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Found 18 results

  1. I thought I’d start a thread specifically about using subwoofers in music-focused systems. This often comes up in other threads with some people apparently being very against their use, whilst I know many here also feel their systems have been enhanced by the addition of a subwoofer (or 2). I won’t ‘out’ anyone by naming names though . To state the obvious for most, I do use a subwoofer in my system and for some context here’s a photo of my Power Sound Audio S1510 subwoofer with the rest of my system: This is where to some extent I’d visually like my sub to sit but for best performance it actually lives in the front right corner. Let me stress right at the start that I don’t think everyone should be using subwoofers. My standpoint whenever I mention them is that they are a viable option for people to consider, rather than just being relegated to a ‘you only need/want one for movies’ sideline. At heart the reason to consider using a subwoofer is to improve the bass reproduction of a system, most simply to increase bass extension (how low a system goes) and/or to increase the low bass levels relative to the rest of the frequency range. Why not just use main speakers that do what you want in the first place though? Some reasons to consider a subwoofer are: If someone already has main speakers they really like across most of the frequency range and just wants to improve the bottom end. Subwoofers provide a much cheaper route to achieve a high quality full-range sound than buying big main speakers. Traditional main speakers capable of a full-range sound are BIG, such that often a separate subwoofer will be a better physical and aesthetic ‘fit’ in the room. Subwoofers can be positioned away from the main speakers. This means the sub can be where it’s best for the bass response without the constraints of where the main speakers need to be to sound their best over the rest of the frequency range and to produce the desired soundstage. The use of a combined left and right channel mono bass signal also means that a subwoofer position is equally good no matter where bass is panned left to right in a mix, whereas main speaker performance will typically vary. The above points all apply to a basic subwoofer added to a conventional system with no change to the sound leaving the main speakers. There are further potential benefits if used with additional hardware/features: If a high-pass filter is applied to the signal sent to the main speakers so that a subwoofer replaces the output from the mains rather than adding to it, then this can reduce distortion. Specifically, intermodulation distortion from the main speakers and usually harmonic distortion at the frequencies handed over to the sub will be lower too (in both cases more so for two-way main speakers than three-ways I should think). It will also increase the headroom of the amp driving the main speakers for the frequency range it is left to deal with. (I’m assuming an active subwoofer here.) Some subwoofers have built in EQ that allows for correction of room mode effects over the region they cover. In the wider context of EQ, it can be helpful to be able to adjust the output level of the low bass independently of the rest of the frequency range. Some arguments against using a subwoofer though are as follows, and although it will be a shorter list this is not to suggest they’re less significant than the potential benefits I’ve just set out: If someone can achieve a system that sounds perfect to them without using a subwoofer then there is no reason to consider one! There is a HUGE challenge to get a subwoofer to integrate properly with the sound of the main speakers. It is very easy to add a subwoofer and make a system sound worse! Additional space will be needed for the subwoofer, and aesthetically many may simply not want one too. The integration question is key so I’ll say a little more about this, with there being a very clear distinction between simply adding a stand-alone subwoofer and making use of analogue or particularly digital crossovers to aid this process. If just adding a stand-alone subwoofer then the challenge is to use the low-pass filter, phase and gain (volume) settings on the sub to try to manage the crossover region where the outputs of both sub and main speakers are significant and summing with each other. Often the frequency range of this overlap region can be large, due the gradual fall-off in the main speaker output at the bottom end and the equally gradual roll-off of filters applied by subs. As such it can be far from easy to achieve good integration and in many cases people simply fail to ever do so well and sell a sub on. The appeal of this approach seems greater to me the more limited the bass extension of the main speakers is but many achieve results they enjoy in this way even with full size floorstanding speakers. If applying a high-pass filter to the main speakers then this can make integration easier if it enables the overlapping frequency range covered by both sub and main speakers to be reduced. An additional key aspect to improving integration that I’m only aware of being implemented via DSP is the ability to have full control over time delays between the main speakers and subwoofers. In many setups the subwoofer will be further away from the listener than the main speakers and so to get things properly time-aligned the signal sent to the main speakers needs to be delayed relative to the sub. A phase control on a subwoofer can’t do this, and even if a sub is closer than the main speakers controls on a sub are generally crude in comparison to what can be achieved externally via DSP. I will though note that DSP-based subwoofer integration will be a much more appealing option for those with exclusively digital sources than those who use a turntable, and that whilst I feel time-delay correction is optimal I don’t think it’s as essential as it may first appear. Many people who don’t fully correct for this still enjoy using subwoofers, including members of this forum. One final point I’ll make on integration is that no matter what approach is being taken I think it is far easier to optimise with the aid of microphone measurements to see what is actually going on. Which is not to say lots of people haven’t got results they like without doing so. . I use DSP to integrate my subwoofer using a miniDSP SHD, along with applying EQ to manage room mode effects. It is particularly in this context that I am a ‘fan’, which I’m aware is very different to simply adding a stand-alone sub to a more conventional system. On the flip-side I would encourage those who have only ever tried the latter to not dismiss the former without having experienced it. For what it’s worth I doubt I could meaningfully enhance my own system with a sub without DSP and EQ. I did try adding a sub to a different system without DSP years ago but at the time I lived in a flat with poor sound-proofing and so essentially I could never run the sub loud enough to do anything meaningful. Consequently integration was rather moot .
