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Found 9 results

  1. Some of you may have read on here that our house sale fell through and as we need to get to immigrate to be with elderly parents we will rent out our home instead. Sadly this means that we need to raise funds for the move and some hifi and musical items very reluctantly need to be sold. You may have also read that I love this IO 1 cartridge and it was my destination cartridge. I only bought it secondhand late last year with c100 hours on it but it had a problem with the suspension so I sent it to Audio Note to do a complete refurbishment. But Audio Note said that they only needed to adjust the suspension as the cartridge sounded especially good and had a lot of life left in it. Since the refurbishment the cartridge has only been played for 1 hour as I have a channel balance problem with my arm. (Audio Note also re-fitted the tags on my Audio Note Arm 2/2 but applied too much solder to one cable and so the capacitance is incorrect on one channel and it needs re-doing. Once the tags are re-fitted post August I might be selling the arm as well) Am also selling an Audio Note AN S2 SUT. It's best to use an Audio Note SUT with the IO due to the low output of this cartridge. Please see the photos. I have more and can do more high resolution ones for the cartridge if needed. Both are in great condition. One thing to point out about the SUT is that it was missing one 'foot' when I bought it. Audio Note sent me another one but it was the wrong size. I spoke to Peter Q the other day and he told me that Audio Note are not really open for business until August so you could get another one, if important, when they are open again. I would really like to sell these together or would sell the IO separately once the SUT is sold. Bearing in mind that Audio Note have done the refurb and the condition of these items looking for £1,600. I believe that the cartridge retails for c£3,000 and the SUT c£1,000. We are due to leave the UK on 20th July. After this date postage will be a lot more as it will be sent from Portugal. You could collect from Teddington TW11 or I can post Royal Mail. I have the original box for the SUT and will pack both very well. Am selling other stuff so please look out for other items. Thanks Dom
  2. Good opportunity. to acquire both of these well reviewed pieces of kit as a bundle. If there is no interest in next couple of days I will entertain splitting them, but being sold as a pairing will trump all other enquires. They need little introduction so I'll go straight to a full description of condition. The P10 is IMO as near mint as you could hope for, no marks or blemishes on fascia, no dings or scrapes on rest of casing and comes in it own box. The T10 has a small blemish on fascia, if you look at picture directly below letter U near btm. It is scuff type mark and not through to metal. Rest of casing is good bar couple of very small pinprick marks that black finish seems to attract. Rear has couple of marks. There are no scrapes or dents. I received it as ex- demo from a dealer in a Quad box. This is as honest as a description as I can make. In the interest of full disclosure aside from P10 being back to Guy re. check over and valves 2 years ago. It was fitted with an RFT ECC88 and a Tesla ( not marked as a JJ Tesla ) ECC83 at that time. Very nice Pairing IMO. The T10 was back last year not long after I received it with a faulty solder connection on transformer screen which caused a winding short. I include a picture of the note from Guy describing this. Transformers are mounted on L shaped bracket and I believe what happened was bracket vibrated ( Carriers ? !! ), and broke solder in transit. I have cushioned transformers with a little bubble wrap to prevent a repeat of problem. No manuals. I would like £560 please +p&p & insurance with Royal Mail to UK and Ireland from Belfast, Northern Ireland. Thank you for looking and stay safe Norman
  3. Here for sale is my wonderful Fidelity FRT-3 SUT. The quality of these units need little introduction and was one of the final pieces in my vinyl playback puzzle. With my AT-33PTG/2 it displays a gloriously open and dynamic sound. Condition is fair for its age with light scratches and scuffs to the casing. If you need to look at specs I can recommend the article below as I’m unable to offer further advice on cart matching - £200 + postage or courier costs. PPG or BT please.
  4. Selling a Luxman MT-88 step up transformer on behalf of a friend. It's in perfect working order and cosmetically unblemished. Specs below. I believe it is a 1:20 ratio. No box but will be very well packaged. He's looking for £700 delivered by RM Special Delivery to UK. Specs |System|LR independent autotransformer| |Core Type|Toroidal| |Core Material|Nano-crystal soft magnetic material| |Coil|OFC and shellac varnish impregnation| |Gain|26dB| |Frequency Response|10Hz ~ 100KHz (+0, – 0dB)| |Total Harmonic Distortion|0.050% (100Hz), 0.003% (1KHz and 10KHz)| |Channel Separation/Deviation|Above 98dB/within 0.1dB| |Input Impedance|3Ω| |Output Impedance|2KΩ| |Load Impedance|Above 47KΩ| |Dimensions|3.5” (W) x 3.3” (H) x 9.4” (D)| |Weight|4 lbs.|
  5. Here for sale is a pair of the legendary Hashimoto HM3 SUTs which need no introduction. They have been built into a very nice compact aluminium box by the excellent chaps at Deco Audio. The box has a small nick on one side as per final photo. The SUTs have been very well shielded which results in a totally quiet, hum free operation. There is a switch at the back of the unit which offers two settings for cartridge matching - 1) 1:20, 26dB gain, for 7-40 Ohm cartridges. Loading is around 100-110 Ohms with MM stage - perfect for most low output moving coil carts, such as Audio Technica, Denon, Ortofon, Lyra, Koetsu, etc. 2) 1:40, 32dB gain, for 2-7 Ohm cartridges, loading of around 30 Ohms. £600, no offers please, payment by PayPal gift or cash on collection from Highgate, London. Shipping available at cost.
