no longer needed. 220-240v operation. Complete with original packaging. payment by paypal (family & friends) or direct debit. Free postage. £250
  5. JOLIDA GLASS FX Valve DAC upgraded with Siemens E83CC Valves Item Location : Manchester £350 ONO - Purchased two years ago from the UK Distributor. - In excellent condition and full working order. - Valves have been upgraded to a matched pair of Siemens E83CC's (Made in Germany, worth well over £100) - Valves have been test on Avo 160 valve tester and they measure good so there's many more years left in them. - USB/COAX/TOSLINK OPT (inputs) PHONO (outputs) - Includes USB Lead, Original Box and Manual. - Awesome DAC with an excellent reputation and many reviews online.
  6. I have owned this superb DAC for several years and during that time if has evolved at the hands of the excellent Robert Airey of Aired Audio (Open Door): Jolida UK importer and the acknowledged expert at modifying the FX (among myriad other components, especially Jolida and Black Ice Audio). Initially, Rob upgraded the output and power supply caps to Clarity, which remains the most common basic upgrade for this unit. My unit then went back to Rob a year later for his first ever VeeCap upgrade - a costly but significant improvement. Then a year of so ago it went back again for the ultimate conversion to Modwright caps and silver output wiring. This made an amazing difference, facilitating rich bass and more emotional engagement. It's fab. I am only selling it because I have invested heavily in a very expensive CD/DAC combo (nearly £10k new) in an attempt to lower the box count and become more genteel. Even then my new uber player lacks the FX's attack and boogie (it's just a tad quieter and more liquid - buy hey, at many times the price...). The FX responds very well to tube rolling and fuse tweaking, too, but is supplied with new stock factory Tungsol tubes (which sound very good). I didn't want the Mk3 originally because it doesn't look as nice and I wouldn't use the small jack headphone facility it has. And this one sounds much nicer to my ears than any latest DSD version, modded or otherwise. It owes me a packet, of course, but £395 buys it, posted. Mods: 1. Cast silver wired on the output. Wire is PTFE wrapped and screened with drain wire. 2. Output caps are the best that fit. Modwright M series Truth. Oil impregnated metalised polypropylene dielectric with pure coper tined leads. 3. Power supply board cap same type.
  7. Firestone Audio Spitfire MKii Cute Series Dac - upgraded Can of fake lager there for size reference - these are tiny 🙂 Sound is excellent considering their size - lots of reviews online. With the upgrade - too close to comfort vs other more costly dacs. Selling as no longer needed. I will also be selling a tiny Italian class D amp (Audel - can be found on eBay at clearance prices, will list later/tomorrow). So upgrades as below, not much in the dac as the power supply is separate: 1) Opamp upgraded to Burson Audio V5 2) Capacitors now Toshin Jovial I’d suggest a power supply upgrade to really make this an awesome dac. Selling with the standard power supply. £95 incl postage. No original box.
  8. Back in 2013 I had just sold my Wyred 4 Sound DAC and was on the look out for a replacement. I attended a Hi-Fi show at Whittlebury Hall Hotel. There I met Gary from Audio Emotion and Xuanqian Wang from Auralic. Both friendly and knowledgeable guys. As there was a generous discount on the new AURALIC VEGA G1 Streaming DAC I ordered one along with a midrange Audioquest USB cable. After six years of enjoying the DAC/Preamp, I began to read several favourable reviews about the new Auralic VEGA G1 from the likes of John Darko and Chris Connaker. This leads to thoughts of, “will it sound nicer, can I afford one and will I use it enough” etc. Fortunately for me, one came up for sale a couple of weeks ago which I bought. The first impressions are as follows: The G1 unit seems twice as heavy has my original Vega (curved edge aluminium) unit. More than double the amount of plastic foam provided in the box, am sure this thing would survive an accidental drop. Two basic power cables, one braided USB cable included but no remote. The large yellow led display of the original is nicely laid out and just provides the information I need to see from my sofa. The G1 has a square screen in the middle with large icons for input but very small font in the sub menus. G1 units comes with the addition of an ethernet socket on the rear which the original does not have. Because I have a Windows based music server, I needed to again install a small driver on to that from the Auralic site, which was straightforward. The significant changes are that the new device