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Found 20 results

  1. I use the optical out on the Akurate hub with my Phonak Bluetooth transmitter which streams directly to my Phonak hearings-aids. I can balance the sound between the stream and the speakers in the room with the phone app. This is helpful as my hearing continues to deteriorate. At least I have QIQO (quality in quality out) from my system. I’ve ordered an optical splitter. Once I’ve proved this works with the Phonak transmitter, I’d like to emulate the room/phonak set up with a set of my wired headphones. My next step then will be to link an optical cable to a headphone amp. Does this sound viab
  2. I am afraid I don't often post but have just had an epiphany whilst equipment wrangling with my lockdown work laptop and Spotify - it keeps me sane or at least mostly sane. I have previously been about single manufacturer Brit-fi (Rega) dating from early Planar3 days. I have dabbled with a nice Chinese all purpose DAC/ HeadAmp Aune X1 gen3 which is becoming inheritance kit to my nephew (to join my Rega3+CyrusTwo) Enough pre-amble here is my International chain from new and dusty parts: USA(ish):(Dutch)Chinese x2: \ German
  3. Teac dac in excellent condition and perfect working order. Great sounding and versatile dac and headphone amp at £175 including postage in UK. Has manual , power cable included. May have box in loft but not sure! Buyer welcome to collect from Liverpool.
  4. Decent little valve headphone amp. Specs: - Single ended OTL class-A output stage. - Power consumption: 13W continuous, 19W peak. - Power supply: 24VDC (0.55A cont, 0,8A peak) - Input Resistance: 21k Ω - Input Sensitivity (6N23): 270mV (dependent on tube) - gain: 26dB (dependent on tube) - Max Output voltage 6.3V into 120Ω - Output Resistance: Selectable 5 or 68Ω - Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 150 KHz (-0.5dB) with 32Ω load - Frequency Response: 4 Hz – 350 KHz (-3dB) with 32Ω load - Signal to Noise ratio: 91dBA (dependent on tube) - Crosstalk: -88dB (dependent on tube) - THD: > 0.0
  5. HeadAmp GS-X Mk2 Balanced Headphone Amp / Pre-Amp in pristine (as new) condition. Has the DACT volume control. Original owner and only lightly used. UK power supply. Protected by dust covers when not used so no internal dust. Supplied in original packaging. Price reduced to £1850
  6. For sale my Fidelity Audio headphone amplifier, a beautifully constructed and solidly engineered object by the much respected micro Hifi company Fidelity Audio. It has a very beguiling sound, with great soundstage and detail, though not fatiguing. Partners very well with my Sennheiser HD 600 phones. Has an internal linear power supply, alps blue volume control, dual mono, toroidal transformer, high grade caps by Wima and Rubycon and HEXFRED rectifier. https://www.fidelityaudio.co.uk The HPA100 preceded the HPA200, which was slightly upgraded but they have very similar perfor
  7. An interesting item, a Chinese headphone amp which is a clone of a highly regarded German sold device with a similar model number. It is internally a faithful copy of the original with pretty much the only difference being the casing and branding. Capable of driving anything out there this is an opportunity to own something quite rare outside of the country of its origin. It was sent to me marked as an engineering sample. As such it’s price reflects that fact. It’s condition is A1. £250 plus carriage, no offers.
  8. One Sennheiser HDVA600 headphone amplifier, in perfect condition. I have owned it since new. The amplifier has both balanced and "single ended" analogue inputs. The amplifier will also drive headphones in balanced mode, which is the way I have been using it with my HD800-S 'phones. I've been very happy with the amplifier. As you can see from the photos, the amplifier comes in its original packaging (the CD contains the manual and other information). Please be aware that this is a pure analogue amplifier, and is *not* the very similar looking HDVD800 which has a digital input in addit
  9. SOLD Time to sell this lovely DAC/Pre-amp/Headphone amp. In addition to being a 192/24 and DSD 256 capable DAC, it is also a full function analogue pre-amp with balanced inputs and outputs. And it has balanced and single ended headphone outputs, and is an ideal partner for the likes of Sennheiser H600s and 800s. Digital Inputs - Coax, Optical, AES/EBU and USB, Bluetooth AptX, plus front USB port for phones/tablets Analog inputs - 1 pair RCA, 1 pair XLR Outputs - same as above. All the inputs & outputs are clearly marked on the back panel so can be seen on the photos. Th
  10. Matrix Audio Quattro II One of the great benefits of reviewing audio for the Wam is you come across some really interesting products. The Audiovalve amplifier was a great find. Its sound was everything you would expect from a great valve amplifier and it had distinctive, steampunk styling. I also discovered the audio market has developed what I call ‘all-in-one’ front ends. They consist of a DAC, a preamplifier and a headphone amplifier all in one box. I reviewed two of these all-in-one boxes and the sound quality was a pleasant surprise. But the big problem was t
  11. For sale, a Chord Hugo in silver, great condition, barely used (which is why I'm reluctantly selling). As you probably know this is a fantastic portable DAC, preamp and headphone amplifier rolled into one, which punches well above its weight. Includes the beautiful black leather case, original box, charger. This is the later revision of the original Hugo that has RCA terminals which are more friendly than the originals. £800 plus postage or pickup from St Albans. UK only.
