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Found 19 results

  1. WireWorld Supernova 7 & Gold Starlight 7 digital cables 0.5m Two cables for sale, both are 0.5m in length, are as new and come with original packaging. First up is the Supernova 7 optical toslink cable. These retail at £166 for the half metre length. This is a true glass cable (not the common plastic types), made from 338 Borosilicate glass fiber optic conductors. Upon hearing this cable for the first type, I’d never use a plastic conductor again, worth every penny. Better than some coax designs. I’d read that true glass conductors rival top end coax - and I now believe it. I bought this for my Sonos to compare with some coax cables. I’ve settled on a much more expensive coax cable in the end. This was uncomfortably close though. I only used it for a few hours, so as new really. Selling this one for £90 incl UK post. Next is the WireWorld Gold Starlight 7 digital coax cable, also 0.5m in length. Excellent cable! Has about 100 hours use so still burning in and in excellent as new condition. Original packaging. Retail for the 0.5m is £308 (the 1m version costs £475- ouch!). All the hype and details in the link below. I highly rate this cable! The bigger and much costlier Platinum 8 blew me away but too expensive for me. I had bought this for comparison to other digital cables and decided on something else, hence the sale and low use. Selling this one for £125 incl UK postage
  2. I am happy with my current equipment but to say it is dated is an understatement - but I am very happy with the listening experience. Contemplating 'modernising' by having my CD collection ripped and integrate streaming services such as TIDAL or Qobuz. Current set up: - Systemdek+Linn Basik plus+Ortofon - Meridian 596 CD - Levinson NO.36 (only supports 44.1khz) - Audiosynthesis Passion 8M (passive pre-amp) - Chord SPM1200C - power - ProoAc Response 1SC speakers Decent cables throughout Presently can't see a clear way forward that would preserve a sound I like whilst adding the greater convenience, potential of hi-def recordings and expanded library provided by streaming. I am sure moving forward will involve replacing one or several units, but obviously keen to maintain a sound which to my ears is quite natural. The tyranny of options! I am not a box-twitcher and when I like something I stick with it, but I feel I have fallen somewhat behind the curve (dinosaur?). Some advice on a way forward would be appreciated. Cheers
  3. Hi All bought this a while ago for a storage solution which it does very well, with oodles of storage. A few surface marks on the top plate (see photos) nothing terrible but you need to know about them, but they will be out of sight when its in your rack. £800.00 Plus postage. Comes with basic power cable and short earther net cable. Specs Melco N1A with 4TB internal storage. Simple USB Backup and Expansion. Dual Ethernet Ports – DSM direct to Player Connection and LAN. USB connection to external DAC. Features Light pipe isolated Gigabit Ethernet ports to eliminate interference. Illumination can be disabled. Specialised high performance TDK magnetics for precise network communications impedance matching Ultra-low jitter system clock for outstanding audio quality 60W low noise power supply Specialised low noise low vibration audio HDD on anti-vibration mounts.
  4. Rare (in UK) silver finish BDP-1 player. Only £695 Light use - almost as new cosmetically (hairline 2mm scratch on underside of fascia not visible beyond a few inches away). Perfect working order. Although the five year manufacturer's warranty has now expired, all Bryston equipment is built to last like no other and this item should last a lifetime. Bryston also offer a fantastic free on-line and email personal service to all owners. Complete with original box and manual. UK or continental mains cable available. Outstanding sound from hi-res (flac, wav, aiff etc.) and mp3 files stored on USB thumb drives or hard drives - works well with 1TB passport hdd. 4 USB inputs. Can easily transfer files from computers on home network. Outputs to any DAC but cosmetically matches Bryston BDA and amps (see photos). Private sale following purchase of later model. Will post overseas at additional cost. Buyer to pay for international shipping and insurance as required. Please contact me first before buying. Serial number: 000094.
