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Found 105 results

  1. long time reader of the forum but have only just joined, so this is my first post and would welcome any help. Current kit is Rega Brio amp to Castle Severn 2 speakers. Fed into this is; 1) Project Debut Carbon TT with ortofon red and 2) raspberry Pi 4 streamer, into entry level DAC, then the Brio. As I ‘m increasingly listening to locally stored FLAC filesI am looking to upgrade my entry level DAC but it’s been suggested to me that I would be better served by upgrading my speakers first. Musical tastes are varied; rock, pop, country, accoustic, vocals but not classical & no heavy metal. Although not previously on my radar, I’ve been reading a lot of positive comments about the Celestion Dittons and am wondering if they might fit the bill. If anyone with first hand experience of either speaker would be so kind as to let me know what to look out for - given the difficulty in listening to anything under lockdown - then I would be most grateful. I appreciate they these speakers are probably +40 years old and depending on how they’ve been treated, they may/may not need refurb or repair. In general terms and depending on price/condition, are they he sort of speakers I should snap up or walk away from? .
  2. Hi all, I am looking for some system advice or perhaps some thoughts on potential changes I can make to my current system. My current system: arcam fmj A38 amp, arcam CDS27 streamer/cd player, Systemdek 11x turntable running through a Graham Slee phono stage into B&W 602s2. Whilst the sound to my ears is very good, vocals and sound stage are great however it seems to lack pace. I had thought speakers, but am now leaning towards the amp. Many moons ago I had a Sugden A28 amp running into Whafedale 505.2s. I am looking for the sort of bass speed that these speakers gave me. Perhaps with a bit more bass as they were a little light on bass even though it was superb. I even bought a set of 505.2s thinking it was the B&Ws but it's not the same. John Lee Hookers Boom Boom album 3rd track is my go to track. Sorry about the long rambling questions . Cheers
  3. Tidying up what had become a chatty thread. £995 (or £990 and a pint) to that man over there with too many speakers already. Most of you know the story; if not, you can do the search thing. I bought a second teak pair which sounded nowhere near as good and cost me substantial £ to upgrade to comarable to sound to these beauties. Not as imposing in the flesh as they can look in photos where the height is what attracts attention; in the wood, they are tall, slim and IMHO elegant. They also sound lovely; if I mention big soundstage you might think that is as much to do with upstream components but I'm going to mention it anyway. Dimensions including marble plinth: H 186cm (6'1") W 30cm (12") D 32.5cm (13"). Excluding plinth, the cabinets are only 20cm (8") wide and max depth at bottom is 22cm (9"). As @rabski reminded us some time ago: "Graham Tricker described them as "...probably the least compromised loudspeaker we have ever heard", which is quite something coming from the man behind Tron". EDIT: short (not "make a day of it" bake-off!) and socially distanced auditions may be possible in Leicestershire, check in-store for details.
  4. I'm selling a pair of Gradient 1.4 loudspeakers due to a recent upgrade. As with other Gradient models, these are designed to integrate well in most real-world listening rooms and their unusual shape is a consequence of this. Housing a concentric mid/tweeter arrangement in the spherical top section with cardioid response, this gives a more coherent sound with less reflections off the wall behind. The bottom section contains a ported downward-firing woofer just inches off the floor, helping to reduce the traditional bass suckout at around 200Hz due to 'floor bounce'. This pair are in very nice condition and come in their original packaging. Purchased in December last year, they have seen only moderate use. Asking £2100 plus shipping. I am based in Lincoln.
  5. I am looking for a pair of JBL 96 speakers. I have a excellent pair of Spendor SP1 but they just do not rock out like JBL
  6. Hi I have recently purchased a pair of old KEF Reference Series 103.2 speakers. i am looking to get them looked at / serviced (if that is a thing for speakers, I am new to this). can anyone recommend anyone in the Bristol area? thanks ben
  7. Hi all, with the advent of the Karousel upgrade to the LP12 I read a lot of good stuff. I collected a few clips kindly shared by a member on the Lejonklou forum, and also my trusted dealer sent me a comparison of Akurate LP12s with Cirkus vs Karousel. Auditioning these files leaves me puzzled, as the difference is much smaller, than I had expected from the chatter in the forums, and my dealers words. But I had a similar effect, when auditioning clips of KRadikal vs ARadikal on my system. The difference appeared more pronounced, when I played the same files on my Pono player into my Beyerdynamic T51p cans. (Can't test this with the bearing clips now, as the Pono and cans are in my 2nd home 420 km away from here.) So I wonder if my amp, or speakers are holding too much back, and if spending into a Radikal to get the Karousel is the best investment for me. My current chain is: LP12 - Cirkus - Lingo2 - Kore - Ekos2 - Krystal - Uphorik - KRDSM - AEXBOX6/K - C6100/D - AV5140/EspekT I'm using SO+ which my trusted dealer and I finetuned applying tunedem. Any experiences / opinions? Cheers, TMC
