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  1. Selling my beautiful one off plinth for Garrard 301 motor unit. It was made to take 12 inch arms. I was using it with AO PU7 (Rega mount). Blank arm board will be included too. Please note that acrylic cover is made properly in the factory and not glued in some garage. Included is plinth, matching platform and acrylic cover. Metal feet is not included, but could be discussed with the buyer. There are 5 M6 inserts underneath allowing to use 3 or 4 feet setup. Plinth is made from plywood layers with oak lamella surround. It is finished using Japanese Shou Sugi Ban technique and looks
  2. My Michell Gyro SE turntable with armboards for SME and Rega tonearms for sale. Unicover, clamp and PSU included. Latest DC motor. No tonearm. Good used condition with only minor marks and scratches. Selling as upgraded to heavily modified Orbe few days ago. Gyro SE is fantastic looking and sounding deck. Chose it against my newly restored Garrard 301 with 12 inch Pu7 arm. £SOLD collected from SE London or can be posted at buyer's risk. Have original packaging.
  3. Hello Here is for sale my beloved Acoustic Solid Wood Turntable, Great condition, was left for me by my father. Comes with REGA OEM RB303 tonearm, and I can add plexi glass, but only on collection, wouldn't post it, its fragile, and will not survive shipping. Everything works as it should. No problems with motor or controller. All cables intact. Leather mat and plexi mat included. Original Box also included. Also to be noted, since its a German table it comes with European plug, I will include extension for UK plug. Location : Glasgow, Scotland. I know I'm a brand new me
  4. Is anyone in or around London looking to buy a Rega P3 (2016 model) any time soon? I'd like to upgrade to a P8/Apheta or RP10/Apheta soon. The turntable is white, in excellent condition (usual minor polish marks on dustcover), with packaging, and can either be supplied; - stock with Elys 2 cart - £500 or - with Exact/Neo PSU/Tangospinner zirconia subplatter upgrades - £700 or - with Ania/Neo PSU/Tangospinner zirconia subplatter upgrades - £800 Let me know if you're interested, I have now updated listing with pics and prices. My preference is to sell with the upgrade
  5. Looking for some advice from anyone who's heard both - hopefully there's someone out there! I'm planning to upgrade my TT next month and had convinced myself to skip my original plan of buying the P8/Apheta 3 package and going for the P10/Apheta 3 to avoid any future upgrade temptations. I've now got the option of buying an older RP10 with the Aphelion (1) cartridge, for pretty much the some price as the newer model with the lesser cart (but still better than my current P3/Ania). What would you do?! My assumption will be that the Aphelion will elevate the older package to being better
  6. Rega RP6 (Red) and TTPSU - Boxed. A wonderful turntable in excellent condition but sadly not getting much use at the moment. No cartridge. pics -->> https://photos.app.goo.gl/j1FqEwyfWuFmBvQM8 £650 posted. I can either post or you can collect (Southport) but you cannot demo due to Covid.
  7. Hi. I'm selling a Rega Planar 1 with only an hour on the table. Condition is like new and fully boxed. This is the latest version of the Planar 1 from Rega. Bought new only a month ago. Comes with Rega Carbon MM. Looking for £225 pickup from Southport. Pics --> https://photos.app.goo.gl/ywgfkrn6VSznLhKH6
  8. Fully realize that this has nearly five days to run but as it is a collect only option then this will deter many from bidding so there is a strong chance this could be a very good bargain for anyone who is looking to start on the Vinyl ladder . STD 305M is unusual in that it is a four point suspension design rather than the usual three point for Linn, PT , Ariston etc . I owned the plastic STD 305 version of this with a Mission 774 arm mounted and it was at the time for me much better than the Linn Sondek (with basic arm) that I auditioned it against. With a good service and clean and general
  9. As per 2 channel thread, looking for a nice, used TT - the more complete the better as a newcomer to the vinyl and analogue world - not ready for a project! I hear good things about Ariston RD80 or RD11, Thorens TD160, Rega 3 or anything of similar vintage and quality. Cosmetic appearance not a concern.... sound quality and not having to do much work to it much higher priority. Budget around £300, a bit more for something nice. Located in central Scotland, happy to pay and arrange insured courier. Cheers
  10. Going to delve into the world of analogue as a wee experiment. Any recommendations for used turntable around £2-300 ish? Not worried about cosmetics, good sound quality the only factor and looking at used kit for better value. I have a nice Vincent hybrid amp and Quad ESL63 speakers but amp has no phono stage, so need that too - at hopefully not too much additional cost.
