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Found 61 results

  1. Excellent Unidisk 1.1 with relatively few hours on it, maybe ~200. Plays every CD I threw at it perfectly, never tried anything else, never owned a SACD. One of last built as Linn cleared out last stock components 2007 and had been in storage until this year. But even though this sounds amazing who knew back then we'd all (well nearly all) go the streaming route!?!? I can't get away from it and this is replaced by a DSM in my set up. I did briefly have DSM and Unidisk running together, and Unidisk sounds better than internet streaming and about equal to FLAC on a home NAS. Looking for a firm £1000 + postage, or swap for a good, black Linn 6100 power amp with Dynamik
  2. Looking for a Linn Classik, any model, any colour, ideal would be a black K/230. Can have a defective CD transport if need be, as is wanted for pre-amping only. TIA!
  3. For Sale Linn Klimax Kontrol/1 Pre-amplifier with Dynamik Power Supply & Dual Mono configuration. In excellent condition, no marks or other blemishes on it. Will be packed in original Linn box & inserts. Includes power cable & Linn remote control. Looking for £2200 plus P&P.
  4. My original Linn dealer Gary Dilliot who ran Better Music in Niagara region sadly passed away a couple of years ago. He's hard to replace, but I'd love to hear any service/repair or dealer recommendations (independent or stores) for the Toronto area - if they also service Rega, even better.
  5. For the geeks amongst us, follow the link to side by side comparison photos. It is clear that every board (bar the PSU) has been replaced with the lovely black and gold Akurate style.
  6. Selling a Linn Cirkus (circa 2004). Comes with its sub-chassis and arm board (Linn cutout). Based in Wokingham, Berkshire, for collection. Yes this household has been following all usual COVID precautions. Generally in very good condition, okay there are some fingerprints on the sub-platter, but the bearing is in tip-top condition. Pricing it at £200 Andrew
  7. One Linn 038/2 Tweeter in very good condition and fully working. Standard in: - Ninka - Katan - Espek - Ekwal - Trikan Upgrade for: - Keilidh - Keltik - Kaber -AV5140 -AV5120 85 GBP including UK mainland shipping and insurance. Shipping to other locations at cost, but must be with insurance. Thanks
  8. I use Kazoo from a number of Win 10 laptops. The playlists are stored locally on each. In order to aggregate them I wanted to find their file location but an internet search found nothing. In case another Win10 has the same question they are in: C:\Users\<Your User Name>\AppData\Local\Packages\LinnProducts.LinnKazoo_6mhshthykptx8\LocalState\Data\\Playlists\ I suspect that this will vary with the version of Kazoo you have loaded = LinnProducts.LinnKazoo_6mhshthykptx8 M
  9. From original klimax upgrade.... Fantastic streamer the only one I've owned to rival my vinyl source... But getting rid of 2nd system now so only keeping upgraded one... This is 97%as good in my books. Higher res pics here There is the tiniest mark on top see pic in drive ... Only noticed when taking pics but doesn't affect sound and had to angle pic light to show it. Read the reviews and bid with confidence. Boxed but no manual but you can get pdf from linn site. Running latest software... Konfig makes this a Doddle and you can use linns fantastic software if have less that perfect setup to tweak sound and get. Rid of any room artifacts... Can't think of many streamers that allow that.... Spec Plays digital music over a standard Ethernet network Streams internet radio, podcasts and 'listen again' broadcasts Decodes FLAC, WAV, Apple Lossless (ALAC), MP3, WMA, AIFF, AAC and OGG audio formats with up to 24-bit 192 kHz native sample rate Plays computer audio via Linn Songcast app e.g. iTunes, YouTube, Spotify, BBC iPlayer Integrates with Tidal's lossless streaming service Space Optimisation technology built in Songcast support allows synchronised playback of audio around the home Balanced (XLR) and unbalanced (RCA) outputs Quite simply the finest digital music player in the world, Klimax DS is set to shape the future of music and how people listen to recorded music forever. The latest Klimax DS player features Dynamik power supply technology, a new ultra-low jitter master clock and completely redesigned audio board which produces an incomparable dynamic range with exceptionally low levels of distortion and our lowest noisefloor yet. Klimax DS plays all popular digital music formats, truly singing with the highest quality Studio Master recordings and lifting even compressed formats to previously unheard levels. For the ultimate playback of internet radio, podcasts and other online music services, simply tune in, sit back and enjoy. Select your favourite interface from the huge range of compatible touchscreen controllers and enjoy album art and playlist control of your entire music collection. Klimax DS is housed in a specially anodised enclosure machined from a single billet of high-grade aluminium and polished to a velvet-touch finish. The audio circuit board and power supply are enclosed in separate solid aluminium 'rooms' within the chassis, screening and protecting them from vibration, thermal variations and electromagnetic interference to preserve the integrity of the music signal. The Klimax DS completes the Klimax system - the ultimate manifestation of precision engineered performance and beauty. Linn Klimax Renew DS. Condition is Used. Will send signed for insured
  10. Dear all, With adequate configuration in Konfig, is it possible to have, for instance, an Akubarik Passive driven by an EB10 and 6100+4200 or AV5125+6100 or some other non-Linn 10ch setup. Or, on the opposite, all amplifiers channels need to be identical ? need to be all referenced Linn models ? I couldn't find an answer in the Linn docs nor in this forum. And as I do not yet have an ExaktBox, I can't explore the software. Thanks in advance.
