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Found 20 results

  1. Hi all, I use a Mastersound PHL5 valve pre that also has a internal mm phono stage, & I am trying to find out if it is safe to remove the valves for the phono as I use an external one. By my logic if the phono is bypassed in this way there is no need to put them in, but as I have about as much technical knowledge as flea I would rather take advice from more knowledgeable folk.
  2. For sale, due to upgrading of my system. Excellent cosmetic condition, with about 2000 hours of valve time. Throws a large 3D soundstage, extremely transparent to sources and cabling. Original double box, manual, power cord - all included. Unfortunately remote control not working - not sure why, since it looks in good condition too. Price: £3350, including spare unused valves ( 5x 6H30-EB/Sovtek, 3x 6550C/Sovtek). Feel free to P.M. any questions. Thanks for looking, Kin
  3. Audio Research Ref 3 in excellent condition. Sold with manual, EU power lead (I use an adaptor), remote control handset, manual and box etc. Location is Basingstoke in Hampshire. Audition welcome. Collection or postage available options upon request. Sensible offers welcome. Price £3,340.00 Paypal +4% THIS ITEM IS NOW SOLD
  4. With much regret, have decided to part with my Croft set-up owing to downsizing and the move to an integrated. The amps, which are in immaculate condition, comprise a 25R line-only pre-amp, and two 7R mono power amps. They have not been used very intensively, and come from a no-smoking, pet and child-free house. They are nearly 4 years old, and were purchased from Divine Audio (25R £1,000, 7R monos £2,800 the pair). See https://www.divineaudio.co.uk/product/croft-acoustics-series-7r-mono-power-amplifiers-pair/. They were recently serviced and upgraded by Glenn Croft with upgraded transformers and valves; original and other valves available. (As you may know, Glenn is a real gent and very helpful on advice, upgrades, etc. – contactable via email – see the Croft website: http://www.croftacoustics.co.uk/products.html He builds all his amplifiers personally by hand – no PCBs but point-to-point soldering, top-notch components, a purist approach to amplification: truly a case of ‘less is more’. Single volume controls and remote controls can be retro-fitted via Audioflair https://audioflair.co.uk/category/croft/ As can a phono stage to the 25R, or the separate Croft phono amp (both incredible value) can be used in conjunction with the 25R. Most Croft aficionados prefer the twin volume pots which provide more control with less complication. The R versions have upgraded components and regulated power supplies; the quality of the connectors for example is superb. These amplifiers are sonically the best I’ve owned: the 25R is a wonderful pre-amp which I used originally with the 7R stereo power which was very impressive, then upgraded to the top-of-the-range 7R monos which produced an even wider, deeper soundstage, phenomenal detail without losing the wonderful fluid, organic mesmerising musicality associated with Croft. They seem very powerful with great grip and control, and have driven any speaker I have used with them with ease. They all have original packaging. Four the three amplifiers I’m asking £2,350, or separately for the 7R monos £1,750 and for the 25R £750. Collection (and audition) in Liverpool, or can arrange courier etc at cost. May be able to deliver or meet within reasonable distance. Plenty regarding Croft on forums such as Art of Sound or PFM as well as some good threads on the WAM. There is also a very interesting review of the basic Croft integrated on Stereophile - which I have in a second system - and it is as good as the review says, but the 25R/7R combination is on another level as you'd expect. See: https://www.stereophile.com/content/croft-acoustics-phono-integrated-integrated-amplifier and https://www.stereophile.com/content/croft-acoustics-phono-integrated-integrated-amplifier-stephen-mejias-comments
