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Found 16 results

  1. Hi I am looking to upgrade my Rega Rb250 ( Origin Live rewired) tonearm. My turntable is the SO Source and i have recieved a number of recommendations from Source owners ( not that many of us about sadly) to seek the various Audionote tonearms out as good Rega fit improvement over my exsisting tonearm. I had previously being looking for a Zeta or Mission Mechanic but appear rarely and much more than i can afford. So if anybody has an Audionote tonearm for sale let me know if you are interested in selling. I am currently selling bits and pieces of hi fi that are surplus to requirements to part fund a purchase of a good 2nd hand tonearm one. This will include my current RB250 when i see a suitable replacement. My budget is @ £400 although might stretch up a bit if a suitable option presents itself I am willing to listen to other arm suggestions from Source owners or previous owners but must be Rega fit so i can use exsisting arm board ( apologies i am no expert just trying to be logical here) . Arm must be a worthwhile improvement over upgraded Rb250. The rest of my system , Crofts and PMC LB1 signatures are capable of resolving differences. Not in a great hurry because of COVID.
  2. Up for sale is my Grey 108 tonearm replica by Karmadon. It is appr. 10 month old and sold incl all accessorries. XLR-connector but can be resoldered to RCA - though there are some obvious benefits with XLR. Litzcable is Cardas. It is a really great arm and combined with the proper cart intended for high mass tonearm is such a pleasure to listen to, despite its chunky looks. Price new is 550 USD plus import tax. This one is for sale for 2800 Danish Kroners, which is equivalent to 375 euro.
  3. Hello looking for a ortofon AS-212S or equivalent standard tonearm for a 301 set-up please contact me if you have one for sale many thanks DL
  4. Selling my Rega R200 tonearm including detachable headshell. These were manufactured in Japan, originally came with Rega Planar 3 turntables in late 1970s and early 1980s, and are now much sought after. As the photos hopefully show this one is in excellent condition. Mechanically all works perfectly, including its antiskate/bias mechanism. Let me know if you need any further information or better/further photos. Would like £150 or somewhere near that.
  5. For sale, like new SME V tonearm with VDH cable, We (my wife and I) collected this with a Michell Orb and Lyra Skala Cartridge that we are also selling from a client who decided it was a passing fad of his and that he'd rather spend the money on a home cinema system, he estimated that it had played for a maximum of 6 hours!! Fully boxed with (as far as I can tell) all accessories. We are also advertising this on ebay and it will be sold there next Sunday unless we get a tempting offer here first, see
  6. I am changing my Viv Labs Rigid Float 7" Tonearm (Black Version). I have all the original packing box etc etc. Would consider £1700 or best offer. Due to the oil float it would be a collection only or a sensible meet halfway. As a previous owner of an SME20/3 with a SME V (Kondo Wired), we all know the SME V, particularly when Kondo Wired, is a great tonearm. However when I heard the Rigid Float it blew me away, it was far more vibrant (not bright), dynamic and engaging so the purchase was a no brainer. I am considering changing for a Kuzma 4point 14" Tonearm, as I already have an Kuzma XL4 motor soon to be DC turntable. Awards Recommended Component Award 2014 by Stereophile magazine (USA) October 2014 Product of the Year 2013 Award by image hifi magazine (Germany) December 2013 Most Wanted Component 2013 Award by The StereoTimes (USA) December 2013 Review extracts Eric Charlot, Digit-Hall France (Apr 2015) wrote: “Last test on the Blackbird Feickert turntable was with a Viv Lab Rigid Float tonearm where we find the same sound aesthetic as the Ortofon RS-212D tonearm. But the result is now a vibrant mix of incisors and transients, coupled with a power of analysis that one would not have guessed using the other two tonearms – Ortofon RS-212D and a 10″ Reed 2A. With the Viv Lab, all records are perfectly integrated, the bass is released and found a joint and a power of analysis that we did not suspect. The harmonics in the highs add new information and cymbals on “Saturday Night At The Montmartre”, astonishing in their power.” Beside the quality of reproduction it offers, the most significant advantage of Rigid Float is ultimately the incredible comfort it provides and the opportunities it opens by allowing us to forget the eternal tonearm compatibility issues with cartridges. “You already have the cartridge of your dreams? Introduce him the Viv Lab, he will extract the best. Cannot