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Found 16 results

  1. Hi All, I am a new member, and would really appreciate a bit of advice. This weekend my wife redesigned the my house, and I have been given carte blanche to upgrade my audio setup. So I am aiming to build a new system around my 2014 LP12. I will be discarding a Marantz PM11s2 and Chario Constellation Cygnus speakers which have served their time. This means I will be left with a Turntable and Motor and nothing else. Base System Linn LP12 + Linn Akita Arm + Dynavektor XXV mk 2 + Radikal Motor + Trampoline Future System Streaming: I want to add an appropriate level Network Player (along lines of Linn Selekt DSM) Phono Amp: A phono preamp which does justice to the LP12 (not sure whether there is a case for Urika / Urika 2) Amp: A quality amp - either integrated or power (but ideally aiming to keep box count low and keep signal chain clean as possible) Speakers: Standmounted monitors I am open to going etiher Passive or Active (maybe Exakt / Akudoric?). Can anyone on the board here give me a suggestion of possible expansion paths? I am a bit out of touch with recent developments on Linn or other audio products. I am also keep to stay as close to Linn as possible - although speakers are a question for me (I also like Harbeth / Graham / B&W / Focals etc) Thank you very much for any help, and I appreciate your patience in case I have broken any message board taboos Kind regards, Billy
  2. Off this morning to @Cymbiosisfor a demo - I want to choose the final Sub Chassis for my deck - choice is either Keel or TA Phoenix rest of the deck is Karsouel, TP Khan, Kore, Ekos SE, Urika, Radikal with DVXX2 cart will post my thoughts -
  3. Hi, bit of a weird question - my 2 year old son has shown a developing tendency to destruction and I am terrified of his eyes and hands alighting on my kit Although I will have a lid on my LP12 (when I get it), is there any way of locking this? Also the rest of the kit on a hifi rack - is there any way of protecting this?
  4. Hi all, with the advent of the Karousel upgrade to the LP12 I read a lot of good stuff. I collected a few clips kindly shared by a member on the Lejonklou forum, and also my trusted dealer sent me a comparison of Akurate LP12s with Cirkus vs Karousel. Auditioning these files leaves me puzzled, as the difference is much smaller, than I had expected from the chatter in the forums, and my dealers words. But I had a similar effect, when auditioning clips of KRadikal vs ARadikal on my system. The difference appeared more pronounced, when I played the same files on my Pono player into my Beyerdynamic T51p cans. (Can't test this with the bearing clips now, as the Pono and cans are in my 2nd home 420 km away from here.) So I wonder if my amp, or speakers are holding too much back, and if spending into a Radikal to get the Karousel is the best investment for me. My current chain is: LP12 - Cirkus - Lingo2 - Kore - Ekos2 - Krystal - Uphorik - KRDSM - AEXBOX6/K - C6100/D - AV5140/EspekT I'm using SO+ which my trusted dealer and I finetuned applying tunedem. Any experiences / opinions? Cheers, TMC
  5. Hi, What the consensus of opinion for the best tonearm to use with my old LP12, non-Circus, Valhalla, no Trampolin? To be used with an Rega Elys cartridge.
  6. Hello everyone, I'm new to the forum/club and Linn products in general, so please excuse my lack of knowledge. Also my apologies for what will probably be a fairly long post. First things first, my current setup is as follows: Pro-ject debut carbon with Ortofon 2M Blue, Trichord Dino Mk1, Marantz PM5005 amp and Dynaudio DM2/6's with a Warfdale diamond 150 sub. A few months ago, I was looking at upgrading my turntable (with a Clearaudio concept the frontrunner), however, given its lowly price tag, I reasoned that a new TT would bottleneck as soon as it hit the £200 Marantz. Thus I decided to budget (about £2500-£3000) for a new turntable and amp. So when in Glasgow, I popped into Richer Sounds to demo some amps and TT's (unfortunately they don't stock Clearaudio gear), only to come away feeling underwhelmed by the £1000-£1500 TT's I'd heard. Although I did like the Arcam SA20 amp. Anyway, in search of a Clearaudio supplier, I found myself in Loud and Clear and had a rather interesting conversation with one of the staff there. The long and short of it being that his recommendation was to stick with the Marantz for now, as it is a quality amp for its price and would 'do its job' and put my whole budget towards a far superior TT. As you probably all know, £3000 is roughly where the Linn LP12 Majik comes in at. Unfortunately, time only allowed me a short taster of what Linn products sound like. Regardless, the recommendation I received was to look at TT's in the vein of the LP12 or the Rega planar 8 and then at some point down the line, think about something like a Rega Elicit R or Moon 240i. Fast forward six months and due to circumstances outwith my control, I have not yet upgraded. However, once Christmas is over and done with, I will be able to, but now with a budget of about £6000 to play with (plus whatever I can get by either selling or trading in my old gear). This is where I need some guidance from the people who know what Linn products are like in the real world; you guys. At this point, I am virtually sold on getting an LP12. The sound, style, upgradeability and history of this TT pretty much has me. So let's consider that part of the system fixed. This leaves about £3000 of my budget left. While I could quite happily get an Lp12 Majik and leave it at that, I am aware that the opportunity to overhaul my whole system might not happen again. So, what should I do? As I see it, there are several options. 1) Get the LP12 Majik and leave it at that for the time being. 2) Get the LP12 Majik and a better amp (Elicit R, Moon 240i or similar). 3) Get the LP12 Majik and new speakers. 4) Get the LP12 Majik and see what amp and speakers I could get for £3000 approx. 5) While I don't think my budget would stretch to a full LP12 Akurate (depends how nice my dealer decided to be) I could get the Majik with some of the Akurate’s upgrades. What do you guys think? Is it viable to get all three components without serious compromise for the budget? Or is focusing on two (or even just one) a better idea? I would also be interested to hear peoples thoughts on getting a full Linn system. For example, I could possibly get the LP12 Majik, Majik 2010 amp and either Majik 109 or 140 speakers for the budget. Thanks, guys and sorry for the long post. Look forward to hearing your thoughts.