  5. After considering a purchase of a Minidsp unit for a while, I recently bought a Minidsp 2x4HD unit from Luke (insider9) of this parish. It was purchased mainly to act as an active crossover to my Quad ESL63 and Gradient SW63 subwoofer combo. Gradient supply an active crossover with the subs and although it works quite well, you do lose some of the immediacy of the Quads. Another option that I tried, following a well known tweak from the internet, was to use the Gradient crossover to the subs but to use a single in-line capacitor in circuit to each of the Quads. This opened up the sound from the Quads but the overall sound was less seamless - you could hear that each channel was coming from 2 separate units. I therefore went back to using the Gradient crossover, but knew that greater transparency/immediacy should be possible. Enter the Minidsp unit. Despite being a novice in things dsp, after reading the setup notes, I was able to configure the software to set the crossover frequency of a nominal 110hz and create left and right outputs to the Quads and again to the subs. I was able to choose the crossover type that allows a 6db per octave boost on the subs (required due to them being open baffle dipoles). I then read that the Gradient crossover has a sharp reduction in output below 28hz, as the subs are not flat below this frequency. After a further bit of reading I found that I could set something called a low-step filter in a tab called 'parametric equalizer' on the output to the subs, to achieve this. The Minidsp is doing what I hoped it would do - greater immediacy with a seamlessness between the Quads and the Gradient. As has been said before, a great strength is to be able to try different settings on the fly e.g different crossover points/frequencies, different output levels on the subs. There is also the facility to store different configurations in four different presets. I have also been able to store functions such as volume up/down, presets 1 to 4, on my Sony TV remote. That has enabled me to hear the difference, the touch of a button, between using a crossover point of 110hz, 115hz, 120hz etc. It also gives me the ability to have 2 presets which are identical apart from one being in positive phase, the other in inverted phase (for those who, like me, hear the difference from one recording to another). I can therefore switch from positive to inverse phase and vice versa, at the touch of a button. In summary, a very worthwhile purchase and I can also look forward to a future purchase of a Umik-1 microphone and using the free REW software to carry out room correction or even buy the Dirac software. Oh, one last thing to mention was the excellent transaction with Luke, yet another example of a fine, trustworthy Wammer. It was a real pleasure to do business with him.
  6. Does anyone have experience with the Ground Sound DCN28 Digital Crossover. I am looking for a DSP for a 4 way active speaker build and this Danish product looks very well made although it does carry a hefty price tag (£3,750). This is comparable to the Linn Exaktbox pricing but doesnt require an additional streamer as it takes USB input from PC directly and feels less tied in than the Linn route. It has its own X-over software and room correction but I have no idea how the software compares to Exakt or Minidsp. Appreciate any comments. Thanks
  7. Brilliant active speakers and unusually they are actually good looking too! and quite domestically acceptable. This was used at my office, paired with the excellent Matrix Mini-I Pro2 DAC (listed separately) via balanced pre-amp connection. It's superb system, but speakers are surprisingly dynamic for the size with great extension, open and very clear thanks to the AMT based Jet tweeter. Bass extension and definition is near the best I've heard from any standmount I owned (passive or active). They are adaptable to wide range of music programme and well suitable even for TV duties and high quality video material ... as any good speaker should be. Placement is flexible with not particularly challenging room integration as there are numerous adjustments: including freq response trim in-line with the acoustic space and placement, high frequency trim and LF cutoff if anyone is planning to add the subwoofer at some point (although bass extension is already exemplary). It's worth mentioning that digital AES and S/PDIF (Coax + TosLink) inputs are conveniently present if anyone is planing to attach the digital sources. In that case, S/PDIF parallel passthrough (together with digital switch enablement) is needed so that other speaker could be attached and L/R selection assigned (as S/PDIF is transmitting stereo signal via single input lane). In general, I would recommend that volume gain is set-up at the maximum volume you will ever listen to the speakers and then matched with the associated pre-amp. If anyone wold like to read the actual manual and gain more information about the specs and usage , here it is attached: am_180.pdf They are pro/studio grade active speakers, superb value for money and much better alternative to "mainstream" active speakers costing much more. Condition is excellent, just usual and unavoidable black/gloss finish swirl marks and stands marks on the bottom. I will resin polish them before the hand over, as per my usual practice. I would recommend Sorbothane anti-vibraton hemispheres as best option to isolate the speakers form the stand, desk or any suitable furniture. Actually, if anyone is interested I could bundle the following, together with the speakers: 4x Sorbothane hemispheres, 2x high quality angled RCA adapters, 2x custom built angled IEC power cables. Angled adapters and IEC cables are perfect for near wall placement and set is shown on one of the pictures below. Also, I believe that I may have unused pair of reasonably good Pixel T80 stands (bought from Richer Sounds some tome ago) and could offer them for £40. £530 UK shipped or collected from TW8 Thanks for reading!