decide on the choice of the cartridge, or you have more than one? No need to have thirty six tonearms; the Viv Lab tonearm will do ” (it would be also well able to resolve recurrent problems faced by lovers of atypical cartridges such as Decca London, I would have liked to test with). Sure it sounds like a bad slogan for toothpaste promising you a bright smile. One could also add “try it and adopt” . I tried it and I immediately adopted. In short, to put it bluntly: ! THIS UNIT IS A KILLER. Run, listen, and be prepared to revise your trigonometry!” Roy Gregory, The Audio Beat (Feb. 2015) wrote: “…hearing a record with the Rigid Float has a gloriously unimpeded sense of energy and momentum. Dynamics are quick and crisp, and forward motion has the sort of speed, freedom and grace that I normally associate with sliding on ice. If a really good conventional tonearm is able to corner better, like a sports car on low-profile tires, the Rigid Float makes it seem like there are no corners at all. Musically speaking, this thing just glides through the track…” Michael Fremer, Stereophile (Aug. 2014) wrote: “…the midrange was gloriously smooth and images were rock-solidly three-dimensional. Bass was meaty and full bodied, yet well controlled…” “…my take is that the Rigid Float – either because of its underhung geometry, or its non-grounded bearing system, or both – has a singularly smooth, lush sound that some listeners will instantly crave…” Clement Perry, StereoTimes Publisher’s note (Jan. 2014): “…I too must concur with Stephen’s assessment of this unique and innovative arm. Mine is the 9″ variation and it provides a remarkable sense of neutrality coupled with scale and textures never realized from my analogue rig…” Thomas Schmidt, LP Magazine Germany (Nov. 2013) wrote: “…I cannot say exactly which of the innovations makes the difference, but the Rigid Float tone arm is without a doubt an absolutely, uniquely exceptional phenomenon in analog sound reproduction…” “…the Rigid Float tone arm improves even the best systems to a quality that hasn’t been heard before – and that by high (such as Van den Hul The Condor) or by extremely low (Miyajima Shilabe) compliance…” Stephen Yan, The StereoTimes (Oct. 2013) wrote: “…the RF tonearm can be very strongly and enthusiastically recommended!” “…because it is so transparent and neutral, it will brutally and honestly tell you what you may not know about your system, …it’s like an implacable polygraph device…” “You will, definitely and most assuredly, thank the RF for giving the truth to you, at a price which, while not cheap, actually costs less than many high end pick-ups on the market nowadays. From this perspective, and considering the amount of technology and innovation packed into this device, I believe my use of the word ’bargain’ is not misplaced…” “…so in case you were interested, yes, I bought the review sample…” Mal Kenney, Part-Time Audiophile – THE Show Newport Beach (June 2013): “…there’s no fixed pivot, no offset, no anti-skate, and a combination of power and subtlety that you’d guess would require a lot more engineering than letting a tonearm float in magnetic oil. Whether the arm’s ability to track without the familiar microdistortion is based on its strange pivot or whether it’s down to the damping… this arm is clearly a performer!” Uwe Kirbach, Image HiFi Germany (Jan. 2013) wrote: “…this arm is nothing short of an audiophile sensation! …the recordings sound strikingly direct and immediate, with intense dynamics. Drums and percussions come without restraintment, lively, with great three-dimensionality, depth and micro details…” “…even when not perfectly setup the Rigid Float always played clean and clear, powerful with authority – it was always immediatley obvious that we have something special here…” “…I know of no other similar superior, compatible tone arm. I can’t say what percentage of this is due to the genius bearings and what percent is because of the the skating-free straight arm… The resulting impression of ordinary tone arms is comparable to perfectionizing the chassis of a car on a gravel road, while the Japanese arm glides on asphalt, or better said, on oil.”
  7. I had an ORBE SE with a SME V tone arm with special end to end wiring. I have another Orbe SE and need tone arm ideas. SME V, IV, 309 and Origin Live Encounter Mk3C Carbon, Rega 808, 2000 and of course keep it simple Technoarm "A" are all up for discussion. If you've had a SME V on Orbe you know its pretty great and easy to set up and just use. I want something that hits the highlights of SME V, deep bass and a darkness/blackness to it as well as highs. I'm using a SoundSmith Zypher III cart that is new. I listen to 50's/60's Jazz, 70's-80's rock mostly and vocals as well as some newer artists.
