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Found 18 results

  1. Selling my Tellurium Q Ultra Blue as I want to try something else. They are a 4 metre pair with factory Z plugs at one end & traditional banana plugs on the other. In excellent condition with no damage to the outer sheathing. I originally bought TQ Black but when an opportunity to try these came along I took it & although there wasn't a lot in it I did prefer these. I am asking £160 plus £5 postage.
  2. Continuing to thin out my cable collection, next up is a 1 metre stereo pair of Audioplan X Wire interconnects, with RCA phono plugs. In great condition, these are super flexible, very useful. I am asking £80, plus £5 postage.
  3. Getting round to selling some of my cables & first up is this 1 metre pair of Furukawa PCOCC interconnects. PCOCC stands for patented ohno continuous casting process, a costly process that led to them being withdrawn as they couldn't make money on them apparently. They have no discernable sound signature that I can detect & I have always been happy with them. In great physical condition & work perfectly. I am asking just £25, plus £5 postage.
  4. Up for grabs is my beautiful Consonance Droplet 3.1 Linear CDP. Although not a digital guy I was really taken by how this player looked, & when I heard one I had to own one. Unfortunately for me I have not been able to find a suitable place to put it, being a top loader it has to sit on top of a rack, but there is no way any CDP can replace my turntable. This player has a ECC88 valve output stage, & uses a Philips TDA 1543 DAC. The included remote allows selection of standard non oversampling 44.1, or upsampling at 88.2khz or 176.4khz. I have just put a nos Tesla ECC88 valve in, & it is possible to hear how different valves affect the sound, I prefer this to the Brimar before it. It works perfectly, even reading home recorded CD's. It has what I would call a full sound, with no hint of the glare I can sometimes hear with some players. It is in terrific condition all round, with one caveat. I tried to polish the brushed aluminium top plate, big mistake as it came out very patchy, & I didn't fancy dismantling the player to machine polish it, so after a bit of searching I found a vinyl wrap that was an identical match. If I say so myself I did a very good job, you simply cannot tell I have done it, even close up, unless you really pore over it. I have plenty of pictures if you require more, but 2 hits my file limit for ads. It comes with remote, a copy of the spec sheets, a standard mains lead, & the original box & packaging. I am very reluctant to post, given how couriers treat boxes, but I feel sure I can agree some sort of handover with a buyer, the wam being the wam and all. I am asking £700.
  5. I bought this beautiful harmonica, with the intention of learning how to play it, in 2007, but it has sat in it's cedar wood box unused since then, & somehow I doubt I will ever get around to it. In beautiful unmarked & unplayed condition, it is tuned to the key of C solid I believe, with a clear acrylic 10 hole comb & quality reed plates, in perfect engraved stainless steel covers. These are pretty rare, but when they do come up for sale they usually go for between £175 to £225, so I am offering it at a wam discount price of £140 plus £5 postage. I have plenty of pictures if you need to see more, but the band width here will only allow a couple per ad.
  6. As per title, I have a automatic watch winder for sale. I have had it a couple of years but have only used it briefly due to Mrs Speedracer claiming the noise kept her up at night! Despite this it really isn't loud at all, I can barely hear it. It is a plastic box with clear access windows, & a fake wood veneer , as you can see from the 'photo's there are 4 or 5 small patches where the lacquer has bubbled, not too bad but worth mentioning. It comes with a mains lead, connector cable & a battery box, & with instruction booklet. It can be configured in a number of different ways, to change the rotation pattern, interval, even direction of rotation. There are 2 separate motors, with pillows for 2 watches on each, so 4 in total. It cost me £150, so I am asking for a reasonable £60, plus £8 postage. I have plenty of other pictures if needed, just hit the file size limit with 2.
  7. I have reluctantly decided to move away from playing mono records for practical reasons, so I am offering up my Denon DL102 mono cartridge. It is a fabulous sounding cartridge, so much so that I sold my Lyra Helikon Mono because the Denon was so good, to my ears it has more body, verve & excitement despite the huge price different. I estimate it has had way less than 100 hours since new, based on the fact it has been sat in it's box since the last Kegworth, & only purchased it about 3 months before. As you can see from the pictures the tip looks like new. I am asking for a very reasonable £135, plus £8 postage.
