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Found 9 results

  1. SOLD Wireworld Starlight 7 USB 2.0 A to B cable, 0.5 m, as new, boxed. £40 + p. Purchased new this March and quickly upgraded to Silver Starlight that is 4 times more expensive. It is a very good USB cable for the price, I had several under £100 , and this one is in a different league imho, inspired me to climb higher up the WW ladder. It is discontinued, but you can still find it new for about £80.
  2. iFi Audio iDSD Micro DSD D-A Convertor. £350 iFi Audio Micro iUSB3.0 Power Supply. £320 iFi Audio Mercury USB Cable IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. £85 iFi Audio Gemini Dual-Headed USB Cable IN EXCELLENT CONDITION. £120 All in excellent condition with box and accessories.
  3. I bought a few years ago a fancy silver wire USB cable, quite short and hand built, not too expensive but certainly not the £3-5 pounds of a standard USB printer cable (I think that's USB > USB B, I can't say for sure - it's a standard USB port to an almost square port, not micro or mini). The cable has been having some trouble recently (it's glitching / failing when bent out of shape) so just to get me running a few minutes ago I took a normal USB printer cable and subbed it in. Result - working sound, but not as I was used to from this system, just muffled somewhat. I could only stand this for 2-3 songs (listening to Reputation lol) so I swapped back in the fancy silver cable and restarted the album. How (since it wasn't working)? Just a different USB port on the laptop to minimise bends in the short cable (it's like 30cm). Any everything sounds better(!). The highs, the dynamics, the range, the whole sound is much improved. Which leaves me sorely confused. This is USB 1, not even 2, and it's a DIGITAL signal. How could a swapped out cable cause such changes to the sound? HOW? weird. I will admit to some volume changes on the amp in between tests but even trying to match volume it's clearly better. Am I insane? Is a 'fancy' cable making a difference to a DIGITAL signal? Huhhhhhhhh? Experiences welcome.
  4. Audiophilleo1 MKII SE USB to S/PDIF Processor with DSD Support and PurePower James Duncan – Product Reviewer The Audiophillio1 MKII SE USB to S/PDIF Processor with DSD Support and PurePower (RRP £1,529.00 at time of review) is a device that in a nutshell will take your computer based digital source material and then present to your DAC of choice the removal of another layer of sludge. Essentially giving you the best, cleanest start in the chain that delivers music to your ears. More information from: First Impressions and Setup As soon as you remove the package from the box you are presented with a stunning silver flight case. Flip the clips up and you are presented with a certificate with your serial number and some quick start instructions. Delve a bit further and behind the certificate you find the devices snuggly fitted into individual compartments giving the impression that these people care. In the case, you will find the USB S/PDIF converter itself, USB A-B cable from Wireworld, Purepower unit with its power cable, and a host of S/PDIF BNC adapters giving you various connection options and an infrared connector. Set up is a doddle as the cables supplied have a sticker telling you where to plug them into and the labelling on the devices themselves is also clear. It literally took me less than 5 minutes before I was merrily listening to music. Nothing worse than something that is complex and requires you to follow a long list of specific instructions before the fun can start. There are also some useful short instructional videos on YouTube created by the manufacturer well worth checking out - Technical Bit So, where does this pairing come in for you? If you use a computer based source (be that a streaming bridge, a laptop, or even a NAS) connected to your DAC via USB, then this device will help you out tremendously. Many people over the years complain about how music stored on a computer sounds (fatiguing, terse and downright uninvolving). Electrical noise and jitter artefacts are often identified as the blame for these terse experiences many complain about. How then can we deal with these issues in today’s climate of convenience yet not sacrifice on musical engagement? Well this Audiophilleo pairing make a very good effort to eliminate these issues for you, and attempt to get you a more analog-like sound (where many even today still prefer to venture towards for true audio bliss and musical connection at an emotional level). They do this via two main methods, one via Data re-clocking and two, power regeneration. The PurePower prevents high frequency noise from your computer based source of choice from entering the signal path via your DAC because there is no electrical connection between the two, clever stuff huh? So, with