  8. Putting my Avid Ingenium up for sale. It includes the Project 9cc tonearm (not the Evo). This TT brought me back to my beloved LPs, but I've moved on and I have to pay for that I have fitted a new belt to this, and it has the threaded clamp. I do have the box for this, but I can't for the life of me work out how the arm was packed safely in it. Therefore collection from Littlehampton would be preferable, or meet up somewhere not a million miles away (or WAM taxi of course). Current new price £1,650 Yours for £600
  9. I now have a TT in my office. A very nice SL1210 Mk5g. I have upgraded the platter, chassis, bearing, and feet. Then I have put on an Origin Live Tonearm. http://OL2 by Andrei, on Flickr http://OL1 by Andrei, on Flickr I have a problem with the tonearm. When dropping it into place it does not go down vertically. My Jelco arm does this the Technics Tonearm drops into place accurately as well. The cause of this is tonearm wire. The arms are made so that the wiring comes out of the bottom of the tonearm column. It is a continuous run to the phono stage. Unfortunately they pull the arm sideways. So much so that I have had to undo the ball and string for the side-bias. My present solution is a bit clumsy and does not work fully. It is to sellotape the two leads to the shelf, so that I have reduced their play. Is this normal? Or will I have to have it rewired - possibly to to terminate with din or RCA outs, rather than a continuous run?
  10. The Naim aro Tonearm how does it rate against today's similar priced offerings Is it best used on the Linn Lp12 Thanks
  11. Naim Aro Wanted. Only top condition please cash waiting
  12. I'm looking for a demo or pre-owned EMT 997 "Banana" tonearm, for my restored Thorens TD124 turntable. Version 997i with international/EIA standard headshell connector. Thanks,
  13. I recently replaced the tonearm on my 1210 MK2 but am having difficulty figuring out the correct position for the base. I replaced the entire assembly, including the black aluminium base that fits into the main turntable chassis. When the base rests in its circular hole, there's a small amount of play and it can be moved to either side, and also twisted slightly. When I installed it first time around, the cartridge aligned to a template created using Conrad Hoffman's arc template generator in conjunction with the Technics arm data. However, the cartridge was not straight in the headshell as I assume it should be, as my alignment is essentially designed to replicate the Technics factory alignment and thus has the same offset angle and overhang. Can anyone advise as to how to correctly position the Technics arm base?
  14. Sold. Up for sale is my Roksan HD arm cable, bought from Analogue Seduction in May for £285. I bought this for use with my PT Anni as I figured the thin wires leading to the din plug would work well with the Anni's free floating suspension. I have since wired up the RCA sockets at the back of the deck and now no longer need this. 1m length. A word of caution. This is a revealing cable and when used with a Lyra Delos I found the sound a little bright. Caveats out of the way, I am offering this in perfect condition for £170 delivered, UK only or you can pay cash on collection, item is located in Blackheath, London SE3.
  15. Selling as upgrading plinth with a new tonearm. Rega RB303 in excellent condition. No more than 30hours use. I have a 2mm shim than will be included which has never been used. I don't have a Rega box for it but I have a tonearm box from Audio Origami that will ensure its safe delivery. Cartridge not included - just the tonearm. £ NO LONGER FOR SALE
  16. After having (finally) upgraded my Tonearm to an SME V, I'm selling on my Audio Origami rewired Michell Tecnoarm. One of their external cables are fitted to my Technoarm, details HERE: Internal wire and cart tags are stock Michell silver. The arms bearings have been checked for unwanted movement and there is none, all good as expected. Its an excellent sounding arm and a fantastic upgrade path if you have a Rega based arm. Thsi is up there with the best of the modded ones imo, even more so because of J7's external rewire. Arm is silver, in excellent 9/10 condition with zero obvious dings or marks, even to the paint where the armclip fits the arm. Paint has slightly worn away in the headshell slots as you would expect, but absolutely no overtightening of bolts and the slots are A1. All tools, full instructions, weights and other bits are included and are very securely packed in foam lined heavy box for shipping. As part of the sale I have included the Michell VTA adjuster and Michell arm mounting hardware. The cartridge pins and the Neutrik RCAs have been treated with Caig's Deoxit prior to packing. This example is 9/10 condition, only minor blemishes due to typically light use but looks almost "new". Retails for £630 or over, I'm looking for £350 ono delivered. Thanks.