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Found 11 results

  1. I think this will be appreciated here. Selling my Pioneer PD-S703. Fantastic player in its own right but, as you all know, outstanding CD transports. This is in pretty much mint condition, complete with the original remote control and, although not pictured, original box and packaging. Player is in full working order and has never missed a beat. Looking for £110 plus something towards postage. Item located near Bury St Edmunds. Collection possible abiding by social distancing.
  2. I recently rediscovered my old A400. Hooked it up and was really impressed by the sound. This lasted for about 4 days before it blew.... I’d like another one as part of a second system. Must be in good working order (don’t mind getting it serviced but not repaired). Must be able to deliver or socially-distanced collection near Bury St Edmunds.. Please do not other alternatives. I’m sure they’re jolly good, if not better, but this is the model I’m after. Thank you.
  3. I'm looking for a Pioneer PD-91a or PD-93 cassette deck. Please pm me directly if you can help. I am aware of Ebay. Thanks.
  4.  PIONEER N-50A network music player / streamer with dac inputs - UPGRADED. These are excellent streamers with Plenty reviews online. This one has had the following upgrades applied making it even better: 1) Soundcoat dampening applied to the chassis to reduce resonance. 2) IEC input is silver plated and cryogenicallytreated. 3) internal mains fuses are by Wilband Acoustics. These fuses have a silver plated copper element and the housing is filled with ceramic material for mechanical stability. I had to import these from the Netherlands as not sold locally (made in Germany). 4) couple power supply caps upgraded - seen in photos. 5) Output capacitors upgrades to Mundorf E-cap. This made the staging deeper, more details are heard and more ‘air’ around the instruments. Three other electrolytic caps on the output analogue board also upgraded to Elna Cerafine’s. Sounds great. In good condition and comes in original box, has the remote and original packaging. £255 incl UK post.
  5. Pioneer Reference Power Amplifier M-73 Amp HIFI Audio On Ebay
  6. Pioneer Reference Power Amplifier M-73 Amp HIFI Audio On Ebay
  7. FOR M-90/C-90 PLEASE SEE LAST POST IN THIS THREAD Folks, See my post in the Pioneer owners' thread for photos etc. I'm trying to be sensible and rationalise from two systems to one in Kendal where I typically spend less than a quarter of my time. All in top condition with most of the manuals (some original, some downloaded) and some of the boxes. Control and power amps have had caps replaced, tape deck fully serviced and calibrated etc. I can even throw in some interconnects and speaker cable so it's ready to roll - they won't be Nordost. 10/9 EDIT: separate sale of excellent PL-530X t/t has fallen through so it's back in the stack - and looking and sounding lovely! £2,500 for the whole shebang is as low as I can go and already includes every Wam discount imaginable - friends and family discount, top wammer discount, pain-in-the-arse-wammer discount, if-you-don't-cheekily-ask-you-don't-get discount. If you fancy yourself as a budding eBay millionaire you should easily be able to make a few hundred quid by splitting it up; that's your call and I will turn my gaze away. But you really should appreciate the whole package before you do that... The system got a thumbs up from TNT-Audio's Mark Wheeler in his Kegworth report "The diversity of approaches was reflected in the diversity of bandwidth, dynamic range, timbral accuracy and other big obvious qualities. There were surprises, like how good the mainsteam vintage Pioneer system (especially the loudspeakers) sounded". if you're interested in the whole system, PM me ASAP. If you have strong interest in only an item or a subset of the whole caboodle, PM me ASAP (I've already had interest in the turntable); that's a Plan B as I'd rather not split it up but if I have to then I'd rather it went to a few wammers. All the best, Nigel
  8. Not serious but these remind me of the Sony Drum speakers that were on show at Kegworth . it would seem a few Japanese companies were smoking a little weed at the design stage on their products.
  9. While running through a few items came across this which looks interesting and not something I had ever seen before . If I had loads of spare cash would consider taking a chance but glad to say I have none so will just list it here in case anyone else is interested.