  5. Note: I'm on a steep learning curve here as I'd always thought of a pre- simply as the thing you connect various sources to and control the volume from (like the C-90 in my Pioneer rig). Apparently, selection of the right pre-amp plays an important role in the ultimate SQ coming out of the speakers. I learned that yesterday! I've just bought an absolutely mint pair of ATC SCM40 passives courtesy of Keith @PuritéAudio which sound fantastic. They will be installed in Kendal next week. A39 integrated will drive them initially; it's a good amp but I know a better one would get the most out of the highly regarded SCM40's. But before I dive in, it's worth spending a few minutes pondering the medium-to-long term game here: the active SCM40A's. These are even more highly regarded and at the RRP of £6,750 (vs £3,750 for the passives) represent ridiculous value for money. Having poked around, I realise that if I were to try to get SCM40A sound quality out of the SCM40's then I'd need to spend a lot more on external amplification than the £3,000 difference in RRP between the SCM40 and SCM40A. Hence the SCM40A's quickly becoming my end-game speaker for Kendal. I can't get there yet of course. So what do I do in the meantime? Replace the A39 with a better integrated like the markedly superior A49? Or ATC"s on SIA-150 (I have yet to see a used one for sale so unlikely)? Or do I look to separate out the pre- and power aspects of the amp, with one eye on the pre- which will ultimately feed the SCM40A's? The latter is where my head is right now, so some questions for you black belt wammers: If you own the SCM40A's or are familar with them, what experiences do you have of various pre-amps letting them sing or holding them back? Steping back from specific models, what are the factors you would consider first and foremost in selecting a pre-amp to feed a high quality power amp like those in the SCM40A's? (I understand that peak current may be one consideration and, for example amongst vintage options, one which might make the Rotel RHB-10 a better option than the Pioneer M-90, though both are superficially the same 200W output) Very specifically to ATC, has anyone heard the CDA2 vs the CA2 (the SCA2 is well beyone my reach)? They are the same dimensions and weight but one is a lot more than a pre-amp: has the pre-amp part of the CDA2 been compromised vs the CA2? Thanks for humouring me. Oh, and I have a strong leaning towards solid-state rather than valves: you could try to turn me but it might be more helpful if you could just mutter "Bless!" under your breath and humour me... All the best, Nigel
  6. Townshend Allegri Passive Autotransformer Preamplifier. RRP £2200 Purchased new in April 2015. Serial # 0146. Superb condition throughout. Comes in its original box Full service at the Max Townshend factory in 2017. Checked, serviced, and a few components changed to bring it to back to full specification Unrivalled sound quality with crystal clear treble, open mid-band and subterranean bass Ultra high end performance in a small package Purely passive Autotransformer design wired throughout with Fractal-Wire™ to perfectly match any source component with any power amplifier No mains noise, no electronic hash and no requirement for esoteric mains conditioners or power cord 6 Stereo inputs. 2 Stereo outputs 22 stepped attenuation. Mute switch Collection from Bristol BS7, or shipping via Special Delivery @ £15
  7. Rare opportunity to purchase a Caspian M Series Dual Mono Pre-amplifier and a pair of matching Roksan Caspian M1 Mono Block Power Amplifiers. I have owned the equipment from new. It is in immaculate condition, coming from a pet and smoke free home and installed in a custom made rack. (The rack is not part of the auction.) I have the original Roksan boxes and packaging, instructions and Remote Control. £1395. I am in Bromley, Kent. See photo's for full specifications. What Hi fi 5 Star Award Winner – Best Pre/Power Amp under £5000 Review from What Hi fi: "The preamp is built for performance. It's a dual-mono design with complimentary, symmetrical layout, and a lot of attention paid to power supplies; there are separate power supply provisions for the left and right amplification, the buffer section, the control and logic system and even the optional phono stage. In fact, everything possible is done to maximise performance. The result is staggeringly transparent. “Those expecting a slightly uprated Caspian M Series Integrated performance will be shocked. Capable as that amplifier is for the money, this pre/power’s breadth of talent is on another planet, particularly when it comes to midrange performance and overall clarity. You get clean, crisp and insightful presentation that captures every vocal nuance with class leading skill. There are no weaknesses. At this price level, qualities such as dynamics, tonal balance and imaging have to be spot on, and they are. This amp is special because it never draws attention to itself – the recording comes first and it refuses to colour the sound to make it more exciting or more pleasant to listen to. You get what the original sound recording produces. The sound is staggering. An excellent buy that puts the opposition to shame when it comes to sonic ability.”