  6. I've got a Quad 34 with built-in MM phono stage, it was running fine with a HO MC and I should have left it alone I was lent a LO MC and SUT and in honesty, in this system, I preferred the cheap and cheerful 'pick-it' cart over the rather tasty Saec cart. This might be as much to do with compliance, the arm is light and the Saec MC is a heavy lump so the counterweight sits right at the back of the arm. Anyway, the issue/problem. I now need to return the SUT but can't go back to the HO cart as I dropped and broke it, leaving me with a MM phono and MC cart and not a lot of money. Solution 1 Get hold of a quad 34 MC board. I've seen them go on flebay for £20ish but not for a while, the only ones now are £50. How good a stage is the 34 MC? Worth hanging on for? Solution 2 Buy a cheap SUT or head amp? From experience, SUT's can be easy to get right and easy to get wrong, what can I really expect for sub £100? Option 3 Pick up a cheap phono stage with MC like a phonobox se, cambridge etc. With an entry level newr stage outperform a quad 34 board? Option 4 Try and source another sub £100 HO MC? It's only the 2nd system, however I seem to spend more time listening in this room than the main one especially as we come into summer it's the system I'll be using. Swapping phono's, TT's or carts isn't an option, I don't want to disturb the main room. Thanks in advance
  7. I am offering for sale my Living Voice SUT. I used to use this with my Definitive modified Art Audio Vinyl One to very good effect and believe its step up ratio is 1:10. If it helps I have used this SUT + the Vinyl One with a Dynavector Karat, Transfiguration Phoenix (old version), vdH MC One Special and my current vdH Black Beauty all without any problems whatsoever. Price is £250 including p&p and payment by bank transfer please.
  8. Supex SDT 1000, excellent condition, a couple of tiny marks. A superb step up but I've bought a posh audio note SUT to match my io, so this may as well go. Sounds great with the io and matches with most vintage cartridges, such as Supex 900, 1000, 1100, 2200, Koetsu, Kiseki, Dynavector Karat, Ortofon etc. Some spec from the web. Adaptable impedance of the cartridge*:*1.5 - 10ohms Load Resistance*: 47K ohms Step-up ration*: 1 : 100(40dB) Frequency Response*: 10 - 60,000Hz + 0 / - 0.8dB Dimemsion*: W110 X D73 X H50 MM £250 inc UK delivery.
  9. Thought I would share some thoughts on my experiences with SUTs. Despite having had phono stages that support both MM and MC, I have ended up preferring the sound of my MC carts via SUT into the MM setting. I usually find that a well matched SUT brings an extra level of refinement and removal of grain compared to using the MC settings. They also reduce the background noise compared to using active gain. However it can sometimes prove a difficult exercise finding a good match between SUT and cart. I have found that a badly matched SUT can destroy the dynamics of an MC cart. It also doesn't help that I find the theory and calculations somewhat bewildering, so usually default to manufacturer recommendations where available. Also hard bitten experience and word of mouth recommendations are most valuable. A fellow wammer once suggested the absurdly cheap HFN Black Head SUT for the AT OC-9 as this was a combo he found worked well many years ago. And after a quick trawl and low cost purchase on ebay, so it proved, the Black Head bringing a creamy but expressive smoothness to the top end of the OC-9 ML2. But in the main, my best results have come from using a SUT designed for the cart. For example, the Auditorium A23 brought the best out of a Denon 103. Similarly I have also found that the inexpensive Audio Technica 630/650 from the 1980s work well with the AT33PTG2, a cart not dissimilar to the AT32E and AT33E that were the natural partners of these two SUTs when new. I once owned a nice Shelter cart which I was never able to get good results from. Only once I heard it with a high quality multi-adjustable S&B SUT did I realise how good a cart it was. However I also had to accept that I would not be able to afford the required SUT so I ended up selling the cart. But despite the potential pitfalls, I have never had to spend a lot to get a good result as there are some good used bargains to be had. And of course being an entirely passive device SUTs dont break down so present a low risk used purchase, that can always be sold on at little or no loss. So if you are tempted, I would say give it a go. But do your research first on the specifications needed for your cart, or alternatively (like me) just seek help from a more knowledgable wammer!