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Found 13 results

  1. For Sale, my much loved KEF Reference Model One speakers, absolutely lovely, very good condition. All drivers are good condition. 3 way design with a low frequency speaker inside the cabinet - seen in pics. Given the mega weight of these speakers (52kg the pair) these are collection only in Cheshire area. I could deliver to North West Uk easily enough. £400 well spent / invested! Let me know any questions, thanks
  2. WITHDRAWN FROM SALE. KEF Chorale loudspeakers. £125 Have had new high voltage crossover capacitors fitted by me (big fat yellow things, not electrolytics !), new 4mm binding posts, new internal wiring. Cabinets have been lightly sanded and given 4 coats of linseed oil. A few very minor dings and surface marks commensurate with age, but nothing serious. No front grills, but I can supply the cloth that was on them plus the front grille badges. Sadly the wood that the cloth was on had broken in several places. Beautiful vintage speakers, they sound rather sublime, they have the classic B200 and T27 pairing. 47x28x22cm. My usual efforts have gone into these, so Im after £125 collect Northampton, or I could ship if I can find a box big enough
  3. Well I have put this off as long as I could but today I have started on my project to convert 4 x KEF 103 speakers in to two stacked units . Please note that only one Tweeter each side will be connected so there will not be issues of treble coming from two different points and mashing up the stereo effect. The bottom speakers will have the bass unit only connected in parallel with the upper units and so hopefully give me some additional boost to to this part of the sound spectrum . Using Dirac Live 2.0 should smooth any transistions and keep things balanced. Today I have removed the drive units from the cabinet and removed the passive crossovers (strange this pair had Elcap Capacitors in the crossover rather than the electrlytics in my origianl pair ) . I have drilled four holes for the additional binding posts for the bass units at the back of the speakers mounted the posts and soldered the wire connection . I have also started to paint the cabinets black to match my original pair while the drivers are out . I have also put new gasket material around the edges tio ensure a good air tight seal . These are very good silicon tape and make a very positive seal but are also not prone to decay and drying like the originals . Makes things easier if I have to do any additional work that this gasket can be resealed a number of times without problem . Not much done but at least it is a start . Will try and finish the painting tomorrow and then wax the cabinets . Then just a matter of putting the drivers back soldering the connections and building the planned plinth for them to sit on . Once that is completed I will then have to get in the dangerous mode of creating the Active Crossover and running a full Dirac treatment . Hopefully at the end I will have something that is not only working but usable .
  4. Looking for either a single or pair of T52 KEF Tweeters as fitted to the original KEF 103 Reference of around 1976/77 . I seem to have blown one of them on my active pair . Having read up a little more the same unit was used in the 1976 KEF Cantata and Cantata Kit plus the Kef 105 and the Kef 105.1 1977 and 1979 respectively . So if anyone has a duff pair of any of these speakers lying around let me know and we can talk about either removing the Tweeters or will buy the whole speaker / Speakers .
  5. Merry Christmas to all first ! After swapping and testing numerous integrated tube amps (the list is long...), I finally settled for a beautiful Fisher 400. The question is now, which speakers??? LS3/5a, JR149, KEF LS50 and ATC SCM11s are receiving rave reviews but these like to be paired with powerful amps. I was wondering if one you guys are running one of this configuration. I am specially interested in the ATC SCM11s. I am also open to any other bookshelf speakers recommendations. Thank you for any feedback !
  6. Hi. Just after some opinions. My current system is... CDxt se2. DAC XP+. X Power in stereo and 1 PSX R on the dac. My speakers are KEF Reference 203/2. I'm finding vocal presentation especially on louder produced tracks very tiresome and forward, with bass that is present but thin and unsatisfying. If I really up the volume the bass is present and satisfying but the bite from the midrange is intolerable. Loud being about 85db and me usually listening at a comftable 70-75db (at the speaker). I'm reluctant to give up the vast, precise and detailed soundstage that my dac+cd set up gives but have to do something as I'm no longer enjoying music and keep finding myself turning it down. My room is moderately well damped with cloth hangings and some acoustic panels on the rear wall. Speakers are 3ft from the rear wall and 8ft 8 apart. Adam.
