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Found 3 results

  1. Okay I have now committed myself to a change in build in time for Kegworth (Tony this is all your fault for making the suggestion which wormed its way in to my head) . I have a pair of 1973/4 original KEF 103 reference speakers which are two way units with a T52 SP1049 Tweeters and B200 SP1039 bass units . I loved these from when I bought them after hearing a pair at a Bake Off at Geoff,s (Oldius) . Then after my first visit to Kegworth I was exposed to some active mainly homemade designs which had a speed of delivery and sound that i found very addictive . I decided that I would like to try it out and using a MiniDSP 24HD unit as active crossover and DAC and Pre I converted a pair of old Monitor Audio units which i bought really cheap . This went well and despite a few blind alleys and finding out I had no idea what a full sweep with REW was telling me I completed the job and ended up with a very noce sounding pair of speakers. Next job was to be brave and convert the KEF 103 units to active . This proved a little more complex but again not that hard and the final result was all that I wanted it to be .Especially when I upgraded the MiniDSP to Dirac Live V1.0 . Even tones excellent controlled bass and that marvelous speed which I loved from the start. This year I was going to bring them and let others have a listen after the last spectacular failure at the Wam Show 2019 . And so it should have stayed . Then I blew up not one but two tweeters with stupidity and clumsy use of a volume control. So I needed replacement drivers which were not easy to source and in the end I bought a second pair with good drivers . When I mentioned that I had bought them Tony suggested putting one on top of the other and disconecting the treble units of the bottom pair and using the bass only to make a large 2.5 speaker. Sadly the cabinets were badly damaged when delivered but the drive units were all intact so I went with my original idea and used the T52 units as replacements and kept the B200 for possible future use as spares. Sadly the idea was already out the box and had wormed in to my head and one night while just a little the worse for Wine and Whisky I saw a very good pair available in Glasgow but only for collection . One cheeky bid later and they were mine . Holidays proved to be a pain so I went and collected them today from an AOS member and they are an excellent pair in very good condition. Now the job is on for me to create a large floor standing speaker with the two bass units in series (I think) so that they can be wired as both full playing units. I then use the MiniDSP as before to create an active crossover at 3000 khz for the treble units and the two bass to as low as they will go. Suggestions and help I would ask is that this design has the feature that the metal front panel can be mounted with the Treble above or below the bass unit or even at the side of the bass unit . My instinct is to have the top speaker as normal with treble unit above the bass unit and the bottom speaker with the bass unit at the top as close upper bass unit as possible with the disconnected treble unit at the very bottom . Does this make sense I have added a picture of a pair to assist. It would also be possible to mount the treble unit in the middle of the two bass units by making both fronts with the treble under the bass . Mission used to do this but not convinced it is any better. I would love to be able to lots of experiments with driver positioning but the way the front panel is kept in place means it is more difficult to switch when you un screw it as the captive nut is spike fixed and falls out very quickly after too many changes. So I want to try and make my decision and then stick to it so that I can get the fronts placed as few times as possible. Appreciate and advice and suggestions . I am not going to fix the two units together solidly as they are too heavy for a solo lift and too unwieldly to move about. Will use blu tack between the speakers to fix them which should be good enough . I plan to make a couple of Granite Plinths with spikes to stand the speakers on and bring the trebel unit up just a little closer to ear height .
  2. Well no sooner than I have got the MA 11 speakers running and playing really well but I seem to have the option on two pairs of KEF 103 speakers. I pretty sure that I will buy one pair only issue may be that I have to go to London to collect them but not that much of an issue really . If this all goes through then it may well be that my Kegworth system will be changed as I thin being able to bring both a passive and digitally activer version of the same speaker will make for an interesting comparison . Appreciate that much of what may be added here will duplicate the MA thread but will try to high light the differences and how this works . Will first put up pictures of the new speakers when (if) I get them and then try update the pictures for the cosmetic changes as they are completed. Once the exteriors are how i want them will then start on the DDRC 24 work and see how things go from there .
  3. I have already on a few threads about Quad 57 speakers made it clear that i intend to buy myself a pair . If any of you follow DIY threads you will also have seen that I have become very involved in a project to set up a pair of Monitor Audio 11 Monitors as a digitial active speaker. This has been great fun and has gone really well . So well in fact that I made a decision to seek out a set of KEF 103 (original 1975 era) which are my favourite current passive speaker and work on them as a new project to convert to Active with Digital crossovers. Much to my surprise on PFM I have been offered two pairs and i am now just in the process of seeing which pair is the best so it looks like I have this sorted and can look forward to working on this very soon . Then out of the blue after making an offer on a pair of Quad 57 units with stands at £150 under the asking price I find that this has been accepted. Now thrilled to have got a pair so quickly but right at this time with a new set of 103 due to turn up the issues with my wife will be very severe . The Quad is going to mean a complete switch around of the Music Room to be able to get them installed and quite probably it will also mean fitting a vertical radiator to give more flat wall space . None of which is likely to go down too well . Plus I now have my time and attention split between two systems that both really need full time focus. I think now would be a good time to consider retiring but think with brexit in view it amy well now not be till 2020 .