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Found 19 results

  1. Few more bits to move on while my lovely Snells JIIs find an ecstatic buyer. Philips CD-150 CD player: In original, unmodified condition, this is a sweet sounding player. Uses a pair of TDA1540P chips instead of the ubiquitous TDA1541. Casework was a bit rough so I sprayed it. Looks fine in a rack but catch it in the wrong light and you can easily see it’s bit patchy and orange-peely. Fastidious types will consider it worth doing again if it’s going to be on display. Display is perfect, controls all work as they should - if you haven’t used it in a while the tray is a bit reluctant to emerge the very first time you switch it on but fine thereafter. No zapper, comes with a main lead. £60 delivered or £55 collected from Bedford. DSC06847 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06845 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr Rotel RQ-970BX MM/MC Phono stage: upgraded this a decade ago, sounds fab. Lots of Elna Silmics, socketed better quality op-amps, noise-filtering, uprated phono connectors, better diodes etc. Casework a bit rough, captive power cable replaced with an IEC socket (hole roughly cut). Sounds superb, will sound even better if you replace the red bipolars with polypropolene/film caps, uprate the transformer etc (will supply a copy of the original HFN article that covered the mods). Anyway, well worth it as is, at £80 delivered or £75 collected. DSC06497 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06483 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06484 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06492 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06485 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06501 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr Onkyo ABX-N300 Net-connected speaker: way ahead of its time, this absolutely beautiful little system (black glass and brushed aluminium combo is gorgeous) utterly trounces my Sonos for sound quality. Has Airplay, Internet Radio, dock (for ancient 30-pin connector iPhones/iPods), standard 3.5mm line-in and Media Server capability. You can connect it via wireless though I’ve always used it via the ethernet port without issue. Tried wireless for the sake of completeness, all seemed to all work as it should but punching in the password is quite a long-winded process as this hails from pre-one-button WPS set-up days. Storing net radio stations is via the vTuner online portal, still works fine - the online configuration portal address is still online and working - but it’s not as slick a process as more modern devices because there’s no app. Sound quality is fab though. Media server function picks up and plays from my Innuous fine though, as once again there’s no app, navigating your content via the OSD is a PITA if you have hundreds of albums stored. Airplay works brilliantly, and is, along with the 3.5mm input, probably the easiest way to use it. Remote works without issue, has a new battery in it. In its original box with its power supply, £75 delivered or £70 collected please. DSC06883 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06889 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06890 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06898 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr DSC06902 by Brer Rabbit, on Flickr
  2. For sale Ming-Da phono stage MM/MC. This was rebuilt by Mark from Ming-Da to his own design and has less than ten hours on it since then ( too many phono stages!! ). Mark's reworking cleared up the lack of bass and really brought it to a whole new level of performance. Mark also added a MC step up transformer which has really made it into an MC stage to be reckoned with. £525 ono. Now £475 £395 Final price drop £375 grab a silly bargain! Prefer pickup & demonstration M11J8 /CM24 8HH For obvious reasons travel to pick up kit isn't acceptable at present so can courier at cost. Update June 12th - can be picked up now too with social distancing being observed.
  3. For Sale my Puresound P10 MM Phono Stage. In excellent condition and sounding fantastic. It recently had two top high spec valves fitted, A siemens E88cc and Tesla ECC83 together at a cost of just under £100 which are included in the price. A fantastic valve phono stage which punches way above it’s weight. Original box and Packaging still with it. Bargain price of £400 inc postage anywhere in the UK
  4. Ok, so I have had my Majik LP12 for just over two weeks and it is everything I'd hoped it would be. Even with my modest setup (Trichord Dino mk1, Marantz PM5005 and Dynaudio DM2/6's), it sounds fantastic. However, I am someone who likes to play music fairly loud, but unfortunately can't due to an annoying neighbour. This has led me to face two issues with my Dino. First, the Dino has a volume threshold where it seems to just 'open up' the soundstage, however, that volume level is too high for me to reach due to said neighbour. The other problem is that the Dino mk1 has very poor RF shielding, but is stuck about 2m away from a skyQ box on one side, with a fridge-freezer on the opposite side of the wall on the other; neither can be moved. Now, while this does not really present a problem when using my loudspeakers, it is very noticeable when using headphones. So, I am pondering replacing the Dino with a different phono stage. Now, I would like to point out that I love how the Dino sounds; there is no issue there. But as I am pondering using headphones for a lot of my listening (until I eventually move house), I need a phono amp that is not as susceptible to RF interference and, ideally, does not require the volume to be at a certain level to 'open up' the soundstage. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am more than happy to buy a used stage (the Dino was used) and would probably budget about £250-300 + what I can get for the Dino Mk1 (possibly another £100), though will happily spend less. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Withdrawn from sale. Will either be sold to a member of another firum or traded in / sold through a dealer.