  2. SOLD ! Focal Dome subwoofer purchased new last month (Sept 2020) as part of a 5.1 system. I don't need the sub and it's still new in the box. Colour is white.
  3. Just curious, are subwoofer drivers as picky as say tweeters and mid-ranges as far as replacing the drivers for upgrading purposes? I just picked up a Mirage BPS-150 at a great price, everything works and they sound good with my RCA mini-monitor project I just completed. However, I was just curious if there was a simple way to upgrade the drivers? Since the plate amp on the back allows one to tweak levels, crossover points, phase, etc., wouldn't that make substituting a newer driver simpler than say a tweeter or midrange? What are other popular tweaks you guys are doing to older subs like this? Bracing, stuffing, damping, rewiring? Regards, JazzyG
  4. Selling my Rythmik Audio subwoofer, model F12SE Signature Edition with the A370XLR3 amp. Piano black finish with a 12" black anodised aluminium cone. Condition of the sub is immaculate - no marks or scratches. The sub is fully functional and has had minimal use only. I am the original owner having purchased new direct from Rythmik Audio in 2015 at a cost of over £1600 (including import costs). This is a superb audiophile sub as online reviews will show. Comes in original packaging. £550 incl. shipping within UK.
  5. Looking for a Bower & Wilkins asw850 subwoofer (cherry coulour to match the one I have). Thank you
  6. Almost brand new BKE XLS200 mkii forward facing sub. Change of plan means this 6 week old sub is for sale with a saving of over £50. Light oak finish. See the attached images as this was a grade B off ebay and the reason is an area of mild fading on the top of the sub - like a piece of paper was left on top of it. It may bother some people. Includes power lead, spikes, 5m RCA/RCA and 5M High Level Lead (Neutrik. Collection from Manchester area. Price £260
  7. For sale is an active subwoofer.
  8. I am investigating using high-pass crossovers with Quad ESL63s to roll-off the bass so as to not compete with my B&W DB1 subwoofer. I am using a Musical Fidelity M6si 200W/channel amplifier and considering crossovers in the range 70 to 100Hz with 12dB/octave roll-off . Is there anyone with experience of this approach?
  9. Excellent, almost reference quality subwoofer from well respected Ken Kreisel. I was highly impressed how this sub excels with music material but it's equally good for home theatre duties (and movies soundtracks in general). Here is the relevant review and I would agree to most of the aspects mentioned there: My 2.1 system (as part of the secondary system) is not in use any more. Hence this is now surplus and available for sale. It was very well taken care of with original accessories and original packing. As this is a heavy item! I would prefer local collection (London TW8 area) from my storage space. Might review shipping options if anyone is seriously keen to have this. £860
  10. NAIM n-sub Subwoofer. Maple finish Perfect working order. It has a few small marks on one side but nothing you can notice unless you are looking from very close If you are looking for the perfect compliment to your Naim system look no further 5 Star reviews, just search online I am selling this item on behalf of a friend who is shedding some of his excess Naim gear. Collection from Shaftesbury in Dorset. Cash on collection please It may be possible to arrange a courier deliver. Please ask. £1099 (listed on eBay at £1199) Stock Photo for illustration
  11. HiSelling one Wilson Benesch Torus sub & amp, this sub doesn't need explaining. All you need to know is how fast they are, they can keep up with speakers no problem. Only reason I am selling is I have two & my new living isn't big enough to accommodate both. (Grap yourself a bargain these retail for £7000 now for the sub & amp. Selling for £3000 Comes with silver speaker cable costing over £300, also High Level Neutrik cable. Have the original boxes for both sub & amp. Sub & amp in great, like new condition. Happy to demo if interested. I live in Whitby. Could deliver somewhere in Yorkshire if that helps. Reviews if Interested.
