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Found 11 results

  1. So i thought i would dive into music streaming with the above set up. I've added a justboom Digihat to feed it into my Beresford Bushmaster 2. First impressions are awful Im using the Volumio App as a controller. Wont play 24/96/or 24/192 without constant stuttering, Also can get halfway through a song and then skip to the next one. App freezes constantly. Have read such good reports from this type of set up and Volumio so just wondering if there is something i am missing in set up etc. Many thanks for any advice.
  2. I have just been sent the following information from HiFiBerry about their latest DAC Hat for the Raspberry Pi . This looks to be quite a serious attempt by them to offer a low noise better quality option which includes better power supply functions and its own clock seperated from the Raspberry Pi which is a narea sometimes cited for improvement of sound quality . They are also making great play of the importance of the power supply which is a very current theme on a couple of threads here . If you are interested her is a link to their rationale . https://www.hifiberry.com/blog/tech
  3. I have an Allo Digione that i bought second hand and use as the streamer for my main system . It came with a Raspberry Pi 3 unit attached but I had a spare Raspberry Pi 2Mb unit so decided to switch it over and use the newer and quicker Pi instead. No mechanical issues just a straight swop . Then flashed a new card with Max2play but had repeated bricking of the unit (in reboot just stalls and stops working) . Not what I was looking for so downloaded Picoreplayer 6.0 flashed that to the SD card and set up Allo Digione as the player . No problems with that presume becuase they use a very sm
  4. Looking at the Skills on Amazon for the Echo came across this one . Now I know that some on the squeezebox forum had developed a way of linking the Echo to LMS but I have to say I found the whole thread confusing and could not understand how to get it working . This one I can see the steps and know how the downloads are done and it looks that this will enable the Echo to access all the music on my Raspberry Pi to play . Not sure if this will work but might well give this a try when my next day off comes . https://www.mymediaalexa.com/home/raspberrypi
  5. In case any on here are waiting and not spotted it Max2play - www.max2play.com have released a Beta download for the new Raspberry Pi . I use this software as a nice simple interface for Logitech Media Server and have my USB HD Library connected to a single Pi running the server only . I downloaded the new Beta version this morning and flashed it to my Raspberry Pi 4 4GB unit . Everything was very smooth using Balena Etcher to write to the card .Card loaded fine was able to get the max2play interface open striaght away . Then just a matter of loading all of my normal settings , mounting t
  6. Have been thinking of making up my own SBT equivalent using a Raspberry Pi (I have one not doing anything at the moment) a Digi + out put board a Touch Screen and Pi Core software . Problem is that I am fairly useless at most mechanical construction (don't get me started on soldering) . I have looked at it and I think it is a fairly simple click together plug in wire job which I will not say a I feel confident but I think I can manage . Has anyone else put something like this together ? If so how hard was it and are there any obvious errors I can avoid.
  7. Thinking that the weak point of my system was probably the Raspberry Pi 3 I was using to run Logitech Media Server (LMS) I started looking at various server based solutions, including NUCs and building my own. As a part of my research I looked at the Small Green Computers SonicTransported. Vortexbox UK sell there own version called the Audiostore Prestige 2: https://www.vortexbox.co.uk/Audiostore_Prestige_2/p317978_16932231.aspx On Computer Audiophile a chap was selling his XL version for £550 + £150 for an SBooster LPSU to power it, this seemed like serendipity so I bought it.
  8. Could some one give me a little advice . I have two main digital sources a Theta CD transport and an SBT Clone . I use a Digitial DSP Room corrector but I am only able to input one digital source which is then treated and output to my Dac . This means the SBT clone is getting the Room Correction but not the transport. As the above Digi Baord which I could add to my clone has both Digital Inputs as well as Outputs I am thinking that I could connect the Transport to the SBT Clone and then use that to out put in to the Room Corrector and both signals would then get treated and out put to my DAC a
  9. Something very strange has happened and I am at a loss how to fixt it. I have LMS installed on a Raspberry Pi3b and use this as a server only with my USB HD connected to it and then ethernet wired connection to my server. Nothing too unusual there and this has worked fine for quite a while . All the players I use work fine and I can control each one from the screen . However just today on using the LMS connection on my laptop via the ISP address as normal I can connect in to LMS and see the usual split screen right hand shows the player as chosen from a drop down menu top right and then
  10. I have been having a quite frustrating day with LMS after a very long period of it just working in the back ground and doing what I ask it has now after playing random mix/ song mix which is how I use it songs stop in the middle say they are buffering and then never restart. I have looked at the log and it appeared to be an issue with Dynamic Mix plug in as the log kept saying could not find dynamic mix link . So removed the plug in but then still kept happening and the following line kept appearing [18-05-28 10:56:47.0167] Slim::Schema::forceCommit (2147) Warning: Trying to commit
  11. I am getting a little confused but I am sure there will some answers in the combined intellects of Wammers! I am currently using a Windows 7 laptop (a specification which refuses the win10 upgrade!) and a usb connected, separately powered hard drive for storage. i am running JRiver MC23 and taking the output from USB into the usb input of my Wyred4Sound Dac2v2. Sounds great, but windows annoys me. JRiver have produced the Id, and one of its incarnations is raspberry pi id. You can get the sd card preinstalled with JRiver for $39 or the complete pi in a case with JRiver installe
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