  8. Hi all, Changing work circumstances force a sale of my lovely Falcon RAM Studio 30 speakers. These terrific full range speakers have been used in a non-smoking and pet free household, and are absolutely mint/as new. I've been driving them (lightly) with a Luxman integrated. They come with dedicated Falcon plinths and the original packaging. I'm based in London but currently staying near Cheltenham, which is where the speakers are. The speakers are less than a year old and I’m the first owner. They are in the Burr Walnut finish, which is the best looking and most expensive finish option Asking £2500 excluding delivery (which is £2k off the RRP). Delivery would be by courier only, cost tbc - there are 3 boxes altogether, weighing close to 100kg all in. Exceptional reviews for these speakers: From the manufacturer: The Falcon Acoustics Studio 30 is a 3 way floor-stander, offering outstanding sound quality and a specification rarely seen at this price level. 2 Custom OEM woofers especially made for Falcon provide effortless bass, merging with a dedicated 2” dome midrange especially incorporated because it makes the midrange quality and sound balance so much better than the usual 2 unit solution. High frequencies are provided by the custom Falcon R.A.M. modified tweeter. This is a speaker of the highest quality and balance. Falcon Acoustics R.A.M Studio 30 Drive Units: 3-way vented: 2 no. custom made 170mm (6”) Polypropylene Cone bass units (exclusive to Falcon Acoustics); Custom 50mm (2”) Dome Midrange; Custom 25mm ( 1”) soft dome tweeter Freq. response: 20Hz-35kHz Impedance: 8 ohms Sensitivity: 89dB/2.83V/m Power handling: 15-250W Connectors: 4mm Custom-Designed nickel-plated binding posts Dimensions (HxWxD): 1100 x 215 x 300mm (+12mm for grille and binding posts) incl. 60mm Plinth & Premium Falcon Audio Engineering Spikes. Finish: Wrapped natural Black Leather Exchangeable side panels in real wood veneer. Walnut, High Gloss White, High Gloss Black, Burr Walnut. Weight: 35kg each, 74 kgs per pair shipping weight. 15 Kgs Plinth x 2
  9. Quad 11L bookshelf speakers in gloss black. Immaculate condition. No original box but I have a suitable box and can post. Please ask for a quote. £180 plus postage.
  10. WITHDRAWN FROM SALE. KEF Chorale loudspeakers. £125 Have had new high voltage crossover capacitors fitted by me (big fat yellow things, not electrolytics !), new 4mm binding posts, new internal wiring. Cabinets have been lightly sanded and given 4 coats of linseed oil. A few very minor dings and surface marks commensurate with age, but nothing serious. No front grills, but I can supply the cloth that was on them plus the front grille badges. Sadly the wood that the cloth was on had broken in several places. Beautiful vintage speakers, they sound rather sublime, they have the classic B200 and T27 pairing. 47x28x22cm. My usual efforts have gone into these, so Im after £125 collect Northampton, or I could ship if I can find a box big enough
  11. Revel M105 speakers with matching stands in very good condition New these are around £1800 with stands, asking £650 Collection from North London N17 only I'm afraid, no boxes
  12. On the look out for a pair of Quad 11L speakers. Must be in very good condition, preferably with all original packaging. Any colour/finish considered. Will need to be delivered to Bury St Edmunds or local collection. Many Thanks in advance.
  13. B&W CDM1 mark 1 speakers In good shape overall - no issues and sound great. Grilles and tweeter covers are intact and not bumped at all One of them has been next to a door I think because it's got a couple of bumps on one side but they are cosmetic and not structural. Looking for £250 collected
  14. KRALK AUDIO TBD12 STEREO STUDIO MONITORS. Black ash veneer with dedicated stands and magnetic front covers. I have fitted heavy duty castors (lockable) to aid manouvering but these can be removed very easily. I purchased these direct from Alan at Kralk, these are his original pair, I took them last April. Enormous power handling and high sensitivity , 3 way design with attentuation of MF and HF drivers. Reluctantly for sale. My room just can't do them justice, they need a medium sized room as a minimum, mine is too small and whilst I could do something with room acoustics I think its kinder to set them free with a new owner. Have a look at Kralk Audios website for full specs and reviews etc. These need to be collected as they're big and heavy (very). Bring your own amp or I can demonstrated with a musical fidelity integrated (M3si). Im in Belper, Derbyshire M1 J28 / 25 £650
  15. Happy new year to you all. One of these beauties has a fault in that it makes high pitched noises ( like a radio out of tune ) I tested the other quickly on a crappy micro Hifi and it appears to work properly. The original quad stands are included, cosmetically they are in very good condition except for one small hole on the side of the cloth cover . long power cables are also included. I will post photos once I get a chance and if there is any interest. I’m hoping to get back what they owe me . £350 NOW at £200, COLLECTION BEFORE SUNDAY collection from Milton Keynes
  16. These excellent sounding little standmount / bookshelf speakers are finished in satin black ash real wood veneer. They're in excellent condition with only one tiny mark to one rear corner. Grilles excellent with all pegs present. Fully functioning and a very good sound. All panels (except the bottoms) are shown in the photos which form part of the description. 75 GBP - can be posted at cost in the UK or picked up near Chester. I will bring to the bring n buy at the Wam Show, Kegworth on 15 March 2020. They will be £65 of which £5 will go to the charity.