  11. sold Goldring Lenco GL88 / G88 Turntable, no tonearm. Selling for a friend Wonderful ! Motor serviced, new mains wiring. Speeds adjusted and are all spot on (videos available). New idler wheel as the original was noisy, but will include the original in the package. Main bearing cleaned and relubricated, very quiet. Platter in good condition, 3.6kg, great for speed stability. New 0.1uF 400v switch suppressor capacitor fitted. Original black rubber mat included but not shown in photos. Very clean unit, a few minor paint flecks esp on screwholes. On/Off lettering is slightly faded
  12. I know that this will rise before the finish but it may stay low due to it being collection only . Really good turntable with a very transparent and solid sound . The use of the fluid damping trough will make this cheapo arm sound excellent . Goldring cartridge is decent though not easy to see what state the needle is in . https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Townshend-Rock-2-Turntable/174424547114?hash=item289c835f2a:g:RikAAOSwO7NfVK8S
  13. Nottingham Analogue Interspace turntable with SME 3009 Series 2 Improved tonearm for sale. After deciding to get out of vinyl game and selling my Garrard 401 setup I bought this one to play my remaining records occasionally. Turntable is in pretty much immaculate condition. It takes 2 arms. It is setup for 1 SME arm at the moment. Comes with sme 3009 Series ii improved arm with non removable headshell. It also has optional SME fluid damping kit fitted. Detachable tonearm cable connector is old type 5 pin block and has a crack on it (still fully functional) and cartridge conne
  14. Technics SL-1700 direct drive turntable fully restored and upgraded As per the title - see the photos Rare and an interesting piece - slightly less disco looking. These tend to sell for £250 to £350 in original and old form. Arm board upgrades do not fit as in SL-1200’s. •Every capacitor replaced and upgraded - all Nichicon expect for the axial cap which is now a BC. Not in the sonic path but good for many more decades now. •Fully cleaned - everywhere •Power cable replaced and upgraded - now screened •Output cables upgraded to Van Damme XK
  15. I would like to purchase a good turntable for a male teenager’s coming of age. My years of obsessing have clearly been of influence! Amp and speakers are sorted from ebay, but looks like a decent turntable is hard to find. I’ve got a Dual CS505-2 Deluxe in the loft, but it has multiple faults which would probably run to the cost of a replacement to sort. However, if you have something hidden in the loft, I’d love to hear from you Many thanks!