the Audiophillieo1 MKII re-clocking data timing before making its way to your DAC (the device with its OLED display plugs directly into the S/PDIF input on your DAC – or you can use one of the adapters to use a digital RCA cable between Audiophilleo1 and DAC) and the PurePower taking care of those pesky electrical noise elements, your DAC gets the best introduction possible and eases the way forward to that audio nirvana we all crave. Additionally, you can use the Audiophillieo1’s built in dithered volume control, implemented in software with left/right channel tracking, as well as linearity. It uses a sub-Nyquist noise-dithered algorithm to deliver 0.5 dB attenuation steps from 0 to -20 dB, accurate to 0.05 dB, and 1.0 dB steps from -20 dB to -72 dB. What does this mean in plain English, you get a nice slow progression in volume rather than bigger increments, giving you more control over getting the right volume for you. If this is not for you and you prefer to just use your DAC/Pre-Amp to control volume, you can disable this feature in the software using the joystick on the unit itself. In terms of sample rates, the Audiophilleo1 supports 24 bits up to 192 kHz – DSD64 over DoP. No driver is required for OS X, Linux and Windows XP operating systems for 192 kHz 24 Bits. Windows Vista and 7 require a driver however for 176/192 kHz. The SE unit (reviewed here), supports up to 384 kHz - DSD128 under Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, OSX, and Linux. For more on the technical side you can wing your way over to the manufacturers site here or if you really want to dig into how dithered volume control works you can knock yourself out with a read of Nika Aldrich’s article here - Sound The system used in the review is comprised of: - Auralic Aries Lightning Streaming bridge - Lindemann Musicbook: 10 DAC/Preamp - Octave RE 320 Power Amplifier - Audio Physic Codex Loudspeakers - ISOL-8 Substation Integra Power Conditioner and Studio Connections Reference cables. Having spent many, many hours with my system as above, I know my favourite recordings extremely well. I’ve used some of those recordings for many years while auditioning kit for my own system. So, I like to think I’d know if any new addition enhances, diminishes or pretty much makes no real difference to my experience and enjoyment of said recordings. I typically go to Angus and Julia Stone – Down The Way and track ‘Draw Your Swords’. I know this track so well and for me it is jam packed with emotion starting with Angus Stone and bringing in Julia’s voice in the background. I usually play this track late at night when the street and house are quiet. I waited until the Audiophilleo devices were fully burned in before I subjected them to this powerful track. From soft instrumental at the start of the track to the point Angus utters the first line of vocals I was smitten. Just an ultraclean yet musical presentation that made me grin immediately. I’ve heard this track in lesser systems and while ok, never before has it been delivered with this level of precision. It left me motionless in my listening chair, not wishing to move a muscle. I was completely absorbed. As the track builds up with Angus almost shouting out towards the end, I quite honestly closed my eyes and felt I was there. This type of experience has been rare for me in all the system configurations I’ve had to date. Moving on to some Melanie De Biasio – No Deal and track ‘With All My Love’. Again, jam packed with emotion, I just love her haunting yet soft tonal range. This again is a track that I normally like to play late at night and again remain motionless so that I can soak it all in with minimal distraction. With the Audiophilleo engaged, I just could not begin to believe how much more detail could be extracted from this recording. Some two and a half minutes into the track you get cymbals, soft vocals from De Biasio, then at 4 minutes and 13 seconds in you get hit by a huge bass drum thump. If you were too relaxed at this point, the bass wakes you fully up. I was gobsmacked. Move on to any genre of music and the experience is similar, it won’t however make a sloppy recording sound less sloppy, and it won’t make an MP3 sound like a 16 or 24 bit FLAC File. However, feed it a well recorded and mastered file and you will be richly rewarded. After a period with these devices you’ll wish you had them in your system years ago, perhaps staving off the relentless hunger for upgrades many of us Hi Fi folk love to engage in. Summary If you love the convenience of having a large collection of music files, accessible to you with the flick of a finger on your smart device of choice, yet you want to maintain that emotional connection with your music, then this product offering from Audiophilleo should be at the top of your list. Out of the box it makes an immediate impact, but when fully burned in, you truly are in for a real tour de force experience, that I can promise you. If you have a weakness in your system, it will be further down the layer stack. The only real down side that I can see, if you are inclined to nit-pick, is that it does introduce 2 more boxes albeit small and more cabling. For the lift in performance and return of true musical engagement from digital files, I can live with these downsides very happily. So much so, I’ve decided to purchase this pairing myself, what more can I say? A REALREVIEW by James Duncan For further information on this review or if you would like a REALREVIEW on any of your products please contact the content team on