  7. UPDATED 27 Oct - to offer for sale at £1500 £1250 I'm retiring and going travelling whilst I'm still young enough (55) to enjoy it so I'm selling my complete stack rather than put it in storage for 5-10 years I can pretty much find the going price for the usual stuff like the Supernait, CD3.5, Flatcap, Stageline N, DTC etc but struggling to identify a fair price for the LP12 & Armageddon, the answer seems to be "how long is a piece of string?" It's a tidy deck fitted with a Cirkus bearing & sub-chassis, Rega RB301 arm and low hours Dynavector DV-10X5 cartridge. The only faults I can see are some micro abrasions on the lid, a small blemish to the front RH corner of the deck and the olive light doesn't come on the PSU. Coincidentally, it's exactly 8 years ago today that Cymbiosis serviced it and fitted the Cirkus bits. Any advice on how to price or input is much appreciated. Thanks Mark
  8. Hi After 4 years and about 1,800 hours, I think that my Adikt is close to the end. The sound became harsh and with a lot of sibilances, my modest Cambridge CXN is now a lot better than the LP12 to listen to. Is the cartridge worn-out? M.
  9. I recently acquired a system consisting of the following: quad els 57 speakers (serviced about 10 years ago but not used since) Naim Nac 22 preamp Naim Nap 120 power amp Linn LP12 turntable Quads: As far as I am aware the quads should be good as new, given they were serviced and then not used, unless the tension on the panels goes over time or there is some other issue. I do plan on removing the front grills to get a small dent out and repaint another colour. Amp/preamp: As far as I know, the preamp is fine, but given it has not been used in about 20 years and was never serviced before that, I've booked it in with a local audio engineer reccomended to me by a local reputable hifi company (James Morrow based in Edinburgh, Lothian Road) to have a general service. The power amp is a bit more complicated, as I have been told that one channel does not work so I did not turn it on for fear it might damage the quads. It has also been booked in with the local audio engineer to be repaired and serviced. These items are currently quoted at £80-£120 each, but I did get a quote directly from Naim at £270-£300 each not including shipping. I went with the cheaper option, as I am on a bit of a budget and I think it is just a missing capacitor, but I could be persuaded to go for the more expesive option if you think that it needs to be done by the people who built them, especially given they are one of the earliest models dating back to the early 70s. Also worth mentioning that I plan on adding capacity for a smartphone input, but since the preamp only has 4 pin inputs the only way I can see to do this is to get a 3.5mm to RCA cable https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01D5H8JW0/ref=twister_B01N8WW6TH?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1 , then a 4 pin din to RCA cable Naim Style 4 Pin Latching DIN Plug - 2 x In-Line Phono/RCA Sockets Linn LP12: Fairly straightforward, it does not have a belt and has also sat unused for the last 20 years, and has not been serviced to my knowledge before that (made in the 70s) so I will book it in for a service with Linn and get them to replace the belt, costing £200. Sorry for the information overload, but I just wanted to get some well trained eyes on my system to let me know if there are any huge mistakes or things that could be done better. I'm excited to get it all working together, as they are all impressive parts.
  10. In very good condition with no signs of component burn or leaking capacitors. Complete with LED switch & original mains lead. Only two years use from 1988-90 when it was removed from my LP12 which was fitted with a Lingo power supply. Connected up at my dealers (06/04/19) and confirmed fully working. If you have any questions or need more pictures please ask. £125 or nearest offer. Cash on collection (West Midlands, UK) or posting fully insured at additional cost
  11. Hi all, Firstly sorry if I offend anyone with my lack of hi-fi knowledge, I love my music especially my old vynil collection which I have held onto for the last 40 years. When CD’s came in I picked up a lovely Linn LP12 but have never done it the proper justice playing it through a little project pre amp, Nad 340c and Mission 702 speakers. Realistically is it possible to pair the LP12 with Amps and Speakers with a £1000 budget? If so what could you recommend and what improvement could I expect.?