  16. For Sale: Really nice Technics 1210 MKII in black with an Origin Live Rega adapter plate, Rega RB300 with upgraded Tungsten counterweight, VTA adjuster wheel and Nottingham Analogue MM (Tracer 1) get you started. It comes with the original dust cover and rubber mat.The feet have been upgraded with some Soundcare Superspikes which help further with isolation. I can supply the original feet with the deck should you prefer. All you need to do is upgrade the powersupply for an excellent turntable. With all the extras I’m looking for £700 and would prefer collection from Kent. daviddowding-1011844
  17. Hi All, New to the forum and owner of a Sondek LP12 turntable. I assume the version I have may be from 80's-early 90's as it is equipped with the Ittok tone arm, but since I am a newbie to Linn products I may be incorrect about info. I was hoping to get some suggestions on Carts/Stylus that would match up with well with the Ittok LVll tonearm. I have a number of preamps with Phono stages and also thinking of buying a separate Phono that may work with both MC and MM carts. I have read the tonearm works best with low output MC Carts. Currently, I have a McIntosh C20/ Maratnz 7T/ recapped/r
  18. Having just had my Croft amplification upgraded by Glenn Croft, I’m now considering a turntable upgrade but I’m having trouble working out exactly what to do. In terms of usage, I probably play as many singles as albums, and I enjoy playing DJ when we have friends around. (I can keep the music going nicely using my turntable, my Rega Saturn CD player and my Bluesound Vault 2.) So, for me, it won’t be a case of just popping on an album and sitting down to listen. It’s equally likely that I’ll be comparing different pressings of a single or flipping from one single to another in rapid
  19. Voyd Turntable in Rosewood and black. Fitted with the Reference Bearing and with a choice of platters. Mechanically and electronically in excellent condition. This is probably one of the last genuine Guy Adams Voyds before Audionote turned it into the TT3. It will come with two belts, tools and a felt cover. There are some dents in the plinth and a mark on the acrylic platter (photos). The lid is pretty much perfect. The price includes for the acrylic platter only. The polycarbonate (Lexan) platters are available at the prices shown and are a useful upgrade in terms of transparency and resolut
  20. I bought this brand new from Cymbiosis when they were still based in the centre of Leicester, probably around its launch in, I think, 2000. A fabulous deck offering silly value for money then and now. I've never played a huge amount of vinyl due to the "faff" (that should cause a few wammers to splutter coffee all over their computer screens) vs CD but have always refused to be without a turntable for the sonics and sheer ceremony of it. It's in excellent condition apart from some rubs to the lid most of which should polish I have mostly polished out and I'll try to do that before re-phot
  21. SOLD STP Leak plinthed Goldring Lenco GL75. Fully serviced and refurbished. Includes my main bearing mod which strengthens the bearing, makes it completely oil tight, and adds a 5mm grade 5 silicon nitride ball bearing resting on a PEEK thrust pad (inspired by SPH and Jolyon's bearings in LencoHeaven). Motor has been serviced, relubed & coils recentred. Arm has new V blocks and new pillar bearings. New mains wiring, new phono sockets on rear panel. Plinth & lid wood has been lightly sanded and linseed oiled. Lid perspex shows signs of age but no cracks or major scra
  22. SOLD ELSEWHERE CJ Walker CJ55 Turntable with Lenco GL75 tonearm. Arm has been modded to use a straight carbon fibre wand and an adjustable Dual Carbon Fibre headshell. New armboard from laminate material, cut to fit the arm and lift mechanism. Cartridge is a Vertex V-70 and stylus looks like new and plays perfectly. Tracking and alignment are spot on. Original motor, modded to remove "knock" problem, as is common in this motor. Ceramic ball bearing on base in threaded housing, with screw for adjustment. New belt. Main
  23. Almost excellent condition, thought I'd give the Wammers a look in Been in storage for some long time, plays spot on, do a search ala web and you'll see a lot of positive reviews... Had droopy rear counter weight stub...turned 180 and it's ok. Victor high end arm; Deck renowned to be better than a SL1210 Good Shure M75 ED cart stylus but deserves better. Seen on the bay for £600+ Looking for £480 I'm based in North London. Hornsey. Audition welcome...Collection only or I could meet up along top Half of M25 or along M11
  24. Just picked this up from a friend. Pretty tidy as you can see. There's a few lovebites on the plinth, but nowt that a rub and varnish couldn't sort out, bar that it's about as clean as I've seen. Works as should, as you can see in the video. I've just serviced it and lubed the parts that need lubing. Comes with a reet tidy lid. Comes with a DIN to RCA Adaptor. Comes fitted with a new AT91 cart/stylus as I wouldn't trust the stylus on the Ortofon MF15 that it's currently fitted with. Looking for £80 as it is a particularly tidy example in perfect working condition. Colle
  25. For sale, like new Michell ORBE Turntable. We (my wife and I) collected this with a SME V tonearm and Lyra Skala Cartridge that we are also selling from a client who decided it was a passing fad of his and that he'd rather spend the money on a home cinema system, he estimated that it had played for a maximum of 6 hours!! Fully boxed with (as far as I can tell) all accessories and complete with an additional lid that has never been out of the box as the original had a mark from new. We are located in Leeds and will deliver to any LS postcode for £1
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