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Found 2 results

  1. One Schiit Modi 3 DAC for sale. Silver. One month old and in as new condition. Comes with the original instructions, USB micro cable and packaging. £90 including P&P to the UK or collected in person (London). Specs from Schiit: Inputs: USB, Toslink SPDIF, Coaxial SPDIF Sample Rates and Bit Depths: 16/44.1 to 24/192 via USB, Coax, and Optical Input Receiver: SPDIF: AKM 4113. D/A Conversion IC: AKM AK4490. Analog Summing, Active Filtering: Based on OPA1662 with precision thin-film resistors, DC coupled Output: RCA (single-ended) Output Impedance: 75 ohms Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz, +/-0.25dB Maximum Output: 2.0V RMS THD: 0.001%, 20Hz-20KHz, at max output IMD:0.001%, CCIR S/N: >104dB, referenced to 1.5VRMS, unweighted Crosstalk: -80dB, 20-20kHz Power Supply: USB powered with +/-5V switching rail generator; auxiliary USB power input for 0mA USB power draw devices (like phones and tablets) Size: 12.7 x 8.9 x 3.18 cm Weight: 0.45 Kgs
  2. My digital front end is sounding the best it has ever done ....after a LOT of tuning. But, there are aspects of it that I would like to change. It could be that this is simply down to the source files or other parts of my system, but I thought I'd borrow one of these 'DAC of the moment' to compare with my Bel Canto 3.5 vbs. R2R vs DS. I arranged to borrow the Y through Schitt EU, and would thoroughly recommend the service offered by Mark - you pay postage at a very reasonable rate and have the DAC for two weeks. My front end is shown in the graphic below, into EAR534 > Focal 1008be II. Only update on the diagram = IFI SMPS powering the Raspberry Pi 3 is now an R-Core 5v/3A LPSU. I listened to the Yggdrasil via its SPDIF input. I was driven to try the Y by an ongoing edge that I hear when using my Bel Canto 3.5vb (BC), due to a change to Focal 1008be IIs. With my previous speakers, Living Voice, the issue wasn't evident, and even then it is only evident in a small subset of my music; but, irritatingly so. I have used my Oppo 205D as a baseline to assure myself that any issues I was hearing existed, and that the issue wasn’t with the BC itself. The BC is a better DAC than the Oppo, but the Oppo is no mean performer, excellent VFM – when set up correctly. Looking at the issues I was having with the BC, after listening to the Y for a few days I noted: >Small number of tracks/albums with hard sibilants (e.g. Tarzan) Y – Initially no change, but as the Yggy has warmed and settled this has changed, e.g.: Tarzan – Now listenable. Still sharper than I would like, but not ear bending Simon & Garfunkle – Now a LOT better, mainly fine. >Cymbals being splashy & hard Y – Issue gone >General feeling of edge Y – Issue substantially reduced, almost gone The Y painted a wider and more detailed soundstage. I could hear lyrics more easily. I was aware of fully resolved instruments that were before just a part of background clutter. An example: Liszt transcribed Beethoven’s symphonies for piano. These are available on Qobuz. At the start of the 7th Symphony, 1st movement there is a thumping start which is immediately damped, this makes the whole frame of the strings vibrate. Through the BC this was an almost dissociated noise, like a second supporting instrument was in the background. Through the Y this was the piano, adding to the power of the player. So the Y is simply better than the BC? Perhaps, but I could set up a demo that the BC would win. The BC has a high frequency edge, this can act like a spice in food. For instance, again from Qobuz, there is an album of Star Trek themes which includes part of the soundtrack from the more recent Star Trek movie. The track ‘Hella Bar Talk / Enterprising Young Man’ opens softly, and a deep drum beat joins, this moves into Enterprising Young Man when there is some impactful drumming. Through the BC the bass is more evident, and the climatic drumming is just balls out exciting. Though the Y this is all there, but just a tad muted. Listened to a vinyl rip I did of Rikki Lee Jone's eponymous album and it was like listening to it for the first time. Overall the Y paints a superb aural picture that the BC, while good, could not equal. Having listened to the Y for two weeks I slotted my Bel Canto (BC) back into place, and noted the following: I want to muddy the waters a bit. Returning to my three issues: >Small number of tracks/albums with hard sibilants (e.g. Tarzan) Y – Initially no change, but as the Yggy has warmed and settled this has changed, e.g.: Tarzan – Now listenable. Still sharper than I would like, but not ear bending Simon & Garfunkle – Now a LOT better, mainly fine. --I will stick with this. >Cymbals being splashy & hard Y – Issue gone --Again true .....but: The BC is more extended in the high frequencies. The hard sibilance is happening at 6-10KHz, and perhaps this is where this effect is happening too? With the Yggy the high frequencies are there, and beautifully articulated, however they feel as though they are recessed in the sound stage and at a lower volume so that some detail is just missing. Similarly at the bass end of things the Yggy doesn't dig as deep. However, it is wonderfully musical, whereas the BC can feel a bit one note in comparison. Please note that I am overstating things in order to draw the comparison. These are both good DACs, and the Yggy may well be a great DAC. >General feeling of edge Y – Issue substantially reduced, almost gone. --Again true .....but: That was with the tracks that caused me issues with the BC. With other music the Yggy could move towards sharp, not to the same extent as the BC, but it is there, for instance: Stevie Nicks (LP rip 9624) - The Other Side of the Mirror Great album, and sounds stonking through the BC. Via the Yggy retained all the marvels of that DAC: wider soundstage; more details that add to the experience; clearer what is happening musically ....but, the vocals sound slightly sharper. U2 (Quboz 16/44.1) - The Joshua Tree As above (*) Conclusion In my mind and in my system the Yggdrasil is a clearly a better DAC overall than the Bel Canto 3.5vb, and I thought the BC was a very minor improvement on my nDAC/XPS; purchased to scratch a couple of other itches. Having listened to the Yggy I can definitely understand why some people describe DS DACs as grey in comparison to R2R, at least on this very limited sample! There is something propulsive and compulsive about the Yggy, you want to stay up and listen to just one more track, that becomes one more album. You find yourself getting into music that before left you a bit nonplussed. Will I be buying it? Perhaps. I want to audition two or three other DACs: A Lampizator; the Border Patrol DAC; and, perhaps the Mytek Brooklyn. (*) Fascinating: Last Saturday I was listening to the Yggy most of the day. In the evening I put on U2 (Quboz 16/44.1) - The Joshua Tree, it sounded AWFUL. Far worse than any of the sharpness I had experienced with the BC. I had already listened to this and not heard this issue, and the following morning all was well again. Why? I obviously don't know, but I wish I had immediately tried streaming a local file as I suspect it may be due to high contention on Virgin's infrastructure. As it was I turned off the system and watched Dr Who - really good this season! Dear Mods, Apologies - thought I was creating this in the Computer Based HiFi section. Can you move it please, thx. M