  5. Selling my Uptone Audio USB regen as no longer required. Purchased it direct from Uptone October 2015, now selling for $175. Shipping to the UK added around 20% so ended up paying over $200. This is complete with a US lead (new owner will need to supply UK/EU kettle lead) as per the Kit contents below. £95 to a new home including next day delivery. If you don't know: The USB REGEN takes the digital audio stream from your computer or other music streaming device, and generates a completely new USB data signal to feed to your DAC. It accomplishes this by combining a carefully chosen USB hub chip with an ultra low-noise regulator and low-jitter clock. Importantly, it does so with ideal impedance matching—right at the input of your DAC. The USB REGEN kit includes: a) the REGEN itself in an all black with silver-printed aluminum case (57 x 46 x 18mm); Input is USB 'B' jack, Output is USB 'A' jack, DC jack is 5.5mm x 2.1mm. b) the best spec'ed and sounding 22 watt/7.5V/2.93A (overkill) tabletop (93 x 54 x 36mm) world-voltage-compatible SMPS we could find (use a nice linear if you want—in the range of 6-9V/1.5A is fine; or even 12V if you are certain that your DAC is not deriving much power from USB bus); If you own an UpTone JS-2 LPS, then you can consider using one of its outputs—set to 7V—to power the REGEN very nicely! c) an 18-inch long Volex 18awg power cord to go from the SMPS to the wall (get fancy if you like, or if you are overseas use a power cord with locally appropriate plug); d) a male/male USB A/B solid adapter plug (for hanging the REGEN right from the back of your DAC; maybe stick a block of something under it if you feel it needs support); e) a 6-inch male/male USB A>B cable if things are too tight around your DAC's USB input or you just don't want to use the solid adapter.
  6. Hi, All cables below for sale below are in excellent condition. Please feel free to PM if any questions etc. thanks for looking. 1 X PAIR of Signature Series Mamushi XLR-XLR interconnects from Snake Rive Audio of 1m length. Retail price = £1,300 with the Neutrik Gold XLR. For sale at £650. 1 X Boomslang digital interconnect RCA-RCA of 1.37m length. Retail price = £619 with the RCA connectors. For sale at £300. 2 lots of the original ifi purifier (£30 each and daisy chain does work). This is not the latest ipurifier 2 2 lots of Mutec MC3+ in Silver. They are £595 new from Thomann, Will sell for £300 each (and yes can be daisy chained) 1 X intona galvonic isolator. It is the industrial white version which costs EUR 360 new. For sale at £150 1 X Furutech ADL Formula 2 Audiophile Cable USB A - USB B 1.8m. For sale at £25 1 X Furutech ADL Formula 2 Audiophile Cable USB A - USB B 0.5m. For sale at £15
  7. Vertex aq Illimani hi rez usb cable 1.5m. New price around £620 and asking what I paid for it, which was £250 inc postage (bought from this parish early in 2016). Very good condition (one mark on casework). Selling because I no longer need this length of USB cable. I'll upload a pic asap. Thanks for reading.
  8. RRP £450 Asking £300. A few scuffs on the heat shrink but the cable and connectors are like new.
  9. Now that I have the super Audiobyte Hydra Z sat between my server and DAC... the clear out of my previous server sound cards continues. Today, I have a boxed SOtM PCI express interface card and the details of what it does below have been cut'n'pasted from the SOtM website: "The SOtM tX-USBexp is PCI express USB 3.0 host interface card designed to perform the ultimate USB audio functions. If you want to use a PC as a hi-end audio source device via USB connection, the various types of noise should be blocked from the inside of the digital devices. To reduce such types of noise, tX-USBexp has the special filter circuits, an Ultra low-noise Voltage regulator and an ultra-low jitter clock. tX-USBexp is also available to get powered from the external battery pack such as ‘mBPS-d2s’ through the external power input connector." SOtM tX-USBexp - Sata Filter III - I'm looking for £150 firm which would include FREE UK mainland shipping. Payment via PayPal Gift, Bank Transfer or cash on collection from South London/CR5 very much welcome. Cheers, Pete