  8. Furutech Digital Reference 1.2m RCA - RCA as new £475.0 Reference digital cable.
  9. As per title, looking for a Minidsp 2x4 HD unit and power supply. Must be the HD version due to it's extra features. Many thanks, Gary.
  10. Chord Company 1m BNC to BNC Signature Digital Tuned ARAY interconnect for sale for £275. Original box etc. Excellent condition. Was £450 new. I used this cable to connect my Naim NDX streamer to my Chord DAVE DAC. Replaced the NDX with a Melco music server so I'm using an USB cable now. I can supply one or two BNC to RCA adapters for free. These are standard quality ones. Audioquest gold plated ones cost around £6 each I believe. My eBay feedback can be found here: Best wishes Raja
  11. Elite Audio are pleased to announce that they are now the official UK distributors of Audiophilleo in the UK. The American manufacturer becomes the 23rd brand to be distributed by Elite Audio. Audiophilleo specialise in creating high-end USB to S/PDIF processors to enhance the sound quality of digital downloads, files and streams. Users can turn their PC, MAC, Linux computer, iPad or Squeezebox Touch into a fully-fledged music server via USB port input. The Audiophilleo range has two models; the Audiophilleo1 MKII which now comes in an SE version with DSD playback, as well as the Audiophilleo2 MKII which is the slightly more basic model. Both can be paired with the PurePower ULN (ultra low noise) Digital Power Pack, which is an optional battery based power supply. The PurePower battery pack adds to the sound quality of the Audiophilleo1 MKII and Audiophilleo2 MKII and is a great alternative to USB cables. Audiophilleo pride themselves in creating the best components possible that are also incredibly easy to use. The full range of features as well as the sonic performance delivered are what really make the Audiophilleo range special. To learn more about the Audiophilleo range as well as some of the fantastic features they offer, such as jitter and compatibility, please visit the Audiophilleo page. Elite Audio are the official UK distributors of some of the world's most sought after hi-fi components. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.
  12. For Sale, my Shunyata Zitron Anaconda 1 metre AES Digital cable. This cable was purchased new in February 2016 Pictures of actual cable. £****** Postage £10.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  13. Hi I'm looking for a high quality Streamer that also has WiFi and Bluetooth. Location prevents running a network cable to it so unless it is Bluetooth capable I wont be interested. Flexible budget but ideally less than £1000 What is out there or what have you got that you would part with? Cheers David
  14. No longer required by me. Made by DH Labs in the USA this digital interconnect. AES/EBU balanced digital connection. In mint condition. Length of this Silver Sonic cable is 1.5 metres. Any questions please ask. Price £55.
  15. For sale. Analysis Plus Digital Oval, 1 metre length with 3 pin XLR terminations. Excellent condition. SOLD.
  16. Chord Signature Digital Coaxial Interconnect Cable RCA-RCA 1m long. In excellent condition Included original packaging and box. £120.00 including postage to mainland UK Payment by bank transfer please.
  17. Hi Wammers I'm looking for the above cable, ideally 1 metre but all considered. I have cash but I also have a Townshend DCT AES/EBU digital cable which I can offer part ex if interested. cheers
  18. Monty Montgomery's excellent digital explained seminars, Keith
  19. For Sale A 1 metre digital cable with RCA phonos from the renowned CHORD Co. This SIGNATURE digital cable is in very good condition and utilises 2 sepate and insulated cables, one for the signal and a separate return. £70.00 inc postage within the UK