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Found 15 results

  1. I have two runs of Chord Cream Cable. Each run is 4.75m long. It is a two core cable with an outer screen. Original developed as an instrument cable but I have used it for interconnects and speaker cable. One run of 4.75m cable is yours for £20 UK posted.
  2. This has been asked, but it deserves it's own thread that is hopefully indexable for future searchers. Can a subwoofer like REL or BK be connected "high level" via their Speakon connectors to the bass outputs of an Exaktbox-i? Is all the information contained in the music in the bass signal, or does the Exaktbox-i truncate the signal to the rated specifications of the attached speakers? That sounds crazy as soon as I said it, but others have wondered this too.
  3. Looking to buy 2 pairs of RCA interconnects. Something decent, but not for crazy money. Ideally both sets of the same. 1m or longer. Will use with valve equipment (pre and power). Please let me know if you're planning to sell some.
  4. Selling my rare Philosophy Cables/Senso Systems Paragon Interconnects (Palladium) 3 x 1m pairs Philosophy Cables (now defunct) made some very expensive cables made with Palladium. They are mentioned in Tony Bolton's 2015 review of Tellurium Q Black Diamond speaker cable in Hi-Fi World. Info: https://archive.telluriumq.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/HFW_Feb15-Tony-Boltons-Last-Column.pdf He was using the model below the Paragon and found them to be the best he'd used for around a decade. I have three sets for sale. One original Philosophy Cables Paragon set and two Senso Systems sets who bought up all the remaining cables from Philosophy Cables once they folded. The Senso branded ones are exactly the same construction BUT are also cryo treated unlike the original Paragon. They are unique and rare interconnects with a very natural sound and wide imaging. The RRP on these was over £1000 each! If all bought together £400 for the lot including postage. £150 each otherwise. Offers considered. Collection is ok also. *Please sanitise and wear mask for collection* Payment by cash on collection or Paypal Gift/Bank Transfer. Location NW London
  5. I have a Bryston 4BSST2 driving a pair of PMC Twenty23, front end is a current spec Linn Akurate DSM (Katalyst). I had been using an older Audioquest Diamond (first gen) between the DSM and the amp. I knew both had balanced options, but for some reason when I looked at the connections on the amp they don't look like regular XLR so I went with the RCAs. I was playing around with a sub and wanted to switch to XLR and use the RCAs for the sub, and voila the XLRs slipped right in. I am using a short run of DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 with Neutrik XX series terminations. I was shocked at the difference when I fired it up, more punch, dynamics and immediacy! Anybody else done this XLR vs RCA comparison, what were your results? I have a 3 meter piece of Wireworld Polaris 5 that I recently picked up cheap, bad ends. I just ordered some Neutrik 14 series for those, want to cut it in half and make a pair to try that out and see what that sounds like! Anybody have experience with the Wireworld cable?
  6. Hi all Just set up a new (to me) Musical Fidelity KW500 in my system. However, having moved from Naim I realised I’ll need to change all my interconnects to RCA (not DIN). I have a Rotel RCD-991 (tweeked with Burson V6 opamps); Rega RP8/Apheta, and Mission 991 speakers. Any suggestions for good interconnects ? Don’t really want to spend silly money but don’t want to spoil the ship for a penne than of tar either Suggestions much appreciated
  7. For sale a pair of Chord Signature 1m RCA interconnects. Fully working in good condition but WITHOUT the optional earth cables. Photo is of the actual cables for sale. Just incase you don't know - these are not very flexible cables. £200 £180 inc P&P via Royal Mail Special Delivery
  8. For sale my Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre XLR, includes original box. These are excellent interconnects, pictures of actual cables. £675.00 Postage £15.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire Thanks for looking.
  9. Hi guys,I have four mid and high end cables for sale. I have original boxes for two of themTransparent Audio MusicLink Ultra interconnect MM1(1 metre RCA) in good condition. The sweet spot of Transparent audio interconnect cable range. One of the best hi-end cables around.new. Selling £SOLD delivered in the UKAnalysis Plus Power Oval2(10awg 1.8M long ohno cast copper cable) original box. It is fitted with UK furutech 1363(G) plug with AMR hi-end fuse and top of the range wattgate 350i IEC. Very musical power cable with well controlled bass. Top power cable. Selling £SOLD delivered in the ukJPS Ultra interconnect(1M RCA in original box) very good condition. A very detailed and well balanced sounding interconnect from a well respected high end cable manufacturer. If you have a mid budget system you'd love this cable for what it does. £SOLD delivered in the ukSynergistic Alpha sterling RCA interconnect(2M length). A very good cable for mid budget system from a well respected American cable manufacturer. £50 deliveredPlease send me PM with your email address If you require pics. I just couldn't remember how to upload pics Many thanks
  10. Shunyata Zitron Python 1 metre RCA, includes original box. These are excellent interconnects, pictures of actual cables. £630.00 Postage £15.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  11. Hi, All cables below for sale below are in excellent condition. Please feel free to PM if any questions etc. thanks for looking. 1 X PAIR of Signature Series Mamushi XLR-XLR interconnects from Snake Rive Audio of 1m length. Retail price = £1,300 with the Neutrik Gold XLR. For sale at £650. http://www.mackenziehifi.com/snake-river-audio-mamushi-signature-interconnects-902-p.asp 1 X Boomslang digital interconnect RCA-RCA of 1.37m length. Retail price = £619 with the RCA connectors. For sale at £300. http://www.mackenziehifi.com/snake-river-audio-x22newx22-boomslang-digital-interconnect-2342-p.asp 2 lots of the original ifi purifier (£30 each and daisy chain does work). This is not the latest ipurifier 2 2 lots of Mutec MC3+ in Silver. They are £595 new from Thomann, Will sell for £300 each (and yes can be daisy chained) https://www.mutec-net.com/product_mc-3-plus.php 1 X intona galvonic isolator. It is the industrial white version which costs EUR 360 new. For sale at £150 http://intona.eu/en/products 1 X Furutech ADL Formula 2 Audiophile Cable USB A - USB B 1.8m. For sale at £25 1 X Furutech ADL Formula 2 Audiophile Cable USB A - USB B 0.5m. For sale at £15
  12. Ziro Audio Disclosure Silver Interconnects **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in fantastic condition as can be seen in the pictures. Original box and packing. 12 month warranty. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at info@eliteaudiouk.com for more information
  13. For Sale, my last pair of Analysis Plus, Solo Crystal Oval Interconnects 1 metre XLR. Pictures of actual cables. £**** Postage £10.00 Collection welcome from Worcestershire
  14. 1 X pair Linn Black interconnects, used for under a year, no box Ex condition 1.2 m long sold INCLUDING DELIVERY
  15. Pair of Epiphany acoustic Atratus 1M IC and Chord Crimson Plus 1m IC (both chord cables are black - not a problem - guess you can connect them right) I think i have sold old pair with both red :-( £25 each delivered.
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