has a streamer, completely updated electronics and the interface is more complex in my view. To set up and configure the G1 device you can use any web browser, the built-in screen system menus or the Lightening DS app. The App provides prompts which I found easy to follow. However, when I tried to register the device with my email on the Lightening app, a message popped up which correctly stated that a previous owner had registered it and they would contact them for persimmon to allow me to register it as the new owner. While I wait for a response from the previous owner, has anyone on this forum had experience of successfully transferred ownership of a used G1/G2 DAC, please? Current VEGA boots up in a few seconds its then controlled by the supplied remote-control unit or the function button. Regarding the apps, I have for years been using JRIVER as my media player with J Remote app. Reliable, lots of features and sounds good. The G1 takes over a minute to boot up. However, JRiver is not compatible now so I have to use the Auralic Lightening DS App from the Apple iStore. (free). I have found that the Apple podcast apps works well too. To listen to Spotify on my original VEGA I used to turn on my Windows based audio server, login, and could then use the Spotify app on my old iPad or Android mobile phone to control it. To listen to Spotify on the new G1, I first I select ‘Streamer’ input device using the silver button to scroll and push to select, enable Spotify in the menu, (small font on the screen). Songs are selected with the Spotify App on my iPad mini 2. My thoughts from a brief listening session; starting with the original Vega the sound is easy on the ear across the audible spectrum. Switching to the G1, its noticeably clearer and the sound can be presented in a way that you prefer by selecting from smooth, dynamic/balanced or precise. These filters make a positive discernible difference to my ears however on the original Vega I could not really tell the difference between the filters. The bass is firmer, slightly improved stereo image and clearer high end. Poor quality recordings are exposed regardless of genre. Precise filter is fine for classical and Jazz music but initially seemed irritating for other types of music. Depending on your listening room, speakers and preferences etc. I seem to have mentally adjusted to this by the end of the first week. Switching inputs takes a few seconds and I hear four clicks from inside the case. Using the TOS output on my TV to the DAC for the soundtrack on BBC iPlayer, Amazon and Plex. However, I have not yet figured out how to get the timing right, the delay is on the min setting of 50ms but still not spot on, any advice welcome. It just worked with the original one right out of the box! What surprised me was that the streamer built in to the G1 sounds clearer (better separation and oomph) than my new server with JCAT sound card and two quality power supplies! What I have yet to test is how the Spotify App, with all sound quality settings on the highest available, sound compared to the same song ripped from a CD on my server. In conclusion, while this G1 is a significant upgrade as is the manufacturers website, I will miss the simplicity of operating the original one however I can live with the complexity of the new one as the sound quality is better. The original VEGA DAC/Preamp unit will be up for sale soon on this forum in the Classifieds section.
  9. SOLD Naim V1 DAC/Pre/Headphone amp in excellent condition, with remote, boxed. £700 RRP £1499
  10. For sale SW1X Audio Design DAC 1 Signature with high grade Audio Note Kaisei and Black Gate capacitors and fully Solid Silver Wired. Dr. Slawa (SW1X) Roschkow no longer makes this Limited Edition Signature DAC1 with these very high grade caps, the closest he makes to this version is the new 'Special'version. The specs of the one offered here are very similar to the DAC 1 Special, except for This Signature DAC 1 comes in a smaller chassis and therefore has no tube rectification in the B+ power supply. Spec is in the link below For reference, the Signature version of the DAC 1when last produced was GBP £2040 I have had this wonderfully unique piece of Audio in my system for 3 years without a hitch. The sound is as close to high end analogue as I wanted and really is a special product. The sound is very cohesive, smooth without grain and is very dynamic without edge. These SW1X DACs don't come up for sale used very often as users simple hold on to them as they are so good. The Signature version was a real sweet spot in the SW1X range I think it's a steal at the price of £900 including UK delivery insured well packed in a suitable box (Dr. Slawa doesn't do boxes) It's in fantastic used condition, no marks on face plate at all, there is a tiny mark on the top edge of one of the sides, it is NOT visible from front and I only point it out for total clarity I also have a Schiit Eitr - USB TO SPDIF CONVERTER for sale I can bundle that in with the SW1X Signature DAC1 for £90 (no box) or £120 on it's own (£10 del) (Priority to the DAC purchaser)