  11. Dear Linn Users, I don't know what proportion of Linn owners use Airplay with any of the DS line, so I hope these experiences might prove useful to others. I use Airplay a lot to stream BBC catch-up content (via the BBC Sounds app) and for years I'd been experiencing drop-outs, but I simply put it down to wifi interference that was beyond my control. Then when I was in a position to exercise control over the environmental factors (after I'd got my own place) I did some extensive testing. I compared my Linn DS and DSI with my Naim MuSo, which also has Airplay. Alternately I substituted my Linn players with the Naim, positioning it exactly in the exact same spot (and therefore using the same wiring and infrastructure etc.). And each time the test was the same: to airplay the same programme from BBC Sounds for a set length of time on the same wifi channel. (Actually, I used two iphones - 5s (ios12) and 6s (13), but both on the same version of BBC Sounds.) The results were conclusive - the drop-outs always occurred on both Linns, but never (at all) on the Naim. Roughly every 8 minutes or so, there was a drop-out. I shared these results with Linn Help & Support. Each time I'd contacted them before they had given the stock answer: "It's your wifi network. See our/Apple's troubleshooting". This time, however, things were irrefutable and they were more forthcoming. They said it was because the audio buffering on the Linns only runs to approx. 8 mins (or so) and the buffer on the Naim MuSo must be more generous. I asked if they could extend the buffer via a firmware/sw update, but it's a hardware limitation, so there's nothing that can be done. I was stunned that such high end audio equipment could fall so short. It sent my previously-high regard for Linn plummeting. So, I started looking for an alternative airport receiver, which I could use to provide an audio channel into the Linn. I'm leaning towards a Raspberry Pi solution (which I gather can be loaded with software which'll transform it into an airport-capable receiver) and to then use a HifiCherry Digi+ card to provide a s/pdif line into the Linn. This is as far as I've come. Has anyone come-a-cropper with the same issue? Has anyone taken the same/a similar airport-receiver approach? If so, I'd be grateful for any observations you can share, especially on the audio quality. Thank you. P
  12. Very clean , in and out , no marks on black casework. Includes original box and packaging , power cord plus internal links. This is factory Dynamik powered. Now $1500 Can $ or £875. Two available
  13. Hello, I have a Linn LK1 preamp in very good condition which used to be part of a 2nd system. I have been reported that, when left on permanently, after several hours it may freeze and thus need to be turned off and on again, but starts again immediately. If like me you are used to turning it off and on between 2 listening session, you won't even notice this no original box, but I have the remote control Was thinking of around £150 to let it go... Based in France but can ship very carefully thanks for looking JC PS. Pictures can be sent by email. Drop me a PM with your @address
  14. Hi After 4 years and about 1,800 hours, I think that my Adikt is close to the end. The sound became harsh and with a lot of sibilances, my modest Cambridge CXN is now a lot better than the LP12 to listen to. Is the cartridge worn-out? M.