  8. I have decided to sell a few nice LP's to try & claim a little space back, list below. The Moody Blues - In Search of the Lost Chord. 2018 re-issue. Cleaned & played once. NM/NM £10.00 The Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn. 2018 re-issue. Cleaned & played once. NM/NM £10.00 The Police - Ghost in the Machine. 1981 1st press. Cleaned. EX/EX- £5.00 Paul McCartney - McCartney II. 1980 1st press. Cleaned. EX-/EX- £10.00 Steve Winwood - Arc of a Diver. 1980 OBI Japanese pressing (OBI Strip missing but inner present. EX/EX £12.00 Dire Straits - Making Movies 1980 1st press UK. Cleaned. EX/VG+ £3.00 Billie Holiday - The Billie Holiday Story vol 2 1973. Cleaned. EX/VG+ £4.00 Steve Winwood - Talking Back to the Night. 1982. Cleaned. EX/EX £4.00 Postage is £3.80 for one but can do deals for more. All records cleaned properly & popped into a new anti-static inner. I can provide more details or pictures by request.
  9. Due to an upgrade I am offering my Origin Live Encounter mkii for sale. Previously owned by another wammer before me, it has provided sterling service on a range of cartridges, mostly top quality MC's, as well as more modest MM's. I really can't praise this arm enough, so much so I am staying with the brand & moving further up the chain. This is the 9 inch version, with an effective length of 237mm, an effective mass of 12.5g & requires a mounting hole of 23mm (Rega fitment). It is of course a twin pivot arm, the lead is captive, & fitted with good quality phono plugs, There is also a precise & easy to use VTA adjuster. It is in terrific condition all round, & comes with manual & original wooden box, therefore happy to post should it be necessary if you live too far away to collect/deliver. I am asking £595, plus delivery of £10. I have plenty of other pictures but limited by the 5mb rule, please ask if you want to see more.
  10. Due to having a bit of a shuffle around in my system I am offering my beautiful Mastersound PhL5 valve preamp with high quality moving magnet valve phono stage. Features include 4 line level inputs, 2 sets of outputs for bi-amped systems, a fixed level "record" line output, & can be switched to mono operation. All Mastersound's feature 24k gold tracked circuit boards, assembled by hand over days rather than mass produced. Valves used are 3 x ECC82 & 2 x ECC83, & the pre responds very well to tube rolling. Condition is really excellent with barely a mark on the polished stainless steel top plate, & just the merest swirls on the high gloss piano blach side cheeks & back plate. Comes in original box & manual, & remote (volume only), again in piano black gloss wood. It is worth noting the remote uses rf, so you don't need a line of sight for it to work. I am asking £1,550. NOW £1,495.0. Now £1,395.0. Now £1,300. Many more photo's available by request, a bit too big to put many on here.
  11. As above I have tow Auralex SubDude platforms for sale. I have been using them under my speakers, & before that used one under my turntable, both to great affect isolating & eliminating resonance transfer. These both measure 38cm x 38cm x 6.5cm. One or two very small spike holes but not visible when in use, the acoustic foam is in great nick & is 2cm thicker than the newest version. I can't remember how much I paid for these, they are £95 each now I think so offering them at £75 for the pair. I can post, due to the size I would guess it would be around £10, collection is also welcome, subject to safe social distancing.
  12. Very well regarded Bob's Devices SUT using Cinemag transformers. This is the blue print version. I bought it last month from Jake (LordMortlock) of this parish just to try whilst waiting for my new phono stage to be built, & the clarity & detail it brought to the party was a real ear opener. Some detail here. https://10audio.com/bob's_devices_step_up.htm https://www.bobsdevices.com I paid £250 plus £10 postage & would like the same for this.