  8. Hi there, Can anyone tell me if there is anyway of using a kai 180 and a kas180 together to bi-amp as there does not seem to be pre out on the kai?? There is a record out that won' work due to a set volume I've read!!! Is there a way of turning the rec out into a pre out at all or daisy chain g the 2 amps? On another note would there be much difference between the kas180 and kas 270 sonically if anyone has heard both together! Finally, depending on answers above does anyone know of anyone selling a kal180 no 1 or 2 at a sensible price!! Sorry for all the questions but 1st time asking anything!!! Thanks
  9. We have an ex-review SOtM sDP-1000EX DSD DAC & Pre-amp at just £1,995 (RRP: £3,495). The component is in excellent condition and is a great bargain for anyone looking to replace the DAC in their system. For more information or to buy, visit the Elite Audio website here. Or speak to one of our staff at info@eliteaudiouk.com/01334 570 666. Key Features 32bit/384KHz PCM DSDx64, DSDx128 support OLED display Remote control Battery power supply Optional Ultra low noise linear power supply Technical Specification USB input USB specification 2.0 or higher USB audio class 2.0 32bit/384KHz PCM & DSDx64, DSDx128 playback Native ASIO support Optical, Coaxial, AES/EBU input Max bit-depth : 24bit Sampling rate : 32KHz, 44.1KHz, 48KHz, 88.2KHz, 96KHz, 176.4KHz, 192KHz Impedance Coaxial, BNC : 75Ω AES/EBU : 110Ω Balanced input Max input voltage : 4 Vrms Input impedance : > 10kΩ Frequency range : 20~20KHz @ ±0.1dB Unbalanced input Max input voltage : 4 Vrms Input impedance : > 10kΩ Frequency range : 20~20KHz @ ±0.1dB Balanced output Output voltage at 0dB : 3.8 Vrms ±5% Output impedance : 47Ω ±5% Frequency range : 20~20KHz @ ±0.1dB THD : < 0.003% @ 1KHz, 0dB Unbalanced output Output voltage at 0dB : 3.8 Vrms ±5% Output impedance : 47Ω ±5% Frequency range : 20~20KHz @ ±0.1dB THD : < 0.003% @ 1KHz, 0dB Volume control Setting range : -75 ~ +10dB, 0.5dB step Charging power input Input voltage : 9Vdc ±1% Max input current : 3A Operating environment Operating temperature : 10°C ~ 35°C Storage temperature : -10°C ~ 50°C Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90% Dimensions, Weight 360 x 68 245(mm), 4 Kg >
  10. Densen have unveiled an upgrade to their renowned B-250 Pre-amplifier in the form of the B-250CAST, a pre-amplifier which supports Google Cast streaming. Following on from the successful release of the CAST AMP Streamer earlier this year, the B-250CAST joins Densen’s new range of components that support Google’s streaming software. Much like the CAST AMP, the B-250CAST has a dedicated Densen CAST power supply. This extremely low noise PSU allows the component to provide the best working conditions for Google Cast software to perform. As well as now supporting Google Cast, the B-250 has seen some impressive upgrades based on the B-275 Super Leggera Pre-amp. The amplification has been developed based on advanced Class A designs, with a dual mono output stage that has a huge storage capacity of 100.000 uF. A built-in DAC converts the signal from digital to analogue for a perfectly musical output. The volume control has also been upgraded. Using Vishay metal film resistors, volume control is now more precise (0.5dB). This allows for better balance, more detailed sound and transparency. Of the new B-250CAST Pre-amplifier, Densen have said; “The B-250CAST offers a strong musical performance in line with the traditions of Densen. “Using the B-250CAST will allow the user to delve into the music, and forget about the technology in the quest for audiophile nirvana.” The B-250CAST will support NAS drives as storage, using BubbleUPnP and similar programs. The B-250CAST comes with a socket for the DP-07 MM RIAA stage and can also be upgraded externally with Densen’s power supply modules. Densen’s B-250CAST Pre-amplifier will be available in the UK from Elite Audio soon and is set to retail at £3,990. Technical features: Line inputs: 4 sets + 1 tape loop GOOGLE CAST streaming capability Preamp outputs: 4 sets for easy connection for Bi-amping Power supply size: 3 x 20 VA Storage capacity: 100.000 uF Output stage: based on 6 Watt Class A amp with zero feedback Upgradeable internal CPU unit Ready for Densen's DP-07 phono stage Ready for the Gizmo system remote Ready for intelligent communication via the DenLink cable Upgradeable with external power supply Available in black with gold / chrome buttons or albino silver chassis. Made in Esbjerg, Denmark. Designed in Esbjerg, Denmark. Elite Audio is the official UK distributor of Densen Audio. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: info@eliteaudiouk.com or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.