  6. Phono Stage or Cartridge Upgrade Hello all. I have recently purchased a used Rosksan Radius 5.1 with an Origin Live OL1 tonearm and an A&R C77 Cart. At the moment it's going via tha phono stage on my Yamaha AV Amp RX-A1070. I'm loving getting back into vinyl and now have an itch to see how much better the sound can get within reasonable cost. I have approx £200 to spend. My first thoughts are either to upgrade the cart or get a dedicated phono stage. What do you think would get me the best bang for buck? I was looking at the Yaqin MS23B as I really like the idea of trying out valves in the amplification path. Does anyone have any experience of this particular amp? I know nothing about carts so have been looking at all the names often recommended on various forums. Would £200 on a cart be overkill for my arm and/or turntable? If not what would you recommend? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks Tony
  7. Great condition, this neat little Rega phono stage has been used with my Michell turntable where it was neatly tucked away on the top shelf of my stand. This is the original model and pre-dates the version with the USB port. Bought new by me from Tavistock Audio in 2011. The dealer said it couldn’t be beaten without spending close to £400 and I think he was right! I’ve now replaced it with a newer Rega model but there’s precious little between them. It has been totally dependable and quiet, with generous cable length on the power supply to keep it well away. Almost mint, it scarcely looks used. In one picture it looks like the paint has rubbed off the casing but it’s just a reflection. Original manufacturer’s packaging included. Ideally for collection at Kegworth but I’ll post carefully at cost if required. (Scheduled for Ebay later tonight, auction from £25.) Wammer buy it at the Show Price:- £50.00 with 10% to the Dog’s Trust.
  8. Up for sale is my Edwards Audio MC3 phono stage. Bought new by me in May 2012 and recently checked over by Kevin Edwards. In excellent condition, I have been using it successfully with ZYX cartridges. Noise level is very low and there is plenty of flexibility for gain and load settings via internal jumpers. Can take both MC and MM inputs with a switch on the back to change between the two. Can also be switched into mono. I realise that an identical unit sold recently, so am listing at the same price - £450 plus insured postage. I have the original boxes and mains/PSU cables and will be well packed. Please PM me if interested.
  9. 310LP STILL FOR SALE. 320S PSU SOLD I have a Simaudio Moon 310LP Phono Stage together with the 320S External Power Supply upgrade for sale at £1,650. They cost £1,500 and £1,200 new respectively. The 310LP is compatible with both MM and MC cartridges and has internal DIP switches for various cartridge loadings. I purchased both units ex-dem just over two years ago to partner the second hand SME Model 10 I had just bought. I upgraded to a new SME 20/3 recently and went all in by upgrading my phono stage to an Allnic at the same time. The Moon has great reviews and came top in the Hi-Fi News November 2012 £1,300 to £2,000 phono stage group test (the 310LP on its own without the 320S). I have all the original boxes, manuals etc. I'm also selling the SME Model 10A with Ortofon Cadenza Blue cartridge plus the Acatama Helix Bamboo half-width stand which has three shelves perfect for the SME motor power supply, the 310LP and 320S. PM me for details if these aren't already up on the classifieds. All the best Raja eBay feedback:
  10. Exposure 3010S2 MM/MC Phono Stage, ex-display in silver; mint condition. A reference phono stage from this classic manufacturer. Comes with both MC and MM phono cards, each worth £240. Get this units and you won't need anything else for a very long time. Fully boxed with pre-installed MC card and additional MM card, full warranty. RRP is £950 + 1x additional card £240 = £1190 Our price only £750. Click on the photo for more info:
  11. Need to sell my Graham Slee Era Gold Reflex MM phono stage and PSU 1 (the bigger/better one) Excellent condition, brought from David at Hazelmere Audio after a lot of auditioning with stages and cables and works very well with a variety of cartridges, slight change in system and needing to pay an MoT as it turns out that man cannot live by music alone! Looking for £275 ono for a quick sale posted or happy for pickup (Bucks) and demo in situ. tea and coffee available Thanks for looking
  12. Quad QC Twenty Four P Phono Stage Pre Ampilfier **SOLD** Boxed new and unused (factory seals still intact).One owner bought for a project that never happened. See our website listing here Specifications: Valve Complement: 4 x 6111 Total Harmonic Distortion: <0.08% (A-weighted) Frequency Response (RIAA/IEC equalisation): 20Hz - 20kHz (+/-0.5dB) Hum and Noise (mm position,input shorted): Better than 60dB Input Impedance: Moving Magnet: 47kΩ Moving Coil: 10Ω Stage Gain: High Sensitivity: 1.3mV (MM)/130µV (MC) Medium Sensitivity: 2.6mV (MM) / 260µV (MC) Low Sensitivity: 5.2mV (MM) / 520µV (MC) Nominal Output Level: (ref 5.2mV, MM, Low)1.0V Inputs: Selectable MM/MC cartridge Outputs: 1 x Fixed line level, 1 x Variable line level Power Consumption: 15VA maximum Dimensions (H x W x D) 90 x 220 x 300mmManufacturer's Website Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 or email us at for more information.