  10. Just when you thought you had had the ultimate listening experience, along comes something groundbreaking: "These speakers have been crafted from 100-year-old white oak whiskey barrels. The wood has absorbed the whiskey, creating a distinctively smooth and rich acoustic quality, unlike that of any virgin wood". I haven't heard them, of course, but I do have some whiskey-steeped speaker cables should anyone be interested; they have a distinctive nose and a long peaty finish. I could even arrange for a whisk(e)y-steeped representative to deliver them to your whisk(e)y-steeped front door for a whisk(e)y-steeped audition. This representative would also be distinctively smooth; he would not yet be rich but is working on it - and you may be able to help; his acoustic qualities are currently under development. Stuff and nonsense, but I couldn't resist sharing.
  11. Imagine if all DACs and CD players didn't sound the same... hey, humour me here. Mike (Stylesound) popped round this afternoon for a coffee and a natter: Mike might like to add to what follows. Those wammers with a memory (there must be one, surely?) may recall that I bought the heart of my vintage Pioneer Urushi-design system (M-90 power amp, C-90 pre-amp, Prologue 100 floorstanders) from Mike last year. I have since added the contemporaneous PD-91 CD player, F-91 tuner, CT-91 cassette player and earlier PL-530 turntable. Conversation turned to the Arcam RingDAC-based CD players as Mike has been engaged in conversations about how they stack up against the multi-format DV139 which I also own and which some have been hailing as a great value alternative... and a mini-bake-off was born. Arcam CD23T vs Arcam DV139 vs (legendary, apparently: Eddie-Baby, your ears should be burning!) Pioneer PD-91. Rest of system: Arcam A39, Celef LS8's, REL Strata II, Isotek GII MiniSub, ProAc Signature Black speaker cable, custom Thai/eBay interconnects, LAT AC-2 mains cables, Custom Design Oak rack, comfy cushions, Booths' Columbian coffee. Just one track: Jamie Woon's Night Air from the album Mirrorwriting. The incumbent Arcam CD23T was up first: an engaging listen across the spectrum - clear treble, lovely midrange, crisp and powerful bass, notably where the winding bass kicks in around 90 secs in. Arcam and dCS may have fallen out and failed to agree commercial terms to continue to deploy the superb RingDAC after its first few years but that DAC is legendary for a reason. Next up the Arcam DV139: these machines are superb as a DVD player, with upscaling that works wonders. £1800 (!) new, now £300-400ish used: a "barg" as my kids would say. Conveniently the DV139 handles DVD-A (not tried) and SACD (excellent) as well as CD via its "CD DIrect" circuitry which I have never tried (why would I with a CD23T to hand?). So should Mike consider one as an excellent value and format-agnostic player? Well, no. I described the SQ as "thin" with which Mike agreed, though we didn't have a micrometer to hand to measure the thinness (sorry, Serge ). Just not emotionally engaging at all. I'd strongly recommend this player to anyone looking for a DVD player which will wring the best out of their "legacy lo-res" movies and will enjoy hi-res audio as a bonus, but it was a pale shadow of the CD23T from the same Arcam stable. Finally the Pioneer PD-91: from 1990ish when Pioneer were pulling out all the stops to show just how good Japanese engineeering could be. Ridiculously over-engineered with for example a copper honeycomb chassis and an externally mounted transformer on which the mounting screws were to be tightened only for shipping so it could be decoupled from the rest of the player during playback. More buttons for playback options than a sane person would consider using if they wanted to spend more time listening to music than setting up the litening experience... Mad but beautiful. Eddie-Baby, look away now: legendary it may be, and enjoyable it was today, with lovely clear treble and mid. But the bass was noticeably muddy compared with the Arcam CD23T. The winner: Arcam CD23T. And by, to me, a surprising margin. This was not one of those repeat-listening-marginal-differences sessions and did not need to be. If you're into that sort of thing (and most wammers are distinctly not) the only difference not documented above is that the CD23T was plugged into the Isotek GII MiniSub and the other two CDPs went straight into the wall. If that explains the performance difference then I'll electrocute myself with my own filthy mains. A great afternoon - thanks Mike.