  12. My spring clean continues ! I bought this unit second-hand about six years but, to be honest, I rarely listen using headphones and it's had very little use in that time. I do not have the original packaging but, if posted, this will be very securely boxed and wrapped. As you can see from the photographs it is in good condition and includes the Creek PSU. It is in full working order. I have a PDF of the original brochure from Creek with all the performance data that I can email to interested parties, or you can download it from "Old Products" page of the Creek website here.
  13. Excellent and compact ClassD integrated, featured with DAC, headphone amp, pre-amp, remote control, phono stage! and based on highly regarded ICE Power 125ASX2 ClassD modules. It's little box of tricks, but importantly enough it doesn't sacrifice any supporting feature because of the integration itself. DAC funcionality is based on one of my favourites: Wolfson WM8740 chip and it's quite nice implementation indeed. Quite smooth and fatigue free sonic presentation with no detail loss in the process. This should match nicely with broad range of speakers around and amp section is quite pote
  14. Bought this from Audiologica on 16th August 2016 as a temporary solution for my home office setup. Great little headphone amp/ dac which has received very positive reviews. Time for someone else to enjoy this unit as I've now upgraded to a T&A amp/dac. Excellent condition with remote and original box & shipping box. Full spec below. £1000 new, £650 delivered within the UK. The entry-level fully featured all-in-one device The Questyle Audio CMA600i headphone amplifier section follows Questyle’s patented "Current Mode Amplification" design used in their flagship headphone amplif
  15. Erzetich Bacillus Headphone Amplifier - £499 - NEW Small, compact and robust, the Bacillus is a precision grade headphone amplifier that comfortably adapts to any impedance headphones. The bright profile is quick in transitions and urges a direct sound, most notably in rock genres. But the low distortion also adapts quickly to acoustic and delivers a very realistic and intimate experience. All in all, Bacillus is an impressive performer and thanks to its diminutive size is an ideal road companion for travelling sound professionals. The Bacillus might be our entry-level headphone amplifier
  16. Erzetich Bacillus Tilia Headphone Amplifier - £799 - NEW The sophisticated Bacillus Tilia has such feature rich qualities, you will not believe it is possible to purchase this headphone amp for such a reasonable price. Fitted with top grade input capacitors and premium quality op-amps, you will discover a clarity of sound you didn’t even know existed. Designed as an artistic tribute to our homeland, the Tilia is made from linden wood and produces a rich warm sound that is fast and punchy and exquisitely detailed. The most versatile amp in our range, you can pair the Tilia with any impedan
  17. Elite Audio Distribution are now the official UK distributor of Erzetich headphone amplifiers and accessories. The Scottish based company now distributes the handcrafted, Slovenian made amplifiers. The Erzetich range features four headphone amplifiers, all handcrafted with the finest components to offer audiophiles the best listening experience possible. Excellent sound quality is not all that Erzetich has to offer. The headphone amplifiers also feature a modern and innovative design, making them the perfect component to have on display when not in use. Both the dual-mono class-A a
  18. Purchased from Electromod on 21st December 2015 (receipt supplied) this is a highly regarded balanced headphone amp that will drive pretty much anything. You can do some tube rolling with this amp and as well as the original supplied tubes i'm including a pair of NOS Mullard Amperex Red Label ECC88's (cost me around £55) and the unique Schiit Solid State Tubes (LISST) (cost £85). You too can drive yourself mad trying to hear the difference between the three options! I'm selling on as I've know moved onto headphone amp exotica and no longer require the Schiit. More info at: http://schiit.eu.com
  19. Selling my Luxman P-700U Headphone Amp. This is a beast of an amplifier - weighs in at over 12 Kgs and has enough power to drive any headphone to number 11. Purchased in June 2016 on eBay, the original listing read: "I bought this from Analogue Seduction in March for £3000 http://www.analogueseduction.net/luxman-headphone-amplifiers/luxman-p-700u-headphone-amplifier.html. Used it a handful of times with my headphones. Its a fantastic amplifier I no longer need. Original manuals, box etc all included. in perfect working order, and in immaculate condition (just dusty!). UK model 220v-240V.I
  20. Looking for an excellent condition Taurus Mk2. PM me if you have one available.
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