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Found 12 results

  1. Been happily listening to Spotify via a CCA on m6 second system using my iPad mini as a controller for about 4 years but today the Spotify app won’t stay live. Every time you open the app the Spotify screen and logo appear then just goes into background/sleep mode. I have tried everything that has been recommended on Google but still no joy. I finally deleted the app, re-booted the iPad and downloaded a fresh app, still won’t work, I am at a loss now as what to do...... any ideas gratefully received. Robin
  2. I've had these for years, moved house recently, took photos of the connections on the speakers so I could reconnect the cables in the right order.... When I set it up and switched on I have no sound. The slave speaker just has a tiny green dot on the display and the master has a red light and the code 1L.65. I've tried the manual but it may as well be written in Latin, me being technically incompetent of course. Can anyone help? Cheers.
  3. Jehosaphat

    KRK setup?

    Hi All, And beware audiophiles. First ever post here and I’m afraid it’s to ask you something as I have very little input to give. I have been thinking of buying an Onkyo TX8250 to go with my KRK Rokit 6 G3’s. (I imagine not a very common choice for listening only) Just grown to love how these speakers look and sound, but I need a more sensible setup. At the moment, I am improvising with an M-Audio Fast Track that connects to my laptop over USB and I normally just play music on Spotify, which I control from my phone. Problems with this “setup”: 1. I want to be able to use my laptop AND listen to music. 2. I can’t use them as output when I watch a film. The Onkyo TX8250 has Spotify Connect and bluetooth connectivity and unless I’m mistaken I can also hook the TV up to it ?! Any advice would be welcome, no idea what I’m doing.
  4. Ok then, I think I need some help. To be absolutely clear this is first time I’ve attempted anything like this and I am a complete beginner. So be gentle with me. I thought it might be fun to collect up DDDAC parts and cobble together a DDDAC. Through a few generous donations and a few very reasonably priced items I’ve collected together enough parts to effectively make two DAC’s. All of the parts are the older boards and that suits fine I’m sure they can be made into very enjoyable DAC’s. So here’s the plan: to build two DAC’s 1. Use the standard power supplies with 4 stack main board and wave I/O board. To make what is effectively a standard 4 stack DDDAC with no mods. I would like it to have a spdif input for a cd transport and I guess the I/O board can do this. Can it? 2. Use the uprated power supplies for 12v and standard 5v to run mainboard with clock mod (effectively making it same spec as new blue board) use a single dac board with tentlab upgrades and wave I/O again with spdif input for cd transport. I thought it would be interesting to see what the difference between them would be, if there is any. One being standard but using multiple boards and one having a few mods and a single board. I also plan to build them both into identical wooden boxes and maybe they can both go to Kegworth next year and you guys can have a blind listen and see which you like best. one of the standard power supplies has a broken part it is clearly seen in pictures, so I guess that needs a new part, any advice on what it is. but for now a complete beginner has to get them working, any advice where to start and what to do?
  5. Hi After hearing a few DDDac’s and really enjoying them. I would like to put one together. After an appeal for parts Von krolock has let me have a go with his 4 stack of the older boards and older main board. Plan to build a 12v power supply, get some nice caps and put it back into action. I thought a thread on the build might be fun. upload images
  6. I have just acquired a sKale for my Aro but no notes Googled it and found a set-up clip on U-tube, All seems straightforward until the guy says to add .2 gm to the manufacturers'' rec tracking weight??? There is no mention of this in my Aro owners manual so is this peculiar to the sKale or what > Any advice welcomed
  7. I have acquired a cheap DAC that has had a few good reviews around the forums. It is a Xiang Sheng 01bii. I think Sera used one very similar at Scalford. It has an RCA coax input, a usb input and a optical input. I want to experiment with digital streaming and playing files from my wireless hard drive storage but I'm not sure how to connect it all up or control it. I would like it to work wirelessly as hiding wires is not easy in my room. How can I connect it to Spotify type Internet streaming, and my wireless hard drive and control from iPad? Thanks in advance for any help.
  8. Hi I am not sure if this will work and am asking advice before I try it out I have 2 pairs of JBL L1 speakers rated at 8 ohms and a Audio Innovations 500 amp that can use 4 / 8 / 16 ohm speakers Could I bi wire a pair of speakers on each 16 ohm output ? or will it do damage ?
  9. Hi Guys Looking for advice and help. Just introduced a new phono stage to my system, it has dip switches on the back and they are confusing me a bit. I'm going to be using a Ortofon Quintet Black with it or maybe an MM cart but I think that should be easier to work out. Black spec below: Output voltage at 1000 Hz, 5cm/sec. - 0.3 mV Tracking force range - 2.1-2.5 g (21-25 mN) Tracking angle - 20° Internal impedance, DC resistance - 5 Ohm Recommended load impedance - > 20 Ohm Here is a photo of the page from the manual, and the table of with options, which dip switches should I have on or off? I have been using low setting for MC cart as it has quite a bit of gain so low seems to be sensible setting.
  10. Hi I'm formulating a plan for a layered plywood plinth for a 401 I've recently purchased. What is the best glue to glue the layers together with? Any advice on layered plinths appreciated. I plan on veneering it, so any advice there is appreciated too as I've never done anything like this before. Thanks
  11. Hi Just got my hands on a nice 401. Starting to think about plans for a plinth. I would like it to have as small a footprint as possible but still have enough density to get the most from the turntable. I was thinking of making a start on it myself with the cutting out of the layers of ply to get it under way and marking out the different cuts for the different layers. I don't really want to just cut out a huge hole through all the layers as I want to leave in as much wood as poss. So has anyone got a link to or can supply me with the paper templates that show what to cut out in each layer so I can make a start. Any advice of help would be appreciated.
  12. I remember reading that Sony produced their last ever, full sized cassette deck a few years ago. Does anyone know the model number or any info on it? I've tried googling but just can't find the info. Ta.