  12. I am selling the turntable as complete and ready to go, including the cartridge and won’t split. I am looking for £1475, which feedback suggests is reasonable, but open to offers. It comprises: Base LP12: Serial No. is 0413** which I believe is July 1982. Plinth is fluted afrimosa and, I believe, not braced. Cirkus bearing. Platter could use a clean! Plinth is generally in very good condition but there are a couple of marks for which I can send photos. Cover also has a couple of very small marks and had new hinges 2 years ago. Ittok LVII arm fitted with Dynavector 10x5 Cartridge (around 100 hours only) Lingo 1 power supply which I have had for 18 months. It has not been re-capped while I have owned it. The deck has been regularly serviced by my dealer. Last service was 18 months ago when Lingo was fitted. I can send specific and more detailed photos to anyone who is interested and it is of course available for inspection. Whilst I have partial original packaging – box and bottom styrene - I don’t want to courier this item as I just don’t trust them! I live near Derby and would be happy to arrange delivery if we can negotiate reasonable fuel costs. Also I occasionally travel to Enfield if that would help.
  13. New here, hello everyone. Just bought my second LP12 (currently Akurate config). My first LP12 was swapped for a CD12 a number of years. I guess we all make decisions that make sense at the time ... anyway, my question is about the diode on the power switc on the deckh. When I turn it on, it shines brightly but ”dims” after a few seconds. I thought that the brighter light indicated that the speed wasn’t locked in but I have noticed that the diode sometimes gets brighter (again for a few seconds) during playback. I don’t think that ihe lingo is so sensitive that it can detect increased drag from difficult parts of the record. I do not hear any fluctuations in pitch... have searched the Internet but have not bern able to fond anything. Anyone know what it is?
  14. Scored myself a very nice LP12 today. I took it to John at Midland Audio Exchange as he looked after me when upgrading the power supply to my twice exploded Logic dm101. John will be doing a full strip down, service,clean and rebuild with a new external supply and cartridge. I have a spare VMS20 but the Ittok Black tonearm deserves something a little higher end so I'll be leaving the choice of stylus to John as he's got an idea of my budgets and he knows I'm not chasing the hifi dragon. Big thanks to John for his excellent service today, the TT will be back with me sometime late next week when I'm going to put it head to head against my Logic dm101.
  15. This week we built a Vivid upgraded LP12 (serial 73186) complete with a Linn Lingo and Jelco 750D Tonearm. This stunning example of a high spec and high performance LP12 has been set up to our exacting standards and is now available for sale at £2450.00. Full spec and upgrades of the LP12 are listed below. Vivid upgrade package - Subchassis and armboard, Rigid baseboard, Solid wood corner braced plinth in maple, Acrimat New Inspire lid and Linn hinges New Linn suspension and belt New Jelco 750D tonearm and cable Used Linn Lingo (Used and fully tested) Used Linn Adikt cartridge (Used and fully tested) This is a rare opportunity to own a stunning example of an LP12 which will compete with LP12 turntables at many times the cost. Part exchange and demonstration at our premises in Chesterfield are available. Please phone on 01246 268887 or email robert@inspirehifi.co.uk for further details.
  16. As seen at Scalford as front end for Active Yamaha NS1000M's, offered for sale is my 'version II' Spoke 330 kitted Linn LP12. Spec includes custom Stainless Top plate with suspension springs and motor position rotated anti-clock to more evenly load suspension springs and reposition subchassis C of G optimally. Three off 1mm dia. carbon Spokes, new Premotec motor, Hercules 33 and 45 rpm Power supply, Chris Harben Bubinga Plinth, CNC machined anodised alloy Spoke posts, composite stainless/Aerolam non magnetic sub chassis. Large surface area of support for standard Armboard, as the new Sub-chassis supports under arm mount, so there is no bending moment in board at arm pillar. Polished outer platter rim, Pre Cirkus bearing fitted as I prefer these, easier to oil to correct level. Available with the SME 309 as seen in image at £2500.00, or without arm at £1800.00. No Linn boxes, or packaging for SME, but original Chris Harben Woodsong plinth box still available. Please note image below has a fine texture finish black top plate, this is now replaced with stainless grained top plate to keep standard LP12 look. This TT was also used briefly in Adam K's system in the Coleman room at Scalford 2013 if anyone remembers hearing it? Thanks for letting me try it out in this context Adam. Reason for sale? I'm going to do it all again with an original Pink Triangle, and make it Direct Drive too if I can. Yahoo! Cheers all. Gary.
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