  11. Allnic L-1500 Line Stage Pre-Amplifier - SOLD Two month old Allnic L-1500 Pre-amplifier (manufactured Nov 2016). One owner and in as new condition. See our website listing here Description The L1500 line stage preamplifier, one of Allnic's entry level series, belies the usual connotations of the phrase. The L1500 is an affordable sound staging paragon, with amazing clarity and resolution, dynamics and drive. One of the sleepers in the Allnic line up is the unremarkable looking but extraordinary in performance ALLNIC L1500 preamplifier. Features shared with the L5000 and L3000 line stages include: 41 silver stepped, motorized remote controlled attenuator Custom Permalloy wound output transformers Aluminum block remote control NOS Mullard, GE and RCA tubes Multiple inputs: 2 XLR and 3 single ended Dual outputs, XLR and SE for bi-amp applications Pure Class A operation Constant low output impedance Microphonic noise reducing Absorb GEL tube sockets Phase reversal switch on the rear panel The transformer coupled design is more expensive to build than most capacitor coupled designs, but you will appreciate the quiet, clean presentation, excellent focus and spooky sound staging capabilities. Truly high end performance and not to be overlooked. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 or email us at info@eliteaudiouk.com for more information.
  12. This is excellent DAC, pre-amp and headphone amp from well established Matrix Audio. This is, I believe, 3rd generation now of this well regarded DAC and apart from upgraded enclosure quality, display, remote and overall design it does offer improved power supply section, more stable XMOS USB interface, ESS9016S DAC chip, Bluetooth AptX with very good implementation and sound quality! Long time ago, I had firstly released Matrix Mini-I DAC and I was always impressed by their design and sound quality. They are very stable in operation with probably best sound I've heard at this price level and on the second thought matching some other DACs costing much more. Headphone amp section is very useful and I didn't experienced any issues with my Senn HD600 nor Ultrasone Pro headphones. When headphones are in use, pre-outs are muted and that's really useful when this is paired with power amps. Speaking of power amps, I was using this with my Hypex NC400 monos with great result. Condition is excellent, as new, with original accessories and packing box. Unit is just little over 6 months old. £370 UK delivered. For international delivery, please get in touch. .
  13. Hello Wammers, You may remember I asked a couple of weeks ago which pre-amp I should get to replace my Net Audio 33. Thanks to this community and in particular wammer Pockets I am now the proud new owner of a Puresound L10. A HUGE jump in quality and sounding quite brilliant into my Net Audio 303/Spendor S5E. I suppose I have to ask now, which power amp? Any L10 owners want to let me know what they use. Thanks for all the suggestions, especially Hi Fi Nut who included the L10. All the best, Richard A
  14. Hello, I am a new wammer. I am suffering from upgrade-ite-is and need help choosing a new pre-amplifier. I have been running a Net Audio totally modified Quad 303/33 combo for the past five years - basically only the case and mains transformer is left of the original. The 303 is driving a pair of Spendor S5E speakers which I think sound great for their size. I would like to upgrade the pre-amp but with what? I live in Guernsey in the Channel Islands so auditioning equipment means a trip to mainland U K so I may have to buy "blind". I have never heard a passive pre-amp but they all seem to get good reviews. Any views out there? My budget is around £3,000 and I don't mind buying second-hand if the gear is in good nick. Sources are vinyl and CD, I have yet to discover digital sources! All suggestions welcome. Thanks in advance, Richard A
  15. Marantz SC-7S1 - Pre-Amplifier - Silver - £1995, RRP **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. Original box and packing, and remote control. Earliest shipping date is 1/3/2017 as the unit will undergo a full workshop service allowing us to offer a 24 month warranty!! See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information