  11. For sale KRELL HOME THEATRE PROCESSOR(HTS) 7.1 latest version instaled 3.7 ver.Can be used as a stereo preamp class A , dac.Comes with original packaging,original remote control,power cable.This model was around 7000£ when new!. Courier is the only option!! , price is 950£ Technology:Krell Current Mode A proprietary Krell circuit topology in which the audio gain stages of a component operate in the current rather than the voltage domain. This unique technology provides the component with exceptional speed and a wide bandwidth. Krell HEAT The Krell term HEAT, or High End Audio Theater, is a design applica- tion incorporated into Krell components to enhance multi-channel home entertainment systems. A Krell HEAT system is an integrated home theater system consisting of a state-of-the-art Krell preamp/processor and matching amplifiers that reproduce two chan- nel and multi-channel sources with audiophile sound quality, placing the audience in the middle of a lifelike environment.The Home Theater Standard 7.1 surround preamp/processor serves as the centerpiece in a Krell HEAT™—High End Audio Theater— system, which applies the fundamental principles of Krell engineering to the creation of a fully integrated high-performance multichannel sound system. The Home Theater Standard 7.1 delivers unparalleled music and cinema soundtrack reproduction through the use of a full complement of advanced Krell technologies including Krell Current Mode™, Smart System Setup™, discrete Class A, direct-coupled cir- cuitry with balanced outputs, user-configurable input assignment and system macros, main and remote zone control capability, the Krell Digital Room Equalizer, and broadcast-quality video circuitry. The Home Theater Standard 7.1 is THX Ultra certified and features THX Surround EX, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital EX, DTS 6.1 ES, DTS NEO:6, and Dolby Pro Logic II processing, in addition to nine proprietary Krell Music Surround modes. The flexibility and modular architecture of the Home Theater Standard 7.1 allows upgrades to internal hardware and software for future surround sound formats and design enhancements.
  12. AUDIOLAB M DAC PLUS + £450 Item Location : Manchester Excellent condition with a couple of minor signs of wear (see photos) from a smoke and pet-free home, this is a superb and versatile DAC. It replaced a standard Audiolab M-DAC and the upgrade was quite significant and noticeable. It originally arrived running firmware version 0.009 but it has been re-flashed to the very latest 0.020 version. Fantastic sound quality and more inputs/outputs than you could possibly need. Manufacturer info here: M-DAC+ | Audiolab | World Class Hi-Fi, DACs, CD Players and Amplifiers Reviews here: Audiolab M-DAC+ review World Exclusive Review: Audiolab M-DAC+ - Outboard DACs
  13. wHIZZY

    FREE Taken

    Completed DAC Board, Complete except for power supply Works on SPDIF inputs but optical input appears faulty. £3.00 postage.
  14. wHIZZY


    Chord Hugo 2 in excellent condition and complete with all accessories. Selling as I have decided to reduce my current collection of DACs in order to fund a new turntable. SOLD
  15. One Schiit Modi 3 DAC for sale. Silver. One month old and in as new condition. Comes with the original instructions, USB micro cable and packaging. £90 including P&P to the UK or collected in person (London). Specs from Schiit: Inputs: USB, Toslink SPDIF, Coaxial SPDIF Sample Rates and Bit Depths: 16/44.1 to 24/192 via USB, Coax, and Optical Input Receiver: SPDIF: AKM 4113. D/A Conversion IC: AKM AK4490. Analog Summing, Active Filtering: Based on OPA1662 with precision thin-film resistors, DC coupled Output: RCA (single-ended) Output Impedance: 75 ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.25dB Maximum Output: 2.0V RMS THD: 0.001%, 20Hz-20KHz, at max output IMD:0.001%, CCIR S/N: >104dB, referenced to 1.5VRMS, unweighted Crosstalk: -80dB, 20-20kHz Power Supply: USB powered with +/-5V switching rail generator; auxiliary USB power input for 0mA USB power draw devices (like phones and tablets) Size: 12.7 x 8.9 x 3.18 cm Weight: 0.45 Kgs
  16. Dpa Pdm1 Series 3. Fantastic sounding dac from the 90s. Couple of marks/dings on the facia and top of one, but works perfectly. Can post at cost, or demo welcome. Just using digital less and less Now £250 ex post.