  15. Very first post for this new kid in class… I am “across the pond” in Seattle but my audio gear is all UK made so I thought this would be a good place to paddle in. I have Linn and Rea gear in two very different listening locations. Our main home in Seattle was built in the 1950s and features an odd boiler based heating system with hot water tubes in the ceiling. The main living room is a “lively” sounding long L shaped space with low ceilings (due to the heating system) with lots of windows at the opposite end. We also have a cabin on Orcas Island (out near Victoria BC Canada) with a much warmer forgiving sounding space with tall wooden ceilings and a thick rug right in front of well placed speakers. Seattle: Linn Majik DMS (digital streaming, DAC and amp) Linn Majik 140 speakers SONOS (Connect Amps, Connect, B/W speakers) for non critical multi-room listening (kitchen, outside deck, etc) Orcas Island: Rega Elex-R amp Rega RS7 floor standing speakers Rega DAC (earlier model, not the DAC-R) SONOS Connect (digital streaming) Rega Planar 6 turntable w/ high end Ania MC coil cartridge and Rega Planar power supply Rega Aria phono stage pre amp The Seattle system sounds great while streaming Tidal via the Linn Majik system (Kazoo app). No complaints. But streaming to multiple rooms involves switching inputs and using the SONOS system which just does not deliver the same sound quality. But for non critical listening it is fine. On Orcas Island the Rega turntable system sounds amazing. Streaming via the SONOS Connect is the main weakness though. I would like to preserve the sound quality I get from the Rega turntable system on Orcas. I plan on using Roon at both locations. The SONOS Connect on Orcas needs to go first. So the question is how best to approach this without creating an exploding budget domino situation? * I could just get a new hi def Roon compatible streamer on Orcas and leave the rest alone? * I could get a new streamer and DAC (one box or two) and keep using the Rega Elex-R? * I could replace the SONOS Connect, Rega DAC and the Elex-R with new components? ** One high end but expensive option is get a new Linn Selekt (with or without Katalyst) plus amp Module for Seattle and move my Linn Majik to Orcas Island? ** Another even more expensive (but intriguing) option is adding a new Linn Akurate System Hub (Exakt DSM) plus a Akurate Exaktbox-I (w/ 8 channels Majik Amps & 8 channels Katalyst DAC) and move my Linn Majik to Orcas Island? *** And then there are a zillion other options? Any thoughts here? Thanks! Max
  16. Good Morning All, Hopefully I'll not incur the wrath of the moderators as this isn't a eBay link but a Gumtree one - I'm sure somebody here might be interested? Regards Richard
  17. Linn 350 speaker passive modules, from Krescendo HiFi On Ebay
  18. Black, excellent condition. Was originally built as a DS/1 and was Katalyst and Exaktlink upgraded at the Linn factory in April last year. Invoice for the upgrade from Linn retailer (Peter Tyson) will be included with the DS and will have the full balance of the transferable 5 year warranty. Original remote, mains lead, box and packaging for safe shipping. £2,850 + postage at cost I'm located in Argyll and Bute, post-code PA29 but make regular trips to Darlington, County Durham (and anywhere along the route)
  19. @All proud Linn owners (and users of TuneIn streaming services), I've just joined this forum (after reeling over the closure of the former Linn forums for some time) and it's taken me far too long, but I won't reopen those wounds. Instead, I'm more concerned with these new ones inflicted courtesy of this news I stumbled upon this morning on the BBC website regarding TuneIn streaming services: Changes to access of BBC live radio streams on selected TuneIn platforms in the UK Needless to say that I was dismayed to discover this and am worried about what this means for me in how I use my Linn system - listening to these BBC streams (care of TuneIn) make up a large percentage of my listening. This annuncement was posted on the Beeb in early August 2019, so there's every chance that this news has already filtered through these forums and if so, sorry to rehash things. I am poised to contact Linn support directly for the official line on the implications of this announcement, so I'll share that here if there is interest. Kind regards,
  20. Very good friend of mine has a project requiring a dead / broken Linn Troika as a base for another cartridge, anyone out there in Wigwam land know of such a beast?
  21. Pair of black ash cabinets in decent condition. Plus 4x grilles in good condition. Driver mounting screws and grille fittings included. Be quick to say if you want them!
  22. Majikal Linn amp if you are thinking about going Aktiv allowing six channels of amplification. Buyer pays all carriage fees at cost, which is quite reasonable using EMS. I've shipped several units from Taiwan to various corners of the globe using them with excellent results. I will ship your new amp in the original Linn packaging with a US style Linn power cord. Feel free to contact me for further questions or additional photos. I tried to highlight the slight imperfections in the photos. In real lighting conditions they are almost unnoticeable. Please see the link for photos. £900 plus shipping.
  23. Mate of mine is moving house and is clearing out his Linn system, based in Essex - Braintree area. For sale is Keltik Speakers in Cherry veneered fronts, with rare stereo active cards for £1200 3 x LK140 Black power amps ( £350 each) AV5125 in Silver £450 AV5103 in Silver - Blue screen £350 Linn Tukans in Cherry - £200 Used as an AV set up, so cables would be available as well. Any question please ask, pictures will follow later. Thanks
  24. With the release of the new Linn streamer models some have integrated class D power amps! For some time Linn have held the view that class D was an immature technology and not suitable for use in their amplifiers, so they must clearly think class D has come of age?