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Found 6 results

  1. Does anyone have a view on the M7 and M77 clone kits that have sprung up on our favourite auction site recently? In that great Chinese traditional of reverse engineering anything they can get their hands on these have started to appear in numbers. I'll be honest, my interest lies in the fact I have a number of the valves used in these clones. They didn't suit the application I bought them for so I may as well put them to some other use!
  2. A true COLLECTORS ITEM: A very rare and beautiful AUDIO NOTE JAPAN KSL KONDO EL34 PUSH PULL OVERTURE LINE LEVEL INTEGRATED. The KONDO spec sheet which accompanies this OVERTURE states 34wpc output. Condition: This Overture could be on a workbench in The KONDO factory, having just been built, awaiting to be placed in it’s double box for dispatch to The UK, it’s destination. I am super fastidious - this KONDO Overture is in absolutely PERFECT FACTORY condition, absolutely immaculate. I have NO hesitation in saying that this Overture is in 10/10 condition! The engineering and build quality of The Overture is staggeringly good, quite exquisite to be perfectly honest. It’s the HiFi equivalent of the iPhone. Steve Jobs strongly believed that the inside of any of his products, whether seen to the naked eye or not, should be as beautiful as the outside. The Overture (as all KONDO products) has the very same dedication to quality both inside and out, To turn the input selector is a delight, as is adjusting the volume control. The feel oozes refinement of the highest order! Then remove the top plate and peak inside, Phew! One only has to cast ones eyes at the binding posts to realise that these are not your regular ‘off the shelf’ items. Far from it; they are off ‘The Kondo’ shelf, quite like nothing I’ve ever seen before! The attention to detail extends to the minutest detail: look at the photos of the Certificate, The Overture owners guide and the embossed wallet these both come in. And then there’s yet another envelope for all the above! The musical presentation of any piece of equipment is relative to the listener. My interpretation of what I’m hearing may be completely different to anyone else’s. That aside, here are some observations: The components I’m using The Overture with are an Audio Note CD2.1x and a gorgeous pair of ANJ LX Hemp in High Gloss Olive, a quite extraordinary pair of speakers. IC cable is AN Lexus and Mogami speaker cables. Keep it simple!! In the first few seconds of listening to The Overture, my breath was taken away. The rule book had been torn up and thrown in the bin! The overall tonal presentation of The Overture is SO richly saturated and textured, unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. Usually and of late, when listening to a new piece of equipment, I play the Mark Knopfler track ‘Long Cool Girl’. It’s a defining track, in that with any amplifier I’ve ever heard, the drumstick hitting the rim of the drum always seems completely unattached and on it’s own. Not so with The Overture. The drumstick hitting the rim had presence and a place in the overall presentation, for the first time ever! The midband is as I’ve described above, densely saturated with richness, a quality that pervades the whole listening experience. Best to describe the presentation as very ‘atmospheric’. The only time I’ve heard anything remotely similar was with my old Shindo Cortese F2a ‘stand alone’ power amp, so natural, present and real. While not the deepest bass, The Overture excels in producing the lower registers with such a physical presence, bordering on ‘thunderous. The presentation is more upper bass, than deep bass, but it’s a revelation and has to be heard to be believed! This Overture carries a full ‘provenance’ through and through. Even the Certificate, manual and the envelope they come in are like everything else, presented beautifully, quite ‘Extra ordinary’! Recently, I was in contact with a European journalist who’d reviewed The Overture. His words to me where: “Kondo has something magic in their fingers”. I’d agree. Prior to me buying this Overture, it had been boxed, stored and unused for three years. I’m sure that this amplifier was the first ever Overture to have been imported into The UK. I’m not too hot on modern technology so won’t attempt to ‘link’ to reviews. However, if you just Google Kondo Overture, you’ll find reviews by: Stereophile. Highfidelity, Stereo Times and The Part Time Audiophile. Psvane EL34PH’s (replica’s of the original Philips EL34) are currently installed and sound wonderful. Collection only from HG2. Will not courier this amazing amp - just don’t trust couriers. This is a UK only sale. The price is £9,750. which is less than 1/3rd of current RRP. Current RRP for the MK11 Overture @ Blues Audio is a whopping £30,000. @ psaudio is €33,400. Payment by Bank transfer. Serious enquiries only please and by PM. Many thanks for looking.
  3. For sale is a pair of Kondo sp/c speaker cables terminated with banana plugs. The cable lengths are slightly different being 3.5m one side and 5.5m the other to accommodate side placement of the amp. Originally supplied by Definitive Audio the cables are in excellent condition as can be seen from the pictures. I live near Edinburgh but the cables can be easily shipped. I am looking for £800 delivered in the UK. Any questions please ask.
  4. Having sold a fair amount of my spare kit in recent months, it is now time to move on some of the cables I have been hoarding "just in case they were needed one day". All were either bought new from mainstream dealers or used from established wammers on here. I am open to sensible offers on any item. 1) 1.2m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects, Switchcraft phono plugs. £750 2) 1.2m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects . Switchcraft phono plugs. These have some minor paint marks on them. £700 3) 1.0m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects. Switchcraft phono plugs, £650 4) 0.75m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects, Switchcraft phono plugs, £550 5) 0.75m RCA Pair Shindo silver interconnects, re-terminated with Switchcraft gold plated plugs. 6) 1.0m RCA Pair Kondo Audio Note Japan KSL VzII with box and certificate. £750 SOLD 7) 2.0m RCA Pair Audio Note UK ANVx 20 strand with AN-P phono plugs and box. £1,000 8) 1.0m RCA Pair Audio Note UK ANVx 20 strand with AN-P phono plugs. £560 9) 1.0m RCA Pair Audio Note UK ANVx 20 strand with AN-GP phono plugs. £500 10) 8.0m BNC to BNC Pair dartZeel Link cable. £1,500 11) 1.2m RCA to RCA LFD Reference Silver Phono cable, boxed. Note: this phono cable has RCA plugs at both ends. £750 12) 1.0m RCA Pair Nordost Valkyrja. Re-terminated with Neutrik Profi phono plugs as factory. £650 SOLD 13) 1.0m RCA to RCA Chord Signature Digital interconnect, boxed. £250 Reduced to £125 14) ).75m XLR Siltech Signature Golden Ridge Digital interconnect, boxed. £400 SOLD 15) 3.0m XLR Pair Nordost Baldur stereo interconnects, boxed. £400 16) 5.0m 16A Chord Powerchord, boxed. Note: 20A IEC connector, does not fit normal IEC socket. £100 SOLD
  5. perart1

    Kondo SUT

    I know that here is a wealth of information about Kondo kit amongst WAM member so I was wondering if you could share you experiences of the SUT's that Audio note Japan/Kondo made. In particular, the AN-S7c/AN-S7cz and the AN-S6c/AN-6cz. I assume that the difference between the c and the cz lies purely in the captive cables. and that the obvious differences between the 6 and the 7 is in their functionality. I am interested to know if there were any significant non obvious design differrences (apart from the function requirement) and more imortantly if people have been able to compare them with each other or with the Kondo KSL SUT Regards Peter
  6. Kondo Cables Sale - VZ MkII 1metre RCA Silver Interconnect, VZ MkI 1metre RCA Silver Interconnect, 3 x ACz 2metre silver power cables (shitty brown colour). Kevin at Definitive at provide provenance of these cables. £700 for VZ MkII £650 for VZ MkI £700 each for ACz power cables
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