  13. Up for sale is my fantastic TRON Seven Reference Phono Stage (MC Only) in excellent condition. Supports cartridges from 0.3mV - 0.6mV (+20 dB) as confirmed by Graham Tricker ( Please note that this is a post 2010 model with improved signal to noise so can be pushed a little harder and with lower gain MC cartridges. Price: £2,500 including shipping in the UK. Collection preferred from Bourne-End (Bucks). RRP is around £5,500.
  14. Soneteer Sedley Phono Stage (non USB) This has been a brilliant phono stage in excellent condition. I auditioned many around this price point and to my ears this was my favorite. Large sound stage but the bass doesn’t have a bottom end bloom which I found with some others I auditioned. Caters for MM/MC as well as various capacitance and resistive settings settings. Gets great reviews. £ 375 ONO – has original packaging. Collection Preferred (Greater Manchester).
  15. Classic British built phono stage on offer here. Superb quality Talk Electronics Breeze 1 phono stage with fully adjustable cartridge loading for MC cartridges and separate .5 Whirlwind power supply. This brilliant two-box system has been my staple phono stage for some years without any problems. I would have had to spend well into the £000's to better it. Only reason I am selling is because I am emigrating overseas and cannot take this with me. With the resurgence of vinyl treat your system to a real high-end bargain, you will not be disappointed. Any questions please ask. I will ship as this two box system comes in it's original manufacturer box with owners manual and umbilical cable. £450ono
  16. Hi I have a couple of nice items for sale. 1. Mint condition Schiit Mani Phono stage. There is loads to read about this and its all true, a really great phono stage for the money. It is very good in MM mode but will do MC carts too. Mint in box with manual and UK power supply. £110 delivered. (these are so popular that they are normally out of stock. It will cost around £170 to important one after taxes, so grab a bargain) 2. Lentek Headamp - In Very good condition, for use with MC carts into a MM stage, absolutely as it came out of factory electronics wise, just had DIN lead swapped for phono leads to make pairing up with modern gear easier. Battery powered and very quiet. Some say one of the best headlamps ever made. £80 delivered. (lots online about how good these are, I understand one was used at MiBo to great effect recently) They work very well together by the way if you want to try them as a combination for MC carts.
  17. Hi Gents Im looking for right Phono Stage it may be Trichord Dino Mk3 with PSU or other, needs to be in good condition. Offers welcome, Cash waiting or PX I can Offer iPhone 6 Gray colour 16G brand new in unopened sealed box. If any body interested please send offer Thanks
  18. Hi I have for sale a Project Phono BOX RS in silver, this is an excellent highly adjustable phono stage that will suit many cartridges, it in in excellent condition. Do not have original box but will package securely for postage. Looking for xxx Thanks Glenn
  19. This really ought to be a keeper, but it's one-in-one-out at the moment, and it seems a shame to hold on to an amp with such a good phono section when I don't use vinyl. This is a Nelson Pass designed Class A preamp with a separate power supply. In good cosmetic condition for its age. Inside it's good as new: caps look strong and it's dead quiet. The MM/MC phono stage is known to be marvellous and is configurable in every which way possible using internal dip switches. I thought the line-stage sounded excellent. Grain-free, open and dynamic with no SS harshness. Asking what I paid, so £275 with UK delivery.