  17. Award winning streamer/dac/preamp. In quartz silver. Has Qx Dac upgrade - can play 24/192 files. Upgraded to latest model with qobuz and tidal built-in. Has digital out so can be used as a source in addition to dac/preamp. Comes with n-remote or can be used with Cadence app on smartphone Excellent condition. Fantastic sound - only selling as gone down active route. Owned from new in smoke, pet and child free home. Have original packaging, manual etc. £1400 ono- reduced to £1300 ono
  18. As new Rega DAC-R for sale. In immaculate condition with remote and all original packaging. See pics. Dealer invoice includes to support warranty. Literally a couple of months old. £500 cash on collection (Guildford Surrey GU2) or £515 shipped anywhere in mainland UK 🇬🇧 Text me on 07538829525 if interested. Thanks Mark
  19. It's never been used or taken out of the box. The box doesn't have a plastic seal so you'll have to take my word for that, but it is brand new. Price £200 + shipping No returns Ship to UK & Europe
  20. Bryston BDA-3 - Hifi Audiophile Reference External DAC Black, Very good condition. Very minor marks from using for two years. My Price: £ 2000 (Lowered from 2800). Retail price: £ 3600 This is a multi award winning Digital to Analogue converter in wonderful condition. Stereophile's Editors' Choices & many more awards. Don't have the original box anymore, so collection in central London preferred. Buyer can test the BDA-3 and make sure everything is all right. Payment by cash, paypal, monzo. If you're interested and need shipping please get in touch. Features: Dual 32Bit AKM DAC IC's Discrete Class A analog output stage Independent analog and digital signal paths Independent power supplies Massive support for different PCM and DSD resolutions HDMI video pass-through with audio out (4K video pass-through) Dimensions: 3.63” H x 17” W x 11.12” D 92.20mm H x 431.8mm W x 282.45mm D (431.8mm faceplate) 8.5 lb/3.9 kg
  21. I have no idea what this sounds like and as there are no internal pictures to what standard the output Valve section is . Bitstream DAC's were noted for being smooth so perhaps not the best candidate for a Valve output stage as it may make this just too smooth and mellow . All that aside this is an interesting lot and if it was under £200 then reasonable value as well .
  22. Bought from a fellow Wammer for a project that is now on hold. Comes with double box packaging and all accessories. Great sounding bit of kit in absolute mint condition. Prefer collection/Wam taxi from Exmouth in Devon but will post at buyers risk/cost. £845 + Postage Sold via ebay
  23. Musical Fidelity V-DAC II high res DAC with coaxial, TOSLINK Optical and USB inputs. Smart aluminium case. Includes the standard wall power supply and instructions V-PSU II regulated power supply which is an upgrade for the DAC and up to 2 more V products. Includes mains cable, 3x output cables and instructions. Both are in superb condition, fully working and come with their original packaging. 145 gbp plus shipping at cost
  24. I'm looking to sell my M2Tech Young DAC which has given sterling service over the past 6 years. I have the original packing for the unit along with it's standard power supply which will need an adapter since it's a Euro plug type. One thing to mention is that there are problems when trying to use from a Windows 10 source. As in it won't connect I've been using it with no problems from various Linux servers/streamers/Raspberry Pi's. The DAC itself has a couple of scratches on the top plate and on the MCRU power supply the covering on one of the wires has come loose from the connector - just to confirm it's the wrapping and not the wires. Here's a few pictures showing the DAC and power supply - hopefully this will give you an idea of the condition. On another forum (AOS) there's a thread regarding a capacitor change which can be beneficial to the sound ( I have one of the capacitors mentioned in the post linked and will be included in the sale. I'm looking for £250 plus delivery - I usually use Royal Mail and it would roughly work out to approx. £20 (signed for/insured).
  25. Superb PS Audio DLIII DAC upsamples everything to 96 or 192kHz/24bit Superb PS Audio DLIII DAC upsamples everything to 96 or 192kHz/24bit. This is a 230v-250v unit. These are extremely reliable and sonically superb. ALL inputs (SPDIF, Optical and USB) are upsampled to 96 or 192 (you select on front panel). On the photo of the rear below, the optical input is almost invisible due to the black rear panel and the black plastic of the optical socket, but please believe me, it IS there! It is a clean unit and works perfectly. I have owned it for several years, and it has performed faultlessly. Boxed, with manual and UK power cable. This is the unadulterated PS Audio version, but even so, it has had some professional upgrades: 1. The power capacitors have been upgraded to Mundorf M-Lytics. These are superior to the originals. 2. Mass damping has been added internally to parts of the casing. 3. RF shielding has been added in some areas internally. 4. Soft absorbent feet have been added. These four upgrades make a significant difference to the quality of the DAC. £350 ono. UPS delivery in the UK £10. (I'll pay for the postage if the full price is agreed) It is on eBay at the moment, which you can bid on if you like, or just make the agreement on here with me and I'll cancel the eBay advert. But be quick, or it'll go! Why am I selling this? Because I have just bought another of these ( the top Cullen MkIV modded version) which has even more modifications and I just don't need two DACs, otherwise I'd keep it!