  7. I'm posting some room measurements of my 'new' Kef 104/2 speakers, recently aquired from 'Spider'. Unfortunately the previous thread in 'classified' has been archived so I'm now starting a new thread to discuss their measurement and performance in my room. It took me a while to get hold of a mic, but I've been now been able to borrow a calibrated miniDSP measurement mic and have done some measurements using the REW software package. The first three are waterfall charts of the 104/2: a) without the Kube b) with the Kube c) with the Kube, with 'extend' on and then there's a similar chart of my previous speakers (B&W DM2a) which I perceived as less boomy. I'm a novice at room measurement and I haven't had time to read the REW notes properly so here goes my attempt to interpret the above: 1) the Kube gives the 104/2 a flatter bass response 2) the Kube with the 'extend' gives an even flatter bass response 3) the 104/2 has a significant hump around 60Hz 4) the 35-75Hz range has a much slower decay rate than the other frequencies 5) the slow decay rate of the 35-75Hz range increases as the bass response is flattened by the Kube. i.e. is worse in [2] and worse again in [3] 6) the 'old' B&W DM2a speakers don't have the low bass, have a similar bass hump around 60Hz but the decay is faster. Is what I'm describing what's referred to as a 'room mode'? I'd be very grateful for your comments. Thanks Ed
  8. One pair of brand spanking new KEF Q350 - BOOKSHELF/STAND-MOUNT SPEAKERS - finished in WHITE. Brand new and unopened, these KEFs are from the recent auction of stock that was liquidated following the closure of the Superfi chain of stores. The pictures of the boxes are the actual item for sale. There are also two library pictures of the finish. Great looking, and a nice change from black boxes! Full length magnetic grilles are now an optional extra, and these are sold direct by KEF for £30. The typical new price is £499 for the pair, without grilles. I believe they were launched at £530 including the grilles. Specifications and measurements available here:- They have won the usual round of Awards, including the most recent EISA award for Home Cinema use. I bid on these at the auction, for my own use, but received no notification that I’d won. I subsequently bought some other used KEFs on eBay, so these are no longer required. Collection welcomed from home near Abergavenny in SE Wales, or I may be able to deliver/meet up within an hour or so drive. Otherwise will send by Parcelforce, for £20 extra (actual cost nearer £30). Will accept £395 cash or bank transfer from existing Wammers, which just covers my costs. (They are also on eBay for £410 plus £25 postage)
  9. Good Afternoon I have a pair of the original 1970's KEF 103 Reference speakers that I use daily and have owned for about four years. Ever since I bought them I have wanted to update the crossover as the originals have never been touched and are by now probably quite a bit out of alignment . The issue I have always had is that if I change the fitted crossovers and find that it has changed the speaker voicing then it is not too easy to just reverse things. Over two years ago I bought a full set of replacement Capacitors and resistors (I think I also bought Inductors as well but can not remember will check tonight) along with cable for a rewire and new foam strip sealant for the cabinet . Just by chance today on checking e-bay I have been able to buy a pair of crossovers with mounting panels which means I can now sit and replace all the items at my leisure then remove the old crossovers and retain them safely in case I need to put them back rewire and replace the foam strip and I should have one updated pair of speakers . Are there any pitfalls I should look out for ? Often more modern items are more efficient than those originally used and this can some times mean you need to change the resistor on the tweeter to get back the sparkle or tame the increased treble that you get . Should this be done by trial and error or is there a way to test for it ? My soldering skills are not that great but should be able to manage this . Would you suggest fixing all components firmly to the circuit board ro is that not that important ?
  10. NB: Interest check at the moment. Considering selling my beloved KEF Reference 204C as I have a chance at a 202C. My poor house is too small for the 204, it just dominates....But my god, what a speaker!!! Cosmetically it is not perfect and needs a refinish really but I don't care so I haven't done it. Main UniQ driver replaced with new from KEF in 2013 it is sonically perfect. Interesting back story too but I'll save that for now. This is only an option as I'm desperate to raise money to buy the 202C I've been hunting three years and for one reason or another missed the ones that have shown up (Rarely) Looking for £675 to reflect the condition of the chassis (A few scratches and minor chips.) Its in my storage unit at the moment (but if anyone is seriously interested I'll go down and take a few pics.) as I have the Sonus Faber DOMUS in place for demo (which is also up for sale elsewhere) so I don't have close ups to hand but here's one of it in place in my front array (where it is driven by a NAD C272 in bridge mode) A mighty beast for the money and easily a match for its newer sibling the 204/2C at 4 times this price second hand.... thanks for reading M
  11. I need a Kef B200 / SP1014 8" Mid/Bass drivers PLEASE Thanks
  12. KEF LS50 in the beautiful Titanium Grey Ltd edition finish. These have only been used for a couple of days so not fully run in yet. They were bought new for an experimental comparison. Fantastic speakers that have the focus and clarity of a small speaker with the warmth and dynamics of a big speaker. SOLD The previous limited edition (50th anniversary) are now going for significantly more than new pairs, so these are also an investment.
  13. I inherited these lovely speakers, they were my girlfriends Dads growing up, who passed away earlier this year. We have been clearing out some of his extensive 'man cave' garage and I was offered these KEF Reference 103 speakers. I do not have a long term use, and rather than see them sitting in my loft, we have decided to sell them for charity along with a selection of other non-hifi related items. We will be donating the sale procedes to the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity: A bit of background, Andrew was diagnosed with late stage pancreatic cancer just before Christmas and was admited to the Royal Marsden a month later, there was not a huge amount they could do at that late stage. The staff and facilities there are first class, the nurses did an amazing job to make his time there as comfortable as possible in his last few weeks. Now the speakers, they are in excellent working order (sounding great with a Quad 405 here at the moment!). In general they are in good cosmetic condition, there are some scratches and 'vase' marks on one speaker (see below) and a the odd ding here and there as you may expect from a pair of speakers this old. They come with the original KEF Stands (no spikes) and no boxes I'm afraid so collection only as these are extremely heavy! We are looking for a £200 Collection from Faringdon, Oxfordshire.