  16. STP-SE Pre-amplifier Stage 2 Upgrade RRP: £3,749 American manufacturer Wyred 4 Sound has just scooped another Blue Moon award from 6moons.com . The STP-SE Pre-amplifier with a Stage 2 upgrade is the latest hi-fi component to be reviewed by 6moons and the fourth component to earn Wyred 4 Sound a Blue Moon award. The original STP Pre-amplifier won the award back in 2009. Since then, the component has gone through so impressive transformations that have clearly improved the already extraordinary design. "In short, the Stage 2 upgrade throws Wyred's gold-plated parts-filled kitchen sink at the $1'999 core circuit. This mimics what they do for their top DAC iterations. Premium parts can double the base price. Giving their customers tiered options supports different budgets and ambitions. Today is about going all out; and in." To get into facts, the Stage 2 upgrade offers a third less noise than the the STP-SE. The channel-to-channel balance sits within +/-0.003dB, which is a massive 15 times better than the standard STP. The dynamic range has also been improved and measures at 122dB with a 5V in/out balance signal. Price was a recurring factor in Srajan Ebean's review, seeming astonished by the quality of STP-SE 2 at the cost. Of course, what is really important about the STP-SE II is the sound quality and what it can do to your music. "Wyred4Sound's STP-SE packs enormous value." "Though price positioning and a funky name don't let on—STP-SE Stage 2 really does stick to the tongue, not rolls off it—this is a machine of quiet but true reference calibre!" Elite Audio are the official UK distributors of Wyred 4 Sound. We offer an excellent 30-day, no risk trial on selected products allowing you to try out audio components at home with your own system. A generous part exchange is also available allowing you to upgrade for less. To find out how much your old hi-fi components are worth, take our part exchange challenge now. Alternatively, you can contact Elite Audio via email: info@eliteaudiouk.com or telephone: 020 3397 1119 for more information.
  17. For sale is my Classe CP800 pre-amp (with integrated DAC, parametric eq and bass management) Immaculate condition and comes with all original packaging and accessories It's about 3 years old now, current retail is £5,495 so looking for around £2,850 for it Full spec can be found on their website; https://www.classeaudio.com/products/cp-800.php Here's a review; http://www.techradar.com/reviews/audio-visual/hi-fi-and-audio/amplifiers/classe-cp-800-preamplifier-988991/review and another one; http://www.theabsolutesound.com/articles/classe-audio-cp-800/?page=1
  18. Hegel P20 Pre-Amplifier - Black - £1390, RRP - £2250 **SOLD** 1 owner from new, in excellent condition Original box and packaging and remote control 12 month warranty provided Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119, PM or email us at info@eliteaudiouk.com for more information.
  19. I've had a Primare Pre60 / A60 set on home demo for the last two weeks. My own setup is a Cyrus DAC-XP+ and StreamX v2 into a pair of Anthem Statement M1 monos, and driving Vienna Acoustic Beethoven Concert Grands. The change is significant as I knew it would be, I've been looking to replace the Cyrus front-end for a while now. The high and mid range are exceptional, and the bass is more controlled and tighter. I tried the Pre60 into the Anthem's to see the difference the higher power amps would make. There is more bass "glow" with the Anthem's and just more bass with everything. But by comparison to the A60 it sounds less defined, smeared out and not as connected to the mid and high frequencies. The A60 sounds lean by comparison, but the music flows much better, the bass is there but it lacks the "glow" the Anthem's give. Does anyone have the Primare Pre60 / A60 and what speakers are you driving? If I keep these amps, and I'm pretty close to it as the "wow" factor has been big, I would like to know how they drive higher-end speakers, particularly the bass-handling. I would look to replace my VA Concert Grands in a year or two and get something like Fact 12, Dali Epicon 8, or something else in that price/performance range. But can the A60 drive these and drive them well?
  20. Hello, I'm looking for a late Quad 34 with MM stage. Sean
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