  12. Current version of this Subwoofer cable, Audioquest have this to say: Current prices at futureshop, 3Mtr - £339, 5 Mtr - £429 Price for these, 3Mtr - £225. 5Mtr - £325 Can do a pic of the 5Mtr if needed but currently its feeding my PSW4000 and its not beyond possibility it might be staying there.... Its a real surprise.... Way more than I ever thought it would be. However, back in the real world it forms part of a departed friends kit and as such needs to raise sensible money so, any takers for a cracking sub cable at a decent discount?
  13. Atohm GT1 Standmount Loudspeakers in Rosewood with Matching Subwoofer in Black - SOLD The subwoofer is the Rafael V38s model. 1 owner from new, in excellent condition. See our website listing here Original boxes and packing. 12 month warranty provided. Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information.
  14. Velodyne SP1200 Ultra BGE Subwoofer 2013 model. £550 no offers. NOW SOLD Piano black finish, this sub does have surface scratching and a few small marks but you need a harsh light for them to be at all obvious but in fairness its probably best described as "Condition B" for external finish. Sonically its blinking amazing however and does everything it says on the box and a lot more besides. This sub was running LFE duties in my good friends AV system until he passed away last year. His widow has asked me to oversee the sale of the bulk of his setup to help with her situation. The rest of the setup will be advertised over the coming days including Opus 2-3 mains, Monitor Audio RX6 mains, Power amps and so on. Any questions feel free to message me. Thanks for looking
  15. JL Audio Fathom F113 V2 - Subwoofer - High Gloss Black **SOLD** **Library image used** 1 owner from new, in excellent 'as new' condition. Original box and packing. 12 month warranty provided. See our website listing here Elite Audio are part of Audio Emotion, so you can buy with confidence Please call us on 0203 397 1119 for more information
  16. Selling my powerful BK subwoofer in unmarked satin black finish - forward firing version - the cloth grille is in perfect condition too. It is 2 years old and comes with original box, manual and all cables. It has never been abused - used for 2 channel music only. This is a highly regarded sub that will easily fit into any domestic room. £200 collected from Brighton, add £30 for fully-insured mainland UK delivery. Matt
  17. Hi to all, We have designed a new DAC working with any SBC/RPI (i2s) We are using 2 DAC ics PCM5142 with integrated DSP. The PurePath software from TI is available for download (registration required) and can be used to create specific filters and other audio functions. The board will come pre programed as a 2.1 output (but you can create your own custom design and load it the board and can access the xover frequency directly from linux (we made a small app) Hardware wise , we have split the digital and analog side with LDOs and we feed the analog side using an extremely capable (low noise ultrahigh psrr) LT3042. Basically each board has 4 LDO (2 for each DAC ic) (note that digital side uses cheaper LDOs) Of course , on the analog side we used only thin film resistors and poly caps in audiopath. This DAC has RCA outputs but also a small connector that will connect to our TPA3118 AMP shield (only LR) I am including a video of the Purepath so you can see the capabilities of soft. We are able to have 4 poles crossover filters , volume etc for files that are 24/192Khz We send only HPF frequency's over 80Hz (chose from 60-150Hz) to main speakers and rest LPF to subwoofer. Its hard to explain the sound improvement , but he unit sounds clean , effortless . >> we re looking for members willing to test
  18. I have for sale, my BK Gemini II Subwoofer. It comes in Rosewood, with the original box/packaging along with the High Level Cable, Low Level Cable, Power Cable etc. Its in great condition apart from a small ding on the front corner, looks a lot worse in photos. Looking for £125 Collected from Faringdon, Nr Swindon. I can ship to the UK Mainland for £150 total. Would be interested in a swap for a Rega Maia power amplifier in Black.