  13. As per title I have decided to try and find a new home for my Zyx R50 Bloom H moving coil cartridge. It is a lovely sounding thing, but I can't really see it getting much of a look in over my Sumiko Pearwood Celebration ii. That is not to say it is lacking in any way, and the performance is much closer than the price tags of each would suggest, just that on balance I want to stick with the Pearwood. This particular Zyx was bought by me as a very low hours example, less than 40 actually, and I bought a clicker so I could keep track of how much it was being used, and the clicker is now on just 162 hours, so has years of life left in it. I have tried it on various tonearms and a couple of different decks and it has always been enjoyable to listen to. I have the original box and silk purse so happy to post, which I will do for £10, plus I am asking just £395 for this super cart. Any questions please ask away.
  14. With some regret I am selling my fantastic Aurorasound Vida phono stage. Probably the best stage I have ever owned, which given my normal default position of preferring valve stages to ss is really saying something. It is a UK 220-240v model, with the wood sleeve, although I used it without as I preferred the cleaner look this gave. It is in beautiful condition, I can't see a mark on it save for a couple of very light marks to the fascia of the power supply, although it does come with a brand new never fitted face plate should you want it to look pristine again. It comes with two different umbilical cords, one short & one long. I am not sure how old it is, not very I would think, it has been owned by 3 previous prominent Wam members, the only thing missing is the original bill of sale, so comes with the proper manual, 2 shorting plugs for the phono's not being used, the 2 umbilical cords, the new front plate for the power supply, & the original box, so am happy to post, although I am open to delivering it personally if you happen to live within a reasonable driving distance . This is a genuine sale, the Vida performs brilliantly with absolutely no faults & I will miss it very much, but I just fancy messing around with valve stages again. Any questions please ask away. I am asking SOLD. including fully insured postage should personal delivery ( or even collection) not be possible.
  15. This is an opportunity to purchase a rare MC cartridge that is right up there with the very best performing MC's. At around 30 years old it is still performing perfectly with no issues, indeed the ruby cantilever & stylus tip look like new, as can be seen in the photographs. In fact the whole cartridge is in superb condition in every way. Truthfully I am not sure of hours, but l have put only 10 hours on it, & looking at the tip I doubt it has had more than 50 hours in total, as evidenced by the almost total lack of microscopic dust. I am not technically minded, but I will do my best to answer any questions you might have. Specs are as follows. Output voltage 0.12mV (5cm/sec 1kHz horizontal). Tracking force 0.9g/1.1g optimal 1.0. Compliance 18x10-6cm/dyne (dynamic 100hz). Load resistance 100 ohms (40 ohm in the case of transformer). Tip 0.1 x 1.2 mil Hyperelliptical. Weight 6.5g. Ruby cantilever. Reason for sale is that I would have to change too many components in my chain to get the best out of it, ie 'arm, phono stage, head amp etc. It currently sounds very good on my 401 but really it needs more than my Welborne & HA500 head amp can provide to hear it at it's best. Because it needs certain requirements I understand it will not suit all systems, but in the right one it will be fantastic, so I am taking a hit by offering this beauty at £550. Happy to post, or meet up somewhere within reason, I am sure something could be worked out one way or another.
  16. Cd collection of 160 CD'S. Mostly albums, around ten singles. All as pictured and NO playing issues. I have maybe another 5-10 not pictured. These will be included. £300 collected from Coventry. > £250 Or plus carrier. It's less than an avg of £2 per cd, there are only a handful I paid less than that. I need money fast...so, for better exposure I'll list on eBay at the weekend. Offered here first though. Thank you. Feel free to ask any questions. All 11 pictures here.. https://postimg.cc/gallery/1y41odnl6/
  17. DarrenB


    Neil Young. Spacemen 3. Spiritualized. Good condition and NO playing issues. £40 Inc recorded post. BT ideal. Thank you.
  18. As per title I have a Martha's Dad SUT, using Partridge 977 transformers, for sale. I believe the winding ratio is 6:1. I have used it with various MC carts from a AT33 PTG, a Goldring Eroica & a Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II, all with very good results indeed, but I have just bought a cartridge with a piddly output of 0.12 mV & I need more than this SUT can provide for this. They have been put in a robust industrial looking hammerrited case. I am asking Sold.
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