  17. FOR SALE Vienna Acoustics Bach Floorstanding Speakers Beech Finish Fully working order Very refined and detailed sound Excellent grilles with all mounting pegs present Good condition but with a few light marks - please check the photos as these form part of the description Part filled with kiln dried sand as per manufacturer's instructions Heavy so collection only from near Chester Could probably bring to the Wam Show on 15 March Also possible meet up anywhere between Chester and Birmingham / Newbury / Reading as long as you're patient to find a mutually convenient date £325
  18. Royd Abbot floor standers in real wood veneer ( with scrapes !! ) the grill fabric will need replacing too ( I have some in brown) Please be aware that these are not mint cosmetically but I think quite presentable at the price . One broken grill peg . They sound bloomin lovely. collection in person only though. £150
  19. I am selling my Living Voice OBX RW3 Speakers - Santos Rosewood. The speakers are in excellent condition, the external crossovers are black and have a couple of small marks on them, one careful owner from new with original packaging etc. The reviews speak for themselves. RRP £12,000 asking £4,995
  20. *Edit - these are sold now*. For sale are my beloved ATC SCM20PSL speakers in Walnut. They are in absolutely mint condition and sound incredible! I am only selling them because I am moving, and now have space for the big boys - SCM50s! These are two years old and come with all packaging / manuals etc. They come with Track Audio 600 stands with inbuilt circular spirit level, and perform miracles isolating them from whatever they are placed on. I do not have the boxes for the stands unfortunately. New, the speakers cost £3,770/pair, for both I am asking £2,750. Please follow this link showing a bit more detail of them in my system. Manufacturers detail is here for the ATCs and here for the stands. I am based in Brighton, and would prefer collection, with payment by bank transfer or cash on collection. If postage was absolutely necessary then buyer would have to arrange and cover the full cost of that. If you are interested, or would like any more details, please let me know. Cheers, Bob
  21. TheFlash

    Thiel CS 2 2 “From the very first note of the very first record played via the Thiels, I was bowled over by the ease of the speaker's sound” ”It was in the area of midrange and treble transparency that the Thiel perhaps scored its most longlasting impression” “Normally, the critic ends up with a shopping list of faults that he just has to assemble into some kind of logical order. In the case of the Thiel CS2 2, however, it seemed that the longer I listened for flaws, the less I heard—an enjoyable task for the music lover, but a frustrating one for the professional reviewer. At its price, the CS2 2 is a sonic bargain. Beautifully finished, with a sound that is smooth, tonally well-balanced, and extended at both extremes, it is musically one of the most satisfying loudspeakers I've heard” ...... .......... I dug out that review when I spotted a pair for sale, even though it's more likely than not they will just be passing through. Intriguing design, fabulous cabinets, with binding posts underneath giving a smooth rear to the cabinet. Installed in the lounge this morning alongside the ATC SCM40A's. I expected them to be slightly smaller than the SCM40A's but as you can see they're not. Obviously sub-optimal positioning so I won't be commenting on soundstage! I've only listened to a couple of Jesse Cook tracks but they're really rather nice. Crisp and clear in the highs and mids - to the point where I'd need to listen longer and more analytically to spot weaknesses vs the ATC's, which was a surprise. Very nice shape to the bass though this is the biggest difference from the SCM40A's: it's strong, possibly too strong, but (a) I've yet to isolate them from the oak-on-concrete floor and (b) I know some people and some types of music which these would suit fabulously. Will report back further. Windows make geting a proper photo a pain. The rear shot makes the wood look lighter than it is, side shot is accurate.
  22. Pair of spendor A6 award winning speakers. One careful owner in smoke, pet, child free home. Excellent condition, small ding on top of one speaker - see photo- can only see close up. I bought new from Sevenoaks around 8 years ago. Have original packaging, grilles etc. Fantastic sound, only selling as going active. Looking for £800 ono pls
  23. Good condition considering their age, only a couple of marks to one foam surround, wear on some edges of bases and missing one logo. Just cosmetic and only noticeable on close inspection. Cloth recently replaced with new. Functionally, they sound great, no rubbing on drivers and tweeters in good nick. Looking for £130. Happy to demo when collected, bring your favourite music! Cash on collection only from Dagenham, East London. Could post at a push, anticipate ~£20 for an insured courier (a decent one like ParcelForce, not MyHermes who'll wiggle out of any insurance claim...)
  24. Helping a friend to sell his Mission QX-2 speakers. They are in walnut finish. They are just a few weeks old and, as such, are in mint condition with all original packaging. Brilliant speakers for the money. £275 but open to sensible offers. Prepared to deliver but please ask for a quote. Alternatively, cash on collection or prepared to deliver close to Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.