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Found 5 results

  1. Krell 302 Evolution 2 channel Stereo Power amp One of the last Krell power amplifers that famously doubles it's output 300 watts into 8 Ohms, 600 watts into 4 Ohms, and 1,200 watts into 2 Ohms with all both channels driven simultaneously. It gives a dynamic tight bass performance particularly with harder to drive speakers. It's not all about the bass it has a marvellously neutral and detailed midrange and an extended, open treble. I've used it successfully with active preamps such as the Krell 222 and also with passive preamps such as the music first audio Classic V2, there are lots of reviews online ( the 302 Evo became the 302e later on in it's life when they moved from leaded solder to lead free solder, and reduced the standby power consumption ) It was new when i bought it in 2013 and has had a easy life in my system driving my B&W's but i've moved to smaller speakers and this wonderful amplifier has to go It in very good used condition. There is one small scratch on the rear panel which you can see on one of the photos. I have the original mains power cord, a 12v trigger lead, the owners manual and the original boxes ( it's double boxed for protection ) Owing to the size and weight of this amplifier i would rather not send it on a carrier, so it is collect in person only from Headingley in Leeds. £ 3250 if you want to see more pictures check out my ebay ad
  2. My first bake off, of many to come. I have had some advice from Lurch how to set this up, so hopefully we will keep everyone happy. On Saturday 8th June from 11am till late say 7pm? Due to having a small house, I have access to a big ground floor room 5M x 10M in the local PUB, ideal if you want to bring some BIG and loud speakers. Lots of Snacks and Drink provided, plus cheap drinks from the Pub. (overnight rooms available, if too stoned to drive home). Space for about 20 bodies plus any equipment you want to bring. Easy access and nearby unlimited parking. Happy to bring your music, your kit and swap in place of, or add onto . . . I will be having a Digital vs Analogue Bake Off theme - so bring your best of both and see which gets the public vote? Looking forward to a great time meeting fellow Wig-Wammer's and chatting about anything Hi-Fi or otherwise . . . Attendees: - Lurch Lawrence 001 (+ friend?) George 47 Mayebazza Baggawire Parcelmonkey Joolz Orbscure ithilstone + guest GLB zeta4 FrankD Jessica_k Millennium lilolee Mr Underhill ian917 Equipment: - Kii3 + BXT active digital speakers Linn Exact DSM Digital Streamer Krell KPS 20 iL CD player Krell KSA 250 Amp 85 lbs classic beast Linn LP12 with Ekos arm and Troika Cartridge. Townshend Seismic Sink Equipment Racks PS Audio Phono/Digital MC amp. Elipson PF14BT Active speakers with 10 inch sub. (a surprising performance) Naim SBL Lots of esoteric cables, toslink and other hi-fi tweaks . . . Guest Equipment: - Turntable Tron Lurch Phono MFA Lurch CD Lector CDP Lurch Audionote DAC and preamp Georeg47 Nord power amp. Georeg47 DCS Bridge George47 2 Mains extension Power Blocks George47 Vitus Audio SS010 Mkll integrated amp parcelmonkey PS audio directstream dac, Joolz Herron and Rabski's pre-amp Joolz Gordon Wellford pre-amp Joolz NVA Cube1s speakers and cable and stands. ithilstone Analog part would be NVA TAS (the analogue statement) with a BBPSU (big bastard power supply), ithilstone Digital would be smallest of the small Hifiman R2R2000 as a DAC all connected to BMU ithilstone Starlight discrete r2r dac zeta4 Custom Phono stage Jessica_k Audionote 2.1 DAC Mr Underhill
  3. Reluctant sale of my much loved Krell duo, owned by me from new. Always used together powering a pair of Sonus Faber speakers which I sold last year. Originally £6,000 for the pair, bought from Oxford Audio Consultants in late 1997. Double-boxed manufacturer’s packaging, mains leads and original remote controls included for both items. One remote control is in very good condition, the other has discoloured due to UV: both work properly with no dodgy buttons Modestly rated at 150 watts per channel, the KAV-300i is in pristine condition having always been housed in the middle of my rack. Classic Krell finish of titanium and black, much nicer to my eyes than the later shiny models. Huge, wide-open sound, yet remarkably clear and detailed at low volumes. Completely original, never serviced or in need of repair, it sounds terrific. Balanced and unbalanced inputs, one pair of speaker outputs, a tape loop, and no headphone socket or tone controls. The facia is like new as the remote has been used for switching duties, avoiding finger marks, and all legends are engraved (not the type susceptible to wear). Comprehensive review here:- https://www.stereophile.com/integratedamps/809/index.html. One of the more interesting quotes:- This isn't a Krell dreadnought, but it is more powerful than many other amplifiers, particularly in its dynamic capability. There's certainly no shortage of peak current. That 250W peak program, 8 ohms, grew to 400W peak into 4 ohms with 620W peak available into 2 ohms. The matching CD player was more costly than the amp when new, and is unusual in being fully balanced from DACs to XLR outputs. RCA unbalanced outputs also fitted. It has twin Burr-Brown PCM1702K DACs and a HDCD decoder. The display can even be turned off for fractionally clearer sound. Packed full of components, unlike many CD players, it reputedly has over 300 transistors! Unsurprisingly the two Krells complement each other with their big, dynamic sound. The CD player is in very good condition, though has a faint scratch of the top panel (highlighted in one picture, below). It was serviced about 8 years ago, when it stopped reading discs. It was looked at by the importers, Absolute Sounds, and returned with a quieter drawer than new, and reading discs perfectly. It does make a slight whirring noise when loading, and CDs are pressed down by a clamping mechanism - this is as its maker intended! Another Stereophile review here:-https://www.stereophile.com/cdplayers/638/index.html And a typical quote:- It has an engaging brawniness, throws a heck of a soundstage, and has tons of nonfatiguing detail. If you're looking for a high-quality, reliable CD player that can show you exactly what's on a recording, look no further. The KAV-300cd should leap to the top of any must-audition list for an under-$5000 CD player. Looking for £1,700 for the pair, including Wammers discount - REDUCED TO £1,550 on 20 March (there’s now an amp on sale for £750 elsewhere). I’ll donate £100 to the Dogs Trust if sold by the 17 March at this price. (There are currently two amps on eBay where the sellers are asking £995 and £1199.) Would prefer to sell together, though will consider sensible offers for each. I am bringing these to Kegworth unless sold beforehand. In any case, I’m not intending to risk a courier as I would prefer you to see and/or hear and be sure of your purchase. We can handover there, or by arrangement to suit. N.B. Also selling the Transparent Audio MusicLink Super balanced XLR cables to connect this duo for optimum results. Asking £325 for cables, originally retailed close to £1,000 “Special offer” for full package, £1,890 for Amp, CD and cables. CABLES SOLD 15 MARCH - so ‘special offer’ no longer available.
  4. About to upgrade from my Krell KAV-400xi to the Perreaux 250i, which I think will be a worthy companion to my Raidho C1.0's. Great service from Gary at Audio Emotion. I'll post again once the new amp is in and settled down. #excited
  5. Krell FPB 300c. Sounds phenomenal. Cost new was about £10,000 iirc. £3500 ono. Location Chichester, W Sussex UK.
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